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Connections Guide
This guide depicts the myriad connections within the series. Highlighting lines of training, who killed whom, who is related to whom, etc..


Cloud Cloud
Grass Grass
Hot Springs Hot Springs
Leaf Leaf
Mist Mist
Rain Rain
Rock Rock
Sand Sand
Waterfall Waterfall
Whirlpool Whirlpool
Clan of Birth
Aburame Aburame
Akimichi Akimichi
Houzuki Houzuki
Hyuuga (Main) Hyuuga (Main)
Hyuuga (Branch) Hyuuga (Branch)
Inuzuka Inuzuka
Killer Bee Killer Bee's Clan
Nara Nara
Oonoki Oonoki's Clan
Sarutobi Sarutobi
Senju Senju
Uchiha Uchiha
Uzumaki Uzumaki
Yamanaka Yamanaka
Bakuton Bakuton
Byakugan Byakugan
Futton Futton
Hyouton Hyouton
Jinton Jinton
Jiton Jiton
Juugo Juugo's Bloodline
Mokuton Mokuton
Orochimaru's Genetic Material Orochimaru's Genetic Material
Ranmaru's Bloodline Ranmaru's Bloodline
Ranton Ranton
Uchiha Ancestor Rikudou Uchiha Ancestor
Rinnegan Rinnegan
Sakon and Ukon's Bloodline Sakon and Ukon's Bloodline
Sharingan Sharingan
Shikotsu Myaku Shikotsu Myaku
Tenseigan Tenseigan
Youton Youton
Elemental Affinity
Earth Earth
Fire Fire
Lightning Lightning
Water water
Wind Wind
Team Affiliation
Team 7 Team 7
Team 8 Team 8
Team 10 Team 10
Team Baki Team Baki
Team Ebisu Team Ebisu
Team Guy Team Guy
Team Hiruzen Team Hiruzen
Team Jiraya Team Jiraiya
Team Minato Team Minato
Team Undercover Orochimaru Team Undercover Orochimaru
Team Rain Orphans Rain Orphans
Team Samui Team Samui
Team Tobirama Team Tobirama
Team Unnamed Jounin Team Unnamed Jounin
Group Membership
Seven Swordsmen Seven Swordsmen of the Mist
Akatsuki Akatsuki
Team Hawk Team Hawk
Sound Five Sound Five
Twelve Guardians Twelve Guardians