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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 600 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:00 am on 9/5/2012

Chapter 600 has been released!

Click For Chapter 600 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

60 kunai thrown »

60 Responses to “Chapter 600 Released”

  1. MisticVegeta Says:

    Well things are getting clear and interesting. This chapter was awesome, the flashback was short and helpful to the chapter. Obito’s motive is indeed Rin’s death. I wonder if Kakashi really lost his will to fight? This is a true psychological torment for him.

    Now, some of my speculations:

    – Obito was ressurrected by Madara’s Rinnegan. Rinnegan’s Deva path has the power to bring back the dead the same way as Edo Tensei. The dead come back with all their injuries healed. This would explain Obito’s scarred face. After this, Orochimaru or Zetsu embedded Obito with Zetsu’s DNA, enhancing his chakra and shinobi abilities.

    – This could also be the reason as to how Madara died. Remember that Nagato died after bringing back all those who he killed during his assault on Konoha. Maybe Madara’s injuries were so severe, that shortly after bringing back Obito, he died by using his last remaining chakra to give Obito his knowledge the same way Itachi implanted his Amaterasu into Sasuke’s left eye.

    – The “them” Orochimaru and Sasuke were talking about could be his parents. But now, Madara and Obito could be a possibility too. Orochimaru was one of Akatsuki’s original members, so he must have a lot of knowledge about the two Uchiha’s and the true past of the clan.The only thing contradicting this would be that Sasuke asked Orochimaru where they were going, as the latter replied: ” A place you know well”. The place were team Naruto is fighting now does not seem like a place Sasuke “knows well”. So I am really curious where they are heading. It would be cool to see the last three (most powerful) remaining Uchiha together in one fight.

    – The only mystery to me is, where Nagato comes into play. Obito did say he gave Nagato his Rinnegan, while acting as Madara. So who was it? Obito, Madara or Zetsu?

    – My thoughts for next chapter is that the Konoha eleven will show up Including Sasuke. Remember, Itachi released the Edo Tensei, except for Madara’s, which is holding on to his body. How evil Sasuke may be, I bet Sasuke wants to finish his brother’s last action, as a sort of memorial to him. Orochimaru will be there as well, sitting on the sidelines, maybe having a conversation with both Obito and Madara about everything. Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and Bee can’t defeat both Obito and an immortal Madara at this point. They need someone like Sasuke and the Konoha Eleven.

  2. Shino Senpai Says:

    boom! mind blown.
    As expected MisticVegeta, all of your speculations seem plausible.

  3. NewUchiha Says:

    I dont think even with sasuke they have a chance to win and thats my favorite charater those two are too strong..but wat if wat omrochimaru meant metiphorcally to sasuke a place you know well..the battle field

  4. Narutoboy17 Says:

    Alright so what I want to know is where r the 5 Kage are they dead R they following him. Also if as mystic says will the Konoha 11 fight obito will naruto fights Sasuke there is just so many possibility

  5. getsome Says:

    wheres sasuke..

  6. MisticVegeta Says:

    I just thought of something more: Naruto was inspired on Dragonball Z. So what if Kamui’s dimension is the same as the Hyperbolic Timechamber and time goes faster there? It would explain why Obito had grown up so quickly when fighting Minato. Karin healed Sasuke in a short period of time in the same dimension, so it could be that they were longer inside Kamui’s dimension, than the time outside of it.

  7. ninja sx Says:

    Where r the kages? Madara wouldnt just leave them alive on the battlefield, so my guess is that they’re dead.

    Like the idea that the battlefield is the place that sasuke knows well, but i think its the uchiha hideout or orochimaru’s hideout

    @1 agree with you on everything except about orochimaru and zetsu. I still think that madara created zetsu and if obito was brought back by the rinnegan then what about the white goo. It is now obvious that madara found obito, but was obito dead or barely alive? I think Madara took obito in like a son kind of how jirayia did to naruto. Madara definetly gave nagato the rinnegan its the only plausible way.

    Also the biggest shocker was the fact that obito went bad because of a girl. Its all over a freakin girl. What an awful motivator seriously!

  8. MisticVegeta Says:


    Yes, metaphorically that could be right. And I do hope it is as you said, because no matter how you look at it, Naruto needs someone powerful like Sasuke to aid him. The Konoha Eleven would up Naruto’s moral for sure, but I wonder if they would stand a chance against both Obito and Madara. Sasuke (together with Naruto) would be the only ones alive right now that would stand a chance against them

  9. MisticVegeta Says:

    @ninja sx

    Like I said in my first comment, Madara embedded Obito with Zetsu’s DNA to enhance his power and chakra. This would also explain the white goo that came out his arm.

