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Animal Familiars
These animals serve as companions to the ninja. Unlike a summoned creature which only appears on command and leaves when unneeded, the animal familiar will act as a companion to the ninja all through their day.

Inuzuka Clan familiar Akamaru Location: Hidden Leaf
Name Meaning Aka=Red, Maru=Boys name
Type: Canine
Age: 3
Birthday: July 7th
Height: 28 cm
Weight: 5.1 kg
Character Affiliation: Inuzuka Clan (Kiba)

Inuzuka Kiba and Akamaru
Akamaru is the familiar of the Genin Inuzuka Kiba. He acts as Kiba's partner.

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Destruction Bugs
Destruction Bugs Location: Hidden Leaf
Type: Insect
Character Affiliation: Aburame Clan (Shibi and Shino)

Destruction Bugs
The Destruction Bugs are one of the familiars of the Aburame Clan. These bugs live in the body of their host. In exchange for feeding on the hosts chakra they will do the bidding of the Clan member.

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Three Haimaru Siblings
Haimaru Location: Hidden Leaf
Name Meaning Hai=Ash or cremate, Maru=Boys name
Type: Canine
Character Affiliation: Inuzuka Clan (Hana)
See also: Inuzuka Clan

The three Haimaru siblings act as canine familiars for Inuzuka clan member Hana.

Inuzuka Clan familiar Kuromaru Location: Hidden Leaf
Name Meaning Kuro=Black or dark, Maru=Boys name
Type: Canine
Character Affiliation: Inuzuka Clan (Tsume)
See also: Inuzuka Clan

Inuzuka Clan
Kuromaru acts as a canine familiar for Inuzuka clan member Tsume. He appears battle scarred and has the ability to speak.

Takamaru Location: Hidden Sand
Type: Avian

Takamaru is not affiliated with one specific Hidden Sand ninja. Instead he acts as the main messenger bird for the village. He is the fastest of his kind and serves to spread news to the other hidden villages of the world.

Ton-Ton Location: Hidden Leaf
Type: Pig
Character Affiliation: Shizune

Shizune and Ton-Ton
Ton-Ton acts as a familar to the Leaf ninja Shizune. Though a pig, Ton-Ton has an excellent sense of smell.