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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 560 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:38 am on 10/19/2011

Chapter 560 has been released!

Click For Chapter 560 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

49 kunai thrown »

49 Responses to “Chapter 560 Released”

  1. Luna-des Says:

    How did he give the Rinnegan to Nagato? did he just pop out his own eyes or what?

  2. Luna-des Says:

    there wouldnt be a need if the rin is more powerful than the ems or ms or sharingan. why step down your power? but it would make sense if he wanted to adjust against opponents. whatever too much thinking into that.

    These chapters need to be longer, 15/16 pages isnt enough. at this rate Naruto wont end for a couple years. HA

  3. All seeing EMS Says:

    @15 maybe because he is part of the senju clan like naruto.

  4. All seeing EMS Says:

    do you guys think that the last page is the body of the 10 tails

  5. Dosu Says:

    Maybe Nagato did not know, therefore, he did not try. Also, Kakashi has the Sharingan. He, as far as we know, cannot deactivate it. Maybe it was the same for Nagato.

  6. All seeing EMS Says:


  7. Huang-Jun Says:

    Very cool chapter,..
    BUT I really really hope they dont make madara into a new nagato, in which case I mean; Naruto kicks his ass and saves the day..

  8. Luna-des Says:

    @ 24,

    Wierdo masked Madara is the new “nagato” with the 6 JIns

  9. battosai Says:

    WTH. madara’s susanoo form a seal? what an epic chapter :))

  10. Aoba Says:

    The real Madara could not have given Nagato the rinnegan after his fight with the first, cause that would mean that Nagato is the same age as the third.

  11. naruto boy 16 Says:

    ok this chapter was just plain awesomeness well done kishi well done

  12. Infernal lord313 Says:


    not really remember what the other madara said he said he gave nagato the rinnigan and the real madara also seems to know who nagato is.

  13. Luna-des Says:

    you are wrong. after their fight the village was organized, Nagatos parents may not have even been born yet. meaning that nagato wasnt alive after the fight.

  14. Aoba Says:

    @ 30
    I never said he (Madara) didn’t give it to him (Nagato), I said he couldn’t have given it to him after the fight with the first

  15. Infernal lord313 Says:

    @ Aoba and Luna-des

    I’m not saying directly after the fight he gave it o him, but years after that fight he did give nagato that power otherwise he wouldn’t know who nagato was

  16. Luna-des Says:

    either way, next chapter will more than likely explain what happened back then after whatever jutsu Madara is about to use uses. It looks like a fireball? or comet?

  17. K-Dash02 Says:

    Good chapter and it finally shows what traits that Rikudou Sennin got from the Juubi. Rikudo normally had the Rinnegan, but after becoming the first Jinchuuriki he was the first 2obtain the Sharingan from the juubi. When Rikudo was about 2die he gave his oldest son his eyes, the youngest son his body. Which means he separated his and the juubi powers 2both sons, the oldest passed down all the eye bloodline’s, and the youngest passed down the senju and other clans. So that means in order for anyone 2become all powerful like Rikudo, you have 2have both bloodlines in you. Thats what Madara meant about his body secrets, which in my theory there is more 2the battle with the 1st. Hokage and Madara. Which he stated that he unlocked the Rinnegan right before he died, and we all know he didn’t have the Rinnegan when he battled the 1st. So he had 2get the D.N.A. from the first 2merge both bloodlines in his body. The other thats acting as Madara has both eyes activated at the same time, I think the acting Madara isn’t originally an Uchiha.

  18. Warheart Says:

    I personally think Kishi has overdone it this time. In my eyes, the story is losing a lot of charm in its path towards one big, overlapping plot. I just dont like the way every new mode and Doujutsu seems to overpower the previous ones: It’s like freaking Dragonball Z out here. I just hope he finishes the story before he crushes my sweet ‘ol Naruto-memories.

    Anyway, having read everyone’s speculation out here, I’d like to point out it was fake Madara who claimed to have given Nagato his Rinnegan. The real Madara might not know anything about this and possibly didn’t do anything with his own Rinnegan at all.

