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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 602 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:55 am on 9/19/2012

Chapter 602 has been released!

Click For Chapter 602 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

81 kunai thrown »

81 Responses to “Chapter 602 Released”

  1. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    To me this was a very confusing chapter, since some questions were answered. But new questions did arise from this. I’ll try to analyse this from page to page. First Obito asks the old man if he’s an Uchiha too? Where he replies with: Who knows. This was kind of confusing. Was his first intention not to tell his name? We then see the old man holding the scythe Madara used when fighting Hashirama (Yes Madara both had a fan and a scythe), together with his appearance, we could deduce the fact this was Madara indeed. Now onto the next pages, we get a good look into Obito’s personality, which in my opinion doesn’t differ much from Naruto’s. But then Madara says: I don’t know how that rock didn’t crush you, it’s almost as if you were able to slip away from it. So Madara did not save Obito from the rock that crushed his body. who or what did?

  2. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Madara starts talking about wanting to create a world full of winners, peace and love. Now this is really unbelievable. The man that wanted to crush the leaf, wanted revenge on the Uchiha, wants to create such a world? Right… The only thing Obito wants is to get away from there. Madara then tell him that if he’s so eager to die he can go ahead, but he will take his sharingan. Obito replies that he already has the eyes, but then Madara shows him he only has a left eye. He tells him he gave his own eyes to someone else. This indicates it was Madara himself who gave Nagato his Rinnegan, not Obito. Now this is weird because, just a few pages ago Madara claims that if he doesn’t absorb the chakra from the Mazou, he will die. So how did he gave Nagato his Rinnegan if Madara couldn’t get out of that place?

  3. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    We also see Madara having the same thing as Nagato, that his body needs to stay stuck to the mazou or else he will die. Now this is where it gets interesting, because he finally tells Obito he is Uchiha Madara. Obito is shocked of course. When I took a closer look at the Mazou, we see all these incomplete Zetsus hanging from it, like leafs on a tree. Not only that, but it’s the same Mazou that Obito showed Kabuto before the war, where they stuck Yamato into as well. But they don’t resemble the Zetsu that we know. So was Zetsu a failed experiment that Obito perfected?

  4. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Now lastly, Madara says that a person needs both sharingan eyes to awaken their full potential. Obito immediately thinks about Kakashi and that they both can grow stronger. But their eyes have been separated ever since. Now I am really curious as to how they obtained the Mangekyou?

    Aside of that, I think that the sharingan eye Obito sacrificed in his fight with Konan, was the left eye Madara is having in this flashback. Madara did call it a spare eye. Now I’m wondering; who’s eye was/is this? And if Madara is supposed to be old here, how did Kabuto pull it off to summon him into his young body?
    Anyway, basically to tell a long story short about this chapter: Madara is a sore loser who blackmails a young boy into doing as he pleases by twisting the truth, because he’s too old and weak to do it himself.

  5. Kasper Says:

    my theory: Obito somehow awakened his Mangekyou and managed to save himself from the rock crash (by transferring part of his body to the other dimension)….

  6. HuangJun Says:

    I think he got the MS because he saw how Rin died,.. just a guess.

  7. kjames Says:

    @5 Im not so sure Obito awakened his mangekyou that early seeing as how he just awakened the sharingan itself. My theory is that Kamui might have protected him somewhat but is not a fully developed technique at this point. Like Ao said with Shisui’s eye that he was able to control certain people without them knowing it yet he doesnt necessarily have to activate the full Kotoamatsukami, i think the same rule applies with Obito, except the eye could only protect part of his body. But this is just a theory.

    @MisticVegeta yea its very confusing though we now know it was Madara himself who gave Nagato his eyes and that Obito was saved by Senju DNA. But this brings up a great question. I also want to know how Kabuto was able to bring Madara back to greater than perfect.

  8. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    @7 Kjames

    Yea and not only that, but there are a lot of people speculating all over the web and I’ve heard a lot of theories and speculations. Now these actually make sense after this chapter:

    1. During the night when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, presumably under Obito’s control, Itachi’s/Sasuke’s parents were gone. Where were they when the village got attacked? I’m starting to believe that the Uchiha knew of Madara’s existence at that point in time. Maybe they were to collaborate and siege the Village by that time already, but they failed because Obito screwed up against Minato?

