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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 576 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:25 am on 2/29/2012

Chapter 576 has been released!

Click For Chapter 576 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

47 kunai thrown »

47 Responses to “Chapter 576 Released”

  1. Ares Says:

    ROFL! those bonus pics at the end were great! hilarious!

    Itachi isn’t stopping for anything, even Sasuke, but he won’t stop chasing itachi either, they’ll have to deal with eachother somehow.

    Madara is is turning out to be a litle too predictable personality wise, he’s really no different than Tobi at all, good scene for Tsunade, she’s been needing one lately.

  2. TheSparringPanther Says:

    Great chapter! Really nothing else I can say at this point


    That would suggest that they knew each other *very* well, Tobi and Madara?

  3. Hunter Says:

    I hope that Itachi can stop this edo tensei and i hope that this confrontation and the next could change Sasuke’s mind about Konoha

  4. kjames Says:

    I dont think Itachi will change Sasuke’s mind but I do think those seeds of doubt will be planted in his mind and ultimately Naruto will be the one to change him back completely or kill him. But good non-action chapter. Guess Madara does not realize power doesnt come from techniques alone. This fight is about to get real interesting.

  5. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Great chapter indeed guys, what impressed me even more is how Itachi is really acting like a mature older brother and Sasuke is still acting as a whining little one.

    Like Itachi told him, even with his brother’s eyes, Sasuke does not see anything at all. I did like how Itachi blamed himself partially for Sasuke turning out the way he is now.

    Lastly I’m really starting to dislike Madara’s personality. He hates the Senju so much, that he’s comparing everything and everyone to Senju Hashirama. If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost start believing Madara has a crush on the guy but doesn’t want to admit it LOL xD


    I hope you got to read my latest comment on the previous chapter 🙂

  6. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @5 Mystic Vegeta

    Hmm… I was waiting for your reaction actually… My next post will contain my counter argument 🙂

  7. Demon Kyo Says:

    Good chapter, Sasuke acted like a little punk. And Madara was belittling Tsunade. But strength is never important that’s why the Sage Chose his second son, because he had the “Will of Fire” technically.

  8. Aeneas Says:

    Of course he hates the Senju, lol. If the things that happened to him happened to you, you’d hate the Senju too.. That’s perfectly justifiable, lol.

  9. xxak4tsuk1xx Says:

    wow hashirama was a bad ass..

  10. Zeus997 Says:

    I want to see more of Tsunade. Like a one on one fight between her and madara.

  11. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    @8 The point of that statement was added after that. It is reasonable he hates the Senju, but the fact Madara compares everything and everyone to them, in particulary Hashirama, just annoys me. Madara’s and Tobi’s objective is to put the whole world under a genjutsu called Tsuki no Mei. So he should be focussing on that instead of b*tching like a whimp about how great Hashirama was. To me, he is just a traumatised sore loser.

  12. NewUchiha Says:

    When a bad guy is getting his ass whooped why doesnt some corny stuff like the will of a villian suddenly appear n oh hes back in the fight .. This happens all the time. I wish madara would crush those pathetic kages all ready

  13. allan Says:

    i hope we can see wat tsunade can do…

    great chapter though..

  14. Broken_Soul Says:

    Great chapter that built up for the next ones in terms of action-in-waiting. Now to the discussion.

    As Tobi/Madara said a while back was Hashirama both his greatest enemy and had every ounce of Madaras respect when it came to battle.
    That is why he compares everyone to Senju Hashirama. Understandable, since if you have a rival and enemy that completely consumes you, you’ll eventually put that person and measure everyone else against that special someone. Yes, Madara comes off as a whimp when he speaks, but he DOES have the power to back it up.
    Still, you have many good points in your long “rants” =) enjoying reading them.


