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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 568 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:53 am on 12/26/2011

Chapter 568 has been released!

Click For Chapter 568 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

72 kunai thrown »

72 Responses to “Chapter 568 Released”

  1. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Long Wait, I’m Just Ready For The Naruto/Nine-Tails Union

  2. tlaloc Says:

    Son goku!!!! Yay!!!

  3. Huang-Jun Says:

    Great chapter, I was expecting to see a transformation, but an encounter with the Yonbi was just as epic IMO.
    Also I think Kishi-Sensi has played InFamous2,.. I mean Kakashi’s Raiden looks like Cole’s tripwire rocket 😛

    Btw, before we get to all the stupid commens; Son Goku was the Japanese nickname of Son Wukong, the monkey king from the book Journey To The West. So NO ties to Dragonball!!

  4. naruto boy 16 Says:

    hey i just notcied in the caption pic it says the gobi its suppose to say yonbi u might wanna fix that

  5. uchiha31 Says:

    Terrible chapter

  6. Huang-Jun Says:

    @7 what did you expect? that it would go the way it went in your head??

  7. Huang-Jun Says:

    I mean I expectd something else too, doesnt make it terrible, far from it. This conversation with the 4T alone, revealed a lot of information on the rest of the story..

  8. Haha Says:

    Nine’s name is CAR! What a loser. No wonder he has so much hatred. But we have one tail Shikaku, four tail Son Goku, and nine tail Kurama. And I know I forgot the s in tails

  9. uchiha31 Says:

    @8 a lot better den wat it was actually.

  10. Broken_Soul Says:

    @ 10: No it isn’t. Car is Kuruma ^^
    Hilarious chapter, especially Kyuubi when Naruto learns his name: Tch. xD
    Now all that’s left is to find out the other Bijuu-names, 1-10.

  11. SaicoBoy_Kyubbi Says:

    Im having like bleach flashback cus Ichigo and his hollow had the same discussion bout the soul slayers and how some people only use them without trying to understand them 😛 am I the only weird one who made that connection??

    Great chapter though, Im waiting to see how the 9 tails (Kurama) will respond to all this…

  12. Majkel Says:

    Look at page 10. It looks like Son has got some kind of a rod in its stomach. Could it be something like the black rod for controlling the dead bodies?

  13. Crazy Theory Says:

    It´s the spike of the chain bedding him. Pag 12

  14. K-Dash02 Says:

    Man cool chapter but I was expecting Kyuubi to finally lend Naruto his full power, but oh well….. As for Son Goku, I think he might seal himself within Naruto. Sounds crazy but since they all were one being, Naruto might be able to seal multiple tailed beasts within himself?

  15. Raikage Says:

    Chapter was alright not what I thought. At least it wasn’t 13 pages… Lets hope this 16-17 page continues 😀

  16. tlaloc Says:

    For the record, to the guy that said no ties to dragon ball: dragon ball is based off completely.to the Chinese story journey to the west. Goku from dragon ball is essentially son wukong; the monkey king. The monkey king in naruto is also based off the same Chinese story. Therefore, all are related. 😀

  17. Huang-Jun Says:

    @18 Thats what I said, try reading the entire comment first please.. btw that still doesnt tie Naruto to Dragonball, genius!

  18. Luna-des Says:

    So does naruto get the chance to have the 4t’s power like after the gin/kin bros? How would the 4t’s b set free if he is sealed in the gedo statue?would this be a trick from masked madara to try and get naruto off guard inside him somehow. Too many q’s… If one of the four had to die I would say its goin to be guy. Guy wasn’t hokage material and kakashi has too much unfinished business. Plus lee will make a vow to become atronger than guy and thus make a rivalry with naruto

  19. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    hahahaa….will naruto absorb the 4 tails power? the monkey trusts him P.S. that monkey should be pouzaru

  20. Demon Kyo Says:

    Finally it came out, lol kishi added more references of dragon ball with the 4 tails name as Son Goku. Who would’ve known the beasts have names lol Kurama for Kyubi. Next chapter 4 tails team up with naruto YEAH!! All the beasts want is love and recognition =D

  21. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    Love this chapter bcuz of the dbz references
    5/5 can’t wait to see how naruto will look withson goku’s chakra around him or he might just escape thru other means xd

  22. Huang-Jun Says:

    Kinda sad that after six total references to Son Wukong, was the one that people remember from a character on Dragonball..

