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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 603 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:04 am on 9/26/2012

Chapter 603 has been released!

Click For Chapter 603 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

49 kunai thrown »

49 Responses to “Chapter 603 Released”

  1. Narutoboy17 Says:

    So first thing first what’s with this guys obsession with poop. Second more importantly wow just wow was not expecting the mask to be alive. Third who else thinks that madara is somehow involved with the attack on kakashi and rin. Finally I guess that maybe that is how obito was able to fight one on one with the fourth cause of his Tobi outer shell increasing his power

  2. NewUchiha Says:

    This is a weak flash back.. This is a weak reason he would become evil.. And ofcourse hell become good.. So its gonna b a weak ending for the real fight..and obito being tobi is WEAK

  3. Kakashineedsmorefacetime Says:

    definitely let down by this chapter

  4. Rj408 Says:

    This is mainly showing how close Naruto and obito are in every way but what leads obito, on a different path

  5. ItachiFTW Says:

    woah. at the beginning of the chapter when i saw the swirl zetsu i assumed he had something to do with obito’s mask, but never expected him to be it. i found this chapter kinda boring. Obito just trained and after a while he finally got used to the zetsu arm. But then how could his arm heal so fast in battle? Also, obito has been training the whole time yet he still has a 2 tomoe sharingan. Come on obito get an upgrade already.

  6. HuangJun Says:

    Guys, not every chapter has to be an epic adventure.
    The story needs progressing, we were just shown how he got his new body and got used to it, Im not expecting any huge developments here. Those come next week.

  7. Uchihadomo Says:

    At least we know why Tobi acted so Childish when he was first introduced. I really liked that Tobi he was hilarious.

  8. NewUchiha Says:

    @6 i have paitience ..but all im sYing is that it would have been a better senerio if it would have turned out to be madara brother.. I mean im sure kishi just made a last min adjustment to make it obito

  9. Uchihadomo Says:

    @8 All of the evidence since the very beginning pointed that Obito was Tobi. So, I highly doubt he made a “last min adjustment.” I like that Tobi is Obito because it makes SENSE, whether you like it or not.

  10. HuangJun Says:

    @8 okay, i get that.
    I dont think its a last minute thing, it was kinda obvious actually, I think Izuna would not have made any sense. Tobi’s characteristics aren’t like izuna, simply because we’ve never seen izuna speak. and several other hints.
    Izuna would be cool if kishi wouldve made tobi more like an elderly man, and at least put him in a few flashbacks with dialogue.

    The most obvious hint to Obito/tobi would’ve been the timing of character introductions. The introducting of Obito and how he died, was only shortly followed by the introduction of Tobi ‘the good boy’.

  11. Foxking Says:

    i rather this bs chapter than getting a double and having to wait a 2 weeks for the next. but before i go i would like to high light this point again.chapter 601 page 13 there is something about how his arm look that caught madara’s eye.

  12. ninja sx Says:

    @13 i say that too, could it be another zetsu that was under madara?

    So if this like dbz would obito combining with zetsu be like piccolo fused with nail?

    does anyone else remember when madara said that with two sharingans you can acheive ultimate power, maybe when obito hits the battlefield with kakashi in range his sharingan will upgrade.

  13. NewUchiha Says:

    @9 so becoming evil bc some girl u like dies make a lot of sense right?wether u like it or not Das just stupid

  14. MisticVegeta Says:

    People are stating this chapter is pretty much BS. I do not agree.
    Do you all remember who controlled the Fourth Mizukage? Yes that was “Madara”.
    Isn’t it a little too much of a coincidence that Kakashi and Rin are being attacked by Mist shinobi?

    Next Obito’s hair can grow. Wow. We finally see that Madara was not the only one who is having long hair. So every Tobi we have seen, could in fact be Obito.

    Now the Spiral Zetsu, who we can safely call Tobi, has finally been revealed. So if Tobi and Obito are two separate beings, who kind of merged together, does that make Obito schizophrenic?

    And perhaps the Mist shinobi that are attacking Rin and Kakashi might be Zabuza and/or Kisame. Kakashi met Zabuza before, and this would also explain how Kisame got in contact with Akatsuki in the first place.


    I have to agree with HuangJun, Izuna would indeed have been a more awkward Tobi than Obito. For the exact reasons my fellow Dutchman mentioned.