    Madara is in his prime once again and he has Senju in his body, literally this time. So the kages will have a tough time with him. However, the kages are in no way weak or pathetic. They are living humans, whereas Madara is revived from the dead, thus he no longer has to worry about dying from the battlewounds as the kages have to.
    And the kages are the strongest in their village and the other nations knows this as well, therefore, they aren’t weak.
    I’ll give you that they are exhausted from the battle, which makes them look weak.
    And since the kages are still living (Oonoki barely)they have to think more about conserving their chakra and whatnot.
    Take zombies, they don’t have a care in the world other than brains.
    Madara is the same, he doesn’t have a care in the world except killing as many as possible.
    The kages have to consider every aspect of the battle, sacrificing themselves or others and all that. And them still being alive is no indicator of them being pathetic. Just a thought =)

    @ TheSparringPanther:
    It’s as clear as day, they do know eachother Tobi and Madara. We’ll just have to wait and see if and when Kishi explains who is who and who is what.
    Madara made a Tobi-clone from clay perhaps?

    Whoa, that one took some time. Guess I’m inspired by Vegeta and Panther. =)

  15. naruto boy 16 Says:

    ok anyone else feel like this chapter atleast for me shows that madara time is limited either itachis gonna get kabuto to end the justu or tsunades gonna beat him into utter oblivion for calling her ugly

  16. K-Dash02 Says:

    Someone with the same thoughts as me, AMEN Brother! 🙂

  17. sasuke chan Says:

    i think sasuke will kill that bitch kabuto for sure!

  18. TheSparringPanther Says:


    You should check out the comments of the last chapter Soul, might bring some good idea’s to mind.

    According to Vegeta Tobi is a full-blood Senju who decided to conspire with Madara because he felt that the clans would never be able to properly work togheter. Please check the comments on chapter 575 for more informtaion on his hypothesis.

    According to me Tobi is a Zetsu clone created by Madara. Project Tsuki no Me was originally the idea of Madara and he created Tobi to fullfil this purpose. The eyes where to be given to a Uzumaki (one who could sustain the chakra ammount needed to use the eyes), and use it bring back Madara. Once again I refer to the comments of chapter 575 for more informtaion.


    Your claim of Tobi being a Senju does not seem very plausible to me. But first I would like to react to the part in which you state that Madara had to be dead. Allow me to elaborate.

    Your first argument concerned the fact that Kisame called Tobi Madara. It is quite an error to claim that this would mean that the person playing Mizukage and the current Tobi are the same person. It would be more viable to say that he knew a person called Madara, and then a masked person says he is Madara and he believes that. In other words, he knew the person Madara, he did not exaclty recognize him. A similiar example would be the Tsuchikage who thought that Tobi was Madara even though they had fought before.

    Your second claim lies on the fact that Itachi’s MS reacted on sight of Tobi. Does that make it impossible for the two of them to be active at the same time? If anything, I would say that it would make more sense that Madara told Tobi to motivate/ help Itachi into the massacre.

    Oke, furthermore you claim that Nagato got his own eyes. You claim that the Senju have their own requirement to gain the Rinnegan. Two points of disagreement here:

    1. Nagato was not a Senju, he was an Uzumaki
    2. The eyes, the genetics, were passed down the Uchiha. In other words, it should be impossible for a Senju to get the eyes. Rather, their version of the Rinnegan should be the Mokuton, the element which can supress beasts. Hashirama could use it to defeat both EMS Madara and Kyuubi at the same time. Thinking that they can get the Rinnegan would be rather idealistic.

    Now we get to the Zetsu = Senju part. I think that your argument is rather weak as you claim that an Uchiha and a Senju would have to work togheter. This is quite impossible the two parties HATED each other. Furthermore, if Hashirama has died after all this time, how come he is still alive?

    I say that this is because Tobi is a Zetsu created by Madara. He probably created the Black/White Zetsu, thought of it as a failed experiment, and created Tobi afterwards. The fact that he let loose of some white substance instead of blooding proves that. He was probably created, as I have stated many times before, to fullfil project Tsuki no Me. He now refers to himself as no one, because his existence lies in fulfilling Tsuki no Me. Would a Senju refer to him as no one?

  19. TheSparringPanther Says:

    Then we have the extra points you stated. Thank you for summing those up, quite convenient and clear to read.

    I agree with you on point one, he should have spended some time with Madara to master these eyes. Take note of the fact that this points strenghtens my argument.