    Ive losing faith in the Western Otaku’s..

  23. deontae Says:

    Maybe Naruto will become the new Sage of the six paths

  24. naruto boy 16 Says:

    ok people why does everyone think narutos gonna get his power i highly doubt a person could have more than one tailed beast in them at one time the most likely thing thats gonna happen is that he’s either gonna change sides to narutos and start helping him and fight on there side or he has a weakness naruto will strike said weakness cause him to go back to his roshi form and then get sealed somehow

  25. Luna-des Says:

    remember that the other reenforcements are on their way as well. That will help Kakashi/Guy and Naruto. good point 29.

  26. Raikage Ookami Says:

    That was really dull. Nothing too exciting, I hope we see the 7 tail horn beetle next!

  27. xxak4tsuk1xx Says:

    i agree wit 29. why would naruto get his power that would just be over board if he got another demon inside him

  28. Huang-Jun Says:

    i think naruto will help the 4tail release the seal, so he can fight by his side. in other words, I expect to see 3 jinchuuriki main characters.

  29. Dosu Says:

    Would it kill you to type coherent sentences? Anyway, pretty good chapter. I hope that we don’t have to wait long for the next chapter.

  30. allan Says:

    It was a good chapter.. 4T son Goku.. but, we still need to wait long for the next chap..

  31. Uzumaki Shamayel Says:


  32. SAi UTkarsh Says:

    @28-Same here too!

  33. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @benko yes i no this i know he is somebody i was just reiterating what he said about himself personally i say he’s just another randoim character kishi came up with hes probably no body important at all

  34. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    @42 I agree with you because someone has to be under tha mask but they may not be of importance like another madara, izuna,sage (sons?) could be just a nobody xd

  35. Luna-des Says:

    I wonder why naruto hasnt summoned boss gama?

  36. Huang-Jun Says:

    @44 bcuz after the all the trouble during the battle with pain, Gama told Naruto to go F himself, he just couldnt deal with al that cazy sh** no more LOL

  37. BenKO Says:

    @43 I still think it is someone important. It would be a real d*** move by Kishi if it was something stupid.

  38. naruto boy 16 Says:

    well benko think of it this way the sages sons r long dead izuna is dead we’ve seen his dead body who else could it be

  39. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @48 Ok lets forget the fact the sage lived serval centuries ago so that would mean his son lived serval centuries ago even if it was the younger son he was a senju he hated the uchiha why would he aspire to get there power help them move there plans along i mean that would be like churchill giving aid to hitler while the battle of Britian was going on doesnt make sense. Another thing is that the Kurama only said naruto looked like the sage in that mode that probably means narutos either a long shot descendent most likely on his mothers side or hes the sage rencarinate or maybe he just happened to look like the sage in that mode

  40. Luna-des Says:

    He didnt say naruto looked like the sage, when the barriers were coming down after naruto took the chakra he said “this is the sage of the six paths…” He didnt finish. Maybe he meant it was a control move to put the kyuubi in place that the sage once used before.

  41. Luna-des Says:

    besides even if Naruto looked like he was the reencarnated sage i’m sure all the demon tails would be tripping out, not ignoring him or talking down to him.

  42. naruto boy 16 Says:

    very good points luna-des

  43. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    @49 Yeah I know what you mean but the ultimate goal of the eye of the moon’s plan is to put the world under a genjutsu to encourage peace in the world not help any individual clan
    the war now is because that plan isn’t the right way to achieve peace because it’s fake
    he probably is a descendant of the so6p xd

  44. xxak4tsuk1xx Says:

    @57 he got it before he died otherwise kakshi wouldnt have three tomoe when he first got it

  45. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @57 and %* ur both wrong for 57 that was probably just a mistake on kishi part cause if u go back to the kakashi gaiden he has two and kakashi clearly has 2 on his i mean he had it for like 10 yrs b4 the serise started thats plenty of time for even an non uchiha to cause it to deveolp further

  46. Huang-Jun Says:

    @55 I cant agree to that. You cant just say; No, he not an uchiha, just bcus you think it is. No one still knows , so its kinda stupid to say youre 100% sure.
    There is a bigger chance of him being a uchiha than an outsider, judging from the evidince and hints we have seen so far.

  47. Huang-Jun Says:

    whats the logic in having 2 eyes but only 1 peephole?

