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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 575 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:27 am on 2/22/2012

Chapter 575 has been released!

Click For Chapter 575 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

72 kunai thrown »

72 Responses to “Chapter 575 Released”

  1. K-Dash02 Says:

    But you have point because Kishi is kinda cramming alot of important details together. But the Sharingan came from the Juubi, and only time will tell.

  2. K-Dash02 Says:

    I think Sasuke is gonna end up fighting Madara, for the revival of the Uchiha Clan?

  3. narutoboy16 Says:

    @49 isn’t possible that nagato mom was an uchiha and his dad was a uzamaki and dont even say oo well then his named would be nagato uchiha because u take ur dads last name not the moms think about about naruto name really should be naruto (however u spell minatos last name)

  4. narutoboy16 Says:

    oo and riduko is an uchiha remember tobi said that one son descendents was uchiha and the other was senju so hes like the top of the family so he is tech an a uchiha

  5. K-Dash02 Says:

    Rikudou an Uchiha lol….negative

  6. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    Uzumaki=longevity and powerful and vast chakras (for sealing jutsus)
    uchiha=powerful (sometimes sinister)chakra and spritual energy
    senju=strong will (hashirama and tsunade) and best body
    so uxumaki would be a combination of the two which would mean SO6P is most likely has uzumaki blood but maybe not last name 😀

  7. sasuke-kun Says:

    nagato never unlocked rinnegan. it was given to him because probably of his uzumaki bloodline–long life, special chakra and all.

  8. sasuke-kun Says:

    damn it! why did naruto-verse expand this big?

  9. narutoboy16 Says:

    @ k-dash02 if one son was the ancestor to the uchiha and the other was a ancestor to the senju then wouldnt their father be both uchiha and senju

  10. TheSparringPanther Says:


    No, like you yourself said, their father would be an ancestor as well. Not an Uchiha or a Senju.


    Tobi is a Zetsu, probably created by Madara…

  11. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    @ TheSparringPanther

    If Tobi is indeed a Zetsu, why would the real Zetsu listen to him if Tobi is just another copy?
    If what you say is right, we might need to consider Zetsu’s black half.

    Als the copies made from Zetsu are his white half, correct?
    So if Tobi is indeed a Zetsu, but in command of the “original” Zetsu, wouldn’t that make him the other black half?

    But where the gap in that theory comes in is where after the fight between Sasuke and Itachi, and during Tobi’s fight with Konan, his face (or what we could see of his face) was clearly human.

    So if Tobi is indeed a Zetsu clone, how would you explain his human appearance?

  12. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @sparringpanther well if hes the ancestor wouldnt he have traits of both clans

  13. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @62 Naruto Boy 16

    I am not denying any of that, just saying that he is not officially one of them… Of course he has traits of them 🙂

    @61 Mystic Vegeta

    You make an excellent point there Vegeta.
    I have my argument right here.

    First, I would like you to consider Madara’s quote from when he used Wood-Style: “I want to try this jutsu”, after which he proceeded to use a large scale wood-jutsu. Just before that Kabuto commented on how he acquired a part of Hashirama’s power.

    To be honest I think that with both Senju and Uchiha DNA he used Izanagi to create Tobi, and implanted him with Senju DNA (we saw that Wood-style/ Senju DNA was recquired for Zetsu + Tobi was able to use Izanagi in his battle vs Konan…).

    The black/white Zetsu where probably some kind of failed product from Izanagi. He probably wished to mass-produce them, but died or so after creating b/w Zetsu.

    On to speculation on my part!

    So Madara mentioned ‘our plan’ right? I assume he meant he himself and Tobi. The moons-eye plan was probably his plan and explained the plan to Tobi. The plan was for him to acquire the Rinnegan, then bring back the original Madara, and pass on leadership to him.

    However, he was revived by the Edo Tensei technique instead (hence the “Not everything is going to plan” and Kabuto commenting that he is on Madara’s side + questioning the fact if Tobi is still on his side). Furthermore Tobi said that all he cared about was completing the plan. Also, he stated that he was nobody. The fact that he claimed that he was a mere shell of his former self would make sence too if this all was true.