  10. ItachiTrueShinobi Says:

    @vegeta Tsukoyomi is a better idea for increased power levels in a short time, 1 sec =3 days so 1 day = *gulp* 710 years.
    There may have been some things the two collaborated on, listed under actios of a masked man in narutopedia’s obito article, but nagsto and yahiko were definitely the elder’s work.
    @ninja sx Reinforcements are sorely needed,and i don’t think all of the are dead, maybe just oonoki and/or tsunade.
    Sasuke could be coming right now, but he went looking for answers so there’s going to be a long talk when he gets here, or he’s going someplace else. I fear the scroll may go unused, its contents a mystery.

  11. K-Dash02 Says:

    Man talk about emotional screw job on Kakashi, now the true battle is about to begin along with the true resurrection of Juubi now that Madara has joined the fight

  12. Kagemaru Says:

    @ Itachi- the tsukuyomi idea sounds good in theroy bt its only an illusion, the physical being is still on the living plane bt the mental state is off in oblivian somewhere, it would he useful for training, bt tht would only be years of mental maturity bt hed still be a kid

    @vegeta- the hyperbolic time chamber theory is very plausible, hmm now combine tht with Itachis tsukuyomi theory and you got the ultimate shinobi.

    the theory on madara using rinnegan on reviving obito makes sense bt tht would cancel out the training, nd actually just raised a thought. If obito could use kamui then why didnt kakashi get mangekyo at an early age? was the eye still connected to obito in terms of evolution, it would make sense nd explain how kakashi got it without being of uchiha blood

  13. Kagemaru Says:

    I wonder if kamui is a mangekyo technique or just a clan secret technique, maybe mangekyo enhances uchiha abilities. like shishui for example, while danzo had possession of it he had mifune under his control bt it wasnt in mangekyo form bt while the mangekyo form in itachis crow, it had ultimate brainwashing abilities. maybe the Same for obito, what if madara is directly related to obito(random thought)

  14. narutoboy17 Says:

    why aren’t my comments posting

  15. MisticVegeta Says:


    I have had the same problem with some previous comments of my own. It seems a certain wordcheck is blocking comments due to faul language of something..

  16. narutoboy17 Says:

    i wasn’t using any foul language my entire post was me suggesting that shikamru take on a second admin to help keep the site updated and we the people who use the site should take a vote and who we feel is most qualified like make a comment thing asking people to announce there running and so long as someone seconds them they’re a main canaidate then another one we vote on who should take the role. However i don’t think i would make a good admin cause i’m really busy with school.

  17. narutoboy17 Says:

    However like people can’t make a bunch of user names and vote for themselves countless times like we’ll look back and only if people who have commented on at least previous one can vote

  18. sasuke-kun Says:

    mangekyo sharingan, a clan secret? really? just now? i thought everyone could do it. lol i think the real mystery is how did even kakashi pull it off? he got it with 2-tomoes and turned it into mangekyo w/o being an uchiha. definitely a candidate for the hokage title this guy.

    i don’t think madara needs to put zetsu in obito, i think zetsu can do that on his own as how he protected kisame or sasuke (wth even happened to zetsu?). as for the rinnegan healing, i think it’s more of ressurecting the dead. so yeah, madara revives obito, heals him, trains him and his battle w/ minato is probably just a test for him.

    i think it’s safe to say obito really went mad after rin died. maybe he was watching konoha in the shadows after the war and the time of naruto’s birth, when he battled minato, maybe a bit later than we think. timelines are a bit screwed right now. last chapter we saw minato’s face in the hokage stones and he wasn’t even hokage at the time.

    sasuke may or may not arrive, i mean naruto’s convincing power might turn obito good and suck madara out of reality. i mean nobody could actually stop that guy right now unless he releases his own edo tensei.

  19. narutoboy17 Says:

    @18 i agree on the third point i mean people do some crazy poop if someone they love has died (trying to dominate the world is a little extreme but hey everyone has their own way of dealing with it) but about this kamui being like the hyperbolic time chamber thing personally i dont buy it. I really can’t think of a good reason why it can’t be and i can think of some reasons why it can be but in my gut i just don’t see it happening not saying its impossible but improbable. (then again i always thought there was no way obito could be tobi so i guess my gut feeling isn’t always true) Also has anyone else noticed that this war has been about to hit its climax since just before the fight with kabuto remember the chapter it started out with the chibi drawing 578 i think. This is like the third chapter since to say the story is hitting its climax.

