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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 598 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 10:06 am on 8/22/2012

Chapter 598 has been released!

Click For Chapter 598 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

73 kunai thrown »

73 Responses to “Chapter 598 Released”

  1. TheSparringPanther Says:

    “Who are you!?”

    Who indeed. Tobi, the greatest mystery of all, will finally be solved next chapter.

    An ancient discussion will come to rest…

    I do suspect troll though. Probably going to switch over to the Kage fight. Or a flashback.

    All other conclusions or eye-catches of the chapter I will leave to my fellow leaf ninja’s :)

  2. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Yeah the mystery will be finally revealed.me and thousands of naruto fans will sleep in peace.
    I think I saw tobi activate rinnegan on the second last page and if the rasengan on his face doesn’t knockout tobi.it will be hard for kakashi and co to land another blow cuz kakashi’s all bleeding and super tired.

  3. ItachiFTW Says:

    Guys what if Tobi’s face is completely destroyed so we never figure out who he is.
    This chapter was amazing!
    I predict that Kishi will switch to Sasuke and Oro now.

  4. ItachiFTW Says:

    @ Jiraiya 478:
    I dont think he activated the rinnegan cuz otherwise he wouldn’t have been hit with the rasengan.
    I do think he did try to use it though but naruto was too fast.
    Kakashi did say he had to time it perfectly so maybe he took the rinnegan into account also.

  5. superaddicted Says:

    everything feels good in the world now:)

  6. fox Says:

    i bet they gonna switch stories next week and we all gonna go berserk over it

  7. sasuke-kun Says:

    wow! tobi with MS! nice! But I think it’s kinda dumb of him not to use the rinnegan’s jutsu absorption with the rasengan.

    anyway, we’ll finally know who this M’Fer is!

  8. fox Says:

    hahaha i had a funny thought now that kishi will troll us and yamato is gonna be behind the mask

  9. Nikko Says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! We’ll all know who Tobi is.

  10. János Says:

    And now we’ll change to the battle of Uchiha Madara and the Kages.. XD

  11. narutoboy17 Says:

    ya i have a feeling it will start off with his mask crumbling and the last thing we see is kakshi and guys shocked face then it will go to the 5 kage battle

  12. Warheart Says:

    I see why Tobi held back his Rinnegan techniques at the beginning, the Leaf Ninja knowing their soft spots and all. But really, a simple Shinra Tensei or Chakra Absorbtion could’ve saved him from every hit landed so far, without their drawbacks really mattering.

  13. luna-des Says:

    I don’t know about Kakashi being able to do too much more fighting… it looked like he was dead when he collapsed.

  14. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey wasnt dead just completly exhausted like itachi was

  15. mj167 Says:

    People are forgetting that characters have chakra limits I think kishi forgot too or does tobi in addition to all his abilities have as much chakra as naruto and bee? Don’t more andvance techniques tge the time space ninjutsu and secret uchiha techniques cost more chakra? Maybe, just to make the fights more interesting kishi throws chakra amout out the window for certain characters

  16. narutoboy17 Says:

    @mj167 no i think tobi does have a charka limit but think about it if IF!!!! hes obito (or better yet a zetsu clone of obito) then not only has his own natural body but the first hokages cells and hes mastered kamui so made for him the space time justu has minimal affect on his charka levels remember how much danzo charka increased and he had 10 sharigans 11 if u count shisuis. but anyways also remember how he didnt have the tailed beasts use any pain tech A cause they had counters but B cause they probably use alot of charka and with those 6 no longer a drain on his charka he can fight longer. Also like everyone else he probably took something to augment his charka levels even more. When u look at it like this and assuming naturally high charka levels its not inconceviable that hes been fighting all this time

  17. ScorpioBear Says:

    idea: what if Izuna was tobi but took Obito’s MS because he was blind, and took madara’s name out of hatred and to ruin his reptuation. That could be why he cant control the beasts too well. I could be completely wrong but it’s not impossible….. thoughts?

