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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 510 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 3:03 pm on 9/15/2010

Chapter 510 has been released!

Click For Chapter 510 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

31 kunai thrown »

31 Responses to “Chapter 510 Released”

  1. super-gaara Says:

    so is nagato from the uzumaki clan then? and i ges this means konan lost. later konan

  2. Hatake Kristen Says:

    I think I was right; I DO like Konan, since I can’t believe she’s gone now. It’s really sad, really, though it’s nice to see that she created a sort of tomb for her friends’ bodies. However, there have been some very interesting things revealed this chapter: Madara can use Izanagi and is likely blind in that one eye, the battle between him and the First may not be what we thought it was, and Nagato has the “trademark red hair of the Uzumaki clan”. Also, I think I saw wrinkles below Madara’s eyes on that last page. It seems he’s now one-armed. Wonder why he didn’t fix that with Izanagi.

    The part concerning Nagato’s hair gives me a theory: the Uzumaki probably scattered when their village was destroyed, and they’re stated to have a blood relation to the Senju. If Nagato is a distant member of the Uzumaki, then perhaps Madara gave him a piece of his Sharingan somehow. By doing so, the Rinnegan was formed. It seems possible, since Madara made it sound as if that was similar to how the Sage of Six Realms came into being.

  3. deandre. Says:

    ahaa . what a plot twist . does that mean that Nagato is an Uzumaki ? i always believed his red hair could lead him to possibly be related to Kushina but for it to actually be true is a whole other story . damn . Nagato Uzumaki . it sounds weird, doesn’t it ? lol

  4. the_real_sannin Says:

    this was so crazy .o my god, what the fu*k is going on here.is madara obito or what ? and is nagato a uzumaki by blood? this is almost to much to take . i can’t wait for next week.

  5. ravenclaw Says:

    wow! madara is both senju and uchiha! but he doesn’t realize that so is naruto. he is a senju AND an uchiha now! I guess that’s what itachi’s gift to naruto is all about! he will have his own sharingan, and since sharingan can be transferred also at will, i’m guessing that naruto will have his own sharingan.. (though the rinnegan at madara’s hands is quite a chip there)

    look at this: naruto’s hiraishin vs madara’s teleportation
    naruto’s senju heritage vs. madara’s stolen senju technique.
    naruto’s potential sharingan vs. madara’s own sharingan.
    naruto’s tamed kyuubi/senjutsu vs. madara’s perfect mangekyou.

    a battle to really wait for!

  6. jedilee777 Says:

    nagato is naruto’s relative?! wonder if Naruto will ever know? Poor Konan, she put up an excellent fight, Kishi continues to tease us. Cant you just show his face to us already?

  7. Inner Sakura Says:

    I don`t want Konan to die!

    I hope Madara would not get the Rinnengan.

  8. elijah Says:

    gets better and better

  9. Madara669 Says:

    Awesome chapter finally more Madara revealed and he has a second sharingan. WOOT just when I thought he couldn’t get any cooler. This is why he’s my favorite character.

  10. ryan_expert Says:

    what? did madara call nagato an Uzumaki. its like everyone is related somehow, it’s getting kind of hard to keep track of this family tree. XD

  11. Shamayel Says:

    konan’s jutsu was amazing.I don’t believe Madara has senju clan’s power. I think konan will stop madara from taking the rinnegan or might be madara will take it. but no matter what happens,Naruto also has six path sage’s power.
    Can’t wait for next chapter.

  12. Nagato Says:

    nice chapter… but still madara won, what happened to konan?

  13. Ares Says:

    Konan put up a good fight, I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard people call Tenten “the Queen of Overkill”, but I guess Konan has her beat with 600 billion paper bombs!

    Madara said Nagato’s red hair was from the Uzumaki clan, that means he and Naruto are cousins! Man, this story just keeps getting deeper!

  14. mizukage Says:

    great chapter, interesting twist. of course madara has another sharingan, after all we saw that wall of what seem to be drawers full of sharingans(i asume).he used izanagi and gave up his left eye, he can always replace it.i think im going to return to my Obito theory XD

  15. Buplug Says:

    ok so a lot of information was revealed as to how madara’s jutsu works, is konan going to be able to send this info to naruto and the leaf village? Jiraiya got to send info before he died, Kisame got to send info before he died, I think Asuma said some info before he died, Konan should be able to as well

  16. chash Says:

    best, chapter, everrrrrr…:)

  17. The Last Alchemist Says:

    Wow this story line keeps getting more and more intense.

  18. 2546011 Says:

    Naruto The Best he’ll kick madara’s ass

  19. joobl00b Says:

    what if nagato ends up being naruto’s distant brother

  20. Kobiashi Says:

    It is possible that Nagato had one Uchiha parent and one Senju parent. This would mean that both bloodlines of the Sage of the Six Paths combined back into one.

  21. chanderrr Says:

    Gaara also has red hair and looks similar to naruto, is it possible that he has uzumaki clan lineage?

  22. Kingkage Says:

    that possibile gaara would be awesome if he is uzumaki and i think naruto should gather all uzumaki that scatter all over country and rebuild whirlpool country back and become leader of uzumaki clan same time he can be hokage whole konoha with add whirlpool it would be awesome

  23. Kingkage Says:

    but you look deeper there similar nagato and gaara they both have no last name is that wonder they try keep it surprise so im sure chanderr might be right in my thoery

  24. Steven Says:

    aww, it’s sad that Konan had to die before she could really help out Naruto, but I think they did this so that Naruto can fight all of the revived Akatsuki at once in an epic showdown!

  25. daikon Says:

    i have a feeling that as a precaution konan has some sort of trip activate bomb trap that denotates if anyone should ever touches the bodies of her friends.

  26. Nagato Says:

    i think Konan has another trick in her sleeves : )

  27. Aleeeex Says:

    i like the last page. haha

  28. LFW Says:

    Did anyone notice on page 12 where it shows the rinnegan with the ying yang in the middle.
    It looks like the rinnegan the sage of six paths had also had the sharingan spots in it. like a mix between them.
    maybe that is what madara is after…

  29. rock lee fan Says:

    At first it was hard to believe that Mandara gave Nagato the Rinnegan but after thinking about it…it is possible. I say that because it was said that the sage that had the original rinnegan had two sons that eventually decended into the Senju Clan and the Uchiha Clan. And he mentioned he has two of the six pathways and we are unsure of Mandara’s full powers. This series just keeps getting better and better.

  30. rock lee fan Says:

    @NejiTen that is a good prediction. I love the passion!

  31. uchiha-itachi13.0 Says:

    isnt the rinnegan the creater of the sharingan etc???

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