    I also assume that killing the Uchiha was part of his plan as it was once stated that only a MS can break an MS. Sasuke will probably take on this plan when the Madara’s fail (Madara the third anybody?).

    So for this all to work (Tobi acquiring Rinnegan to revive Madara, for that was the actual Tsuki no Me) Tobi had to revive Madara…

    So an answer to @Mystic Vegeta as well as some speculation on my part. Please tell me your thoughts on this 😉

  14. Eternal Madara Says:

    You know this has been bugging me for the longest time but…Senju and Uzimaki are distant blood relatives, and Hashirama and Mito married. I’m sorry but that just seems wrong.

  15. kjames Says:

    @Eternal Madara
    U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt married his distanst relative Eleanor. Wrong yes but things happen LOL

  16. TheSparringPanther Says:


    Remember that they are clans, not strict families. And Uzumaki and Senju had good ties, they are not really related with each other.

    Can anybody tell what they think about @63?

  17. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    @ 63 TheSparringPanther

    I like your theory, but I don’t agree with a couple of things.

    1. Izanagi is some sort of genjutsu which let the user fake his death, at the cost of one’s eye. If what you say is true, that would mean Madara would have lost both eyes if he used it to give life to both Tobi and Zetsu. However this could be what gives birth to the Rinnegan, losing both eyes to a Kinjutsu gives birth to a greater power. Just like when the Mangekyou loses its sight, transplanting the siblings eyes grants you a greater power as well. In this case, both would require losing one’s eyesight for good.

    2. As point 1 says, it’s a genjutsu, which would suggest that Tobi and Zetsu are genjutsu material, thus meaning they are both not materialistic and not real at all. Yet everyone can see them, which would mean the jutsu would have been casted on the whole world. As the explanation of the Izanagi Jutsu states: “Using Izanagi grants the user the ability to turn wounds and disadvantages into nothing more than dream. It also makes attacks and advantageous maneuvers real, thus giving one complete control over their own reality through an illusion cast on themselves.” So I don’t think Tobi and Zetsu are a product of Izanagi at all.

    3. I do agree with you on the fact that the Uchiha Massacre must have been planned by the original Madara all along. Remember that the Uchiha somewhat despised Madara after the truce with the Senju, stating Madara only wanted to re-fuel the fires of war, while everybody was done fighting each other, even the remaining Uchiha. Konoha using Itachi to kill the clan probably was an oppurtunity for Madara himself not to be missed. BUT, and here it comes, I don’t think Sasuke will take on this plan in case Madara/Tobi dies. The only thing Sasuke cares about is destroying Konoha, not the Moon’s eye plan, he probably does not even know about it.

    4. It is true that the original idea was to bring Madara back through the Rinnegan, but as Madara himself stated: “It would appear that little brat Nagato managed to grow” (chapter 559, page 2), which would mean the original plan was for Nagato to bring back Madara, not Tobi. Later ( In chapter 560, page 2) Madara says: ” This is something he would do… There’s probably a reason behind all this… Though it seems that things aren’t going according to plans. He was able to revive me like this.” So even if Plan A, as we might call it for now, wouldn’t have worked, he would’ve trusted Tobi and Nagato to find another way to revive him. So Madara had calculated this, which means things are still going as he planned. To add more, with Madara being an Edo-Tensei, he can’t be killed, he needs to be sealed, which will give him the advantage in this war. Madara’s strength at this point is unmatched for now, which will make it hard for him to be sealed.

    I hope this will do for now ^^

  18. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @67 about ur last part i see the only way madara being sealed is oonki sacrficing himself with like the most ulitmate dust realse ever like it so powerfull its blast is like vegeta when he blew himself up against thats probably what its gonna take to take down madara

  19. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @67 Mystic Vegeta

    Hmm… Some argument you threw at me. Let’s see if I can rebuttal them all.