  18. backlash Says:

    You know, maybe Tobi is a “Good Guy”. Anyone seen code geass? Well in that series Lelouch wanted to make the world hate him so he gained massive amounts of power forced the worked to unite to defeat him and peace resulted. Maybe that’s what Tobi is. He made the kage unite to beat the akatsuki and is using sasuke as his weapon because sasuke is cursed with hatred. If sasuke dies and tobu dies and Madara, so will the cycle of hatred. And maybe he is gathering tailed beasts to get rid of them for good. Of course this is just a theory but i thought of it and who knows, maybe it has some truth.

  19. backlash Says:

    Tobi may have lied to madara about his plans so that Madara would stay “evil” as a symbol of hatred and the kage would really have to unite to defeat him. This would open tobi up into possibly being shisui or obito, we know both lost their eye(s), and both had an agenda for peace. If it is obito it would explain the body modifications but i don’t think it is him. We really don’t know much about shisui other than he supposedly died. If it isn’t them, then it will probably be the ramen guy, or someone completely new.

  20. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @The people discussing the Chakra supplies of Tobi

    Please do not forget that he been using primarly his Sharingan Space-Time jutsu. Much like Naruto can spam his Rasengan (before his mastery of the fox), this is Tobi’s bread and butter skill, he no problem to use it constantly. Also, if either theory is right, that he has either Senju or Uchiha DNA, he should have vast ammounts of Chakra.

    @18 / @19

    Interesting theory, I have seen Code Geass as well, so I know full well what you are talking about. But there are a couple of flaws that need to be dealt with.

    First of all, the Tailed Beast part. He is genuinly trying to fuse the beasts togheter into the Ten-Tails. This is appearant as he was content with subsitutes of the 8-and-9-tails.

    Then the part about Lelouch. Lelouch won the war, making him king of the world, and because he was a dictator, he was indeed the center of all hatred.

    But the point was that Lelouch had himself assasinated afterwards, in front of the whole world. Tobi on the oher hand will place something similar to a world wide Geass on everybody, making assasination impossible to do so afterwards.

    To be honest, union might be the inderect result of this war, but Tobi is indeed seeking absolute power.

    Also, your point of wanting too kill Sasuke does not make a lot of sense. Since Sasuke is a fellow Uchiha, he took the time to safe him, and tell him about his past.

  21. NewUchiha Says:

    I just want naruto to end on a good note..he needs to redeem himself from a terrible war story line.. Sorry just the truth

  22. swagking Says:

    Notice how in the chapter Tobi told Kakashi that he has borrowed power. He then goes off to tell him that he will show him the real power of the Kamui. I mean the clues are all right there in our face, he is Obito,to a varied extent.

  23. JustACasualObserver Says:

    It doesn’t make sense, but these last few chapters are pretty much telling us that tobi’s obito. We have to wait until next week(hopefully) for confirmation but that “borrowed power” lines was really telling. He was basically saying that his eye was his own. I just had a thought while typing. Maybe when that rock fell on him thats when his kamui awakened. the part where his body was crushed was in another dimension. Just speculation but i cant wait for next week’s chapter!

  24. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    yes …but no because I know they won’t reveal it right away so it’ll be like madara or sasuke and oro next time XD great chapter anyway because I didn’t know that kakashi could kamui something that quickly. 5/5 😀

  25. mindlesslush Says:

    I think its obito but as a zetsu clone

  26. kross Says:

    How many times have people told you to see Tobi vs Minato. They are rather even in size then take a look at Kakashi at the time he would be between elbows and shoulders tall in comparison.

  27. nine tails narutoooo Says:

    man i think its obito under the mask did u notice kakashi and tobi have same mangekyou sharingan they both can use kamui and kakashi has the same mangekyou shringan becuzz he borrowed it from tobi or obito.599 chpter masashi will troll us by chnging chpter but 600 chpter will be a special one!!!!

