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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 599 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:16 am on 8/29/2012

Chapter 599 has been released!

Click For Chapter 599 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

135 kunai thrown »

135 Responses to “Chapter 599 Released”

  1. AMM Says:

    I cant believe it. And now we have a memory flash back next week >_>

  2. Tro Says:

    I dont understand this anymore….

    Obito became a grown up in 1-2 years?
    Next to that he gained power in 1-2 years to beat the 4e?

    I dont gets this anymore the timeline is so messed up. So he had the rinnegan at a age of 1-2 and gave it to Nagato?

    So mutch confusion…

  3. MisticVegeta Says:

    Wow, just wow. I’m going to be really honest by saying that Kishi better has a good explanation as to why Obito became evil.
    The man who told Kakashi the words: “Those who abandon their friends are even worse than scum!”, does it himself?
    For whatever reason, it better be a good one.

    His face seems to be restored somehow but left it very scarred. Who helped him? Madara? More questions..

  4. Ahmed Says:

    I KNEW IT!!

    After I guessed Madara was of those revived by Kabuto (when he appeared before him when he was wearing the orange mask). I knew it had to be him!

  5. fox Says:

    it will be funny if that’s just obitos body and some1 elses soul is in it.

    well if he doesn’t say he is obito i will not believe it coz a ninja must see underneath the underneath so i ll just hold my tongue and w8

  6. Lopez_Kage Says:

    I swear, this manga lost its logic. Obito giving nagato the rinnegan not possible. Obito shouldnt be the masked man, but this dumb twist is done and nothing more can be made to correct it.

  7. TheSparringPanther Says:


    Terrible. I facepalmed myself so hand the mark is still there.

    Kishi better have a good reason too have it be Obito.

    But this raises more question than it gives.

    For example, he fought toe-to-toe with the Fourth with the nine-tails under his control when he was 14?

    He knew both Madara and Nagato? Has so much knowledge about all kinds of jutsu?

    And when did he even manage to gain his MS? When Kakashi gained his or so?

    Or did Obito gain his by killing Rin? Who salvaged Obito? Madara who brainwashed him?


    I was speechless

  8. soS Says:


  9. swagking Says:

    You guys are so quick to call this a plot hole. Relax, I am sure Kishimoto will give a good explanation. Most likely the explanation is that there was more than one “Tobi”, the long haired one was Madara, and the shorter haired one is Obito. I mean the signs are implied.

  10. cmcphat2 Says:

    ok well i will be the first to say that I know alotta people will be dissapointed and othersare going to brag. But lets just try to accept it as the good manga that it is. there is sure to be an explanation for everything, which i can already think of two. Plus its not like any of us could write a better manga series so lets take it all in stride until the last fight.

  11. TheSparringPanther Says:


    Had it been anyone else then Obito, the timeline would have made more sense…


    He probably forced him to help a fellow Uchiha for his own cause. Maybe he got manipulated him, and regenerated him with Senju DNA? Idk, I really am feeling sad now haha.


    True, this cant be corrected –‘

  12. HuangJun Says:

    WOOT! Deep inside I knew it was so, and I’m happy^^ Obito is such a logical choice for someone like Tobi.
    Someone like him has a perfect reason to hold a grudge against Konoha. My guess is he totally rejected the idea of heroes by slowly going crazy, but that’s only a guess. Can’t wait to see what’s really going on next week.

  13. cmcphat2 Says:

    Oh and has anyone else noticed that each sensei since the 3rd hokage has prodeced a pupil who turns away from the village/world. i.e. 3rd = orochimaru, jaryiah = pain, 4th = obito, kakashi = sauske.

  14. Justsaying Says:

    Well, nagato’s eyes where probably the real madara’s eyes. My guess as to why obito went all crazy probably has something to do with rins death. The shock of her death probably awakened his MS. As to how he seemed to get so much taller in the one year, i dont really have an answer. Growth spurt? They do happen 😛

  15. cmcphat2 Says:

    oh go back and look at the pictures of kakashi during the fox attack and you’ll see he is either full size or maybe an inch under full size.

  16. Tobito Says:

    guys guys. it isnt obito. if orochimaru can steal bodies, so can tobi

  17. HuangJun Says:

    @13 I also noticed that Obito is kinda portraited in the same way as Naruto in his relation to Sakura and Sasuke.
    But he turned out to be the COMPLETE oposite to Naruto. So, I’m kind of predicting a similair to Naruto v. Nagato kinda storyline coming up.

