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Guide to the Fang Country (Kiba no Kuni)
Country Information
Country Background:

Not much is known about the Fang Country. It is a small country surrounded by mountains, it is most easily accessible by river.

Country Leader:

The current leader of the Fang Country is a Daimyou. He led the country when it was on the brink of war with the Claw Country. The Claw Country Daiyou attempted to deliver information to his counterpart to avoid war, the envelope was mistakenly changed in the mail. The Fang Country Daimyou instead got a hastily written faux Icha Icha book. Being a huge Icha Icha fan, this was just as well. He saw the document as a gift of peace and war was averted.

The Sites

Daimyou Compound:

This compound is located at the base of the river which runs through the country. This is the daimyou's residence, and armed guards are stationed around it.

Fang Mountains:

Two mountains jut up from the landscape in the distance behind the compound. They probably gave the country its name.