  28. nine tails narutoooo Says:

    am i right

  29. MisticVegeta Says:


  30. MisticVegeta Says:

    Awesome chapter this week, really the best to start after the summer holidays! This chapter made my day and everything is about to be revealed.

    For starters Naruto and Kurama working together like this is just bad ass, their chakra just seems limitless together! They have become true partners like this, Naruto truly subdued Kurama’s hatred. Now, there’s just Sasuke.

    What I liked aswell was how Gai was trying to get Kakashi back into his gear, to back up Naruto. Gai has a lot of guts, I’ll give him that. It was sad to see Kakashi so troubled though, they seem to have a hunch about Tobi’s identity. Naruto’s peptalk about not fighting alone really helped them regain their feelings to fight, especially Kakashi.

    And if it wasn’t confirmed last chapter, it is now. Tobi has Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan. Now I am wondering, is it Obito or not. Tobi calls Kakashi’s eye a borrowed power which he can only use a couple of times. Would he say that if Tobi himself borrowed Obito’s eye? In addition he says ” I’ll show you the real power of Kamui.” I’m sure Kakashi fears it is Obito or someone related to them.

    Lastly, transporting Naruto’s Kage Bunshin with Kamui was a brilliant strategy, although it did surprise me Tobi did not see that coming. Naruto smashing his mask with a rasengan was awesome, so now we wait for next week to see who it is. Although I think Kishi might change to the Sasuke/Oro journey or the Kage/Madara fight, just to get us on the wrong track.

    @18/19. I really like that theory. If it is Obito/Shisui, it would explain a lot. But how would they know Madara?

  31. Kibin_gwapu Says:

    i think it’s shisui.. The dead body found before was just zetsu’s just like with kisame’s fake death before..

  32. MisticVegeta Says:

    @31 Shisui’s dying wish was to protect Konoha. He even passed that on to Itachi together with his Mangekyou Eye. How could someone wage war against the village he swore to protect even before his death?

    Obito makes a lot more sense than Shisui, although I have to admit: if it is Obito, Kishi’s creativity just went below zero for me. Because throughout the series he came up with awesome plot twists, example given: Itachi’s true feelings and past. Tobi being Obito was too obvious.

  33. Broken_Soul Says:

    So.. Here’s my take on this week:
    Tobi said that Kakashi borrowed his Kamui and that he (Tobi) will show the real power. It mght be possible that Tobi is Obito reincarnate to evil, another possible explanation is:
    Kakashi did get his Sharingan as a gift from Obito back in the day, then they had to leave to finish the mission at hand. When they came back, they got Obito and brought him back to Konoha for burial. During the mission, Obito drew his last breath and right away, Tobi phased through the stone and plucked his other eye out. This is how they have the same doujutsu.
    Or, since we don’t know how the Sharingan works, due to training, all those who activate Mangekyou can use Kamui as well.

    This might be possible because within the Uchiha, not many can get the Sharingan, even fewer get Mangekyou, and given enough time it is possible to train the eye. Kind of how Deidara did to counter the Sharingan.

    We know that Sharingan evolves if used alot, and he isn’t called Sharingan no Kakashi for nothing. So that’s how he got Kamui.
    Not too sure about how the jutsu are selected though, but if what I guess is true, Sasuke is able to use Kamui as well.. Or it is genetics in the eye that determine what you get in Mangekyou. Maybe the shapes have something to do with it..

    Next week we’ll see one of the following: Oro and Sasuke walking to the frontlines, the Kage-fight or we’ll get to “see” behind the mask.. Meaning that Naruto, Kakashi and Gai will see Tobi, we do not and have to wait another 6 months for the truth =)

    Great chapter as always!