    2. As to Madara and Obito now: When Kabuto showed Obito the coffin with Madara inside, he got scared big time. He absolutely did not want Madara to be revived, seeing his reaction. Something must have happened between the two of them before Madara passed away. Right now they are acting cool, but I have the feeling Obito is feeling very uncomfortable now Madara has joined the battle. So maybe Obito is going to have a change of heart and die (again), but at the hand of Madara.

    3. If Obito dies in this battle, and super-annoying medical ninja Sakura arrives with the other Konoha Eleven, she might serve a purpose this time. She could implant Obito’s other Sharingan into Kakashi, making him have both Obito’s Sharingan. This because Madara said in this chapter, that you need both eyes to awaken their full potential. Imagine what Kakashi could do while having both of them.

  9. Tro Says:

    Madara: My cave was next to it.

    Comeon that is just lame :)

  10. rinniejoe Says:

    That man that obito was talkinng too has to be izuna, nadaras brother, bc madara was dead at this point and he doesnt have his eyes bc madara took them. Hinting tochim saying he lent them to someone.

  11. Zero Says:

    When Madara mentioned that the rock did not crushed Obito’s body, it might not be implying the right part of the body. The right-half of Obito’s body was crushed indeed, but the rest managed to escape the falling rocks. He was lucky when the ground collapse, ending up in one of Madara’s underground passage.

  12. HuangJun Says:

    @10 I think he referring to Nagato’s rinnegan.

  13. Shino Senpai Says:

    Are you an idiot, Obito was clearly talking to Madara. Two main factors pointed this out, Madara’s hair and the scythe Madara (emphasis on MADARA) used to battle Hashirama.
    And the person who Madara was talking about was Nagato, it could not have been Izuna who unlike Madara was actually died at the time.

  14. Shino Senpai Says:


  15. Dosu Says:

    Kabuto said that, when he was talking to Madara, he made him even greater than when he was in his prime. I guess Kabuto has ways that, once he revived the old man Madara, he could revert his body back to his prime.

  16. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey guys where learning about obitos past do u realize what this means when ever we learn in detail about someones past they are not long for this manga world think about it jiriya nagato kabuto when ever we learn about the past that usually means there gonna get killed off soon. My theory for his death is either sacrficing himself to save madara (which is stupid cause he has an immortal body) or madara bojacks him and kills him from behind for like no reason (to any non DBZ fans in a DBZ movie this guy bojack for no reason other than the fact she was in the way of his shot kills one of his comrades to try and defeat gohan.) I have a feeling in an attempt to attack naruto something similar will happen and thats how tobi will get killed off. Also im assuming cause he was his trump card kabuto would want him to be at his best so it makes sense to bring him to younger state. Also my guess is that maybe obito activated his ms like quickly to escape but due to the circumstances forgot he activated it like sasuke forgot he activated the sharigan.

  17. Kagemaru Says:

    So this pretty much backed up my theories, that uchiha can have special abilities outside of sharingan, and that the man that fought the 4th hokage was some sort of zetsu clone. But with obito this chapter pretty much says it all, he stayed with madara for the time being, helped out, learned stuff from him, and trained to be stronger, he obviously had aspirations to leave but all that changed when Rin died, Madara mustve had a way with words to make obito fully brainwashed. I bet when madara died he gave obito his sharingan and thats how he was able to awaken mangekyo.

  18. MisticVegeta Says:


    I’m sorry, where exactly was stated that a Zetsu clone fought Minato in this chapter? I guess I must have missed that, even after reading it 5 times in one day.
    Furthermore, who claimed it was a non-sharingan technique? Obito didn’t, neither did Madara. Sorry to break your day, but this backed up none of the points you just made.

  19. ninja sx Says:

    Does anyone remember shisui? He had the greatest genjutsu skills out of all the uchihas and then when he activated ms he could control people without them knowing. maybe its the same with obito, he could use space-time ninjutsu and phased through the rocks at the last second.
    Also does anyone else think that madara want to use obito in the same way tobi wanted to use sasuke? and hook him to mazou?
    Also what is the statue of mazou? it grows zetsu clones and have senju dna and it seems to be the new vessel for the ten tails

  20. ninja sx Says:

    after this chapter i think it obvious that orochimaru played a role. why? because madara and zetsu have a past as seen here when its growing from mazou. in the last chapter madara looks at obito arm and thinks that it may have a plan. Orochimaru has been known to seal and live in other people. he can regenerate fast and has an excellent chakra supply

  21. just a thought... Says:

    Anyone else think that black zetsu is obitos other half….?