  15. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    hopefully it’s actually rin and kakashi not some zetsu clones pretending to be them and letting the rin copy die and plus why would kakashi (probably about a year older)struggle against a group of mist shinobi (fodder like the twins: gezo and mazo)when he killed like at least 20 rock ninja just a year go in a war I mean madara must have set this up or something and why wouldn’t they go with the fourth with them if they knew where obito was?..so many questions unanswered xD 😀 5/5 anyways

  16. Lingeringsentiment Says:

    since when is obito/tobi/madara/cindy from down the street evil? his motives are to end the world’s problems (albeit with a ridiculously hypocritical solution). becoming “evil” over a girl you like is not that unbelievable really. he merely decided that maybe the world sucks. end of story.

  17. backlash Says:

    This chapter gives more than meets the eye. First we know that the mask is alive, which is probably the reason Tobi acted weird when around Deidara. Second, we know that he grew his hair out, so does that mean he, not Madara, was controlling the Mizukage and the Nine tails at one point? And if so, Obito must possess the power to control people with his sharingan. And Im guessing that next chapter we will see Rin’s death and how it changes Obito.

  18. kjames Says:

    Hey does anybody else think that Rin’s death is how Obito got the MS? My theory is that obito gained the third tomoe trying to break out and after he did he witnesses rin’s death and gains MS out of the sadness and anger at kakashi. I mean does that kinda make sense?

  19. backlash Says:

    @18 I agree with you, but that makes you wonder, how did Kakashi get his mongekyo sharingan? Is it an untold event that happened over the timeskip or just that he had it all along but didn’t know that he had it? It also makes you question why the mongekyo sharingan is obtained and I think I’ve figured it out. To obtain MS, you must first have a fully developed sharingan and then go through a tramatic or life-altering experience. Itachi obtained his when he knew he would have to kill his clan, and he saw shisui die. Sasuke got his after he found out he was living a lie and his brother wasn’t evil after all. Obito will probably get his when he sees Rin die. But how did Kakashi get his?

  20. backlash Says:

    All it takes to obtain MS is probably just extreme sadness, which is most easily caused by killing those close to you, but can be caused by other things, like in Sasuke’s case.

  21. ninja sx Says:

    Well kakashi isn’t a emotional guy maybe all the sadness over time added up and activated ms for him

  22. kjames Says:

    @19 im still wondering that myself. Im also still wondering how a non-uchiha was even able to activate the mangekyou. Maybe this is one of the mysteries kishi will reveal soon.

  23. MisticVegeta Says:

    @16 I never stated anything about anyone being evil. So either it was ment for someone else, or you should read my comments more thoroughly. The only thing we can conclude from this is that Uchiha are really sensitive people (quote from Sawyer7mage).
    And sensitive people act out of sensitivity, because they let themselves be guided by their emotions. Madara did it, Itachi did it, Sasuke did it and Obito is about to do it. They are not evil, just emotionally unstable.

  24. Warheart Says:


    Both Kakashi as well as Zabuza had quite the name in the shinobi world, so they obviously knew who the other was. I strongly doubt they’ve actually met before their first clash, though. They didn’t make that impression. Zabuza got caught pretty easily by that Sharingan trick.

    As for Kisame, we already know he was approached by “Madara” and informed on his plans right after he killed Fuguki. Judging from the timeline, that must’ve also been Obito, but still a couple of years from this moment on.

    Actually, scrap that. Come to think of it, Kisame did recognize Tobi when he revealed to be manipulating the Yondaime Mizukage and showed his real face. They might’ve met before. And Kishi is bound to have something juicy in store for us, no matter what it’s going to be.

  25. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    this chapter explains the long hair of tobi in his few appearences and also the mask.but i really dont think that obito wore that thing while fighting the fourth i think that thing inspired obito to hide his face using a spiralled mask and take revenge on konoha also i dont think that madara had anything to do with the attack also i am confused about one thing that obito helped or might have(i think he was too late)helped kakashi and rin in the same getup as was his when he met kakashi the first time as tobi.why doesnt kakashi remember him?

  26. NewUchiha Says:

    Gai sensei should become the next hokage lol..keeping up with all thise without using jutsu

  27. HuangJun Says:

    Now all I wanna know is, where does Black Zetsu come from?

  28. Rj408 Says:

    @25 that’s what I was going to say as well… I think something may happen the the swirl guy and in honor of trying to help him obito creates the mask and its a plus to hide his face as well….

  29. Rj408 Says:

    The spiral zetsu probably got destroyed and madra or obito created a serious one (black zetsu)

  30. HuangJun Says:

    @28 If tobi is indeed a split-personallity, it could be a reason for his more childish side.