  20. narutoboy17 Says:

    ok i was just reading some things and this really pissed me people were saying how tobi is obito backwards and apparently peope can’t cause obito backwards is tibo not tobi

  21. narutoboy17 Says:

    can’t spell*

  22. MisticVegeta Says:

    @ Narutoboy17

    I don’t see a need for some of us to help Shikamaru to run the site. He’s doing a great job as it is, there is no reason this site should be updated constantly. As Shikamaru said during the previous chapter, when a new databook comes out everything will be updated at a rapid pace.

    Second, it doesn’t matter whether people can’t spell Tobi’s name backwards correctly. Tobi is Obito and that’s it. We need to speculate from this perspective. Like Obito said, no matter how lame his motive may be, he is acting like this because of Rin’s death.
    Which is actually kind of hypocrite, because if Obito survived he should have been there protecting her himself, instead of putting it on Kakashi.

  23. Gin Says:

    Does Tobi’s MS have control over space and time or just space? If he can control time with his sharingan then maybe he could have some kind of time travel jutsu. Could explain a few things

  24. Redichigo Says:

    Awesom chapter can’t wait to hear this back story between obito an madara

  25. revista presei hotnews Says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to understand a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I feel that you just could do with some p.c. to power the message house a little bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

  26. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Okay good chapter,truly confirms tobi is obito and semi confirms that the kage are dead.however obito(the stupid who could not stop crying)turning into the mastermind tobi who manipulated the likes of nagato,yahiko into creating the akatsuki and probably well maybe (I doubt) the one who attacked konoha,controlled the nine tails and killed his sensei well I think that is the result when you have madara as your teacher.obito aside from the training gained loads of information from madara about konoha and the uchiha and also mentally developed.well the next chapters are gonna be amazing the “chuck norris” master and pupil against kakashi and co.and I couldn’t comment on the previous big chapter because my stupid teachers gave me loads of tests.I hate you teachers y u no understand!!!

  27. sharingan86 Says:

    @ jiraiya 478 i dont think that the kage are dead, remember madara got bored with that fight n decided to get the kyubi, i think they tried to stop him but failed but i dont think he killed them

  28. Kenpachi Says:

    @26 i agree completely but obito didnt kill the 4th he killed him self sealing kurma

  29. SIM Says:

    All 5 kages killed off in the background? Maybe they’ll wind up the manga next week with a big double episode 😛

  30. backlash Says:

    I think the kage are dead. It just seems fitting that at least Tsunade would’ve died so A) all of the sennin will be dead (well sort of, orochimaru kind of died)and B) if Kishi lets Naruto live he can become Hokage. It’s a fair bet that Madara just got bored and killed them all with his susanoo and moved on.

  31. MisticVegeta Says:

    I have a theory regarding the scroll Sasuke got from Suigetsu.
    We discussed that the scroll contains the secrets to the Edo Tensei technique. However, I think it’s something else.

    First of all, Orochimaru’s goal is to obtain a young Uchiha body (Sasuke’s) to gain the Sharingan. Why? Because the Sharingan eventually evolves into the Rinnegan.
    The Rinnegan is said to be able to utilise all (ancient) Jutsu, which means a Rinnegan user could turn the tide of this war.
    Suigetsu told Sasuke, that with the scroll and what’s written in it, he could win this war and rule the shinobi world.

    I believe the scroll contains the means nescessary obtain the Rinnegan and maybe even how to pull of the Tsuki no Mei.
    It makes sense, because Orochimaru (as one of Akatsuki’s original members), must have known about Madara’s and Obito’s Tsuki no Mei.
    In that case, if he knew Madara when he was alive, he also knows how Madara obtained the Rinnegan.
    This would also explain how Orochimaru and Kabuto were able to create a hypothesis around the Rinnegan and its powers.

  32. MinatoItachi Says:

    I dont know why there is so much confusion. Isnt the one who knows all, who started it all- the Rikudo sage? Isnt that the person sasuke mentioned about the meeting?
    As a side note, if Kishi was inspired by the dbz series I dunno why the hell he chose to make the ultimate villian madara look like Raditz!!

  33. Tobito Uchiha Says:

    WTF?…this might explain on how obito survived

  34. sudou Says:

    there still remains one question to me.
    who was the man who let the kyuubi out in the battle where minato yondaime hokage died

  35. kjames Says:

    @34 im still not sure but it was more than likely obito who released kurama from kushina. Only because he was using kamui when he fought the 4th. That seems to be the only logical explanation

  36. TheSparringPanther Says:


    I disagree Vegeta. We have to consider Suigetsu’s intelligence and knowledge on this one. Up until his confrontation with Pain, even Kakashi of the Sharingan (who is said to have copied more than 1000 justu) didn’t know about the Rinnegan, and considerd a overrated mutation.