  18. narutoboy17 Says:

    why arent my comments posting (watch this one is gonna post right away)

  19. narutoboy17 Says:

    ok lets try this again

    in all seriousness there were alot of plot holes lets see the fact that the 4th didnt become the 4th until just before the nine tails attack the fact kakashi became a chunnin at age 6 (and yet he looks about 13) the fact the side of his face that was crushed by a rock looks fine while the other side looks fine.

  20. narutoboy17 Says:

    change the last word to messed up

  21. Tro Says:

    I want to know where he learned about the birth of Naruto when he could not possible be inside Konoha at the time.

    So will this mean there is another akatsuki member behind Tobi? that gave him all the information and did his training?

  22. luna-des Says:

    If Tobi was saved by Madara or Oro and given Senju DNA to regrow or fix his crushed body then that will explain him being able to rip off limbs and fix them.

    Also Having those traits of the senju (life force ect) he would have been stronger then his peers (kakashi/guy) and would have grown up a bit as well. So at the time of the fourth vs tobi vs Kurama his hieght would have been justified and his ability to give the 4th a decent fight although still losing and being able to control the 9 tails (again senju power).

    I can see Madara at the end of his days taking Tobi under his wing and letting him know the secrets of the Uchia tablets and the Senju. Maybe seeing Izuna in him, Madara made him believe that Tsukinome was the way to go.

    But we all know that this manga is fiction…
    Sasori was a puppet and his soul was in a canister
    Oro can take over bodies and his true form was more animal than human…
    There are talking frogs…

  23. narutoboy17 Says:

    @luna-des about ur last point we all know (or atleast i know) that its fiction but so is all reality tv shows and yet people still act like its real life. At least this has more awesomeness and a better love story than twlight

  24. Peter Says:

    @6 It’s true that Obito said he gave Nagato the Rinnegan, but that was when he was pretending to be Madara, and I think Madara did in fact give Nagato the Rinnegan, as he said “it seems that brat Nagato managed to grow up” when he was resurrected, so I’m thinking that Madara gave Nagato the Rinnegan in order for him to eventually be resurrected, and in the mean time Obito could pretend to be him.

  25. Warheart Says:

    Bah, so it turns out to be Obito after all, and he seems to have some other ideals now…

    I think @22’s right when he says Obito has somehow obtained Senju DNA. Not necessarily because of his regenerative qualities, but because his ability to use Izanagi for an extended period of time and the Rinnegan without trouble.

    In fact, its his regenerative ability that troubles me at this point, rather than help me fit all the pieces togather. Judging from Madara’s comments during the 5-kage fight, Hashirama used a seal-less regeneration technique similar to that of Tsunade. Tobi’s regeneration however goes paired with a lot of white goo and seems more fit for a Zetsu or an Edo Tensei summon. I can’t help but thinking this Obito isen’t just the old Obito, but a summon/creation of some sort.

  26. AMM Says:

    hole one- the fourth face is on the mountain before kakashi is even a chunin. Two- back to the battle with Tobi and Konan he had two eyes thats how he used Izangai to save him self. three- Tobi knew where the Uchiha mass grave is makes no sense.

  27. Kagemaru Says:

    Wow. Obito? after years of disclaiming this is wht the truth holds? thts like findingearly christmas gifts bt your parents say its for charity bt they’re yours the whole time i dnt have mcuh answers bt a few explainations, like as to how obito knows all this info on konoha, thts cuz hes been there without being there, through the eye he gave kakashi of course( same how itachi knew sasukes doings to an extent after his revival) the whole growth spurt thing is a mystery the only thing i can think of is tht obito is a master of Time/Space jutsu, nd he used tht ability to travel backwards in time to do all the things he’s claimed to have done, with the whole mangekyo thing, maybe he killed rin outta spite cuz she loved kakashi, bt tht wouldnt further explain how kakashi got his during the time skip which will refer me to the time/space jutsu. Crazy plot twist tht i saw comin just didnt wanna accept it, none of us logical( would be logical) naruto fans wanted to, bt maybe thts the thing we read too much into this, dnt get me wrong it makes for excellent forums tht ive been reading on this site for YEARS!!( and have played various roles througout those years) bt anyway i guess we have no choice bt to wait this out :/

  28. Shotokan530 Says:

    Imma just gonna say that it was probably some kind of expirement with the forbidden body switch technique like orochimaru. That is probably where he got that from also.

  29. sharingan86 Says:

    wow, i stand corrected

  30. Shino Senpai Says:

    Wow, I’m lost for words

  31. narutoboy17 Says:

    wait a min the messed up part of his face is the part that was crushed and the normal part is just the part that wasn’t crushed by the rock.