  19. K-Dash02 Says:

    @36/ I think not because, if you look at Danzo and the guy thats acting as Madara, they both had 2have procedures done 2them so that could have both bloodlines in them. Danzo had both Uchiha and Senju in order 2use Shodai’s Techniques, and the same as false Madara 2use the Rinnegan and the Six-Paths like Nagato did. My opinion the Rikudou had Rinnegan the 10tails had a huge Sharingan, all Jinchuuriki takes some type of physical trait from the demon example nauto’s wiskers, Gaara marks around his eyes Rikudou Sharingan from 10tails. It looks like the only way for an Uchiha 2unlock the Rinnegan is 2have it transplanted like the false Madara.( Hope this helps you with your question)

  20. Raikage Says:

    @13 A comet I believe.
    @37 I agree I think he might fondly remember but not fully believe.

  21. Haha Says:

    Giant comet, blonde haired hero, genes being tossed around, final fantasy vii

  22. Huang-Jun Says:

    @Haha LMAO

  23. Dosu Says:

    Sharingan -> Mangekyou Sharingan -> Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan -> Rinnegan… I hope Kishi explains this some more.

  24. ajxw Says:

    the stone thing does anyone remeber what it said. what chapters were it in

  25. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @ geo proof hes not chapter 394 pg 3 when the snake is shown getting burned by the black flames of amatersu

  26. jaco Says:

    @geo , you do know that the snake that slithered away eventually was set on fire with the amaterasu right? so it couldnt possibly be orochimaru. duh.

  27. ajxw Says:

    please anyone know what chapters the stone thing is on

  28. Mlynn1991 Says:

    the masked man cant be the first hokage, the third hokage sealed him during the chunnin exam arc

  29. Aoba Says:

    @ 59 TheSparringPanther
    Well said

  30. sharingan86 Says:

    alright so madara was obvious really old when he died since he knew nagato, and he must have been close to orochimaru, my guess is orochimaru was working with him in the shadows before he left the village, wat if nagatos memory of when he awakened his rinnegan and his parents death is jus a genjutsu placed by madara

  31. Luna-des Says:

    Heres a question…

    Can the old Madara still be able to summon the Kyuubi? He used it to fight the 1st, with the rin and EMS wouldnt he no doubt be able to summon it or all the tails? He does have Naruto’s lil clone in front of him…

  32. K-Dash02 Says:

    @64/ Madara can’t summon the Kyuubi while it’s in Naruto, but he can do a reverse sealing technique like he did on Kushina Uzumaki 2summon the 9tails when the seal was greatly weakend because she was in labor with Naruto. And as of clones he can’t remove the Kyuubi from a clone, Naruto can make perfect copies of himself 2confuse people but the actual soul of the Kyuubi is in the real Naruto. So the clone question is completely out of question.

  33. Infernal lord313 Says:

    @ TheSparringPanther

    I don’t see your point, remember the real madara called nagato by name. Meaning that he himself met nagato, if the masked man is a madara zetsu clone then just like the kisame clone it has some of the same memories as the real madara. Which explains how if madara could transfer the rinnigan to nagato that the fake could have taught itachi the same thing, since the clone would have some of madaras abilities. Jusg like the zetsu clone of kisame had the same abilities.

  34. Raikage Says:

    My theory of who is under the mask or the “fake madara” are: FIrst off it cant be obito because fake madara had 2 sharingan during his fight with konan if you notice when he uses izangi[sorry about spelling] its his left eye the same one obito gave to kakashi. Next it couldnt be orichimaru because he was sealed by the sword on itachi’s susanoo. The first was sealed by the third during the chunin exam’s. And izuna had his eyes “stolen” by Madara. So its kind of a hard choice because all the other Uchiha’s are dead besides Saskue. Im not to sure but this disproves most theory’s sorry. If I had to pick a choice I could only think of a clone honestly danzo is dead and kabuto has his hands busy Zetsu clone possibly? Feedback appreciated.