    Also, it is possible to just

    Also, a theory about Obito training in another dimension has been circulating…

    I do not agree with that one either.

    See, for this theory to work, there are two plausible scenario’s.

    The first one is that Obito gained MS when he was 14 years old, or whatever age he was at the time. Then he sucked himself into the dimension, and trained in there himself. Then he came back, all grown up, and equally strong to the Fourth Hokage. In that time span.

    In the second case Obito did not miracously gain his MS, but Madara used his tech, which what most of you are leaning to. Kakashi has confirmed that the dimension used by Kamui is exclusive to Obito and Kakashi only. In other words, Madara could not have possibly used this tech to suck in Tobi and train him in there.

    This begs the question, if Tobi is Obito now, what it the same person back then? He did use the Space Time techs back then… But no Kamui.

  37. nwsasuke Says:

    Why are people saying madara came back, revived obito and trained him!!!?? Also how r people saying he used the last of his energy to revive obito using the rinnegan?!?!?!? In those past 2 circumstances Madara would have been long dead and wouldnt he have given Nagato the rinnegan by then?!?! That just has me confused you guys.

    So the question really is how to Madara know Obito 4 Madara died and who helped revive Obito and actually train him? Along with when did Madara give Nagato the rinnegan?

    I believe the only possible answer to who used the rinnegan to revive Obito was in fact black zetsu. Now white zetsu was said to be created by Tobi or Obito so maybe black zetsu could have been created by Madara using Hashirama’s cells for the sole purpose of recieving/recording the information Madara was giving him. Including his battle with the first hokage and his past within the clan. He could have also tasked black zetsu with keeping his rinnegan. Now thats where it gets confusing because Zetsu either used it to revive Obito and then give it to Nagato or vise versa idk. Now then maybe Orochimaru comes into the equation by Orochimaru figuring out Zetsus plan nd tasked himself with training Obito after either him or black zetsu told him Rin died and giving Obito a good movtive to actually work with Oro. Lastly idk where Orochimaru could be taking Sasuke but it could have been where Obito was training after he was revived or some Uchiha area on Madara’s past.

  38. nwsasuke Says:

    I also just wanna say that it hasnt been stated yet how Tobi or Obito got his mangekyo sharingan that he obtained it through the grief of him knowing of Rin’s death. This is similar to how Sasuke got his after the grief of him knowing Itachi wasnt the villian he thought he was for 16 yrs.

  39. luna-des Says:

    misticV, Sparring P…
    check out the chapter when Kakashi and Naruto are fighting… or chasing after Diedara. Kakashi takes time to draw and awaken his Mangekyou by forming a hand sign that reps drawing a lot of chakra to one certain point. check it out. after that he was seen using it without the handsign. slowly being able to use it more than once everytime.
    that was obviously way after the 4th and obito faught. and Kakashi said he (obito) was a user of space-time ninjutsu. that would explain obito using a form of mangekyou while fighting the 4th.

    but when obito kept talkin about himself and the past with the “who *I* am is not important” quotes it makes u think who he really is or how obitos crushed body is here and aged.

  40. Kenpachi Says:

    @37 nobody knowsexactly when madara died exacty tho all we kno is he didnt die after his final battle with hashirama so it is possible for him to live long enough to revive obito and give his eyes to nagato

  41. ninja sx Says:

    @ 40 we also know he lived long enough to know obito. We all know that the 1st hokage was an expert at medical ninjutsu and didnt have to use hand signs, so if madara took some of the 1st cells then he could heal himself at his fight. Madara could have lived long enough to train obito and give nagato the rinnegan.

    What if this is like star wars when the emperor turned anakin into darth vader. Madara finds obito mostly dead and then he rebuilds (makes him taller and stronger). After all of that, obito wakes up and madara tells him that rin died. This causes obito to become overcome by rage (like darth vader)and then gain ms. Then madara tells him you will now go by tobi and complete the moon eye plan (death star).

    This is why i think tobi said “whether or not ‘i’ survived is irrelvant” Obito survived, but he is now a new person Tobi!

  42. nwsasuke Says:

    Im still confused on how Madara lived long enough after his fight with the 1st to live through like 3 decades and eventually find Obito and revive him?!? It just doesnt make sence to me. I do believe that there are 2 Tobis one being Madara during the Uchiha massacre and Obito everywhere else because Madara was the one who had that animosity towards the Uchiha.

    What confuses me though is that it makes sence for Madara to use the rinnegan to revive Obito and use hashirama’s cells on the other half of his body but when does Nagato getting the rinnegan from Madara come in?? That really confuses me.