  32. Madara Says:

    I think it is logic because he almost lost his soul because of war and hatred so he is chosing his own way of ending the chain of hatred by the moon eye thing to end all war and hatred, so I find it somehow reasnoble
    @7 its not that odd that he activated his ms at young age itachi and sasuke and shisui uchiha activated their MS @ the age of 16

  33. getsome Says:

    its weird to think tht it was obito beneath the mask. Like he’s so serious and strong now. my oh my

  34. fox Says:

    every1 got so hyped just by a face just w8 and see whats gonna happen

  35. ajxw Says:

    shocker! lol. ( big brother inside joke )

    obito obito obito
    i think he just went crazy and madara or tobi or some saved him and twisted his mind.

  36. ajxw Says:

    i think there was another tobi who gave the title to obito it helps prove the time line

  37. MisticVegeta Says:

    I just thought of something, which could be a possibility as to how Obito survived.

    Madara obtained his Rinnegan right before he died, this was confirmed.
    What if Madara brought Obito back from the dead with his Rinnegan Path.
    A confused Obito gets brainwashed by Madara, for whatever reason, so bad he turns evil.
    Madara, still weak from his severe injuries, sealed a part of his chakra into Obito, like Minato did with Kushina and himself.
    Through that, Obito learned from Madara and got his (eye) technique perfected.

    Sounds kind of lame, but what other explanation would make sense?

  38. mindlesslush Says:

    I do believe Tobi said not too come to quick conclusions it might be obito’s body but not obito himself

  39. Tro Says:

    What about the hole DBZ concept of the:

    Room of spirit and Time

    We seen that Tobi can teleport ppl and him self to another dimension. I can only think about this what would give Obito a power up and age in a short amount of time when time moves on another timeframe in there. If Madara trained him there it could become all possible. But even then why would Madara take Obito a dead/almost dead kid with not mutch special abilities.

  40. NewUchiha Says:

    I just wanna see how much.fighting is left compared to flashbacks and sob talking

  41. sixrealmsage79 Says:

    yes it is obito , but how is some one who was so pure hearted became so evil . well i geuss we have to wait for kishi to tell us. but i was right tobi is obito . ha ha ha i hae been saying that eve since kishi broght tobi on the seen .

  42. K-Dash02 Says:

    I don’t see how Tobi being Obito is so confusing to others, people has figured it out ages ago. Obito is definitely apart of Zetsu, and from the way things are I bet Obito became evil after he became part of Black Zetsu! I bet Black Zetsu is behind the whole thing!

  43. narutoboy17 Says:

    Ok i’ve been think what do u guys think about this theory tobi claimed to konan that he was the one who gave nagato his rinnegan and convinced yahiko to create akaustki but at the time was still operating under madaras name so maybe that was madara who did those things. And after the third shinobi war madara dying from old age found a ripe young and near dead uchiha saved his life by implanting him with the first DNA thus also making him part zetsu. Told him everything he knew trained him brainwashed him to follow his lead and finally died of old age. And in respect for his master (and cause of the fear his name bring) took up his name in order to complete there goal of world domination. Then after maybe a yr of special training from madara plus having the first DNA could have made him strong enough to fight with the 4th. Its just a theroy tell what you think and if there is any place i could improve on my theory

  44. da408 Says:

    i was apart of the group sayin tobi wasnt obito cuz the timeline would be screwed up but look at it this way…naruto and saskue are both what 16 right now and they appear to be the strongest in the manga…. obito could in fact keep up with the 4th if saskue can take on 5 kages at the kage summit…before he even got itachis eyes

  45. narutoboy17 Says:

    @da408 yes well don’t forget naruto and sasuke are main charatcers in this story of course they’re gonna be over powered

  46. Ahmed Says:

    Did any one think of the name ‘Tobi’ and think it was a Japanese anagram? Tobi can be changed to Obito? ‘T’ in english is ‘toh’ sounding in japanese. Eg: In Dragon Ball Z. ‘Kakarot’ in English. ‘Kakaroto’ in Japanese. Also the same idea of Obito’s name is with the Dragon Ball character ‘Ubuu’ the reincarnation of ‘Buu.’

  47. nwsasuke Says:

    I agree with naruto boy completely besides the zetsu part cuz i kinda dont understand what zetsu has to do with this. But yea Madara training Obito and healing obito with the senju dna seems very logical along with training obito on his sharingan making him able to fight the 4th. And was it madara who helped in the uchia massacre?OR obito? i dont know…..

