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Guide to Craftsman Village (Takumi no Sato)
Country Information

Country Background:

Takumi Village resides in an unknown country. It was founded approximately one hundred years ago by a man named Seimei. Takumi is known for its skills in making weaponry. Many of which are sold to the ninja villages of the world. When the village faced hard times they requested help but they were ignored by the other shinobi villages. Certain skilled Takumi villagers grew resentful and felt the villages didn't respect them for all the help their weapons provided in the past.

Village Background:

"Hidden Craftsman" is not an official shinobi village. Four skilled craftsmen trained in the ninja arts wore the Takumi character on their forehead protector and sought to resurrect their village founder, Seimei. They planned to use his resurrection to seek revenge against the Five Great Shinobi Villages, who they felt did not appreciate their village. They operated under the name Shitenshounin, or the Four Heavenly Directions. This name stemmed from the characters in their name matching with the deities of the directions: Houki the Turtle, Kujaku the Bird, Ryuugan the Dragon and Suiko the Tiger.


Village Leader:

The current leader of Takumi Village is unknown. The shinobi who adopted the "Hidden Craftsmen" name were led by Houki.

The Sites

Village Aerial View:

Takumi village is located in an unknown country. It was home to skilled craftsmen who made weapons for the other shinobi country villages.


This mausoleum housed the remains of village founder Seimei.

Craftsman People and Items of Note


Seimei was the skilled founder of Takumi no Sato. At some point in the past he died and villagers sought to resurrect him and use him as a weapon against the Five Great Shinobi Countries. They planned to extract chakra from Gaara's demon Shukaku to power him. Seimei was eventually brought back, but he was soon killed by Gaara.