  22. just a thought... Says:

    It does correlate with zetsus ability to phase in and out, and why the halves converse with each other

  23. foxking Says:

    Just a point does any one remember chapter 560 page 4 madara has two eyes. also this madara on the battle field has the face of the 1st on his chest i think this all plays a part but tobi and madara are not seeing eye to eye.

  24. Balloons Says:

    ^LOL nice pun #26, not seeing eye to eye!

  25. formula65 Says:

    madara probably already put his right eye in obito.. perhaps?

  26. Kakashineedsmorefacetime Says:

    Cannot wait to see how Rin died and to see obito turn over to the dark side. Hope Kakashi somehow gets some stamina back and is able to fight obito.

  27. K-Dash02 Says:

    @ Mystic Vegeta
    If you ask me it seems that Madara was using Obito for the completion of Zetsu also. Madara said that he somehow escaped from being crushed, but his right side is still destroyed. To me thats why Zetsu has two personalities because the good side of Zetsu is the original rightside of Obito, and the badside of Zetsu could possibly be Izuna or just Madara. And that could explain who gave Nagato, Madara’s Rinnegan.

  28. mccartyiii Says:

    I’ve got a feeling (woo hoo) that Obito is just playing Madara, he is ticked because Rin died, which I believe it happenef during the 9 tails attack 16 years ago, which he caused, Kakashi will tell him the truth and he will see the errors of his ways and swtich back to the light, and 1 more thing is he part Zetsu?

  29. mccartyiii Says:

    One more thing if this its how White Zetsu is made then what or who is Black Zetsu

  30. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Naruto will turn obito.Obito will try to help in defeating madara.Obito will be fatally injured.(In the process reinforcements arrive) Sakura wil implant obito’s other eye into kakashi. Thus, making kakashi super badass.

  31. K-Dash02 Says:

    @ Mccartyiii
    The badside of Zetsu could possibly be apart of Madara, or Madara’s younger brother Izuna. This chapter pretty much confirms that Madara has lied to Obito about his death incident. At first Madara tells Obito that his rightside has been crushed, then turns back around and tells him he slipped away from being crushed. I don’t think Obito was actually in a life or death situation, I think that Madara needed someone to create Zetsu and he used Obito’s rightside to create the good Zetsu, and possibly some of this own to create the evil Zetsu

  32. Haha Says:

    What do you mean good evil zetsu. It is a package, both evil.

  33. soS Says:


  34. MisticVegeta Says:

    @33 literally it mean Outher Statue. But Gedo Mazou is that statue where Akatsuki seals the Bijuu into, the same thing Obito summoned prematurely without the full 8 and 9 tails chakras.

  35. MisticVegeta Says:


    I agree with you. Though Zetsu might have been created by Madara using both Hashirama’s and Obito’s DNA, Zetsu is and individual lifeform. Black and white Zetsu are perhaps like siamese twins. Either way, Zetsu is Zetsu.

  36. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    good chapter explains a lot of things so it was madara who gave his eyes to nagato well i think he did it shortly before becoming an old geezer and that was what made obito or tobi have business in the rain village and also explains how obito got hashirama’s tissue.also madara and obito’s discussion in this chapter make me laugh because of what they are now.obito is like i want to go meet my girl and madara is like no you have to do things for this old man who saved you.LOL

  37. soS Says:

    @2-Kabuto said that Madara was revived even better than his prime,so that’s why he came back in prime(better than prime)form.

  38. MisticVegeta Says:


    Yes I understand that. But HOW did Kabuto pull that off? Every Edo Tensei came back as they looked before they died. Apparently Madara died as an old man. So HOW is it possible that Kabuto revived Madara as a young man again?

  39. Orange Says:

    it’s gonna be weeks and weeks of history lessons and retcons. there’s probably an even deeper dark in this than old madara, edo tensei madara and obito.