  48. ajxw Says:

    tobi is just a name. madara gave it to how he taught then that person found the almost dead obito. this way the plot holes are filled

  49. NarutoS8 Says:

    This is probably one of my favorite series but how does this make sense? I’ve read all of the theories and tried to wrap my head around it. I have a pretty good understanding of this series but Obito being crushed by a rock was the end of him… I mean come on smh… oh well

  50. itachi 33 Says:

    i still think orochimaru has something to do with tobi. reasons why when taka revived him, the scroll that they had was supposibly the key to ending the war. and lastly sasuke summond oro to get information about everything, including madara. oro is also great at brainwashing and experimentations resulting in obitos sudden growth durring his fight with the fourth.

  51. Shino Senpai Says:

    @ itachi 33
    It’s true orochimaru, may play a big role, not everything is known about him.

  52. JustMilz187 Says:

    If you look at what happened at the kannabi bridge, obito right side was crushed which explains his current scarring on his right side. look back at the fight between torune fuu and obito. When torune caught him with his special bugs, his right arm was infected. When obito amputated it, white ZETSU substance came out. We know zetsu is linked closely with senju dna but to what extent is unknown. Obito was helped by someone and zetsu. Half his body is zetsu, which exlains his being able to use izanagi for 10 minutes straight. Madara did mention tobi when he was revived so he DOES KNOW him. Who else would educate a young uchiha, instill hatred, and show him specific uchiha techniques like the uchiha flame barrier?

  53. narutoboy17 Says:

    @nwsasuke the only reason i include zetsu is cause the white stuff that comes out of his arm when he had to break it off and the fact he can somehow grow new ones. But i think it was obito that helped kill the uchiha mainly cause according to my theory madara dies sometime after saving obito and before the nine tails attack.

  54. foxking Says:

    I am a little lost. Then obito was the one that help kill with itachi? when he gave ems to sasake was it not program to attack the person itachi knew as madara?

  55. swagking Says:

    @55, no the Sharingan was rigged to activate when Sasuke saw another sharingan. Also, it is very possible that Obito is the second coming of Tobi. People have to get their heads together, that is Obito, his body and mind. But he was not always Tobi. If you look in the chapters that Itachi explained the killings to Sasuke you will see that the “Tobi” then had long hair and the Tobi now has short hair. All this talk about time travel and “omg this makes no sense, Kishi is such an Idiot. PLOT HOLE PLOT HOLE” is just stupid. People need to see all the clues in front of them, Obito is the current Tobi, but it is near impossible to say he has always been Tobi.

  56. Korss Says:

    @56 if it was set to react to any sharingan then it could react to Kakashis sharingan which it did`t.

  57. narutoboy17 Says:

    @swahking i agree i mean did anyone else notice in the older version of tobi he never called himself tobi only the the orange mask and white mask was tobi the one that fought against minato and the one itachi met up with didnt call themselves tobi

  58. TheOne Says:

    @56 Maybe he cut his hair. Did you think about that? Obito is not the second coming of tobi. He was behind everything that happen.

  59. Kenpachi42 Says:

    Love this new it was obito since the begining but every one is saying how is it possible for him to get taller you can have a growth spurt in a years times and naruto got sage mode making him a lot stronger in a couple of months and how to control kurma i a couple of months to so that all is possible

  60. Korss Says:

    @ Kenpachi42
    Growth spurt would not 40 cm(about a fot) in a year. As we all know or should know by now. Naruto ands Sasuke power ups are not done in months but in days(narutoverse time anyways)
    Senin mode was at the most a week, ) 9 tails mode from initate to full beast mode was 3 or 4 days at the most.

  61. VetoMan Says:

    more than 60 comments after just one day… damn

  62. Tro Says:


    You forget that Sasuke had alot of talent.
    And Naruto is the kid of the 4e and has the 9-tails.

    Both of the had reasson to progress in a fast way.

    Obito on the otherhand had no talent at all he was like Naruto but without the 9-tails.

    Naruto won alot of battles in the start because of the massive amount of chakra that he could use from the 9-tails.

    Anyways Obito need to had a powerfull trainer that gave him all the information and healed him and gave him a power boost.
    And then we also have that he became bigger and his voice because of a 30 year old in 1-2 years.