    I strongly disagree with you on the first part of point two. It does not make sense that somebody with no MS, let alone EMS, could awake the Rinnegan before somebody with an EMS.

    I do however agree with you on the fact that the two of them, Orochimaru and Madara, had too know each other. I think that Tobi took the eyes before Orochimaru could use them, and then implanted into the Uzumaki survivor. You claim that Tobi implanted his own eyes into Nagato, but wouldn’t that leave him eyeless? Sure he could get other eyes, but its rather hard to implant them with NO EYES at all.

    Point three is redudent as even Kakashi knew about the vitality of the Uzumaki. Anybody who lived at that time knew about the Uzumaki. So him being a Senju does not mean a lot.

    I don’t think that Tobi took over the position of Madara. Take note of the lenght of the hair. I mean, he could have kept the hair to make sure that he would be much credibilty. Also, right after Kisame’s defection there was a coup in Kiri, so I don’t think that he could stay there without being caught.

    And something great just came accross my mind! Do you remember the fight in which Naruto fought the fake Itachi (the one with 30% of his chakra)? The tech is called mystical lantern jutsu. Madara might have used that tech to copy his appearance on Zetsu, then sacrificing himself to keep it in place. After that Tobi took the eyes etc. etc.

    How’s that for rebuttal Mystic?

  20. Broken_Soul Says:

    @ 18:
    So Panther, if I’m reading your comment right it’s like this:
    Tobi and Madara are from the opposing clans but shared a vision of a prolonged war. And they both felt that the treaty was even worse than a constant battle between them.
    And concerning the Nagato-part: When he was young, he used them to kill the shinobi that tried to kill Yahiko. So if Nagato wasn’t born with the genetics to activate the rinnegan himself, sometime when he was an infant, someone either implanted the DNA for it, or gave him a fresh pair of eyes that was not yet mature enough to be the Rinnegan.
    That could mean that the Rinnegan and Sharingan has the same activation: life in danger = you get the doujutsu starting. Thoughts on this?

    And who Tobi is. A big one. Maybe he is a Zetsu-clone (the first successful one?) and the mystical lantern is what keeps him Tobi.
    In the following years, after he’d learned enough about the medical stuff, he transplants the Sharingan into himself, later on the Rinnegan and gives both eyes to his zombie-bijuus.

    And Tobi, having been “alive” for so long, he found other Rinnegan and after slaughtering them, he took their eyes and kept them in jars, just as he did with all those Sharingans.

    Not too sure if that cleared anything, but it’s a start for some and ammo for others.

  21. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @20, Soul

    The first part of your comment is more Vegeta than me (I was summarizing yk). I am saying that Tobi was created after he fought Hashirama and acquired the Senju DNA. He knew he was dying so he made the best of it.

    The plan was not going well because Madara saw the united shinobi. Based on this, and the fact that he had been ressurected by Edo Tensei, he could tell that not all the beasts were captured. Kabuto commented on the fact that Tobi might not act as needed. From this we can tell that Tobi has taken the Tsuki no Me plan for his own, leaving the Real Madara out of the picture.

    The rest of your comment is very valid: the Rinnegan uses up a lot of chakra. Uzumaki have a lot of chakra. The part of activation when in distress is also very viable. Afterall we saw what Tobi pulled of.

    In that case we should consider what could drive *the* Madara so far to activating the eyes. But I await Vegeta’s rebuttal before doing so…

  22. J, Hyuga Says:

    Woah, I predicted that Tsunade would fight Madara a long time ago. If the next chapter is not a fight between Tsunade and Madara I’m going to loss it.

    He did call her our really bad. Said she was weak and would be the first to die. Her jutsu was nothing and that her grandfather was sooo much better at even her skills. That she can’t use Moukton (no spell check). I was like dang, that’s what we were thinking.

    But really she is probably better than he was at medical ninjutsu, even if she has to use seals. She is an awesome physician and probably knows more about poisons and stuff than her Grandfather did.

  23. Idachi Says:

    I got a question how about when madara/obito/tobi said he wanted to become a complete being? Ring a bell?

