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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 601 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:26 am on 9/11/2012

Chapter 601 has been released!

Click For Chapter 601 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

62 kunai thrown »

62 Responses to “Chapter 601 Released”

  1. NewUchiha Says:

    Pretty co chapter.. But seriously can u stop bringing ppl back to life ..omfg its really tickin me off how good guys always get this bonus wether b a jutsu or reinforcment extra chakra.. N never can seem to loose a single fight in a war.. Now this kishi imma come to ur house at night .. N kick u in the nutts if tsnudae revives them

  2. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Awesome chapter! So it’s clear Madara saved Obito. But how? We see his right half totally wrapped in bandages, but what happened to that part of his body? I think
    Obito eventually will have a change of heart towards Madara. That situation has plot armor. Kakashi will be able to reach the old Obito somewhere deep down inside him and his last action will be to help defeat Madara and give Kakashi his right eye as well. It just feels that way. Personally I hope Sasuke will show up, just for the sake of having the last 3 remaining Uchiha together. Also, in that situation, Orochimaru will join the group as well. This would give us a lot of information as to how he is related to both Madara and Obito.

    The Kages are defeated, near dying. Tsunade’s body is in half. I’m surprised she was still able to summon Katsuyu in her current state. I hope she can save the other Kage in time. For the storyline to progress Tsunade needs to die or retire anyway, so is she dies, she needs to go out honourably. In this case, giving your life to save that of your fellow 4 Kage, which in the past were your enemies, seems pretty honourable to me. I wonder who will be the 6th Hokage. Kakashi or Naruto?

  3. HuangJun Says:

    Awesome chapter indeed. I had a feeling Kishi would kill off the kages, but damn,..
    Tsunade got masacred! D8
    Too bad there wasn’t a scene showing how they got beaten, hopefully that will make it into the anime as a filler scene.

    And finally^^ we get to see what happened to Obito.

  4. HuangJun Says:

    @1 Reincarnation is a common thing in Buhdism and Shintoism, and Naruto is almost entirly based on it.

  5. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey guys ill make this quick i’m tech grounded and not allowed to use the internet till the end of the month. I can’t believe tsunade was cut in half that was insane. Also imagine if all 5 kage die that would be inconceivable to the political status of the naruto world and the leadership/moral of the army. Another thing that shocked me was how old madara shocked me to see him so old. And i wonder if madara will be able to stand up to naruto and bee or will both of them be defeated by madara as well.

  6. Orange Says:

    looking forward to the incoming chapters, finally some plot. this kakarot like display of power is getting boring.

  7. xxkazeonixx Says:

    who was the old uchiha man at the end of the chapter?

  8. Kenpachi Says:

    @7 its most likely madara
    This chapter was fantastic i think tsunade is deffinatly gona die but the other 4 kages r gone live and i dnt think obito is gona kill madara i think kakashi is gona kill obito but kill himself in the process and where is the rest of the shinobi army the were on their way to help atleast 20 chapters ago

  9. VetoMan Says:

    @7 who do you think?

  10. TheSparringPanther Says:


    Thats really to bad man

    @7, @9

    No need to be sarcastic VetoMan, it was Madara. You could tell by how old he was, the Sharingan and his hair style. And his face actually.

    I am thinking that the one who fought against Minato that time was Zetsu with Obito’s power. The slimy goo supports this theory, but his appearant power of the fox… Not quite sure about that.

    The fan technique was also quite interesting, totally refelcting the blast like this.

    Also, the war just got the R rating due to those 5 panels haha

  11. NewUchiha Says:

    But obito is completly evil.. He turned sasuke who really was done with everything after his fight with itachi into a complete psycho..so if obito gets talked into it then saskue is next then there really is no sastisfying way for this manga to end.. If all u have to do is dr phil no jutsu

  12. HuangJun Says:

    @10 I think this perfectly fits in with Obito fighting Minato. If Madara at the end of his life, gave him power, he could be strong enough to fight Minato.
    Just like how Oro trained Sasuke or Ero Sennin with Naruto. If he had a strong sensei, he could easily fight him.

    Also I think the slime goo, you mentioned, is actually the zetsu part of Obito’s body, used to fix him.