  63. Korss Says:

    @Tro Yes this is what I am saying for an manga/ anime like this a spurt of power growth like this is rather unnatural except for the main characters. If said trainer is not Madara I think I will be starting to give up on the manga. But then again I read it because I hate fillers and after this arc I bet there will be one in the anime again. *shivers*

  64. Kenpachi42 Says:

    @ kross i had a 1foot growth spurt in a year it is possible and how do u kno it wasnt just days in the manga just cause u dnt get to people go to sleep doesnt mean several days have passed and being an uchiha gives obito has potential to power up fairly fast when he activated his sharingan he became strong (from what we saw i could be wrong) and tro has a point he could of had a very powerfull trainer

  65. narutoboy17 Says:

    @63 well idk about u but i can make my voice sound deep than it actually is when talking so it is possible he was doing something like that. also @64 i doubt a filler is coming up considering the fact the manga still has a 60-70 chapter lead on the anime and i did the math assuming around 2 chapter per epsiode the anime wont get to the cuurent manga untill may or june and the by the manga will obvioulsy still be much farther ahead so it will take quite a long time before they have to start worrying about catching up to the manga

  66. pijusean Says:

    So I guess long hair Tobi who fought the fourth hokage was madara, then new short hair Tobi is obito carrying on madara plan, only way kishi can explain this

  67. narutoboy17 Says:

    well i dont know how fast most people hair grows but mine grows 2 1/2 inches per month give or take a week (yes i recorded it cause my mom was always so surrpised that i always need a haircut and im a guy hence my name) so it is possible that he just has really fast growing hair like me

  68. soS Says:

    Well,call me stubborn.but I really still think that Izuna is Tobi.Izuna took Obito’s body.If Oro can take bodies.so can Madara and Izuna.Izuna must have made the Uchiha c lan hate Madara,so Madara took Izuna’s eyes forcefully.Izuna was supposed to make the infinate tsukiyomi happen after Nagato had Madara’s Rinnegan.So maybe Izuna(Tobi)was supposed to die at the start,because Madara wanted revenge.Zetsu was created by Izuna by senju DNA,so he merged with Obito.

  69. Nwsasuke Says:

    Ok so the fact that it is indeed Obito is correct!!! There is no is time travel or the theory that theretwo men behind the mask because I did the mathXD!! Ok so I read the manga at the time when the masked man(Obito)took naruto and fought the 4th. I then looked up kakashi’s age on leaf ninja and he is 30 or mid 30s now in shippuden. So I then subtracted 16 from 30 due to the fact that naruto was being born nd in the present he’s 16 or so. That would make kakashi 16 during minato vs Obito and I even saw a picture of kakashi nd guy at that time from the manga and he even looked 16. Saying that, Obito would be around 16 when fighting the 4th and didn’t sasuke fight 5 kage at the age of 16!!! It makes it doable qnd

  70. Nwsasuke Says:

    And that Obito was behind the uchia massacre along with itachi and there being only 1 masked man which is Obito!! Plz comment or criticize on my comment so I can get other opinions from this,

  71. Nwsasuke Says:

    The only question left is who saved Obito and taught him about Madura as well as trained him which comes to only 2 possibilities: zestu or orochimaru

  72. NarutoS8 Says:

    there was no way that obito fought the 4th during the nine tails attack. the 4th is regarded as the greatest ninja that ever lived besides the 1st and the sage of six paths. no matter how much training the masked man had when he fought the 4th he couldn’t surpass him in skill even with the new eyes that he acquired. remember this obito is only stronger cause he has the rinnegan now. keep it coming, im loving this…

  73. kjames Says:

    @73 then explain the masked mans use of kamui when he fought the 4th. Im pretty sure as great as Madara is that Kamui is unique to Obito’s eyes only. Im just as upset that Tobi is Obito. I really didnt want to believe it, needless to say I wasnt surprised. But I digress, tobi didnt have long hair when he fought the 4th. It was only long when the Uchiha massacre occured. Im pretty sure It was Obito who fought the 4th.

  74. FrostStorm Says:

    Ok, I’m pretty angry about this, as many of you are. Kishi ‘should’ have a good explanation, and I’m fairly certain there’s another Tobi identity we don’t know of. Obito is just Tobi in this particular fight.

    As disappointed as I am right now, I’m looking forward to hearing what the heck is going on. We’ll see.

  75. Lingeringsentiment Says:

    i love how everyone is in denial. im not saying there isnt more to obito being the masked man. im saying you guys who have doubting this for months need to accept it. im sure there is more to it than just obito got smashed and set off for revenge. i cant believe how many people really didnt see this coming.

  76. Lingeringsentiment Says:

    @Nwsasuke: thank you! im glad im not the only one who payed attention.

  77. Tro Says:


    I think most saw the obviuous Tobi = Obito relation.

    But those that think ahead know that it could not happen with the Timeline, Motives , Powerboost of Obito and then all the information he gained of all the abilities and history from all the ages and the way to control the 9-tails like he is nothing (even Sasuke could not/can not do this in his current state).