  24. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    It seems my comment is too long to be posted, it has been awaiting moderation since 7 hours already xD

  25. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Wow, A lot of things have been said, so I’m gonna answer to every comment by its number to make my replies more clear

    @ Broken_Soul

    Comment 14.

    First of all I am flattered that both TheSparringPanther’s and my comments are inspiring more people to join the discussion with bigger commentary, thank you =)
    You are absolutely right about Madara’s obsession with Senju Hashirama, but like I stated, this war from Madara’s/Tobi’s perspective is to put the world under the Tsuki no Mei. Of course Madara has not forgotten that plan, but I do think his hatred towards the Senju is interferring with his concentration on that plan. It seems to me Madara is more focussed on putting eradicating every survivor of the Senju first place, rather than put the world under his genjutsu and have full control over it.
    Comment 20.

    I think the first part is indeed more a comment to my speculations.
    You’re hitting the nail on its head, in my opinion it is exactly how you say, a Senju and Uchiha working together against a shared enemy (Konoha and its treaty). I will further explain this when I reply to TheSparringPanther below =).

    You’re forgetting an important event concerning Nagato. The first time Nagato activated the Rinnegan was when Konoha Shinobi killed his parents. In a burst of despair and anger, the Rinnegan awakened, killing the Shinobi. So what you say about the activation requirements, you could be right indeed that it needs a life threatening situation.

    Onto Tobi’s identity, I am indeed convinced he is a Senju that fled Konoha for the exact same reasons as Madara did.
    It is true that Zetsu is the one using the Mystical Lantern Jutsu, but since Zetsu is created from Hashirama’s DNA/tissue, I believe that Jutsu was a Senju’s technique to begin with.
    If Tobi is indeed a Senju, it would completely explain his knowledge on that Jutsu, as well as maintaining it for so long on himself.
    In my comment on chapter 575, I used the concept of “Henge no Jutsu” (transformation technique), where the Mystical Lantern Jutsu would be a more permanent version.
    Also mind, that the Henge no Jutsu is an examination technique used in Konoha’s Ninja Academy, which is also proof that the original and further advanced Mystical Lantern Technique was from a Konoha Shinobi as well, thus making that a Senju’s since I don’t believe Tobi is an Uchiha.

  26. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    Comment 18.

    Concerning the first argument you are arguing, technically you are proving my point. I can counter both your first and second point at the same time.
    We both stated the man acting as Madara approached Kisame after the Uchiha Massacre Tobi and Itachi committed right?
    Itachi is no fool, he would have noticed if the Masked man he approached back then would be a different one as the one we know now as Tobi.
    So yes, it is impossible to say that the two of them were active at the same time as leader(s) of the Akatsuki, Itachi would definitely have noticed that!
    Furthermore, Itachi had been moderating Madara and Akatsuki the whole time to protect Konoha. He would have noticed if the Sharingan the masked man had when he met him was different than right before he died. He saw Tobi as a threat to both Sasuke and Konoha.
    To even further argument this, we can go even further back in time, to where Minato fought the masked man. In that fight the masked man used the same dimensional teleportation technique as he uses today (materialising and dematerialising), so it is certain that the masked man during the Kyuubi’s attack 16 years ago, the man acting as Mizukage, the one who helped Itachi slaughtering the Uchiha, leading Akatsuki and now eventually starting the war was and is Tobi.

    To back this up I will use the masks Tobi used in the past:

    Tobi’s mask during his fight with Minato (Chapter 503, page 4 )

    Tobi’s mask when approached by Itachi (Chapter 400, page 8, left bottom corner)

    Tobi’s mask wasn’t shown in Kisame’s Flashback, though we saw that he took it off to show his face to Kisame. We can assume it was the same mask as the previous two.

    We saw Tobi changing masks for the war as well:

    Before the war (Tobi’s standard Mask, Chapter 398, page 3):

    During the war ( Chapter 515, page 10)

    Concerning Nagato, I think you misunderstood what I said.