  13. Uchihadomo Says:

    I think that the real zetsu fused with obitio. In other words, his crushed half is actually zetsu.

  14. ninja sx Says:

    Well it looks like my star wars theory might come into fruition!
    I do not believe obito is going to fight madara. If he was trained by madara he would known how strong he is. Also kakashi would need a medical ninja to take obito’s eye. I think reinforcement are going to come, but they will be tired from the rest of the war and obito would use the rinnegan to help them before he dies.

  15. ItachiFTW Says:

    guys i dont think tsunade was cut in half cuz she wasnt bleeding like crazy.
    i think she has a rock on her or something

  16. ItachiFTW Says:

    oh man nvm i looked at the next page and saw her legs far away from her torso.
    @ 10 I definitely agree with u now about that R rating.

  17. kjames Says:

    Wow. The kage got decimated. And Tsunade…i guess that visit from Dan didnt help. But I think its a good plan to revive the other kage. I think the only reason she is still hanging on is because of her healing jutsu and her lineage to the Senju. Otherwise she would be useless. And where is the real Naruto? Inside Bee?

  18. ajxw Says:

    so looks like another flashback. cant wait to learn about obito

  19. Kenpachi Says:

    Wait which panals r u guys talkin about to make it r rated

  20. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    @17 the real naruto is either the one behind kakashi and gai or he’s off chasing sasuke’s chakra from a long distance hopefully taka + oro make an appearance soon and if you read closely you’ll see that kakashi’s words near end of gaiden and when obito awakens are the same XD 5/5 I don’t want tsunade especially if she knows sage mode (she can always survive and then retire 😀

  21. allan Says:

    feel bad for the kages.. i hope tsunade can help the kages and hopefully herself.. may her healing jutsu and katsuyu help her..

    so, where’s the real naruto?

    time for the flashback, kishi?

  22. BOOM Says:

    I really want Kakashi to get both of Obito’s eyes!!! Then Kakashi will be the supreme master of space jutsu!! 😀

  23. backlash Says:

    @20 i just re watched Gaiden and that voice that was saying “Am i dead? Where am i?” sounds a lot like Obito’s. Im thinking it was actually him.

  24. Lingeringsentiment Says:

    why does everyone have a zetsu fetish? im sure i lost the reasoning somewhere back so please enlighten me. But why does everyone think zetsu did all this stuff? almost every post has someone saying “i bet zetsu did …”.

  25. Rj408 Says:

    On what page does it show tsunade cut in half? I just see she has a huge branch on her legs

  26. juggiman Says:

    @25 If you look at page 6 of actual manga story (the full image page where Tsundae’s summoning is saying “Yes I will put you back together”). You can see at the bottom of the tree trunk her legs. and no she isn’t that tall. Brutal

  27. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    madara is very powerful and i mean very very powerful.the kages look like something i do to my pillows when i am acting as naruto.obviously kakashi and co have no chance against him unless the reinforcements arrive.together i think they have got a 45-65 chance against madara.also i am certain that sasuke will be a part of this fight as kishi said it in an interview i posted on this site as well.also some people think that hashirama if summoned can fight madara but i think he has surpassed hashirama. i think sasuke will fight on naruto’s side and thier battle i think is meant to take place at the chuunin exams.

  28. allan Says:

    @26. I agree… she was cut in half. but i think she might still survive this..

  29. chishi Says:

    Madara used 1st hokage cells to bring obito back to from near death thats why his arm was slowly healing, the 1st was the only one who could heal without moulding chakara. narutos clone is searching for sasuke.

  30. chishi Says:

    not his clone sorry the original

  31. VetoMan Says:

    Senju DNA is the answer to everything.

    How did Madara survive? Senju DNA

    How did he got so god-like strong? Senju DNA

    How did Obito survive? Senju DNA

    What are the Zetsu made of? Senju DNA

  32. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey guys so i figured i’m good for about one comment a day mainly cause i’m at school and my parents think i’m getting extra help XD. so anyways @vetoman 31 i have a feeling the reason this senju dna being the answer for everything is cause the uchiha and senju were once in the form of the ultimate ninja and by combining those two is the closet any shinobi and modern times can come to him. also @27 i dont think sasuke will fight with naruto but rather fight against madara to prove himself as the strongest uchiha.

