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Guide to the Neck Country (Shu no Kuni)
Country Information
Country Background:

Not much is known about the Neck Country. Kubisaki Kouza ruled over the Neck Country approximately fifty years before the series start. The country probably draws its name from the "kubi" kanji in his name, meaning neck. "Shu" is another reading of this kanji. His country was besieged and his citizens wiped out by an enemy army. He retreated to his castle and summoned a gigantic lizard to linger after his death. The lizard took on the form of his castle and ate any who came inside. After many years Kouza's spirit returned to guide Naruto, Kiba and Hinata to his summoning contract to destroy it, which would finally let the animal return from whence it came. With the castle gone, there is little left of the former country.

Country Leader:

The current leader of the Neck Country is unknown, in the past it was Daimyou Kubisaki Kouza. After his defeat in battle and death, it is unknown if anyone took over leadership duties.

The Sites
Kubisaki Castle
Kubisaki Castle:

Kubisaki Castle resides near Kubisaki Mountain Ridge. The modern castle itself was actually a gigantic transformed lizard. When its summoning contract was destroyed, the creature dispersed leaving only the castle foundation behind.