    1. Because Nagato is an Uzumaki, he is a distant relative of the Senju, making him a perfect DNA match to be able to utilise the Rinnegan.
    2. I think Senju obtaining the Rinnegan is not idealistic at all, but very possible. Every Uchiha is able to obtain the Sharingan, but the only Senju to utilise the Mokuton was Hashirama. So Mokuton is not a genetically passed down technique at all! This means every Uchiha is able to obtain the Rinnegan through their Sharingan, but not every Senju can obtain the usage of Mokuton, so this is not their version of the Rinnegan.
    If you look really closely to the Elder Son’s eyes, they are NOT the Rinnegan, but a resembling version which eventually evolved into the Sharingan.
    Neither was it ever confirmed that is impossible for a Senju to obtain the Rinnegan, it is true the Senju inherited the body and spiritual energy from the Sage of the 6 Paths, but training that to its utmost limits could also result into gaining the Rinnegan’s power.

    As for Zetsu, you misunderstoon again, I never said Zetsu is a Senju, I said Zetsu was created from Senju Hashirama’s tissue that Madara obtained from him during their fight (Chapter 512, page 9)
    Concerning Hashirama, I never stated the man was alive, what I stated was that Tobi grew a Hashirama clone from the tissue he obtained shown above, which was then used to create Zetsu and the Zetsu army.

    And why would it be impossible for 2 rivaling parties to work together? I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, which in this case would be: A Senju having the same enemy as Madara (as in Konoha and the truce) would be a perfect alliance. In that case their differences wouldn’t matter until the score with their shared enemy would be settled. It would also explain why Tobi is not acting as he should act according to the plan, because of the deeper grudge they would have against each other. Madara is supposed to be dead, so why still following his exact wishes? This would also explain why Tobi was so shocked to see Madara’s corpse in the Edo-Tensei coffin Kabuto showed him. If the mastermind behind your plan would be ressurected, and he finds out your not executing the plan as promised, you’d be scared sh*tless too. Even now, Tobi does not know Madara has already been ressurected and is fighting the Kages.
    This would also explain why Tobi refers to himself as no one, why putting your identity out in the open why it would only bring you more harm? The way Tobi is hiding his true identity is ingenius for that matter. Besides, who would suspect a Senju anyway?

  27. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Comment 19.

    As for my summaries:

    The fact we agree on Tobi’s Sharingan strengthens both our theories, mind that I want to change one thing to that theory. Tobi already had the Sharingan eyes when he fought Minato, which is way before the Uchiha Massacre. How did he get the eyes then? The key lies with Uchiha Kagami, he was Hiruzen and Danzou’s teammate, yet we never saw him in the present. Tobi probably killed him long ago and took his eyes as his own.

    Now, here comes the tricky part:
    The only persons why have been using dimensional teleportation techniques while using the Sharingan are Kakashi and Tobi. Mind that Kakashi is also a non-Uchiha, which would explain that usage. Danzou couldn’t use it because he had around a dozen Sharingan implanted within himself, which he only focussed on using Izanagi through Hashirama’s DNA. Tobi being a Senju would explain the why can use this technique without the Mangekyou and Izanagi without Hashirama’s DNA.

    As I stated above, their has been no confirmation that a Senju can not acquire the Rinnegan. So until that has been given, to me it is possible a Senju can do it.

    Indeed, Tobi implanted his Rinnegan into Nagato, because a Senju Rinnegan would genetically match the Uzumaki DNA. The fact the Uzumaki are widely known for their vitality hasn’t got anything to do with it, yet a Senju would have a more clear understanding of their powers. The one implanting the Sharingan within Tobi could have been White Zetsu, he was already grown from Hashirama’s living tissue, so how is that not possible?

    If you look more closely at the pictures of the masks Tobi has used over the years, during his fight with Minato his hair was short, but when Itachi approached him and Tobi approached Kisame, his hair was long. But even with the short hair, Minato guessed the masked man’s identity as Uchiha Madara’s. The hair does not mention anything for that matter, which means the length of it does not contribute anything to either your or my comments.