  33. Foxking Says:

    on page 13 is that goo or does it look more like a cracked shell if you look at obito’s shoulder there seems to be a difference in the color and texture and for Madara to pin point on his arm something has to be there that should not be there.

  34. MisticVegeta Says:


    It’s Obito’s arm healing itself from the damage obtained from Naruto’s rasengan.
    This clearly indicates Hashirama’s healing ability is present within Obito.
    From this we can indirectly conclude that that same DNA was used to heal Obito’s crushed body.

  35. TheSparringPanther Says:


    Thats one to put it…

    I just wanted to comment on something I happened to remember. Madara was controlling the Third Mizukage, yet Kisame seemed to recognize Tobi as Madara (after he revealed his face)… What does this mean?

  36. dieselninja Says:

    GREAT chapter i think that if all 5 kages die that maybe the shinobi alliance will be brought together from the war and elect naruto the leader of them which would make him the most recognized ninja ever more than fulfilling his lifelong dream and also the theory of obito activating kamui after getting crushed by that rock seems almost likely now cause when madara said your between this and the other world

  37. Kakashineedsmorefacetime Says:

    It seems to me that who ever made the statement a few chapters ago that the space time jutsu worked like the room in dbz where you can train for a whole year in one day, might be on to something. Madara “between this and the other world”

  38. Kenpachi Says:

    Everybody keeps saying that madara saying between this and the other world meams that they used a space time jutsu but has is dawned on anybody that its just a metaphor because hes half dead i mean half his body was crushed lol

  39. MisticVegeta Says:


    That would have been me. Thank you!

  40. NewUchiha Says:

    I think naruto real body is lookin.for sasuke too

  41. MisticVegeta Says:

    So what if Naruto is looking for Sasuke and he finds him? I mean, Orochimaru is with him so knowing Naruto he will be all like: “SASUKE!! Why is that b*stard of an Orochimaru with you?! Uchiha Madara is destroying the world and you are hanging out with snake-guy?!”

    I don’t think Sasuke will be easily convinced to just tag along.

  42. luna-des Says:

    Isnt the real Naruto in the Kamui demension

  43. narutoboy17 Says:

    @42 no that was a clone as well. and @ 37 i mean it is possible that the kamui hyperbolic time chamber but i’m not really a fan of that theory. also @33 ya obitos entire right side is probably is composed of the first DNA.

  44. Kasper Says:

    @43 i dont think that was a clone since madara himself said that it was over there

  45. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey guys has anyone else been wondering what r those things that one is sticking in A chess and covered in blood and a clear one is in garra back am i the only one to notice those and no it def was cause when it was sent away tobi commented that kakashi wasnt fast enough with the clone and the real one was making a tailed beast bomb

  46. narutoboy17 Says:

    oo forgot to put @44 after and

  47. luna-des Says:

    you gotta look twice at those pages and the ones following… A is bleeding heavly from the mouth, thats the dark stream in front of him.
    Garra has his chakra gourd hanging on the side of him and the light strap is what holds it to his back.

  48. narutoboy17 Says:

    @47 oo it looked like it was some kind of thing madara stabbed him with

  49. backlash Says:

    I feel bad for gaara after this chapter because it is the second time hes had to experience death (or near death). I think the next chapter will just be another flashback, hopefully with words, to explain what exactly happened to obito. I wonder though, what exactly does edo tensei do to dojutsu? Look at itachi where saduke took his eyes yet he was reincarnated with his full mongekyo sharigan. But the weirdest was nagato where he was reincarnated with the rinnegan, supposedly given to him by madara. And madara himself was reborn with the rinnegan, despite giving them to nagato. So all tobi/madara had to do was transplany the rennigan to 40 different people, take the eyes back, and use edo tensei, courtesy of kabuto, to bring them back. I know this is random, but i didn’t want to forget it.

