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Volume Seventy-One Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 71
Title: Daisuki da ~ I Love You

Chapter 680: "Once More" - As Team 7 and Obito plummet, Kakashi's mind races, questioning if they're in a Genjutsu. Feeling the heat from the oncoming magma, he concludes it's all real. Sasuke reacts quickly, summoning a bird to break his fall. Naruto calls out and Sasuke quickly moves to grab him. Naruto yells to save the others first, not him. His worry is unfounded though, as he looks to see Kakashi hanging from an extended scroll implanted into rock by a kunai, all while holding Sakura with his other arm. Nearby the unconscious form of Obito is braced onto the cavern wall by a kunai implanted through his palm into the rock face. Naruto is amazed and Sasuke explains to Naruto what Kakashi did. Kakashi offers apologies to Obito for being so rough with him. Looking at the lava below, Sakura's disheveled forehead protector slides off her head to splash into the burning lake below. The protector's destruction confirms Kakashi's suspicions that it's not Genjutsu, which means... she summoned an alternate dimension? Naruto compliments Kakashi's skills and Kaguya narrows her eyes at them in turn. Sasuke tells Naruto to turn around and face her. He offers that it'll only end when either one of them are dead, as only Naruto's Rikudou Yang Power and his Yin Power can seal away the thing before them. If they can't, humankind will be exterminated; so they can't die, no matter what. Kakashi and Sakura are just bystanders who happened to be near when the Infinite Tsukuyomi was launched. So he understands what that means, right? Naruto's eyes narrow and he offers that yes, he understands. Overhearing their conversation, Sakura is alarmed. Unwilling to compromise his principles though, Naruto explains that he knows that Sasuke is right, but these are the times when your body moves on its own, like that time on the bridge. Recalling his own sacrifice to protect Naruto from Haku's needles, Sasuke remains quiet in thought. With a sly grin, Naruto offers that it makes no difference, he knows he gets what he means. Sasuke looks on in silence, while Sakura attempts to compose herself. She admits to herself that Sasuke is right, but thanks Naruto for his words. As the scroll strains against Kakashi and Sakura's weight, the heat takes its toll, causing the paper to burst into flames. Kakashi is immediately alarmed as it snaps and sends them falling. Naruto turns in alarm and extends a chakra alarm to grab the duo. Kaguya reacts as well, sending a shower of needles from her hair towards them. Just as Naruto grabs hold, Sasuke extends a protective barrier of Susanoo to block the needle onslaught. Some needles bypass the barrier though, striking the hawk in its wing. Cursing the woman's Byakugan, Sasuke determines the hawk's chakra points were hit. As the hawk falters, Sasuke concludes he'll have to use Susanoo. He quickly raises his arm in alarm as a needle implants itself in his forearm. Back in the real world, the Gudoudama bars implanted into Hashirama's back disintegrate. Happy that he can finally move, he gathers himself. Elsewhere, Tobirama rushes to the spot where the mighty chakra once was to learn what's happening. Hiruzen rushes to learn the nature as well, concluding the chakra suddenly vanished. In Konoha, Minato sees the Gudoudama spheres on his jacket fall apart and questions if Madara was defeated. Regaining his feet he affirms the need to get back to Naruto. Back in the lava plane, Kakashi asks in wonder if Naruto is really... As Kakashi and Sakura are now held aloft in midair, Sasuke is as well. Above them floats Naruto, levitating! Kakashi ponders that the Rikudou chakra let Madara float too. Naruto grins at the turn of fortune and creates a Kage Bunshin. Kaguya continues glaring at the young man, as an image of her son flashes in her mind. Naruto directs the clone to watch over Kakashi and Sakura. Fed up with the opposition, Kaguya coldly proclaims that all chakra belongs to her and her alone. Sasuke rips out the needle from his arm and Kaguya races forward in response, vowing that she will reunify all chakra once again. As she extends a chakra fist punch, Naruto answers with a Gudoudama backed chakra fist of his own. Power discharges from the combat as the Naruto clone and the others attempt to brace themselves. As waves of pure chakra radiate out from the dueling fists, Naruto lets out a primal scream. Finally knocked aside by the woman's power, Naruto silently urges Sasuke "Now!". Descending from above dives the full form of Susanoo. As it and Kaguya meet, the area explodes!...