  34. fox Says:

    borrowed power maybe a distraction coz basically kakashi is not uchiha so sharingan itself is a borrowed power

  35. Broken_Soul Says:

    @ 34:
    True, but since Kakashi has been an active user of the Sharingan for many years, I’d say that his body is now used to it and doesn’t put that much strain on hi as it did when he first got it. Still, it IS a borrowed power, but it’s been around long enough for him to rely on it, but not to be overconfident since he’s learned the drawbacks.
    And with this, even Kakashis borrowed power (which was a gift from his best friend) grew stronger. And it’s been stated that Kakashi can’t deactivate his original Sharingan, Mangekyou he ha control over (a bit).

  36. narutoboy17 Says:

    i got a feeling that this war will be over within the next 20 chapter

  37. tebluh Says:

    this is kinda a reach but i think the identity of tobi has something to do with not only obitio but rin also. i think its some kind of reincarnated zetsu-obitio that is bitter at konoha and mostly kakashi because of their failed attempts to protect rin from dying in war. If you go back to the kakashi gaiden you will see obito ask and beg kakashi many times to protect rin and that he loves her. fast foward to last chapter and tobi says to kakashi that heroes no longer have to make pitiful excuses over graves…
    just a thought

  38. tebluh Says:

    please respond with your opinions on that idea

  39. narutoboy17 Says:

    @tebluh is it. I dont see as 100% impossible but extremely unlikely. But in all honesty i doubt obito would try and plunge the whole world into war and attempt to take it over solely cause kakashi couldnt protect rin. In war everyone dies even those who surrive are usually dead inside

  40. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    hahahaha,,,,…..wat did i tell yah all…Tobi’s Obito…in your face micticvegeta!!!

  41. Zeno Says:

    @34 i actually think you were on to something by bringing up the fact that kakashi isn’t Uchiha. Ok so here’s my theory:

    Tobi is Izuna Uchiha, like i said this is just my theory so feel free to disagree. After Madara, Izuna was probably the next strongest Uchiha so that would explain his strength, stamina, knowledge, and use of eye techniques. During the Great war Madara and Izuna were the leaders of the clan. When Madara lost his eye sight Izuna WILLINGLY gave his eyes to his older brother so the UCHIHA would be able to remain a powerhouse, everything for the good of the clan

    After the war, the whole issue with the Senju and Madara, then with the rest of the Uchiha turning their back on Madara all of this left Madara’s name in shambles.Think back to the first part of the series, when sasuke kept calling himself an “avenger” and how he was all about his clan. This is how i see Izuna (which would explain why he is talking about kakashi the way he is, if you recall sasuke had a similar reaction.)

    A dying Madara turns to his brother to restore the clan. Izuna was to become the new “Madara” and carry out the rest of the plans. Wipe out the clan with later plans to revive them along with the orignal Madara to rule at the top of the shinobi world.

    you can fill in your own blanks. and of course this is just my opinion.

  42. FrostStorm Says:

    Ok I see a lot of people saying it’s Obito. My question is: How does that make sense considering Kakashi was a child when Tobi fought the Fourth.

    Now, you guys follow the series’ details much closer than myself, so is there something I’m missing?

    I think it’s either Izuna or Kagami, but hoping it’s someone completely unexpected. Obito just feels like a ripoff.

  43. Iced Flame Says:

    Tobi is NOT Obito. . If tobi was obito, minato namikaze would have recognized his chakra signature. . I think I agree with the idea that tobi is Izuna Uchiha. . Only Izuna would have known the true extent of madara’s plans. . Remember, madara gained the rinnegan before he died. . Allegedly, tobi implanted the rinnegan to Nagato. This is a situation of transplanting of eyes from madara. Only someone in close contact with madara would know of his powers and plans. . All these leads to a single notion= TOBI IS UCHIHA IZUNA

  44. narutoboy17 Says:

    @iced flame then why didn’t nagato have a sharigan from the moment he activated it it was a rinnegan

  45. János Says:

    @narutoboy17: Remember, Kakashi has the Sharingan implanted in him and he can’ deactivate it either. Same with Nagato. The only question in my mind: how did the bodies of Pein possess the Rinnegan too? maybe nagato created other R.eyes?