  50. Kasper Says:

    @49 Madara probably gave his eyes away after his death….its also interesting that when madara got brought back by edo tensei he was in his younger form, not in a form of the old man which appeared in the end of last week’s chapter

  51. TheSparringPanther Says:

    It is possible that once he user of the Rinnegan dies, he can momentarily connect with the next user of the Rinnegan, the eyes being themed after reincarnation and all that.

    Also, the people who have been saying that Kabuto could have just bought back all those people… If Tobi transplanted to many Rinnegan, and the Edo Tensei were under Kabuto’s control, wouldn’t he become to powerful –‘

  52. narutoboy17 Says:

    so sparring panther last point got me thinking maybe there have been other rinnegan users in the past but it works like the avatar in the avatar the last airbender series there can only be one rinnegan user at but it can only be activiated in a life threating situtation. It possible madara new that nagato would be the next rinnegan user and sent those konoha soliders into his house knowing they would kill his parents infuriting him enough to activate it. That could be used to explain why madara claims he gave him the rinnegan. And to answer how madara had the rinnegan at the same time well maybe once a uchiha gets the EMS (which madara is the only one aside from sasuke who barely had it for a day or so) maybe they can also activate the rinnegan but under extreme stress.

  53. soS Says:

    Guys,I re-read the chapter where Madara was revived,and Kabuto said there that he was brought back even better than his ‘prime’,so maybe that’s why Madara was revived as an adult not an old man,and I think that’s why he is so powerful.I think that also Madara still has Rinnegan was because he can ‘make’ Rinnegans out of Sharingans through…you guessed it..SENJU DNA!(or there are just other users of the Rinnegan and Madara gave Nagato theirs)But I would like to ask everyone why did Itachi retain his Mangekyo when Sasuke took his?

  54. soS Says:

    My prediction for what would turn out-

    -Tobi and heroes(Guy+Bee+Naruto+Kakashi)fight out,Gedo Mazo becomes Ten Tails

    -Madara kills Tobi

    -Madara then becomes the ultimate villain,and Sasuke and Naruto join forces,create some weird justu and kill Madara OR Naruto gives his life to seal away Madara OR One of the heroes(possibly Sasuke)tries to give his life to seal Madara,the good guy dies,Madara still lives and the whole ninja world give chakra to Naruto(sprit bomb lol)OR the whole word does one ultimate jutsu and kills Madara

    -Naruto an Sasuke fight at the Final Valley.The series ends at the start of the fight OR It’s a draw or naruto wins and Naruto becomes the leader of the shinobi world OR Naruto wins and the series ends there.

    If Kishi’s gonna continue the series after this arc,he better come up with something good cuz I feel that this is the best possible endings that I and possibly everyone is thinking of.

  55. MisticVegeta Says:


    If there would be a next Arc, it would probably be that Kakashi becomes Hokage and Naruto would become Konohamaru’s sensei, the same way Jiraiya was his. In that case, Tsunade died and Sakura becomes head of the medical corps in Konoha. Sasuke finds his answers and wanders the Shinobi world, rethinking his past and future. Eventually he does decide to attack Konoha with Orochimaru’s help, who then betrays him by attempting to steal his body again. Sasuke kills him and eventually obtains the Rinnegan. Naruto will master his Uzumaki genetic powers and takes on his father’s legacy as the second coming of the Yellow Flash. By that time Naruto and Sasuke will clash once more, Naruto aided by Kakashi and Sakura, all resolved to settle their differences. Kakashi dies, while getting caught into the fight and he tells his last words to his three students. He will tell Sasuke sonething like: ” Because you know hatred, you know the power of love. You lost everything once, why losing everything once more by your own hands? To Naruto he will say: When this is over, I want you to take on the title of Hokage and follow into your father’s footsteps. You are ready Naruto.” The fight ends with Naruto heavily wounding Sasuke and dragging him back to the Village. There Sasuke will heal his wounds and he and Naruto will have a looong big talk. He will watch Naruto be inaugurated as Hokage from a distance and then takes his leave once more, never to be seen again.

  56. dmoney Says:

    @55 Good prediction

  57. dmoney Says:

    I think Obito will turn on Mandura… I have a feeling he had something to do with Rin’s death and helped cause Obito to turn evil..

