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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 599 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:16 am on 8/29/2012

Chapter 599 has been released!

Click For Chapter 599 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

135 kunai thrown »

135 Responses to “Chapter 599 Released”

  1. narutoboy17 Says:

    no this site has hit as much as 150 before (don’t ask which chapter but somewhere in either late 400s or early 500s i think) and im honestly starting to think of obito as a tragic figure in this show in either situation whether brainwashed or his body taken over by someone that honestly makes me feel bad for him cause hes being forced into doing this and is not acting per his own free will and merely being controlled for the power of his ms

  2. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Remember the last fight will be Naruto Vs. Sasuke

  3. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    Sorry cant tell yah…but ill be giving weekly spoilers from the finished manga…orochimaru was interested in that black zetsu once before…but as time flies…he got bored of the power…that is when oro discovered a new interest…the sharinggan…naruto didn’t reacted because the obito their fighting now is the half dead

  4. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    obito that kakashi and gai knew…back in the war during kakashi’s gaiden…after the rock crushed obito…oro was wandering around and sensed an interesting chakra underneath the rocks…by that time he gave obito a new life…and oro enlightened(darkened in his case)that the world was too impure …thats all for this week

  5. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    1 more thing… how can i edit the piks and bio of the characters in this site…there are lots i can contribute in this site

  6. JustACasualObserver Says:

    @UchihaIzuna What Your Ssying Is Simply Not True. If there were any truth too what you are saying a lot more people would know trust me. Kishi has the series finished in his head but not on paper yet

  7. narutoboy17 Says:

    i agree with 107 they’re probably only like 10 people in the whole world who know how naruto will end (kishi and his crew however many that may be) so izuna unless ur like kishis son i doubt u really have any idea on how this manga will actually turn out ur allowed to guess of course thats what we all do but to say u know exactly whats gonna happen thats going a little to far if u ask me. Also for 106 u can’t only the creator of the site can edit it

  8. Haha Says:

    That is totally messed up for you to ruin it though. If i was admin. You would would outta here quicker that a cheetah chasing its prey.

  9. narutoby17 Says:

    @haha r u talking to me cause im not an admin im just a long term user of this site and i know i cant change it. if i could i would update this site today but i cant the creator of this site is Shikamaru as far as i know hes the only one who can cange this site. I dont know him so its not like i can tell him to change it

  10. darknaruto456 Says:

    hey did anybody notice that this cant be obito. how can he. kakashi took obitos left eye and then during tobis fight with konan he used his right eye to negate her paper bomb attack. its just so confusing how nobody has their original sharingons.

  11. VetoMan Says:

    yah I think it is kinda obvious that Obito didn’t do all this by himself, there is def. some other factors to consider.

    but youre right, nobody is using his own powers, it all comes from somewhere else

  12. backlash Says:

    Firstly, to all who have said obito couldn’t have been old enought to have fought the 4th, hust look at kakashi and guy who were at least 18 and pretty nuch grown. What i think happened is that Madara was the original tobi, who found and preserved and rebuilt obito’s body. When Obito finally awakened he probably had memories, not all of them, but enough that he had a basic sense of who he was. However, Madara corrupted his mind and told him the secrets of the uchiha clan and after madaras death, obito became successor.

  13. backlash Says:

    However i think that Orochimaru had a role to play in rebuilding obito and he may have been collaborating with Madara and that’s how they got his corpse. But now i would really like to know how madara awakened the rinnegan. Did orochimaru play a role in that? Im anxious to know, but i can’t wait until everything ties in together for the finale.

  14. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    WOW 5/5 can’t wait for the explanation kishi πŸ˜€

  15. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    alright ill reveal myself…im really his identical twin…Seishi Kishimoto …so u better listen if you want to join my brothers private site

  16. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    alright ill reveal myself…im really his identical twin…Seishi Kishimoto …so u better listen if you want to join my brothers private site\

  17. narutoby17 Says:

    @uchiha izuna yes and im american president barack obama who holds a secret love for naruto in my spare time when i’m not running the united states.