Chapter 681: "Kaguya's Tears" - Susanoo is tossed aside and begins to crumple away. Naruto is also spun off uncontrollably. He looks in horror as Sasuke flies into the lava below. Suddenly Naruto is struck from his back as Sasuke slams into him. The man quickly grabs Naruto's leg as he begins to fall. Naruto is confused and Sasuke curses that even Susanoo was useless. Nearby Kakashi directs the Bunshin to get Obito down. Flattening a Gudoudama into a disk, Naruto admits he forgot that Sasuke could teleport now. It had him worried. As Sasuke jumps on the disk, he offers both it and his new abilities were thanks to the Rikudou. But if they don't seal Kaguya away, they'll be meaningless. Naruto affirms and we see reality break and split open. From behind Naruto and Sasuke, Kaguya peers out from another realm. Opening the maw wider, she leans out and lifts her hands to their backs. They turn in surprise as Kaguya tenderly touches each on their chins. They look in surprise as tears stream down the woman's cheeks. Seeing the forms of her sons in the young men before her, she weeps at their memory. Naruto can only look on, realizing he can't move at all. From the sleeves of her cloak extends an inky blackness. As the blackness begins to creep up over their faces, Naruto warns that she's taking their chakra. As the black mass begins to take over half of Naruto and Sasuke's body, Black Zetsu explains that she sees her two children in them, isn't it sweet? She who was sealed away by those same children, how sad. Naruto asks why the old man did that, he thought he sealed away the Juubi? Black Zetsu offers that Naruto appears to be operating under a misconception. Sasuke has questions of his own, asking Black Zetsu just what he is. The entity reveals that he's actually Kaguya's child. Sasuke is confused and ponders the different aura he now senses from the entity. Black Zetsu offers that he recorded everything while mother was gone, and shaped it as well. The tale of shinobi is the tale of restoring her. Naruto voices confusion so Black Zetsu continues. He states that since they appear to know his mother's name, that means they met Hagoromo. He knew it might be possible based on the reincarnation power, also that the means to seal her might still be possible as well. Naruto contends that it was actually for the Juubi. Black Zetsu explains that it's rare to see Indra and Ashura's reincarnates working together and since they seem to be in the dark, he'll explain the true nature of the world while he sucks out their chakra. He begins, offering that Kaguya was sealed away by her own children. A most powerful seal, the same one which transformed the Juubi into the core for the moon. But just before the seal took hold, she gave birth to him in order that she would one day be restored. He can show them actually, but he has no candy for the show so they'll have to just watch.