  46. sharingan86 Says:

    @33 everyone with a sharingan cant use kamui, its obitos technique, sasuke itachi or danzo couldnt do it

  47. narutoboy17 Says:

    @janos my guess is that just infusing his charka into the corpses

  48. Iced Flame Says:

    @narutoboy. . The eye implanted into nagato was in rinnegan form not sharingan. . He (nagato) can’t switch it off but madara can. . Hell! Even tobi couldn’t switch off the rinnegan. . Whoever tobi is, he sure loves stealing ‘EYES’. . Lolx

  49. narutoboy17 Says:

    @iced flame well ya cause its nagatos i still dont think nagato got his rinnegan from tobi i still believe that nagato rinnegan was nothing more than a mutation

  50. VetoMan Says:


    are you even reading the other comments

  51. sharingan86 Says:

    For all those who still think Tobi is obito, i think that there could be a very minimal chance that he is if kishi wanted him to be, but i highly doubt it, tobi is like loki from thor hes a master manipulator and a god of lies and mischief, just because tobi knows kakashi visits obitos grave doesnt mean hes obito, i think tobi is using lies again to throw kakashi off because right now hes his biggest threat, kakashi is a very famous ninja not just in konoha but in the entire ninja world alot of people know the story of how he got his sharingan in the last war, n alot of poeple know that hes always late because he visits obitos grave, n jus becaue tobi knows these things doesnt make him obito

  52. kjames Says:

    @ninjagod its just a forum no need for the hostility. But in my opinion tobi being obito would be waaaay too easy. Remember obito’s eye is not the only sharingan tobi has. Granted its his most used but I dont think obito has the mental capabilities and art of deception like tobi. But like the rest of us, we have to wait and see.

  53. narutoboy17 Says:

    personally i’m starting to think that after obito died zetsu took over his body i mean the white gooey stuff that fell off his body when he took off his arm, the fact the left side of his face was black when konan broke his mask, to how zetsu follows his orders no matter what

  54. Svetlana Says:

    I think it’s this structure wthiin the villages that keeps their constituents from descending into Evangelion-esque levels of madness in regards to being a living weapon. In becoming better ninja (weapons) via this mentor-pupil relationship, they also validate their existence outside as something beyond that.That’s still pretty messed up, though, isn’t it? I mean, in the way it’s justifying violence as a means of gaining emotional validation? You’re right to point out that the likes of Naruto have good moral compasses and are taught to always try to see the good in people, but I suppose what I’m getting at is that war is war, and that Kakashi, Obito and Rin are just a bunch of children standing on an adult’s battlefield, where they have to make hard, adult choices. Obito, for one, was way too young to be dispatched, Kakashi was still pretty immature, and when she’s caught, Rin is subjected to a very intense and violent interogation. I just don’t/can’t understand why they were out there, fighting.I must admit, I completely forgot about the normal’ residents of Konoha, but even still, what age is the right age for teaching children how to kill? I realise I’m at the risk of taking Naruto a little too seriously here, it’s just interesting to think that such a popular series, which is ostensibly so heart-warming and inspiring, has such a questionable moral core. I wonder if there’s ever been a really indepth interview with Kishimoto? I’m convinced he wanted to draw these feelings from us with Kakashi Gaiden, but to what end? Will Naruto end with the dissolution of the hidden villages?

  55. Korss Says:

    @ svetlana
    The war is that war everyone above the rank of chunin is in active service. IT is about skill and intelligence not age. Yes a bit immature but Kakashi was more strict than Minato.