  35. ajxw Says:

    what chapters are the tablet in

  36. Luna-des Says:


    Wouldnt Narutos weakened state from using his Kyuubi mode be the same as Kushinas weaked state when she was preggo? just wondering if thats where this will go, Madara is on “God” like power now, who knows what he can do. Maybe sense the real Naruto and get to him in the blink of an eye. heck he might take it (kyuubi) Just a theory. You know Naruto going to be weak whenever he stops

  37. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    5/5 rinnegan + senju equals so6p
    maybe the byakugan can evolve into the rinnnegan
    ems-white eyes-rinnegan probably

  38. naruto boy 16 Says:

    how could they have killed him he had the rinnegan it took narutos pain fighting all of konoha then blowing it up fighting narutos sage mode then the nine tails then naruto in sage mode again and even then naruto didnt defeat him he sarcfied himself to revive everyone which must take alot of charka i think he could have possibly defeated naruto had he fought him with his orgianl body

  39. Gin Says:

    Madara must have split his body into two before the first killed him, that why the mask man thinks he is Madara because his. Madara probably gave his rinnegan to nagato before his death which is why the mask man believes he gave the rinnegan to nagato.hmm

  40. K-Dash02 Says:

    @69/ Your right about that but, remember fake Madara doesn’t need Naruto or Bee now. He took the Gold & Silver bro’s after they both were sealed in battle with Darui, Madara took them because they both have Kyuubi chakra after being in it’s stomach 4 2weeks. And Bee after the fight with Team Hawk, used 1of Hachibi’s tentacle’s and made it into a clone so he could escape the Lightning Villiage. But that tentacle also has some of the Hachibi’s chakra in it, and Madara already sealed it in Gedou Mazou/Juubi. All he needs 2do is seal the Gold & Silver bro’s 2awaken Gedou Mazou/Juubi, thats why Kabuto said false Madara was getting 2impatient 2revive Juubi. But when he does revive Juubi its not gonna as powerful because it’s gonna be missing all the chakra of Hachibi & Kyuubi. And yes false Madara confirmed that he still can revive Juubi without all of the Hachibi & Kyuubi’s chakra. When it comes down 2it, it’s gonna be Naruto/Kyuubi & Bee/Hachibi vs the 10tails. But at the same time I strongly believe (and this is just a theory) that something will go wrong and Naruto will end up becoming the Jinchuuriki of the 10tails, because in all of the series Naruto is the only person that has a strong connection 2Rikudou Sennin, especially when he controlled the Kyuubi 4the 1st time, which the mode he has is called Rikudou Mode!

  41. All seeing EMS Says:

    @ 80 all the fire hokage are sealed away 1st 2nd and 3rd during the chuunin exam. which bring up a good point correct me if i am wrong but didn’t the 4th tell naruto that he olny sealed half of the fox’s charka in naruto?

  42. All seeing EMS Says:

    @82 cant be shisui he would have no eys at all count danzon has one and the crow had the other i believe even in this comic most of the people have two eyes like us. REread that chapter.

  43. jaco Says:

    sorry if that first comment came out rude, i did not intend it that way. o.O

  44. jaco Says:

    i understand how you mightve thought it was shisui but we have to remember that itachi killed shisui to obtain his mangekyou and that shisui let itachi kill him. but it was a good guess and for a while i actually considered shisui myself but then i reread the series and saw that itachi did indeed kill shisui to get mangekyou. good guess tho

  45. K-Dash02 Says:

    As long as isn’t another Zetsu I’m A.OK!

  46. blacklight Says:

    if you have any questions just ask me

  47. blacklight Says:

    my god my hold post qas not even put on i hate you

  48. blacklight Says:

    okay who thinks the first is weaker than madara and i will prove you wrong

  49. uchiha31 Says:

    And to obtain rhe ms u have to hace felt a tragic great lost.. Someone really dear to gou. Not just a friend

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