  40. Nasakashi Says:

    Everyone please stop saying that kakashi will get obitos sharingan because the simple fact is that kakashi covers his sharingan for the main reason that it constantly consumes chakra and he cant turn it off. So if he cant handle ONE eye draining him all da time them he will die for sure if he had both.

  41. Foxking Says:

    @40 i dont think so. i am not fully behind the idea of him gettting both eyes but i do not believe having the eye drains his chakra when activated or in his case uncovered. it takes massive amonts of his chakra to use kumi that is what drains him as in the fight with Pain.

  42. TheSparringPanther Says:

    So I thought I posted a comment yesterday, when there were only 10 comments, but sadly it didn’t post, so there is a bit more to react to ~.~

    @8 Vegeta

    1. It’s very possible that they were on a mission. I mean, it’s not impossible. Also, I wouldn’t say that Obito screwed up there as he got rid of the current Hokage, the vessel of the Kyuubi and a lot of Konoho ninja. Also, Madara seemed to only comment on Tsuki no Me, which wasn’t complete at the time.

    However, attacking Konoha, and dealing with the Hokage himself, isn’t something to just gloss over. This itself should be something notable. Understand what I am tryin to say? Either Madara was still alive at that point and they discussed that over or the events at that time actually were part of the plans.

    2. Had Kabuto used Madara earlier on it would have been problematic as the whole world would have known that Obito wasn’t Madara, while the name ‘Madara’ was the one thing that induced fear. It was also neccesary that ‘Madara’ was the leader of Akatsuki as the world must have believed that the leader of Akatsuki should be stronger than Nagato, who held the Rinnegan.

    @16 Narutoboy17

    Highly unlikely. You are stating that his space/time tech is an MS tech right? Wouldn’t we have noticed that he activated the MS? I mean, you don’t activate the MS in just one eye right? He should have already activated it before the crash, and have had it still active.

    Also, it is kinda possible that Zetsu’s other black half is Obito’s other half. Anybody else noticed the swirl pattern on the Senju DNA shell?

  43. Foxking Says:

    @38 I think what we are forgetting yamato and the first are the same just not as strong. when we first saw that tree thing when kabuto said he can make the zetsus stronger we later saw yamato as part of the tree. madara’s prime form has to do with the first’s face on his chest(chapter 575. p12.

  44. HuangJun Says:

    @Rinnejoe You mind not talking to me like you’re a anti-social moron? Have some respect, like the rest of us here!
    Second, it’s kinda ironic. You don’t even know who the characters are.
    Really? Izuna? Have you even read the story?? Madara has given his eyes to Nagato, this has been mentioned a year ago.
    You get the facepalm of the year, you deserve it more then the guy who asked, WHAT THE HELL IS A GEDOMAZO??

  45. MisticVegeta Says:

    @44 Huangjun


  46. TheSparringPanther Says:


    Damn rigjt he does

  47. TheSparringPanther Says:


  48. Kagemaru Says:

    Ouch Mistic Vegeta smh very Ouch lol. Bt you are right, like how everyone was right about obitonotbeingtobi, He Shoots He Scores!!! Jk but look at the logic man, the leaves had tobis mask, they aren’t in some temporal dimension they’re in the akatsuki hideout so tht means he had to have aged naturally, madara said he slipped through the rock(s) I mean these are just tiny hints man, I lay my chips down bt if I’m wrong I will gladly accept.

  49. Kagemaru Says:


  50. HuangJun Says:

    @45+46 Domo Arigatou ^_^

  51. mccartyiii Says:

    Zetsu has a good side

  52. Uchihadomo Says:

    On the last chapter people ignored my comment about Zetsu and Obito fusing but now people seem to think the same. It’s just something I thought of but no one commented on that idea.

  53. narutoboy17 Says:

    @44 if u ask me facepalm of the yr goes to uchiha izuna u remmeber him claimed he was kishis bro

  54. Rj408 Says:

    @38 thank you!! I said that at least twice in a.recent discussion….how is it possible

  55. Rj408 Says:

    And whoever said kakashi is going to get that second eye is wrong it does waste chakra that’s the whole reason y he covers it!! you want him to be this cool ninja who can’t see until he fights?! Danzo had good covered to…..think about it

  56. Rj408 Says:


  57. Nasakashi Says:

    @Rj408 Thank youu (thats all im sayin)

  58. MisticVegeta Says:


    That guy was so lame, he doesn’t even deserve the honor of getting a megaton facepalm.