     First off the Juubi is not just the Shinju but mother as well. It wasn't the Shinju's incarnation trying to reclaim the chakra fruit, but mother's will, attempting to take back the chakra which had been dispersed into her two children. Naruto is surprised and Black Zetsu continues. Even Hagoromo did not know this truth, nor that he himself was acting to restore her. Around this time Hagoromo was ignorant of this, simply raising his sons and creating the ninja creed nonsense. Fortunately he used that to tempt Indra, who recently lost the fight of the creed succession. Later he selected Indra's descendants the Uchiha to be the cast of his tale, by altering Hagoromo's rubbish just a little bit. Sasuke asks if that means... Black Zetsu says yes, the stone tablet was rewritten, including how the Infinite Tsukuyomi was the path to save the Uchiha. Thankfully all the Uchiha performed their parts beautifully. Indra and Uchiha, Ashura and Senju... they fought each other setting up a constant power struggle. Time after time he would approach the reincarnation from each clan to see if the Rinnegan manifested and when they became Hashirama and Madara he finally believed that Madara could achieve it. Through Black Zetsu we then see Madara and Hashirama battling, with Madara biting off a chunk of Hashirama's arm. It was the first step towards mother's return, but Madara fell in battle to Hashirama. As we see the ruins of the Valley of the End, Hashirama stands triumphant over Madara's body. He turns his attention to a nearby cliff but sees nothing. As Hashirama kneels over Madara, we see Black Zetsu watching in secret. Time passes and we see an X marked rock in darkness. Black Zetsu continues his account, offering that Madara's corpse was a treasure trove of secrets, and Tobirama who had been studying the Sharingan's mysteries stopped short of destroying Madara's body, choosing to hide it deep within Konoha's mountains instead. As we see Black Zetsu creep towards the marker, he admits that Madara was no fool. As Black Zetsu seeps through the ground into the hidden sealed tomb, he explains that one can invoke a time delay spell in one's eyes using Mangekyou Sharingan. Just like how Itachi once implanted the Amaterasu within Sasuke's eye, Madara had installed Izanagi in his right eye. And at the cost of that eye, he re-wrote reality and returned to life. He then passed off a Kage Bunshin as his corpse. Afterwards he vomited out the flesh he bit from Hashirama and transplanted it into his open wounds. With that he finally awakened Rinnegan years later and summoned the Gedou Mazou. He then cultivated Hashirama's flesh using the statue in an attempt to prolong his life. The White Zetsu appeared to be a byproduct of that, but they were actually the original victims of the Infinite Tsukuyomi who were extracted from the statue and made to look like something else. "Two polar opposites operating together give rise to all things in the universe." Those were the words on the stone tablet, which solidified Madara's attachment to Hashirama. He then aligned himself with the Uchiha underground, by acting as if he was born out of Madara. He led things toward collecting the Bijuu, the Akatsuki and the war. Then in order to increase their battle strength, he deliberately let Kabuto discover Madara's corpse. He guided him to use the corpse as a bargaining chip to cooperate with Obito. It was all his doing. And after so long planning, the Infinite Tsukuyomi was finally activated. Finally, by amassing a large amount of human chakra that had been scattered for so long, mother was fully restored. As the tears stop, Kaguya finally speaks, declaring that she detests them... Hagoromo and Hamura... they are hers. Black Zetsu admits that his role has finally come to an end, now they shall return with him to their almighty mother. Naruto glares at the ancient foes and yells that they aren't the entirety of shinobi history! Knocking away Black Zetsu, Naruto frees himself and uses his chakra arm to rip Sasuke free as well. Moreover, Naruto proclaims that mothers are supposed to be happy when kids leave the nest! As Black Zetsu slinks back within Kaguya's sleeves, he offers that their teenage rebellion continues, but their chakra is hers, so they can't hope to accomplish anything. Sasuke offers that they have to make an opening to perform the sealing. Naruto affirms in annoyance, and says the only thing left is THAT jutsu!...

