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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 595 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:53 am on 7/25/2012

Chapter 595 has been released!

Click For Chapter 595 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

67 kunai thrown »

67 Responses to “Chapter 595 Released”

  1. VetoMan Says:


    Yah, i know what you mean man. but narutoboy and mystic where here, but panther was not commenting thats why i asked where he was

    also narutoboy sometimes agrees with panther and mystic, but mystic and panther were in constant disagreement yk.

    but yeah, those 3 really are the top commenters here, wacthing them discuss the chapter is almost as fun as the chapter itself xd

  2. luna-des Says:

    you guys should make out

  3. MisticVegeta Says:

    You should suck my balls

  4. sharingan86 Says:

    i dont know if it has been mentioned yet but im starting to lean towards tobi being an uzumaki, b/c if u look at his mask desing before the one he has now its the same simbol that the uzumaki clan uses, maybe hes an uzumaki with the body of an uchiha modified with hashiramas dna

  5. VetoMan Says:


    uncalled for man

    why an uzumaki? they have a lot of chakra, but no real relation with the uchiha. also, the new mask of tobi is differnt. i dont think uzumaki has to do with all this

  6. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    @52 u shouldn’t get jealous.patience is a virtue grasshoper
    @54 I was gonna say that tobi lacks the trademark red hair but still with the body of an uchiha tobi should show off some fuuinjutsu skills and yeah sure his old mask resembled a swirlly pattern but his new mask looks more like a sharingan.I think he is an uchiha because of his genjustsu skills and his ability to prolong the izanagi.in tobi’s opinion a non-uchiha isn’t able to do that and his dialogues are always like uchiha this and uchiha.he doesn’t use tsukyomi,susanoo and amaterasu because he hasn’t yet activated the mangekyou sharingan(he didn’t kill anyone close to him).but then again its just a matter of opinion.

  7. Zeno Says:

    I like the idea of tobi being an Uzumaki, just because he doesnt have the red hair it doesnt mean he’s not one… Naruto is blonde.

    And if Tobi is in fact an uchiha, he probably doesn’t use tsukyomi and amaterasu for the same reason Madara doesn’t. its not necessary.

  8. Zeno Says:

    And correct me if i’m wrong… but where does it say that activating MS guarantees you tsukyomi and amaterasu? Every eye is different which means different techniques. and you only gain susanoo by activating the power in both eyes.

  9. ninja sx Says:

    @55 why ot an uzumaki, although narutopedia is mostly wrong but it does state that red is just a common color for the clan. Even the clan leader was shown to have grey hair and when mito uzumaki (orginal jinchuriki for the 9 tails) became old she had brown hair.

    Also the uzumaki were in an alliance with the senju before the creation of konoha. maybe thats how tobi met the uchihas. Also uzumaki’s have extended life maybe thats how he survive with his old age and heals faster. His knowledge of seals could explain how he figure out how to use gedo mazo to seal the tail beast and control them

  10. sharingan86 Says:

    amaterasu and tsukuyomi was unique to itacji and sasuke, n proby anyone directly related to them, but i think all mangekyo sharingans abilities are unique to the user. Tobi does have alot of knowledge on sealing techs. he knew about the weak point in kushinas seal, he knew minato was sealing his contract wit the kyuubi, he used the gedo mazo to unseal and extract bijuu then seal them again

  11. luna-des Says:

    dudes, chill brah. just kidding

  12. kjames Says:

    @58 when you activate MS an enhanced genjutsu and amaterasu are supposedly the basic moves learned. Though we only kno of 5 uchiha and kakashi who activated it so whose to say that every ms has those two techniques. What we do kno is that each ms has a unique ability (itachi with his tsukuyomi, sasuke and his control of amaterasu, shisui and kotoamatsukami, etc.) But unlike tobi, kakashi has activated a version of ms, so if he is uchiha he hasnt killed anyone close. But then again tobi was never close to anybody it seems so he probably didnt have a need for it whether he is uchiha or not. And I still wanna kno how kakashi got his. So many questions. I will comnend kishi for being very discreet about certain things.

  13. narutoboy17 Says:

    @49,50,51 thanks u guys not gonna lie that really made my day ur guys comments. I’ve always seen panther and mystic as the top 2 though personally but thanks for inculding me with them. @62 actually the only uchiha we’ve seen use amaterasu is sasuke and itachi. Also maybe tobis space/time justu maybe is kamui but tobi has mastered it far beyond what kakashi has and thats why hes able to deflect it. Also in my personal opinion that next chapter will be either when tobi mask will finally break or the chapter will finally have everyone join the battle.

  14. narutoboy17 Says:

    also ya everyone (well almost everyone) on here has great ideas and ive been using this site since like 2008 so ive seen alot of people come and go but i gotta say this is def my fav website to discuss naruto with.

  15. harvey Says:

    I wonder why did Tobi have to kill the other 7 bijuu’s if he can have just a part of their power.

  16. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    @65 his initial plan was to capture all the bijjuus to revive the ten teils in its perfect form as he said”i wanted to revive it in its perfect form”
    btw got this new masashi kishimoto interview so here is it
    A brand new interview with Naruto’s manga creator Masashi Kishimoto about the future of Naruto!
    Q1: The legendary shinobi is now immortal! Does Uchiha Madara have any weak point?

    All strong people have some kind of weak point, but Madara does not. How will the fight from here on out go!? Please stay excited and wait to find out!!

    Q2: I’m curious about the connection between Madara and Tobi!

    I obviously can’t give too many details, but the two do know each other. What kind of relation they have will be gradually revealed in the current story!!

    Q3: Will Tobi’s identity be revealed soon…!?

    Indeed it will. In fact, it should be within the next few weeks!! Everyone, please wait and keep predicting until then!!

    Q4: How will Naruto and Sasuke’s story proceed now?

    I think that they will meet up once again during this war. Please look forward to seeing what will happen then!

    Q5: Now that we’ve entered the climax of the Great Shinobi World War arc, please tell us what some upcoming highlights will be!

    Everything from here on out will be a highlight!! Everything’s just going to get more and more exciting!! Everyone’s favorite characters will gather together to play a big part!! Please continue enjoying Naruto now that the Great Shinobi World War is in its climax!

  17. sasuke-kun Says:

    even kishi’s interview is a cliffhanger. damn it kishi!

    yeah, tobi’s mask may be shaped like a whirlpool and know a lot of sealing jutsus which might make him an uzumaki but before that he had that style with flames and all. his knowledge of sealing techs won’t make him uzumaki either, he knew almost all secret techniques, even bloodline, that he easily countered when faced by one. he knew many secrets (6 paths, location of uchiha tablet,etc). but not oro’s stuff maybe that’s why akatsuki hated oro because he’d probably blackmail tobi with the edo like kabuto did.

    kishi said madara and tobi knew each other and worked together. plus his sharingan mastery is definitely top-notch for him to control the kyubi to attack konoha. non-uchiha or not, tobi is definitely some kind of madara’s disciple in the past. entrusting the rinnegan to him and all his other plans, i think except the mooneye plan which only tobi likes to mention.

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