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Guide to the Mountain Country
Country Information

Country Background:

The Mountain country is one of the few countries in the world which harbored a shinobi village. The exact location of the Mountain Country is unknown but it is marked by mountainous terrain. For a period of time it harbored Kagerou no Sato. After a protracted war with Konoha thirty years previously, the village was weakened. Though they made peace with Konoha, ninja from the Valley Country swooped in to wipe out the weakened Hidden Village and its ninja. At present it appears no other village was ever established.

Village Background:

Heat Haze was a lower shinobi village. The village became involved in a protracted war with Konoha thirty years previously. For three months there was a stalemate. During this period Kagerou Village dispatched Gennou to infiltrate Konoha and lay explosive tags throughout the village. He toiled in Konoha for two and half months waiting on his comrades, they never came. After eventually finalizing a peace treaty with Konoha, the weakened village was wiped out by Hidden Valley Village.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Mountain Country is unknown, presumably it is a daimyo.

Village Leader:

The leader of Heat Haze resisted falling to Konoha in battle and dispatched master trap maker Gennou to Konoha in the guise of a carpenter to plant explosive tags all over the village. Their use would coincide with their planned retaliatory invasion. Unfortunately he died before the plan could be carried out. His successor brokered a cease-fire with Konoha. The peace was short-lived though, as another Hidden Village came in and wiped out the weakened Kagerou Village.

The Sites

Shinobi Village:

The village was set in the mountainous terrain of their home country. After war with Konoha much of its buildings were destroyed, and its ninja were later wiped out by another unknown hidden village. Only Gennou, the master trap maker, was left of Kagerou's fighting ninja force.

Mountain People and Items of Note


A highly skilled trap master, Gennou was sent by the Kagerou leader to Konoha. His carefully laid plans were to secretly hide explosive notes throughout the village. Unfortunately his comrades and his son were wiped out before they could counter attack Konoha. Gennou would continue to return to Konoha over the next thirty years. With his life failing he decided it was time to use the explosive notes which had remained hidden over the previous decades. When his identity was revealed, the Konoha Genin and Shikamaru began investigating his actions. Though he was first set on destroying the village, he came to appreciate Naruto and the young generation's determination and he used his trap making to give them an interesting hunt. With his plans finally revealed he decided to finally stop pushing his body, and he passed away.