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Guide to the Moon Country
Country Information
Country Background:

The Moon Country is located in a southern sea and includes Crescent Moon Island. The country draws its name from the shape of the island itself. Due to its location, the country experiences mild weather and a constant summer state. This helped it become a popular tourist retreat along with its entertainment and gambling establishments. At one point the country hired wandering ninja; however it currently maintains no ninja village. A ninja has been shown to wear a headband bearing a crescent moon, but no direct connection to this island has been made as of yet.

Country Leader:

The current leader of the Moon Country is Tsuki Michiru. He inherited the throne after his father passed away due to injuries received in a coup.

Events of Note

Shabadaba's Coup (Approximately 2.5 years into the series):

The Moon Country leader recognized that his Minister Shabadaba coveted the power held by the king. He knew that the Minister would soon attempt to take control, so he sent away his son Michiru and grandson Hikaru while he attempted to take care of these problems. Unfortunately by the time his son returned he had failed in his goal. Shabadaba had hired wandering ninja and amassed a military force to take control of the country. Fortunately Michiru had hired ninja from Konoha who helped him remove Shabadaba from power and show him what it meant to be a good leader.

The Sites

Royal Palace:

This is the main residence of the Moon Country leader.

Sea Port:

This is the main port of the Crescent Moon Island. It is the primary port for shipping and for the many cruise ships which visit the island.


This city is offers many fine tourist spots including gambling halls and entertainment venues. It is located on the ocean and offers close access to many fine beaches.


Crescent Moon Island features many beautiful beaches.