  31. uzumaki>uchiha Says:

    I believe that the black zetsu was created by Obito himself at some point after he sees Rin’s death. There are only white ones right now because they are somehow linked to Obito’s life force. Once he starts becoming evil, the black evil zetsu will also appear. I am also predicting that Kakashi and Obito both gain their third tomoe after witnessing Rin’s death perhaps? Feedback please… Thanks!!!

  32. MisticVegeta Says:

    Now that I think about it, this chapter made it obvious why Obito chose to side with Madara to complete the Infinite Tsukiyomi.
    Zetsu said that within the Infinite Tsukiyomi people are able to revive the dead.
    If Rin dies, what would be Obito’s number 1 wish? To bring back Rin from the dead.
    It also explains his motive which he told Kakashi.
    Kakashi asked him, why are you doing this? As in; Why do you want to put the world under an infinite genjutsu?
    Obito replies: Because you let Rin die. Which could also be interpreted as: because then I can bring Rin back.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  33. Nasakashi Says:

    What if Rin isnt realy dead, but just in a secret mission and made everyone belive she died? She may return (like everyone else lol) and why dosnt obito just revive her via edo tensei since snake-boy showed him how. Or maby obito will find out that madara had a hand in the attack on rin and switch sides what do you think?

  34. Nasakashi Says:

    And didnt kakashi use a juitsu to activate his ms? & thats why he took so long to charge his chakra when they were chasing deidra after he stole garra body

  35. kjames Says:

    @34 kakashi didnt use a jutsu to activate ms. he just had to draw alot of chakra to activate it because he is not an uchiha. Nothing special, just the simple fact that back then it took alot of chakra to use it until he became proficient with it.

  36. zero Says:

    could it be that once Obito got ms, that his eye that is in Kakashi also got ms? like they are connected?

  37. MisticVegeta Says:


    I’m giving you the same answer as all the others who asked the same thing: we don’t know (yet).

  38. zero Says:


    i highly respect your reasoning. you seem to be the more logical of posters. i was just tossing a highly probable scenerio out.

  39. Narutoboy17 Says:

    Ok guys so here’s one thing about this chapter I haven’t been able to wrap my head around. This swirl zetsu is he the mask we see obito initially wearing or does he get destroyed in the upcoming flash back fight. Second if he doesn’t where is he now was he killed by the fight with konan where half if its face was blown off. Thirdly the new mask tobi wore was that also made out of white zetsu materially as we’ll. finally what about that mask we seen him wearing during the fight against the fourth where did that mask come from

  40. MisticVegeta Says:


    I see, well the only facts so far is that Tobi/Obito used space/time ninjutsu in his fight with Minato. Kakashi used Kamui for the first time facing Deidara. We don’t know exactly when both earned their Mangekyou. Kakashi could have had it pre-timeskip but did not have enough stamina to withstand the side-effect. It’s all possible. He could have evolved his Sharingan during the time-skip as well.
    One thing is for sure, things will come to light very soon. Or at least I hope so.

  41. Narutoboy17 Says:

    At 40 personally I think kakashi got it before the time skip but his Charka reserves are so small he could not fight a battle and still be able to use it unless he knew it was a one hit kill. Also don’t forget against deidra he had almost no control over where it went like generally but no really control so that’s probably why he did not use it during pre time skip

  42. Kris Says:

    Maybe the Spiral dude kept bonded with Obito after this, and the “Tobi” we saw when he joined Akatsuki is actually the Spiral dude’s personality taking over(and he called himself ‘Tobi’), in other words Obito was letting Tobi have his fun and when things got serious, Obito would take charge. Does that make sense, anybody agree?

  43. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    I agree with Kris because I think after he saw rin die or whatever he sort of made new friends with “tobi” because he tried to help and so they shared the same body for a while until obito got serious and had to make moves xD

  44. narutoby17 Says:

    @kris its def a very possible theory. I can totally see that happening. my question is that swirl zetsu dead right now after the fight with konan

  45. Haha Says:

    Obito was letting swirl zetsu see what it is like to poop, and he was body jacked.

  46. ninja sx Says:

    I dont get why rin’s death matters. even if it got obito to believe in infinte tsyukomi, why didnt he revive her when he got rinnegan

  47. Tobito Uchiha Says:

    the nxt chaptrers a big mind blow!!!…y on earth kakshi used lightning blade on RIN!!!

  48. Ragingliger09 Says:

    Kakashi kills rin in manga 604

  49. da408 Says:

    wth!!! that was crazy #604

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