Chapter 682: "Bet Ya Never Seen This" - Sasuke asks what he means and Naruto asks him to lean in and listen. From within Kaguya's sleeve, Black Zetsu boasts that it won't matter, mother can absorb any jutsu. Some distance away, the other Naruto levitates and grasps Sakura, Kakashi and Obito with his fox chakra hands. Kakashi asks Sakura what she sees but she offers they're just staring at each other. Kakashi ponders their current predicament, deducing it wasn't Genjutsu that pulled them into this new reality... it's a completely different scale... the power of a god. Sakura asks her Naruto what he plans to do, and the clone offers this might be it, so they have to give it their best shot. Placing his hand on Obito's chest, he admits they'll just do it like they always have. Obito stirs and Naruto smiles in return. A distance away, an incredulous Sasuke asks Naruto if he's serious, the other replies that they'll never know until they try... Sasuke merely stares on and Naruto offers that when it comes down to it, he's practiced this jutsu more than Rasengan, so they might as well try. Sasuke relents, saying if it creates an opening... he tells the other he'll get his left eye ready. They simultaneously form seals and Sasuke casts Amaterasu, which quickly engulfs Kaguya in its' black flames. The fire dissipates as she absorbs it and she looks up to see Naruto darting towards her. He creates numerous clones and she glares with her Byakugan. Naruto's jutsu activates as he and his clones suddenly transform in a harem of naked and alluring young men. Sakura and Kaguya looks on in wide eyed surprise as the men of the Reverse Harem Jutsu fawn over the creator of all chakra. The other remaining Naruto clone grins, affirming to himself that the Sexy jutsu always works better when the opponent is stronger. A bloody-nosed Sakura rages that though it might work on her, there's no way such a stupid jutsu could work on such a god-like person! As the clones poof away, the original Naruto slams his fist into Kaguya to knock her away. Sakura is stunned and Naruto affirms that even if she's the originator of chakra, she ain't ever seen anything like that, because this is history of shinobi you fool! Sasuke yells in readiness and Naruto turns back to Sasuke. As they reach their sealing palms out towards each other Sasuke activates his left eye's transportation jutsu, teleporting the smacked Kaguya right between their two out stretched hands. Kakashi looks on in bemused surprise, questioning who could have believed Naruto's pervy jutsu would one day save the world? Are you watching Jiraiya? We flashback to Jiraiya speaking to Kakashi, who explains that he believes Naruto is the child of prophecy who will save the world. And ultimately Naruto is endearing because he seems to be a bit more like he himself than his father Minato. As Sasuke and Naruto's reaching palms come within inches of Kaguya, her forehead Rinnegan activates. The world shifts and suddenly Kaguya, Sasuke and Naruto are encased in a block of ice. Naruto and Sasuke are struck by the cold prison they're now locked in. The other Naruto and the rest of Team 7 are also shocked by the location change. A black window opens and Kaguya slips out to escape to safety. Naruto and Sasuke both remain frozen in place as Kaguya makes her exit from another portal some distance away in this new ice and snow covered world they now find themselves in. Sakura asks where Naruto and Sasuke went and Kakashi questions if they shifted dimensions again. Sakura asks the clone whose jutsu it is but the Naruto is ignorant of what is happening. Kakashi interjects that it feels like when they went to the lava world, which means it's Kaguya's doing. But to instantly rewrite an entire world and make it a reality, and just as easily as if it was Genjutsu... Sakura ponders an ice-world though, on what principle? Back at the frozen duo, Kaguya glides back towards them and extends her arms. As the black ooze of Zetsu begins to emerge, Naruto's Gudoudama begin to be drawn through the ice towards her. Sasuke quickly activates Amaterasu and then shapes into cutting blades to shatter the prison holding them. As the ice chunks fall away, Naruto offers his thanks and apologizes for the jutsu not working. Sasuke retorts that he didn't really expect it to, and this time, they'll do it his way. Still acting the toady, Zetsu questions his mother on why not split them up already and take them out separately? With a plan in place, reality warps and window opens beside her. Reaching her hand in and through, she grabs the confused Sasuke from behind and yanks him through the secretly opened portal. Before he or Naruto can respond, Sasuke is whisked away in an instant. Sasuke lands hard and dust rises. As he gathers himself, he sees the sand dunes of yet another world... one where he is the only living thing to be seen...