    Now for the Mystical Lantern Technique, I explained this while commenting to Broken_Soul, so I’ll put the same comment here:

    “Onto Tobi’s identity, I am indeed convinced he is a Senju that fled Konoha for the exact same reasons as Madara did.
    It is true that Zetsu is the one using the Mystical Lantern Jutsu, but since Zetsu is created from Hashirama’s DNA/tissue, I believe that Jutsu was a Senju’s technique to begin with.
    If Tobi is indeed a Senju, it would completely explain his knowledge on that Jutsu, as well as maintaining it for so long on himself.
    In my comment on chapter 575, I used the concept of “Henge no Jutsu” (transformation technique), where the Mystical Lantern Jutsu would be a more permanent version.
    Also mind, that the Henge no Jutsu is an examination technique used in Konoha’s Ninja Academy, which is also proof that the original and further advanced Mystical Lantern Technique was from a Konoha Shinobi as well, thus making that a Senju’s since I don’t believe Tobi is an Uchiha”.

    Damn, typing all this took me a a few hours to got everything I needed, so I believe I met all your points with this, nice rebuttal you stated before though, but to quote a Naruto series statement: You got an eye for an eye =)

    @Shikamaru, the admin of this website: please delete my comments that are in moderation. I see it was because of the links that were added at first, I’m sorry for that! 🙂

  28. kjames Says:

    Just throwing this out there idk if anybody else figured this out yet but, is there a possibility that the original Madara had his eyes removed and given to Nagato before he died and hoped that Nagato would use this to resurrect him in a later version of the plan?? I thought about this though that would mean Madara lived around the time of the Uchiha Massacre and died shortly thereafter Tobi and Nagato formed Akatsuki. I thought that since Tobi claimed the eyes were his but for the longest was claiming to be Madara Uchiha so the eyes given to Nagato were possibly Madara’s eyes removed. And since Edo Tensei ninja are revived with basically the same powers and traits (i.e. Itachi still has his eyes even tho Sasuke is using them and Nagato still had Rinnegan even though Tobi was using one) I thought that would be a good theory assuming no one else figured it out or touched base on the subject yet.

  29. naruto boy 16 Says:

    hey does anyone else think this war is almost over think about virtually every edo tensi has been sealed probably 90% of the white zetsu have killed off (this isnt a accurate number this pure spectualtion) like theres only 4 more battles i can possible think of the madara vs kage and naruto vs tobi which r currently going on and then poss future battles being itachi vs kabuto and of course naruto vs sasuke. Does anyone else see an end to the war being probably within this yr.

  30. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    5/5 for the chapter because I liked how itachi was ignoring sasuke and sasuke was like a child who needs attention but doesn’t get it. Tsunade is safe either way because 1) she fights but is healed by her med jutsu 2) she’s about to be finished off by madara after a prolonged fight but itachi ends edo tensei 3) tsunade doesn’ have to fight bcuz kabuto sees that itachi AND sasuke are coming after him so he’ll CRAP in his pants and summon edo madara to his aide XD

  31. Broken_Soul Says:

    It seemed so much fun, so I decided to throw a cat in there to stir things up =)
    Regarding your statements:
    You’re right, I forgot that his parents were murdered, but I got the other parts somewhat right^^ And you make good points (I’d expect nothing less after all those hours =D)
    It seems that I mixed facts and speculations, which was a calculated thought/pure luck-thing. It lead to more comments so that is good.

    Seems that you were correct, I mixed up all those walls of text and mistakenly got the wrong writer. But as we are comparing notes, we all write pretty much the same thing, only from other angles.

    And we’ll continue to do so until we get the definite answer, if they ever show up.

