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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 557 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:37 am on 9/28/2011

Chapter 557 has been released!

Click For Chapter 557 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

17 kunai thrown »

17 Responses to “Chapter 557 Released”

  1. Uchihacharly Says:

    Dedeira Jutsu was way better

  2. Luna-des Says:

    Not really, diedara had to explode his clay, this jutsu continuously explodes and moves “hella fast” on it’s own. They may be about the same but the edge goes to the mizu.

  3. Uchihacharly Says:

    The C4 seemed more powerful to me, Maybe I expected more from the Mizukage, i guess I wasnt impress, lets see what Kishi comes up with next

  4. Warheart Says:

    With the defeat of the Mizukage’s triumph card, all my hope for him showing some more high-tier Genjutsu has died. Despite being called a Genjutsu expert, it looks like he relies on Ninjutsu in the end, just like every other new character.

    I hoped for more then a bushin when they mentioned an “infinite explosions technique”, but was really dissapointed when it was showed to be a little boy. I personally despise chibi stuff and hate to see powerful techniques be given a “childish touch” for no reason at all. Nonetheless, the science behind the technique was a very original one and Gaara’s solution came unexpected. First the third Raikage, now the second Mizukage, there seems to be a real original-defeat-spree going on in here!

  5. Warheart Says:


    I don’t think the question ever was if Gaara would win or not (I mean: Plot armor, much ;)). It’s more a matter of how he pulls it off. I personally prefer to see his victory come from an unexcepted corner over reading through yet another single-chaptered act of sand godmodding, such as the battle against his father. I think we’ll all agree that that battle should’ve shown a lot more depth, skill, realism and length.

  6. uchiha31 Says:

    I just wanna see a real fight i mean come on the old man should hav died i mean this war has only taken unknown random ninja n all of madara forces . Terrible war

  7. Huang-Jun Says:

    hmmm,.. i was kind of dissapointed with this chapter,.. boring jutsu, boring character.. didnt really like his design. it kinda looked like a frog in a mizukage outfit..its like he had no inspiration on how to end this fight.

    Sorry, Kishi-sensei-_-‘ I too struggle with it every year..

  8. hmmm Says:

    Well, you could look at it this way: The Mizukage was powerful enough with Water Release Techniques that he could superheat it and rapidly cool it easily, so its an original technique after all?

  9. Kasper Says:

    I dont know whether u guys read the wrong translation or what. In the last chapter the 3rd tsuchikage said it was a technique Mizukage used to burn “muu”‘s hands….so as expected it was an explosion jutsu…I hope he is not over yet..

  10. Hoshika Says:

    maybe Mizukage’s jutsu do have a similarity to Godaime Mizukage’s Futton(Boil Released)…what do you think?

    i really love to see if there will be another new form of elements…^_^

  11. Huang-Jun Says:

    @hmmmm; well, yeah. its totally original.
    But not fitting for a ninja thats considered one of the strongest kages.
    it makes him kind of dull compared to the other kages in my oppinion.

  12. naruto boy 16 Says:

    tha akward moment when the mizuakge calls u a golden duckling not gonna lie even if it was golden id be alittle upset if someone called me a duckling its im the mo freaken kazekage im a duck XD

  13. getsome Says:

    golden egg used golden sand to win

  14. 9tails Says:

    this chapter looked exactly like a chapter in my chemistry book…cmon kishi lets see characters pumel the crap outa each other. on that note, quite wasting time AND money on these scummy fillers and show POWERFUL ninja getting exhausted thus pulling through in a climatic action! I just want to see who Kabuto has in the coffin already! Itachi vs Jesus

  15. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @9tails r u saying that jesus is in the coffin cause if it was jesus then kabuto has won u cant win against the son of god

  16. NarutoGigity123 Says:

    no no guys… its 2 camels in a tiny coffin

  17. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @naruto gigity123 r u quagmire cause only he would think of that XD

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