    @ Ninjagod

    Come on this Forum discuss who Tobi is every week, and here is a list of things saying Obito is not Tobi:
    1. Battle with Minato, he would be shorter than he was, as Kakashi would be between elbow and shoulders of Minato at the time but somehow Tobi and Minato was just about the same heigth.
    2. skill level, Minato would have been capable of restraining and interrogate Obito with ease, but yet he was only capable of figuring out how his jutsu worked and start a counter attack before Tobi left.
    3. His knowledge of the world, the uciha ETC.

  56. narutoboy17 Says:

    @svetlana i dont think they’ll be dissolved i think instead they’ll all unite under one common govt and everyone will want naruto to take over as the leader for his part in the war but he’ll decline stating he’s not really leadership material. I feel naruto will instead become a symbol for the world a shining light of the world that good will always win.

  57. Danialex Says:

    U all hav been foold by kishi hw do u think tobi is obito u all 4got when tobi sent kurama to attack khonoa nd den kakashi nd obito wr still small

  58. narutoboy17 Says:

    @danialex hey facts are facts i mean knowing kakashi and guy having obitos sharingan there is some really compellig evidence to support it (no im not saying tobi=obito)but its not hard to see why alot of people think that

  59. sharingan86 Says:

    @58 i think u missed @56 point, that being said @56 dont get all dr. phil on us, its jut a manga

  60. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey i was just thinking of something when that clone was in the other dimension waiting for tobi why not charge up a massive tailed beast ball and just killed him right then and there

  61. János Says:

    Yeah, Tobi having a similar to, or Obito’s Sharingan does not necessarily mean he’s Obito Uchiha. Kishimoto misleads everyone, it would be too easy to be him.

    In my opinion he’s Obito’s father, Izuna would be around 90 years old, which does not fit in storyline. He surely has a similar Sharingan to Obito’s.

  62. Zeno Says:

    Izuna would be around the same age as Danzou who was in perfect fighting condition

  63. MisticVegeta Says:

    @64 Kagami would be Danzou’s age, since he was in his and Hiruzens’ team. Izuna is Madara’s brother and would be Hashirama’s/ Tobirama’s age for that matter.

  64. SoS Says:

    Hey maybe Madara created Zetsu from using Hashirama’s cells and maybe zetsu sort of gave some of his cells to izuna(which would explain the white.gooey substance)and so Izuna was capable of fighting in such an age.Maybe Izuna(Tobi)took an eye of Obito,then after the uchiha massacre took an eye of one of an Uchiha.I really don’t know,but i am sure that Zetsu has something to do with this.Maybe Madara created Zetsu by implanting huge amount of harishima’s cells onto another being,which would explain the fact that Zetsu can use alot of wood/plant like jutsu.Maybe Oro copied this.Nagato maybe was a boy with some extremely good chakra(as he is an uzumaki)and asked Izuna(Tobi)to carry out his plan while before he fought Hashirama.Part of his plan was making yahiko create akatsuki,and manipulate mizukage to get kisame so at the end,Nagato would revive Madara by using his resserection technique,evidence:Tobi said that the techniques was for him(Madara).Thats my theory.

  65. SoS Says:

    wow i’m stupid-just after i explained that nagato was an uzumaki i should have mentioned that Madara was the one that asked izuna to carry out his plan

  66. Potlah Says:

    The debates are over…. Finally

  67. soS Says:

    @68-what do u mean?

  68. fox Says:

    hey hey a ninja has to see underneath the underneath all u got is a face w8 for the confirmation

  69. luna-des Says:

    599 is out! Go read it. WOW… guess we should start talking about how it could have been the person on the last page…

  70. narutoboy17 Says:

    guys come now lets save it for chapter 599

  71. János Says:

    okay, the series is a big lie… hate chapter 599-.-

  72. K-Dash02 Says:


  73. JustACasualObserver Says:

    The way kishi illustrated that chapter was just brilliant! oh & yes tobi is obito. Ch. 600 will be epic!!

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English Vol. 72
- 10/06/2015

DVD & Blu-Rays

Shipp. Uncut Set 21
- DVD ~ Ep. 258-270
- 01/01/2015

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