    Lastly about Sasuke. Obito picked Sasuke out to use him for his own gain but besides using Sasuke to help him get the eight tails what other reason could he use Sasuke. My opinion is that he could have used Sasuke to be the next ”Tobi” similar to Madara and Obito when they were under the mask of Tobi which explains the one with long hair and the one with short hair. idk just my opinion

  43. ItachiFTW Says:

    @ 41 I like you star wars theory.

  44. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    and since i was absent at that time where did “seishi kishimoto” go

  45. Rj408 Says:

    What I don’t understand is if madara lived after his fight with the first….which seems true why doors he have the body he fought the first with and not some old man like the third? He should be what maybe 16 years older then the third at the very least but this is just fantasy

  46. ninja sx Says:

    @45 kabuto brought him back in his prime

  47. NewUchiha Says:

    How could obita give the rinnegan to pein if obita was either younger or the same age as them.. Kishi just makes crap up.. Like makin naruto into a censor type just bc he has nine tail chakra.. The other host cant sence anything.. Naruto is a lost and broken manga u guys just have to suck it up…. Is there anyway to right to kishi i wanna let him know how disipointed i am with this manga..

  48. HuangJun Says:

    I’ve been reading some of the comment here, and there’s one thing that caught my attention. How come most people think Obito was too young to have fought Minato?
    I mean during those chapters Kakashi was also more grown up and wearing his ANBU gear. Shouldn’t this mean he’s old enough to have fought him. As for the chapter I’m curious what Madara’s connection to Tobi is. And I also think that the fact that they know eachother, and that Obito impersonated Madara at first, that he lied about giving Nagato the Rinnegan, it was in fact the real Madara.

  49. MisticVegeta Says:

    You guys, I think most of us made a huge misunderstanding when reading this chapter. It just got clear to me.

    Kakashi was about to ask Obito: Why up until now didn’t you reveal yourself? As in: Why didn’t you return to the village if you were alive this whole time?
    And Obito answered: Because you let Rin die.

    So Obito did not start this war because of Rins’ death. So I wonder what his true motive is? Was it Madara’s order?

  50. ajxw Says:

    @ 39. when did kakashi say that what chapeter

  51. Rj408 Says:

    @46 you can’t bring someone back at there prime that makes no sense…y didn’t he bring granny chio back in her prime then…..something doesn’t add up

  52. MisticVegeta Says:


    Chapter 600, page 9. Kakashi is asking him: “If you were alive, how come until now…?”
    He wants to ask Obito why he hasn’t shown himself/returned, and Obito’s answer is: “Because you let Rin die”.

  53. ninja sx Says:

    @51 I mean kabuto did some advancement to his DNA but madara was already at his prime when he died. By prime kishi means at his strongest (rinnegan, susanoo, hashrima’s cells)

    Also someone give me your opinion on my star wars theory its number 41

  54. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    people and especially comment #47 i am not disappointed with this manga and we are all upset (well most of us have accepted it) that tobi was obito well the thing that tobi is obito could have been leaked and well you have the idea how big the naruto community is so it spread like wild fire and now we are upset that it was ruined for us.
    secondly i think madara and obito have played a more important in bringing peace to the ninja world than naruto(well he has not done anything untill now).to me madara and obito have played the part of perfect enemies for the villages to unite them.the villages knew(well rather had common sense)that they wouldn’t stand a chance against madara and obito if they didn’t unite.
    lastly thank you vegeta for helping me understand the title “how come untill now” kishimoto should give clear dialogues to the characters.

  55. sasuke>gohan Says:

    i dont think kishi would kill off the 5 kage without showing it- one of the madaras is prob a clone. i like how nartuo turns all yellow, looks like he is going super saijan. as this manga draws to a close does anyone have any suggestions for other quality anime series? also, oro and voldermort would be great friends

  56. luna-des Says:

    597, page 4

  57. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    my leaf ninja buddies ch 601 is out

  58. Tobito Uchiha Says:

    next chapter is the fight with madara and naruto…the nxt chapter shows madara and obito knew each other,and madara also knew nagato…madara wants to be revived by nagato’s rinne rebirth…instead nagato used it on the villagers of konoha…so he betrayed the two uchiha’s…last page shows that old nagato saved half dead obito…spoilers.net

  59. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    you mean old madara right?

  60. MisticVegeta Says:

    Don’t forget the near dead Kage, with Tsunade’s body cut in half…

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- 06/02/2015

English Vol. 71
- 08/04/2015

English Vol. 72
- 10/06/2015

DVD & Blu-Rays

Shipp. Uncut Set 21
- DVD ~ Ep. 258-270
- 01/01/2015

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