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Guide to the Tea Country
Country Information
Country Background:

The Tea country is a peninsula marked by forests, mountains and fishing villages along its coast. The country itself may also include the O'uzu and Nagai Islands, but this is unconfirmed. It shares one border with the Fire Country, and maintains good ties with its ninja village because it maintains no ninja village of its own.

Country Leader:

The current leader of the Tea Country is a Daimyou. He presides over the Todoroki Shrine race. When the Wagarashi Family and his minister Gokaroh challenged the win of Wasabi runner Idate, this man acknowledged that he knew of their corrupt actions and punished them. He disbanded the Wagarashi family and ordered Gokaroh to become a monk.

Events of Note
Modoroki Shrine
Todoroki Shrine Race:

The Modoroki Shrine on Nagi Island houses two crystal jewels, the "Tiger" and "Dragon." Many years ago it was said these jewels were offered to the Todoroki Shrine to quell the fierce storms, which ravaged the area. Over time the offering became a race, which was held every four years. At first only the jewels were offered. However approximately 9 years before the start of the series, the race changed to grant the winner power in the region. During this period the Wagarashi and Wasabi families grew into conflict over control of Degarashi Port. So an agreement was drawn up under the direction of the Daimyou to grant control to the family whose runner one the shrine race. In the race two runners will travel from Degarashi Port to Modoroki Shrine, and then take one of these two jewels to Todoroki Shrine on O'uzu Island.

The Sites
Tea House
Chamise (Tea House):

This tea house lies near the border of the Fire Country. A welcoming stop on the road into the country proper, the shop specializes in serving tea.

Wagarashi Compound:

This compound is the headquarters from the Wagarashi clan. From here Kyuuroku conducted his business dealings and moved to gain control of Degarashi Port.

Wasabi Compound:

This compound is the headquarters from the Wasabi clan. From here Jirocho conducted his business dealings and moved to secure control of Degarashi Port.

Degarashi Port
Degarashi Port:

Degarashi Port is a small city located along the Tea Country's southeastern coast. Control of the village is determined by the Todoroki Shrine race. To avoid bloodshed, local crime families sponsor runners to complete the race. Winner gets control over the port. The village is marked by shops, eateries and houses.

Degarashi Port
Degarashi Port Gate:

This gate sits on the waterfront at Degarashi port. It stands as the official starting point of the Todoroki Shrine race. When the doors open, the runners will make their way further down the wharf to their waiting ships.

Fishing village
Fishing Village:

This small fishing village is located along the Tea Country's northeastern coast. Across the water in the distance Nagi Island can be seen.

Modoroki Shrine
Modoroki Shrine Staircase:

This is the base of the long staircase leading to the Modoroki Shrine on Nagi Island.

Modoroki Shrine
Modoroki Shrine:

This is the entrance to the Modoroki Shrine located on Nagi Island. The two crystal jewel balls are housed inside.

Suspension Bridge:

This bridge connects Nagi and O'uzu islands. The island cliffs meet approximately 40 meters apart, with the bridge spanning the distance to connect them.

Todoroki Shrine
Todoroki Shrine:

This shrine is located on O'uzu Island. It serves as the finish line in the Todoroki Shrine Offering race held every four years.

Port City
Port City:

This port city is located on the Tea Country's southern tip. From the harbor one can see the Sea Country in the distance.

Tea People and Items of Note

A crime boss of the Wasabi family in the Tea Country, Jirocho shares a friendship with the Hokage Tsunade. He and his family watch over business in the Degarashi Port area.