  32. Huang-Jun Says:

    Its kinda off-topic, but I have to say it,.. I just reread chapter 386, and on page 9 I noticed that the Sharingan to Rinnegan upgrade was already mentioned by Itachi. Plus that the face of the four-eyed demon in the background has a Rinnegan on his forehead. I kinda feel like a sucker for not seeing it before..^^

  33. Huang-Jun Says:

    I believe (above comment)that it might be relevant to the discussion if its really neccesary to have Senju DNA.. ,

  34. Aeneas Says:

    @Mistic Vegeta
    There are some holes in your logic that I could point out, but it would take me way too long to type them.. I guess I just don’t have as much endurance as you, XD. I do like your theories though. I just don’t know if they’re right, lol

  35. naruto boy 16 Says:

    lol i was just looking this over does anyone else feel like this pg have been taken over by panther and vegeta (not theirs anything wrong with it i think its kool their so into it)

  36. TheSparringPanther Says:

    He he, had you read my comments you would have noticed that I came up with the concept quite a while ago. Madara passing on his set of eyes to Nagato is a cornerstone to my theory, whereas Vegeta thinks that Tobi acquired Rinnegan first, told Madara how to get it, then he died,
    and the Tobi gave his eyes to Nagato.

    @ Huang-jun
    Yeah, with so many similarities between the eyes… Being able to control beasts, one eye able to copy anything and the other able to use anything… We should have seen the connection earlier I guess.

  37. TheSparringPanther Says:

    Hmm it seems that my counter comment wont be posted…

  38. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @sparringpanther that was happening to me too i just changed my email and put spaces inbetween my name and it let me post again

  39. BenKO Says:

    Awesome chapter, I enjoyed the conversation between Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi won’t change him but will make Sasuke have doubt.
    Madara comparing Tsunade to Hashirama makes sense, since you know she is kinda descended from him. Madara you to cool for school.
    Is it bad I actually want Madara to defeat th kage?

  40. Smittenkitten Says:

    Tobi has to be in Obitos body….

  41. Aoba Says:

    @ Smittenkitten
    The only possible relation Tobi has to Obito, is his eye, as shown when Kakashi tried to use his Mangekyou Sharigan on Tobi, and Tobi said that wouldn’t work on him.

  42. ihatesasuke Says:

    Love the theories. I agree a lot wit vegeta but I think tobi was somehow created from zetsu. I’ve seen him take damage twice. Both time it was his arm. When the guy from shino s clan fought him, he just riped his arm off and thru it away like it was nothin and when u look at it, its looks zetsu like

  43. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @42 u have a very vaild point but the only thing is where did he get his sharigan from and thats in the anime it looks like zetsu

  44. ihatesasuke Says:

    @ 43. I think wherther he s a senju or zetsu likecreation he probably got his eyes from madara. And I don’t mean madara s own eyes. Madara probably killed another uchiha at some point in time or could have got them from another uchiha who died of natural causes. Either way we have a kinda good guess how hecould have got some since we all pretty much agree that he isn’t a natural born uchiha since he. Has never deactivated sharigan and he has kakashi like jutsu wit it. But nobody can explain why his arms r a clay like material like zetsu or somethin and that y I think he some kind of clone. Oan, what happened to the senju. They were the strongest clan I don’t understand how the ALL disappeared. We got an explaination abouut the uchiha s but nothin about the senju. Also I think madara his totally obsessed wit the first hokage. I mean I know they r rivals but u don’t hear naruto comparing everbody sasuke and vice versa

  45. Huang-Jun Says:

    @36 i agree, its why i think the hokage dna kabuto added to edo-madara is nothing more but a power-up.
    I susspect that when an uchiha, who has gained the Eternal Mangekyou, comes close to death it triggers the rinnegan to appear.
    Which, if so, sounds somewhat logical.
    When a friend is in trouble/dies (obito-sasuke) you gain the sharingan.
    When you Kill your best friend or see him die you gain the Mangekyou. Kill your sibling and gain the Eternal Mangekyou.
    And when you almost die yourself you get the rinnegan.. Hopefully im not only one seeing a patern ^_^’

  46. naruto boy 16 Says:

    @ 44 i dont think the senju were killed off such as the uchiha i think more or less they just broke up like without a strong leader they kinda just like spilt into smaller factions. Think about it the uchiha had the sharigan that was their trade mark. The senju just had name and culutral ties and soon after the first and second hokage died i think they just enventually lost their roots.

  47. naruto boy 16 Says:

    hey guy who runs this site r u gonna put up chapter 577 so we can comment on it anytime soon

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