    First I would like to react to the Nagato part. Madara and Nagato ‘met’, or at least Tobi and Nagato ‘met’ as the eyes that Nagato possess are that of Madara. The Rinnegan are rare eyes, Nagato had a set, and so did Madara.

    Madara was active/alive in the time that Madara was the mizukage. That was the time in which Kisame was appointed to Itachi. Itachi became an Akatsuki member right after the slaughtering. The slaughtering occurred under the reign of the Third Hokage, in which the Amegakure war was being fought. That was the time in which Nagato was born/ in which he lived/ you get the idea, so physically it is possible. Also, Madara knew about the existence of the Edo Tensei, a tech developed in the era of the 2nd hokage, making the likelihood of him being alive at this point very plausible. If Madara already died, it would be Tobi’s doing.

    Madara probably chose him because he had Uzumaki blood which allowed him to sustain the amounts of chakra he had to use while using the Rinnegan (as we all know, Uzumaki’s have ridiculous amounts of chakra).

    In my opinion, point 4 contains contradiction. While Madara said: ”This is something he would do… There’s probably a reason behind all this… Though it seems that things aren’t going according to plans. He was able to revive me like this”, on the same page he asked who used the Edo Tensei. In other words, the quote ‘he was able to revive me like this’ makes no sense unless he is talking about his ally managing to ‘manipulate’ somebody else in using Edo Tensei.

    I mean to say that it is impossible for Madara not to be aware of the existence of Tobi. Zetsu is the follower of Tobi, and Tobi has shown his true identity to Zetsu. Tobi has not shown any signs of trust towards anybody else, so why Zetsu? Probably because they were created by Madara.

    You are right on the part that Izanagi cannot be used because it seals on eye, but I have two possible answers to this argument. The first one is an argument concerning the EMS. “And the darkness never came again” was a quote given when the EMS was obtained. This means that it can’t be closed/ weakened as those are the only conditions darkness can been created (by the eye itself). The second one involves the Rinnegan and that Madara used the ‘creation of all things’ technique, much like the Sage of the six paths did.

    Sasuke will see the Tsuki no Me as an ideal way of dealing with Konoha. Or something like that. I find it hard to believe that after going through the pain of introducing Tsuki no Me all the Madara’s die and that’s it… With Sasuke having the EMS and the likelihood of him getting the Rinnegan getting bigger… It’s very probable that he will inherit the idea. Btw, Sasuke did not know about the war either, but somebody told him. Jugo and Suigetsu might explain it to him as well.

    I think I met all your points Vegeta. I hope this cuts the cake ^^

  20. TheSparringPanther Says:


    The chances of Sasuke appearing in front of Madara and sealing him like Itachi did with Nagato is higher. He did inherit Itachi’s eyes after all…

  21. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    @ TheSparringPanther

    As for the Nagato part, you are indeed stating facts concerning the time/era of “Madara” being active.
    But because we have only seen a character with a mask similar to Tobi’s but with Madara’s pshycical characteristics (such as his hair), but we CAN be sure who the person in question is that Kisame referred to as Mizukage.

    What we do know, is that it is the same figure Itachi approached to wipe out the Uchiha Clan, which Itachi referred to as “a former shell of himself”, which we can use to indicate it is not the original Uchiha Madara.
    Like you said, Kisame joined Akatsuki after Itachi did, which brings us to the conclusion Itachi has been moderating this “Madara” since the moment he joined the organisation.

    To argument this, it brings me to the moment where Tobi was going to tell Sasuke the truth about Itachi, marking this moment as crucial.
    Itachi made it so that his Amaterasu would activate upon seeing Tobi’s Sharingan, so it is certain that the man active as Mizukage and who helped Itachi wipe out his clan, is the same man acting as the leader of Akatsuki, thus Tobi.
    This means we can say Uchiha Madara was dead all along, and it has been the same person who was active during the Amegakure War, the Uchiha Massacre and the one controling Yagura, as the masked man we see now.