    And then there is the question who trained and saved a ninja kid with 1 eye almost dead with not alot of skill and not a very big Chakra lvl other then normal. Why even go for Obito when he could just get into Konoha and get a healthy one the clan was still alive?

  78. Kenpachi42 Says:

    @ 78 saduke cant control the nine tails because nobody has taught him how who saved obito trained him and taught him how the inly question who saved him

  79. NarutoS8 Says:

    @ 74. Im pretty sure madara has the ability to use that technique as well. there is a lot that has yet to be revealed. there are no techniques unique in the ninja world unless its a bloodline technique which are not the case with the uchihas. it just takes a genius ninja or the transfer of eyes to gain more power. remember kakashi is not an uchiha but was able to master the sharingan and other eye techniques. if he were just another sub par ninja he would have been able to achieve such a task. but im anxious to see what else is in store. i still refuse to believe that its actually obito though. thats just my stubborness coming out…

  80. NarutoS8 Says:

    on another note… why are some of y’all trying to explain how age and height works in this fictional story with real life situations? i mean, come on. there are talking animals and bugs in Naruto. trying to figure out the story based on how the series is going is the fun part of this all. im sure Kishimoto is not worried about how real life works when writing this fictional masterpiece. keep it going

  81. nwsasuke Says:

    The theory that obito couldn’t fight the 4th no matter how strong he was is partially not true! I mean sasuke right now in shippuden is 16 and he’s able to and strong enough to fight his mentor kakashi!! Which he kinda did after his battle with Danzou. Next I do believe zetsu can be a real piece in this!! Its very likely he was there wen madara fought the 1st and can give obito all that 1st person information due to him being sneaky! Next orochimaru can be a factor too because he trained sasuke and also what if he wanted Obitos eyes b4 Itachi nd sasuke!! He indeed has a big role in this!

  82. Foxking Says:

    just a question. Can anyone explain the eyes obito has one is the EMS and one is Rinningan. if you look closely obito’s eyes looks nothing like the one kakasi has. And how is he able to change eyes with no problem.

  83. Foxking Says:

    last point we are forgetting the zetsu can copy a person once they take in enough of the charka. this might explain alot.

  84. narutoboy17 Says:

    @foxking what r u talking about his ms looks exactly like kakashis and the rinnegan he stole from nagato

  85. kjames Says:

    @NarutoS8 but every sharingan has a unique trait. Everyone who activated MS has a unique ability the others cant do. Ex.- Itachi’s Tsukuyomi could control space and time. Sasuke can control Amaterasu, Shisui- Kotoamatsukami, Madara- Super Susanoo, Obito- Kamui. Remember Kakashi can use Kamui because he is using Obito’s eye not just because he is a great ninja

  86. Foxking Says:

    sorry i realize my mistake. confused the eye he has with the the explanation of EMS and how it looks.

  87. Lingeringsentiment Says:

    @83: the reason obito has a rinnegan is due to having stolen Pain’s from his grave and inserting one of them into his eye that was rendered blind by konan forcing him to use izanagi to live. She kicked his ass and he was forced to resort to losing an eye.

  88. NarutoS8 Says:

    @ kjames. point taken. didn’t realize that each had a special trait within the sharingan but they are able to use a lot of the same techniques just on different levels.

  89. nwsasuke Says:

    I just looked up zetsu’s bio. and it seems black zetsu has the ability to record anything!! this means that he could have recorded numerous battles within madara’s time and even recored madara vs the 1st hokage!!Zetsu could also be the one to in fact given madara’s rinnegan eyes to a cabable person like Nagato under Madara’s orders before he died. that would explain how nagato recieved the rinnegan after madara’s death! Also, black zetsu’s abilities could have also helped when telling Obito about madara’s past and giving obito the abilty to recall madara’s past from a first person perspective. the part with the training obito enough to fight the 4th hokage comes down to either him or orochimaru i still dont know.

  90. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    i explained it once i’ll explain it again…the reason why Obito bexame evil is that he saw too much pain in the world…so in his plans for the infinite genjutsu he’ll erase all the hate ,the war,the blood shed…its a classic villains plan for peace…like Code geass

  91. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    the one who battled the 4th was indeed a black zetsu…the original…created by non other than orochimaru…orochimaru put some hashirama’s DNA on black zetsu which explains how the kyuubi got controlled…thats all i got 4 now

  92. Haha Says:

    Obito/tobi is not, 83% sure, not a zetsu clone. Naruto sage charka would have reacted like it did to the other ones he fought. He would have burst into a tree or something

  93. Tro Says:


    Ok so that is why he helped Itachi kill his old clan? It makes no sense of Obito to kill his clan if he wants peace dude.