  59. MisticVegeta Says:


    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s…. SENJU DNA!!

    That’s the answer to everything, even Kakashi using both sharingan.

  60. Haha Says:

    @ mccartyiii what good things has zetsu or half zetsu done to deserve to be called good. Black zetsu tried to kidnap the feudal lords, the white apparented the kage at the summit and helped sasuke escaped.
    I can understand that we dont know obito and madara real true blue motives, may be they do want world peace, that does qualify as a good quality, but just because someone is white or black does not mean they are good nor evil. Have you not heard of ” don’t judge a person by the color of there skin, but by there action.”
    Just because someone is painted in white, light, or purity does not mean they have good intentions.

  61. Haha Says:

    Oh by the way, the white side of zetsu acts a lot like tobi, while the black side acts a lot like obito. Look back at the anime where they conversate and when apart.

    Back up to a point above, look up a guy name xunzi, he says when you start labeling things good, bad, ugly, pretty, “winner”, loser,you create separations, which creates war, fights, debates, etc…

  62. MisticVegeta Says:


    In that case I’d say it’s the opposite. Black Zetsu is like Tobi and White Zetsu is like Obito.

  63. yoyo Says:

    i dont understand how vome madara is having only 1 eye??

  64. HuangJun Says:

    @53 Really? I guess I missed that glorious display of stupidity :(

  65. VetoMan Says:

    @64 haha it was great, if wouldn’t believe him we were not allowed to join his private site of him and his twin brother (which would be kishi) xD

    you should have seen it.

  66. allan Says:

    If kakashi would get the two of obito’s sharingan, then he has to implant senju DNA to help him supply enough chakra!

  67. Kenpachi Says:

    Hey people have been saying madara shouldnt be revived in that state if he got as old as he is when he found obito but if u reread chapter 119 page 12-15 it shows orochimaru saying hes gona make the 1st and 2nd to the proper state and thn the anbu leader says its as if their regaining vitality not sure if it means hea putting them in their prime or what but im curiouse to see what others think

  68. anyone Says:

    although; it has been said that madara gave nagato rinnegan i disagree first of all if madare gave his rinnegan then he also gave his ems to nagato if we see shisui’s case danzo took his eye and was able to use his technique but nagato was nowhere to be seen any technique of ems plz correct me if i’m wrong

  69. TheSparringPanther Says:

    @68 anyone

    You are wrong. If you gain inplanted eyes, you are only able to switch to a higher form (Like Kakashi can freely switch between Sharingan and EMS). You can not however switch to a lower state. Also, the eyes are permanently on, since they aren’t your eyes (seen in both Nagato’s and Kakashi’s cases).

  70. anyone Says:

    kk i get it now thnx for correcting me

  71. HuangJun Says:

    @65 o man, that’s just beautifull.
    Wish I could’ve seen it.
    Offcourse we all know Kishi’s only twin-brother has an actual life as another kickass mangaka^^

  72. narutoboy17 Says:

    @huangjun go to im pretty sure it was 599 near the end it was pretty funny

  73. HuangJun Says:

    @72 Okay, thanks, ill check it out ^^

  74. HuangJun Says:

    Ok I looked it up, and I have to say; WOW,..That’s just sad.
    I once met a person who though Bruce Wayne became Batman after being bitten by a bat,..
    but this guy tops it all in stupidity.
    Thnk gdness you guys got rid of him.

  75. TheSparringPanther Says:

    That was just definition of sad.

    I wonder if he really thought he could fool us ~~

  76. MisticVegeta Says:

    In his mind he probably thought so. But then again that says more about him than us. I hate people like him, trying to be all that. He’s probably some foreveralone guy who wanted to impress us or something.

  77. HuangJun Says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  78. narutoboy17 Says:

    ya i’m surpised he hasn’t come back yet although i’m glad he hasnt he was an idoit hes been around for a while and he always claimed to know exactly what was gonna happen

  79. narutoboy17 Says:

    but he was always so vague he could twist anything he said into agreeing with what he said

  80. luna-des Says:

    I’m wonderng how Madara gave him his eyes if he couldnt leave that place. and why he only had one eyeball..

  81. narutoby17 Says:

    so whos ready for this next chapter tomorrow

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