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Guide to the Whirlpool Country (Uzu no Kuni)
Country Information
Country Background:

The Whirlpool Country was an island nation. It was home to the Village Hidden in the Whirling Tides, headed by the Uzumaki Clan.

Village Background:

Hidden Whirling Tides was known for their knowledge in sealing abilities. It maintained strong ties to Konoha, as the Uzumaki Clan were distantly related to Konoha's Senju Clan. Villagers were known for being long lived, which gave them the nickname of "village of longevity". Through their ties to Konoha, the Shodai Hokage Hashirama married Whirling Tides kunoichi Uzumaki Mito. Because of her sealing skills, Mito was able to seal the Kyuubi away and become its first Jinchuuriki. Other nations began to fear Whirling Tides sealing abilities, so they attacked and utterly destroyed Whirling Tides. Survivors fled the country, with Uzumaki Kushina being taken to Konoha to be the next Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Though Whirling Tides was destroyed, its symbol lived on, incorporated into Konoha's flak jackets as a symbol of friendship.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Whirlpool Country is unknown, presumably it is a Daimyou.

Village Leader:

The last known leader of Hidden Whirling Tides was this unnamed Uzumaki Clan member. Due to his age, he may have been replaced by the time the village was destroyed.

Events of Note

Village Destroyed:

Hidden Whirling Tides were known for their sealing skills. Other shinobi villages became fearful of this power and utterly destroyed it. Surviving residents fled throughout the world.