    Now onto the plan to revive the original Madara; since I can safely say it was Tobi who gave Nagato the Rinnegan, it does raise questions on how the original Madara knows of Nagato’s existence.

    Facts are:
    – Tobi and Madara conspired the Tsuki no Mei together, it is clear they are so called “partners in crime” ( a fitting term for this matter I suppose).
    – Tobi possessed two regular Sharingan, which we did NOT see in Mangekyou mode/EMS.
    – Tobi (forget the matter he acted as Madara) claimed Nagato’s Rinnegan as his own.
    – Nagato activated the Rinnegan when he saw Konoha shinobi kill his parents, mind that they immediately went into Rinnegan mode, thus skipping the Sharingan forms.
    – Tobi has a collection full of Sharingan, which he probably obtained after the Uchiha massacre, which leads me to believe the Sharingan he had were not his own to begin with, thus making him suspicious of the fact he is not an Uchiha at all.
    – From what we have seen, Tobi has the characteristics of an old man.

    Now, onto what I believe from these facts: Tobi is a pure-blooded Senju.
    I think both Senju and Uchiha can obtain the Rinnegan, since they are straight decendants of the Sage of the Six Paths.
    For the Uchiha, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan is required to obtain it, which leads me to believe that for the Senju another (yet unknown) requirement needs to be fulfilled, which would make these Rinnegan 2 differents sets (Nagato’s/Tobi’s and Madara’s).

    The question then would be: Why would a Senju turn against Konoha and even start a Fourth World War?
    It is simple, just like Madara believed that the truce between Senju and Uchiha would mean that the sacrifices on both sides are in vain, there is the possibility a yet unknown/ or known Senju could have thought the same thing.
    When this person learned of Madara’s survival after his fight with Hashirama, he decided to join forces with him and take on the identity of the man we now know as Tobi and act as Madara after his death by implanting two Sharingan into himself.

    Remember Kabuto also stated that Madara obtained a portion of Hashirama’s power after their battle.
    I think that power was used to give life to Zetsu and was later used by Tobi to create the Zetsu clones.
    Remember that when Tobi showed Kabuto his army, the form of Hashirama was clearly seen as the source of the White Zetsu that were already created (Chapter 512, page 9).

    I know this comment is quite long, but it was worth it ^^

  22. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    To add some conclusions after this comment:

    – Uchiha Madara died shortly before the Uchiha massacre and during the Amegakure war. After this massacre, Tobi took a set of Sharingan and used them as his own. Since he had been around Madara for quite some time, he could have learned how to use them to their full extent.

    – Tobi acquired the Rinnegan before Madara did, told Madara how to do this, but his body could not handle the strain. Since Orochimaru’s experiments were not yet into play at this point, the succes rate of implanting Senju DNA was minimal. Trying to implant Hashirama’s DNA, they failed causing Madara’s death. Knowing the risks, in the worst case, they agreed that Tobi would take on Madara’s identity, since the name on itself would cause fear upon the world. By that time they learned a young Uzumaki survivor named Nagato lived in Amegakure and they chose him as to take on Tobi’s Rinnegan, which he would use to bring Madara back when the time would come. This would be the perfect oppurtunity for Tobi to impant the Sharingan eyes, to make his Madara act more credible.

    – If Tobi is indeed a Senju, it would be logical why he chose Nagato to implant his Rinnegan into. Because their bloodlines are connected, an Uzumaki survivor would be an excellent choice.

    – At first it was Madara himself manipulating the young Yagura, but because he died, Tobi took it upon him to act as the Mizukage. It was after then that he chose to reveal himself to Kisame, since after the massacre, he already obtained the Sharingan, gaining the credibility.

    – Tobi took on Madara’s appearance trough some sort of Henge no Jutsu, to make his character even more steady before both Itachi and Kisame. Mind, since I stated Tobi and Madara had been working together all along, he knew Madara’s physics better than anyone at that point in time.

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