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Guide to Hidden Grass Village (Kusagakure no Sato) - "Grass Country"
Country Information

Country Background:

The Grass country contains some of the more widely varried landscapes in the series, with forests, grasslands, mountains, rivers and bamboo thickets dotting it. The country shares borders with Earth, Fire, Rain and Waterfall. Because the country lies between Earth and Fire, it has been in invaded by the Earth Country during previous ninja wars. To avoid Earth gaining a foothold next to the Fire Country border, many Leaf ninja came to Hidden Grass's aid during the war. This resulted in many skimishes taking place within its borders.

Village Background:

Hidden Grass is a lower shinobi village, being allied with Leaf, Rain, Sand and Waterfall. As such it participates in the Chuunin Exam with these countries. In the Chuunin Exam Naruto participated in, no Grass team made it beyond the second exam test. The Genin team from Grass who made it to the second Chuunin Exam test is most noteworthy for being killed and impersonated by Orochimaru as he infiltrated the exam. Also of note is Orochimaru's sword Kusanagi (Grass Cutter), it is unknown if this blade has any ties to the country or village.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Grass Country is unknown; the pictured individual is one of the feudal lords from the country. He is probably not the head daimyo however.

Village Leader:

The current leader of Hidden Grass is unknown. Because it is a lower shinobi country, its leader can not call itself "Kage".

The Sites

Giant Bamboo Forest:

One of the unique landscapes of the series, a giant bamboo thicket forest marks a portion of the country. It was here that Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito and Rin were ambushed on their way to Kannabi Bridge.

Kannabi Bridge:

The Kannabi Bridge was destroyed approximately 13 years before the start of the series. One of the major supply line paths for the invading Hidden Stone ninja, its destruction helped turn the tide of their war against them.

Tenchi Bridge:

The Tenchi (Heaven and Earth) Bridge was a meeting point between Akatsuki member Sasori and his spy from Hidden Sound. The bridge spans two cliffs with a ravine extending far below.

Grass People and Items of Note


An apparent missing-nin from Hidden Grass, Zetsu joined Akatsuki. Zetsu appears to be plant-like in appearance and skill usage, it is unknown if this is a Hidden Grass bloodline or a hidden technique of Zetsu's.