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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 558 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 11:47 am on 10/4/2011

Chapter 558 has been released!

Click For Chapter 558 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

28 Kunai Thrown (Leave a Comment)

28 Responses to “Chapter 558 Released”

  1. naruto boy 16 Says:

    ok muu is a badass naruto gonna be over extending himself soon and wont be able to fight the real threats if he waists his power on the zetsu clones

  2. Luna-des Says:

    Major tease with the title and still no name or charactor for ol boy in the coffin… sheesh.

  3. Kimusay Says:

    ok wat needs to happen is Rock Lee needs to show wat he’s been training and bust out with ninjutsu and use taju kage bunshin and whoop everyone! lol just a dream… >.<

  4. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    thats’ fresh 5/5
    can’t wait to see who’s in that coffin

  5. Kimusay Says:

    wat coffin are you guys talking about?

  6. Ares Says:

    @Kimusay The coffin Kabuto showed Madara to um… “persuade” him to let kabuto join his side, I think its the Rikudo Sage, but everyone’s entitled to believe what they like until we see, but isn’t Itachi on his way to deal with Kabuto? That’ll be interesting if Kabuto has to use it on Itachi.

  7. Warheart Says:

    Nothing really happened this chapter. Muu appeared not to be sealed after all, which we knew from the beginning. The Mizukage, who was already bound last chapter, is finally being sealed away. And last but not least, Naruto showed us some senseless Zetsu-bashing. Nothing new, nothing special, only some more plain coffin teasing.

    I hope chapter 559 comes soon. O_O”

  8. Kimusay Says:

    @Ares o ok i thought they seen a coffin in last chapter, it might be rikudo or madara’s real body… im just surprised on how kabuto is so strong… smh

  9. naruto boy 16 Says:

    hey u no what this attack reminds me up that tech tien uses in dbz its exactly the same he can split himself into indentical copys albiet at the cost of spliting his power evenly between the clones

  10. Kimusay Says:

    Just like with Kidoumaru and his 6 arms, goku and tien both can do it too. but idk why goku never used it again… it would have been cool, SSJ4 goku with 6 arms…

  11. naruto boy 16 Says:

    lol thats true i mean he could have fried two kamehamehas at frieza at once and just pawned him or like against buu then again buu would make just as many arms

  12. allan Says:

    great chapter.! cant wait for the next!

  13. drkmankakashi Says:

    Have anyone noticed that kabuto must have an limitless suppy of chakra. To control this many enemies this long i mean he is basically doing the whole war by himself & captain yamato is still captured i say alot going on but nothing really happening

  14. White_cloud_ninja Says:

    Imangine fighting Kabuto one on one. He would be unstoppable. He would just summon a whole army to kill you. I believe he’s the strongest in a one on one fight.

  15. Luna-des Says:

    Did anyone else notice that this chapter was also real friendly and gung ho? “come guys! we can do it!!” “Yeah, We can take em!” sounds kind of fishy for some of the charactors to me.

  16. Janos Says:

    I think Muu will summon the other part of him. Naruto will defeat everyone I say. I thought Naruto could’t use Shadow Clone Jutsut in his Ninetailed Form.. :S There will be interesting chapters, that’s for sure. 😀

  17. kjames Says:

    Naruto can use the Shadow Clones in his ninetailed form but they recommended he didnt since that meant that the Ninetails himself will just eat his regualr chakra at a faster rate.

  18. Itachi's Shadow Says:

    well, this chapter was kinda meh to me. like warheart said, nothing really interesting happened, just what we thought of muu been free got confirmed, mizukage sealed, n naruto having his kyubi power spammed with clones everywhere…only thing interesting is that muu needed to rest sometime to regain some chacra, as half is sealed, so he can summon something, n it seems like its going to be bad news for the joint forces.

    also, i’m guessing everyone read the chap with the 1st few pages colored, if so, i noticed something strange.
    did yall notice how the 1st panel, is just a snake (kabuto’s obviously) n there was text bubbles around him, the strange thing was the next panel, which shows kabuto, but HIS text bubbles had the text on different color. kabuto’s was brown, while the one with the snake was green. now, i might be wrong, but doesn’t different colored text usually mean different character speaking? could that snake b the one speaking? (doubt it cuz it the bubbles didnt have the arrow like part pointing towards it) but quite possibly, someone else might be there with him…what do u guys think?

  19. Leo Says:

    its crazy that one of narutos clones was able to beat the Raikage. Naruto is going to learn alot from his clones!!

  20. Uzumaki Shamayel Says:

    chptr was ok. anyway, i want to ask u guys a question,” who is a more powerful sheild 3rd raikage or susanoo?

  21. Rikudou Sennin Says:

    3rd raikage’s attacks are like A’s (4th raikage)

  22. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @ 22 Rikudou Sennin

    Because the Third was before the Fourth, A, the fourth’s attacks are like the thirds.

  23. Luna-des Says:

    Narutos clones being able to go from Kyuubi mode to regular bunshin to sennin mode and back to reg bunshin and perhaps back again to Kyuubi mode (after they find out about MUU) pretty interesting. Naruto will be just like his dad, taking out opponents so fast that its like hes in more than one place at a time… wich he will be ha

  24. allan Says:

    @27.. yeah? wat do u think will the ribs and the shield be made of? well, it was not yet tested. and yeah, gaara’s sand is weaker than water but, he was able to withstand it..

  25. john smith Says:

    The last coffin is madaras brother who else could scare him like that and saskue lightning blade went thru gaaras shield

  26. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @33, john smith

    Yeah, 5 years ago, now his shield is fast and strong enough to interupt a high speed raikage liger kick in a split second, succesfully. So there.

    Why would his brother scare him? Aren’t Nagato and Itachi just as scary? Or all the past kage and famous people? No, we are talking something much more serious here >.< (for all we know it really might be his brother).

    Btw, what skills does tsunades ex have?

  27. gaara kage Says:

    I think its orchimaru what else would he need anko for she has his dna and we all know kabuto is in love with orichimaru so why wouldnt he bring him back lol

  28. john smith Says:

    The coffin is madara and he would be scared cause we never seen there ms yet so we don’t know who’s stronger

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