  18. minto Says:

    there is a time that i use to think that maybe obito is madara’s son or something ,because there must be something that conetct this two,however,i think i will wait and see what is going to be in the next chpter

  19. Zeno Says:

    @Izuna haha, you’re funny. i bet you’re probably like 11 or something.

  20. MisticVegeta Says:

    @ Uchiha Izuna

    Get a life, there are some on sale on ebay, just checked it for you.
    And people won’t see me say something like this often, but this time I would like to ask Shikamaru to permanently block you from this website.

    If you are who you claim to be, you woud not even be here on this website. You would respect Kishi, as his brother, and not reveal his work.
    Furthermore, you are implying and not speculating, therefor being a real annoyance to me and other people on this website.

    Lastly, by asking access to this website, you are not only dishonoring the website, but also the people that work hard to provide us with all there is to the Narutoverse.

    Thus again, Shikamaru, please ban this fraude.

  21. narutoboy17 Says:

    @mystic i agree but heres the problem shikamaru can block izuna all he wants all izuna has to do is change his name to say uchiha izuna 1 and put in a different email and hes right back commenting

  22. senorJACO Says:

    @114 Sorry but Oro cant have had a role with Madara awakening the Rinnegan. Remember how he and Kabuto tried all those experiments to see if they could get the Rinnegan and they eventually had a hypothesis that it is the last step of sharingan.

  23. ninja sx Says:

    zetsu and the death of madara uchiha will explain everything, but until kishi work your magic

    and shut up izuna πŸ˜›

  24. MisticVegeta Says:

    @122 Shikamaru could block his IP-Address, so no matter how much names he comes up with, he still won’t be able to post things.

  25. ninja sx Says:

    also has anyone noticed that the mask man who attacked konaha was wearing a cloak with a hood, so who knows if that was tobi or . madara. Maybe the mask is a sign of power and fear like madara’s name. only problem is he used kamui which is unique to obitos eyes.

    If the mask man used kamui 16 years ago wouldnt that mean kakashi would of had it as well?

  26. fantasyfreak Says:

    I just realized something. This all makes total sense. Look at Kakashi Gaiden for example. Story telling wise it served no purpose what so ever in advancing the overall story(dont get me wrong, Kakashi Gaiden is good,but its the very definition of filler without actually being filler).Only it was never supposed to. It was there to plant the seeds of Obitos villainy. He had it planned all back then!! Genious kishimoto, absolutely genious! πŸ™‚ And yeah, obviously orochimaru or madara or someone had their hands involved, it will be intresting to see just how. Me thinks there is a strong possibility that it was Orochimaru in collaboration with madara. I mean why else would sasuke bring orochimaru back now recently? They even said he had a very important role to play.ItΒ΄s all coming together πŸ™‚

  27. narutoboy17 Says:

    @mystic i mean it is possible i really wish Shikamaru would allow one of the major users of this site like me or u or anyone who has alot of knowledge of naruto to help run this site and keep it updated.

  28. sasukefan Says:

    I bet Itachi knew alot more about this situation than he was willing to tell!

  29. Tminaj Says:

    I knew it…u guys think about it….obito backwards is tobi duh…..and its half obito half zetsu thas how hes able to regenerate….

  30. Mangekyou Itachi Says:

    A lot of people seem to be talking about madara finding obito training him then dying of old age which doesn’t make sense, edo tendei brings people back looking how they did before they died like nagato died with white hair and was revived with white hair. If that was the case madara would have come back old and frail and not be able to do the stuff he’s doing now. Am i right?

  31. soS Says:

    I agree with 131

  32. Uwanahsasuke Says:


  33. soS Says:

    @133-If you hate Naruto so much,then what are you doing on this site

  34. Zero Says:

    True, Edo Tensei revives the person in the state before they died. But Kabuto mentioned he did something in Madara’s Edo. Something about returning it to its Golden Age, or something like that.

  35. Shikamaru Says:

    User submissions of content for the site are welcome through the Feedback area of our forum. But even then, I’m pretty late at utilizing material. Leafninja is indeed a one man operation for most of the site with thankfully some support in certain areas from some other kind fans of the series.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a time of time or investment to update the site 24/7 like I could. The next time a databook gets released we’ll probably get more large scale updates again.

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