  58. dmoney Says:

    Btw this is my first time commenting! I normally sit here and read all these comments and arguments … btw im one of the 1st people that believed tobi was Obito.. it was pretty obvious!!!

  59. Zero Says:

    I think after Madara died, he ordered Obito to transplant the rinnegan to the young Nagato.

  60. MisticVegeta Says:

    I want to add something to my thoughts on a new arc described in comment #55 and go into more specific details.

    First I said Naruto will be Konohamaru’s personal Senpai.
    He has been training him jutsu like the Kage Bunshin and Rasengan in the past, so it would fit for that matter. Konohamaru looks up to him, even though he claims him to be his rival.
    Konohamaru is supposed to be chuunin now if we have to believe the OVA that came out with Shippuuden movie 5, so perhaps Naruto, Konohamaru and 2 other shinobi will form their own team (Since Kakashi would be Hokage, Sasuke running the highway and Sakura would be head of the Medical corps), team 7 would be pretty much disbanded. Therefor Naruto would be entitled to perhaps Special Jounin (which is a title appointed by the ruling Kage), and become leader of the squad.

    Regarding Kakashi’s death, I believe he would be killed by Naruto’s and Sasuke’s clashing techniques. Not being able to witness and bear seeing his 2 precious students go at each other for the kill would make Kakashi decide to jump in between and be killed by the impact. His final words would have an impact on Sasuke, about not losing the people that love him once more, losing to the fate of the Uchiha and Senju. There he passes on the title of Hokage to Naruto, saying he’s become a legend greater than his father, his sensei, and that he’s proud to have witnessed the rise of Konoha’s greatest hero in it’s entire history.

    Finally, I told Naruto would bring a badly wounded Sasuke back to Konoha, for him to heal and where they would have a long talk. This because Naruto still needs to complete his main objective since the beginning of Shippuuden: To bring Sasuke back to Konoha. Not many of their old classmates are going to like this, because they would accuse Naruto of protecting Sasuke once more, but Naruto will reply that is not the case and that things have changed.

    Sasuke will eventually let Konoha be at peace and restores the Uchiha in his own way: the Uchiha clain will always be regarded as one of the most legendary powerful clans in the Shinobi history, with Uchiha Sasuke as the soul survivor, who dissapeared as mysteriously as the legendary clan itself.

  61. narutoboy17 Says:

    @dmoney i would just like to say welcome to the site. @also mystic as usually very good prediction and i do like it. But one thing what happens to sakura in ur version of the end of naruto?

  62. backlash Says:

    Anyway, i have some minor predictions as well. First, i believe that sasuke will join the fight as well as orochimaru after they have found out whatever they needed to or maybe madara was who sasuke was lookimg for all along. But nonetheless, they will fight and bee will unite with sasuke, the man who tried to kill him, in fighting. Meanwhile, the real naruto IS in the kamui demension and that at some point, tobi will warp kakashi and guy there as well where they can’t interfere with the plan and they will fight. It will be there where i think that kakashi will die in the process of killing obito, his closest friend. After Obito is dead, naruto and guy will warp back to reality, with guy severly injured and unable to fight..

    When they return, bee will be dead along with orochimaru, with his bijuu taken and sasuke will be very weakened. Madara will seal the incomplete juubi inside of him and become a jinchuuriki, despite already having unlimited chakra. Naruto and sasuke will work for one last time to beat madara and in the process, sasuke will awaken his rinnegan, as well as naruto learning to harness his uzumaki strength and sealing the juubi inside himself. After the battle, sasuke disappears and naruto becomes hokage. After sometime, sasuke will attack the village and naruto will defend it with his life, thus killing sasuke and sasuke will smile and finally admit that naruto is stronger and that sasuke couldn’t bear the life of hate anymore. Naruto will take sasuke’s rinnegans and become the second so6p. Naruto and sakura get married and name their kid sasuke, and we learn the true fate of the uchiha clan; that tobi and itachi spared the children who hadn’t yet awakened their sharingan, and the legend of the uchiha shall live on…(man that was more predicting than i thought)

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Chapter 681 (Spoilers)

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