  94. VetoMan Says:


    why must it be Orochimaru who is responsible for everything, he even said he has not interest in the war.

    if this tobi really was black zetsu first, which h appearantly created, wouldnt he be more interested=

  95. VetoMan Says:


    Itachi said that Tobi was his mentor etc. Did Obito help Itachi annahiliate his clan?

  96. soS Says:

    @Izuna-Can you please tell us the “kishimoto’s personal website” you were talking about.

  97. AstroBoy Says:

    yay is dis a record,97 comments,and im 98?

  98. eass Geass Says:

    I don’t know why people here still object the Obito is not Tobi?Kakashi already identified him,and it could be a classic case of antiheroism,like Lelouch Vi brittania from Code Geass.

  99. soS Says:

    @99-I’m not sure what your’e implying,because Tobi himself did not say that he was Obito,but what we know is that Tobi is in Obito’s body.It still maybe in someone else’s concious,like Izuna.

  100. VetoMan Says:

    this must be the first time there have been over 100 posts lol

    @99 not really classic, as it has happened only once. But dont start relating the two just yet, we do not know what Obito/Tobi is thinking at all

    Who knows he has really turned bad.

  101. narutoboy17 Says:

    no this site has hit as much as 150 before (don’t ask which chapter but somewhere in either late 400s or early 500s i think) and im honestly starting to think of obito as a tragic figure in this show in either situation whether brainwashed or his body taken over by someone that honestly makes me feel bad for him cause hes being forced into doing this and is not acting per his own free will and merely being controlled for the power of his ms

  102. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Remember the last fight will be Naruto Vs. Sasuke

  103. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    Sorry cant tell yah…but ill be giving weekly spoilers from the finished manga…orochimaru was interested in that black zetsu once before…but as time flies…he got bored of the power…that is when oro discovered a new interest…the sharinggan…naruto didn’t reacted because the obito their fighting now is the half dead

  104. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    obito that kakashi and gai knew…back in the war during kakashi’s gaiden…after the rock crushed obito…oro was wandering around and sensed an interesting chakra underneath the rocks…by that time he gave obito a new life…and oro enlightened(darkened in his case)that the world was too impure …thats all for this week

  105. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    1 more thing… how can i edit the piks and bio of the characters in this site…there are lots i can contribute in this site

  106. JustACasualObserver Says:

    @UchihaIzuna What Your Ssying Is Simply Not True. If there were any truth too what you are saying a lot more people would know trust me. Kishi has the series finished in his head but not on paper yet

  107. narutoboy17 Says:

    i agree with 107 they’re probably only like 10 people in the whole world who know how naruto will end (kishi and his crew however many that may be) so izuna unless ur like kishis son i doubt u really have any idea on how this manga will actually turn out ur allowed to guess of course thats what we all do but to say u know exactly whats gonna happen thats going a little to far if u ask me. Also for 106 u can’t only the creator of the site can edit it

  108. Haha Says:

    That is totally messed up for you to ruin it though. If i was admin. You would would outta here quicker that a cheetah chasing its prey.

  109. narutoby17 Says:

    @haha r u talking to me cause im not an admin im just a long term user of this site and i know i cant change it. if i could i would update this site today but i cant the creator of this site is Shikamaru as far as i know hes the only one who can cange this site. I dont know him so its not like i can tell him to change it

  110. darknaruto456 Says:

    hey did anybody notice that this cant be obito. how can he. kakashi took obitos left eye and then during tobis fight with konan he used his right eye to negate her paper bomb attack. its just so confusing how nobody has their original sharingons.

  111. VetoMan Says:

    yah I think it is kinda obvious that Obito didn’t do all this by himself, there is def. some other factors to consider.

    but youre right, nobody is using his own powers, it all comes from somewhere else

  112. backlash Says:

    Firstly, to all who have said obito couldn’t have been old enought to have fought the 4th, hust look at kakashi and guy who were at least 18 and pretty nuch grown. What i think happened is that Madara was the original tobi, who found and preserved and rebuilt obito’s body. When Obito finally awakened he probably had memories, not all of them, but enough that he had a basic sense of who he was. However, Madara corrupted his mind and told him the secrets of the uchiha clan and after madaras death, obito became successor.

  113. backlash Says:

    However i think that Orochimaru had a role to play in rebuilding obito and he may have been collaborating with Madara and that’s how they got his corpse. But now i would really like to know how madara awakened the rinnegan. Did orochimaru play a role in that? Im anxious to know, but i can’t wait until everything ties in together for the finale.