  48. Huang-Jun Says:

    Thats possible, but considering what has already been shown, it would make al other things irrelavent. A huge part of the story would be illogical and introductions of certain important characters wouldve been for nothing. Knowing the way kishi works, I dont think thats the case. But he is certainly making us crack our brains about it.

  49. Huang-Jun Says:

    At some point he has to lock the story. I myself make whats is called Dutch manga. I have an well-received trilogy serie right now. I had a lot of moments when I had/wanted to change some things, but that was only in the first parts of the story. At some point you cant afford to change things, because readers WILL find the misstakes in your logic.
    And I think Kishi isnt dumb enough to risk that with the entire story he has worked on for over a decade.
    Kishi has a plan and until the day we find out who Toby really is, he will keep putting us trough a loop.

  50. naruto boy 16 Says:

    honestly the thing i love the most is the fact tghat this is a cartoon and were talking about it as if its real life like as if this is actually happening in realtiy XD

  51. Huang-Jun Says:

    Well, its a damn good story :)

  52. rinnegan45 Says:

    @61, it is obito, & its uchiha, he does have the mangekeyo sharingan bc he can use izangi bro

  53. Huang-Jun Says:

    @73 Izanagi is used with transplanted eyes, no mangekyou needed. Like danzo did, who was a non-uchiha without mangekyou.

  54. All seeing EMS Says:

    maybe i am wrong but where did it say that izanagi can only be used with a transplanted eye? from my under standing the user gave up his light to to use it. Am i wrong?

  55. All seeing EMS Says:

    sorry hence the need for danzo to have so many eyes in his arm.

  56. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Well Huang-Jun, if you’re Dutch, that makes two of us. > Om te bewijzen dat het zo is < :)

    Nice to see there are nationals from Holland active here ^^

  57. Lopez_Kage Says:

    Stop it with this whole “Its Obito” crap. Look at the whole storyline of Naurto from before to present. If you can see closely, obito giving nagato the rinnegan, illogical. This masked guy knew about the war way back with details. Obito cared about the Leaf Village, no possible reason to lash out against the Village.

  58. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @72 yes it is a damm good story and @ 78 i have one one thing to say to u world cup final 2010 :p (actually i hate spain to cause they knocked out portugal)

  59. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    @81 its because the sharingan can predict,copy and see chakra while rinnegan can share vision of his paths and can access all chakra natures/path’s powers (2 different powers XD

  60. Huang-Jun Says:

    @81 youre taking what I said out of context, I never claimed he was a Uchiha.
    I only said the evidence so far points towards uchiha, Im still not sure wheter or not hes a Senju.

    @Mystic Vegeta; Haha cool om te horen:D
    Ik werk voor Celestial Doujinshi en Mangafique btw, mischien dat je ervan gehoordt hebt^^

  61. TheSparringPanther Says:

    Or he might be a Deux ex Machina… A living plot device -_-

  62. Madara Says:

    When is 569 is going to be out!!!!

  63. uchiha31 Says:

    Yo if u hav a xbox live account take my down. SIB4UHOES im handin out buttwhippins wen generation come out

  64. Huang-Jun Says:

    @90 Challenge Accepted ^^

  65. Huang-Jun Says:

    @86 yes, when he ALMOST dies.
    Its still logical if im not mistaken..

    on the peephole thing; yes, we agree.
    But I think the dimension jutsu he uses is part of Obito sharingan technique that Kakshi uses.
    But im not sure, he couldve taken the remaining eye(bcuz ofthe fact that he said his body was crushed and not his eye specificly, im keeping this detail in the back of my head) OR he coulve taken some of his DNA like he did with the 1st Hokage.

    Or against all odds(which I hope) the entire Obito theory is true.

  66. Huang-Jun Says:

    BTW this idea just popped up.
    Why would he even need to copy the 1st DNA if he is a Senju?

  67. Janos Says:

    When does new manga come out? =(

  68. allan Says:

    100th comment..

  69. allan Says:

    @89 accordingly, 569 will be out after next week.. maybe between jan 17th-19th.

  70. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @ allan ! u took my 100th spot X( and B and more importantly really please tell me ur kidding thats 2 weeks away i cant wait 2 weeks :O

  71. Uzumaki Shamayel Says:

    In mangastream website it is wriiten that Jump ( naruto, Bleach and one piece will return on 11 Jan. That is next Wednesday. so just one more week.)

  72. allan Says:

    ok.. hopefully it will come back next week. i just read it ( source: naruto page on FB) and it said, maybe.

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