Chapter 683: "I Dreamt the Same Dream" - Naruto reaches out in horror as the window shrinks. Wedging his hands into the portal, he tries to keep it from closing fully. On the flip side, Sasuke sees Naruto's efforts prove fruitless, as the window closes for good. Zetsu gloats that now mother can't be sealed away, but first they'll suck away his chakra! Kaguya tries the portal grab trick again but Naruto dodges away from her grasp. Zetsu compliments the boy's reflexes as the portal widens and Kaguya herself slips through. Naruto concludes he has to find Sasuke as Kaguya completely disappears. Naruto's eyes dart around as he doesn't know from where she'll appear. The nearby frozen mountains crumble, sending snow and ice shards to engulf him. On a nearby snowbank, Sakura asks if they're the only ones brought to this world? The Naruto clone says no, his original is there too, but he can no longer sense Sasuke. Obito stirs and asks where he is. Kakashi greets the man and Obito offers that he thought he died. The clone explains that he healed him, but... Obito looks on in silence, and then offers understanding. He's struck by a realization and asks if they took care of Madara? Kakashi says they're in a whole new mess now. The clone says he'll keep it simple and explain about the Rikudou, Kaguya and the seal. Obito suggests they talk on the way to whomever this new opponent is. The clone explains that he can't sense Sasuke, and his real body is all tingly, which probably means danger. Sakura affirms that she doesn't know if they can really help or not, but they can't fail because of something left untried. Kakashi agrees, saying their world is done with if they can't take Kaguya down, and the few left have to keep on fighting. So they're ready... ready to die if needed. Back in the real world, Minato rushes back to the battlefield. He arrives and apologizes for being late to the other resurrected Hokage. Have they learned anything? Hashirama explains that there's no one left, only the lower half of Madara's body. Minato asks if that means he's dead? Looking to the moon above, Tobirama suggests that the man appears to have been successful in casting his Infinite Tsukuyomi, but it doesn't appear to affect the dead. Turning his attention back to Minato, he asks how it went? Minato explains that he chopped down a limb to free the people trapped, but another limb quickly wrapped them back up. Sarutobi offers they had the same trouble. Tobirama proclaims they should just use Madara's remains to resurrect him and force him to talk. Hashirama angrily counters they need a living sacrifice to do that. Tobirama calls his brother naive but the other pleads that there has to be another way. As Hashirama kneels near Madara's legs, chakra begins to stir on them and coalesces into the form of a man. Hovering over the Hokage, the Rikudou names Ashura's previous reincarnation a truly kindhearted soul. Hashirama asks their new visitor who he is? He announces that he is Hagoromo, the founder of the ninja creed, the one known as the Rikudou Sennin.

Walking across the desert, Sasuke concludes that nothing is working to get him out of this predicament. Back in the ice world, Team 7 and Obito race across the snow. Obito repeats back his understanding of the sealing, and the Naruto clone fears for the missing Sasuke. They come to a stop and the ice mountains shift and slide. The clone points to his original in the distance. The flying Naruto is off balance as fangs of ice come together around him. Naruto deduces that Kaguya merged with Nature as the fangs pin him in place. Team 7 races to the cliff's edge to see if they can help, while nearby Kaguya spies out from a reality window. As the window opens, Naruto notices the woman finally showing herself. Sakura also sees the confusing spectacle as the woman fully emerges. As the black window slides shut, Obito looks on and realizes she uses a form of time-space jutsu. The pinned Naruto affirms that he should look vulnerable enough, now just to spring his trap when she gets close. Obito repeats to the clone that if he stopped sensing Sasuke, he bets he was sent to another dimension. Obito offers that it appears to be similar to his own Doujutsu. Kakashi asks the man if he can enter it? Obito concludes that if he resonates his Kamui with it the next time she enters one, he should be able to enter it also. And if Sasuke is there, he can bring him back too. The clone is ecstatic, offering he'll help his original then. Obito interjects that he'll need an enormous amount of chakra to do it since it's not his time-space, and if he runs out of chakra while there, it's over. The clone says he'll go with him, and his original is strong, he won't be taken down. Obito counters that the Bunshin's chakra isn't enough, surprising the clone and Kakashi. Sakura asks what of her 100 Healings chakra? Obito admits that would work at the minimum, so both she and the clone should come along. They won't know Sasuke is in that time-space, but they'll enter her lair and he swears he'll find Sasuke and return him to the original Naruto. The clone offers his thanks, but Obito retorts to not thank him, just keep an eye on the enemy. The clone grins at the man and offers that there are no more masks, huh? Obito offers to the clone that he's Kakashi's friend, his father's subordinate, Sasuke's relative and... we flashback to Naruto explaining that a Hokage is the one who leads the way... we see Kakashi explaining that Naruto's way of life draws others to him, and they want to help him if he falls... Obito concludes his thoughts by stating that he's a senior who once shared the same dream. He's not going to waste time on anymore speeches, as he's almost out of time. But he will ask one last thing of them, let him walk in front and die for them...