  114. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    WOW 5/5 can’t wait for the explanation kishi 😀

  115. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    alright ill reveal myself…im really his identical twin…Seishi Kishimoto …so u better listen if you want to join my brothers private site

  116. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    alright ill reveal myself…im really his identical twin…Seishi Kishimoto …so u better listen if you want to join my brothers private site\

  117. narutoby17 Says:

    @uchiha izuna yes and im american president barack obama who holds a secret love for naruto in my spare time when i’m not running the united states.

  118. minto Says:

    there is a time that i use to think that maybe obito is madara’s son or something ,because there must be something that conetct this two,however,i think i will wait and see what is going to be in the next chpter

  119. Zeno Says:

    @Izuna haha, you’re funny. i bet you’re probably like 11 or something.

  120. MisticVegeta Says:

    @ Uchiha Izuna

    Get a life, there are some on sale on ebay, just checked it for you.
    And people won’t see me say something like this often, but this time I would like to ask Shikamaru to permanently block you from this website.

    If you are who you claim to be, you woud not even be here on this website. You would respect Kishi, as his brother, and not reveal his work.
    Furthermore, you are implying and not speculating, therefor being a real annoyance to me and other people on this website.

    Lastly, by asking access to this website, you are not only dishonoring the website, but also the people that work hard to provide us with all there is to the Narutoverse.

    Thus again, Shikamaru, please ban this fraude.

  121. narutoboy17 Says:

    @mystic i agree but heres the problem shikamaru can block izuna all he wants all izuna has to do is change his name to say uchiha izuna 1 and put in a different email and hes right back commenting

  122. senorJACO Says:

    @114 Sorry but Oro cant have had a role with Madara awakening the Rinnegan. Remember how he and Kabuto tried all those experiments to see if they could get the Rinnegan and they eventually had a hypothesis that it is the last step of sharingan.

  123. ninja sx Says:

    zetsu and the death of madara uchiha will explain everything, but until kishi work your magic

    and shut up izuna 😛

  124. MisticVegeta Says:

    @122 Shikamaru could block his IP-Address, so no matter how much names he comes up with, he still won’t be able to post things.

  125. ninja sx Says:

    also has anyone noticed that the mask man who attacked konaha was wearing a cloak with a hood, so who knows if that was tobi or . madara. Maybe the mask is a sign of power and fear like madara’s name. only problem is he used kamui which is unique to obitos eyes.

    If the mask man used kamui 16 years ago wouldnt that mean kakashi would of had it as well?

  126. fantasyfreak Says:

    I just realized something. This all makes total sense. Look at Kakashi Gaiden for example. Story telling wise it served no purpose what so ever in advancing the overall story(dont get me wrong, Kakashi Gaiden is good,but its the very definition of filler without actually being filler).Only it was never supposed to. It was there to plant the seeds of Obitos villainy. He had it planned all back then!! Genious kishimoto, absolutely genious! :) And yeah, obviously orochimaru or madara or someone had their hands involved, it will be intresting to see just how. Me thinks there is a strong possibility that it was Orochimaru in collaboration with madara. I mean why else would sasuke bring orochimaru back now recently? They even said he had a very important role to play.It´s all coming together :)

  127. narutoboy17 Says:

    @mystic i mean it is possible i really wish Shikamaru would allow one of the major users of this site like me or u or anyone who has alot of knowledge of naruto to help run this site and keep it updated.

  128. sasukefan Says:

    I bet Itachi knew alot more about this situation than he was willing to tell!

  129. Tminaj Says:

    I knew it…u guys think about it….obito backwards is tobi duh…..and its half obito half zetsu thas how hes able to regenerate….

  130. Mangekyou Itachi Says:

    A lot of people seem to be talking about madara finding obito training him then dying of old age which doesn’t make sense, edo tendei brings people back looking how they did before they died like nagato died with white hair and was revived with white hair. If that was the case madara would have come back old and frail and not be able to do the stuff he’s doing now. Am i right?

  131. soS Says:

    I agree with 131

  132. Uwanahsasuke Says:


  133. soS Says:

    @133-If you hate Naruto so much,then what are you doing on this site

  134. Zero Says:

    True, Edo Tensei revives the person in the state before they died. But Kabuto mentioned he did something in Madara’s Edo. Something about returning it to its Golden Age, or something like that.

  135. Shikamaru Says:

    User submissions of content for the site are welcome through the Feedback area of our forum. But even then, I’m pretty late at utilizing material. Leafninja is indeed a one man operation for most of the site with thankfully some support in certain areas from some other kind fans of the series.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a time of time or investment to update the site 24/7 like I could. The next time a databook gets released we’ll probably get more large scale updates again.

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