Chapter 684: "We Ought to Kill Him" - Sakura looks to Obito and with worried eyes, grasps that he can't be saved. Obito asks Naruto and Sakura to place their hands on him, so they can teleport in an instant if needed. They each do so, but their actions finally draw Kaguya's attention. The pinned Naruto turns to look at his comrades and they notice Kaguya's reaction. Obito offers that they need to determine if Kaguya will sense if they teleport through. Kaguya remains unmoved and Kakashi notes her indifference towards their threat level. Focusing on the target before her, she darts towards Naruto and the young man silently urges her on. He remembers that a big chakra attack probably won't do much and the Harem jutsu probably won't work again, so time to go back to basics. If he can corner her, he can possibly force her to use her window and then follow her through. He can then search for Sasuke. Kaguya yells in defiance that this is her reality, they are powerless here! From within Naruto, Kokuou the Gobi tells Naruto to get ready, because he's going to raise his chakra to the boiling point for unparalleled strength! Naruto affirms and uses his bursting heat to break free of the ice teeth. He meets Kaguya's striking fist with his own and sends her flying back. As she crashes into a nearby ice wall, Team 7 marvel at his power. Kurama chimes in to tell the young man he's prepared chakra for him, and Naruto quickly uses it to form hundreds of clones. The Naruto horde suddenly launch an all-out attack, flying in from all directions. Kaguya counters by sending out chakra fists to disperse many of the clones. One Naruto dodges and yells in defiance that right now, this world is his time-space. Striking out with his own fist, Kaguya catches it with her right hand. Alerted by her Byakugan, she turns to catch another Naruto's foot with her left hand. Another Naruto flies in to strike her from the back, while one final one kicks from below to launch her into the Ultimate Uzumaki Naruto Barrage. Before she can be pummeled she creates a window to escape harm. Naruto moves to follow, while below Obito casts his Mangekyou. As Naruto tries to follow with his real body, the window begins to close. We cut to a new barren world, marked by rolling striated rock formations. As Kaguya gathers herself, Zetsu notices that Naruto somehow followed; who now glances at them from the crest of a nearby hill. As dust clouds rise from Naruto's sides, Zetsu surmises only one Naruto survived the journey. He gloats that his clones didn't have the strength to survive, meaning he must be the original. Naruto yells to ask what difference it makes? Zetsu cautions that it's dangerous that Naruto followed them to the root space, since it connects to the other five realities; and by using the resonance of the dual seals, Naruto could possibly locate Sasuke. Moreover, with the weird jutsu Naruto used earlier, he is unpredictable, so they should just kill him now. Kaguya ignores the advice, saying she has to absorb the young man's chakra. Zetsu tries to offer guidance, pointing out that changing realities uses a lot of chakra, so keep some chakra in reserve. It's better to avoid fighting him, because if she gets sealed away again, it'll have all been for naught. Sure she'll miss out on a lot of chakra, but she doesn't need it. It's better than having their long, carefully laid out plans be ruined. She relents to advice and contorts herself, causing bone protrusions to emerge from her body. With no hesitation, she fires a bone of her Murderous Bone Ash from her palm into a nearby window. Naruto attempts to dodge the bone as it flies from a window behind him. Turning to watch the bone fly by, he is suddenly pierced by another which impales him in the chest. As the bone crumbles, he yells in horror as his flesh turns to ash and begins to fall away. As he crumbles into nothing, Kaguya opens a new window makes her exit. Zetsu surmises that with the original now dead, all his clones should be gone now too. As her window closes on the root world, reality begins to spin and warp as Sakura and Obito pop into being. Obito thanks the Naruto clone for helping them escape to his Kamui time-space, but now the clone is gone, so it's up to Sakura. She affirms her readiness and we return to the snow world. As Kaguya looks at the Naruto horde floating around her, Zetsu angrily questions why they didn't disappear. Nearby, Kakashi stands alone and compliments the absent Obito that their plan worked!

Chapter 685: "All That I've Got!" - Summary Coming Soon

Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura & Sasuke

Chapter 686: "Bequeath and Inherit" - Summary Coming Soon

Chapter 687: "You Better" - Summary Coming Soon

Chapter 688: "He of the Sharingan!!" - Summary Coming Soon

Chapter 689: "I Love You" - Summary Coming Soon

Chapter 690: "Ninja History" - Summary Coming Soon