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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 604 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 10:07 am on 10/2/2012

Chapter 604 has been released!

Click For Chapter 604 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

51 kunai thrown »

51 Responses to “Chapter 604 Released”

  1. Korss Says:

    This chapter answer one question and makes another. Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

  2. Shino Senpai Says:

    I’m both confused and in the know. Why Kakashi!?

  3. fox Says:

    come on guys its kinda obvious he is either under genjutsu or maybe it was zabuzas mist that confused him or something like that

  4. swagking Says:

    Big shout out to everyone that was saying “Obito is a bitch for becoming “evil” because some “hoe” died.” Clearly this was no ordinary hoe and neither was her death. Seeing Kakashi’s tears to me disproves waht @3 said, he must have been controlled in another way, or Rin was transformed to look like someone else.

    Whatever happened we clearly got something big in our midst, this twist most certainly caught everyone by surprise; Kakashi, the Murderer!

  5. Huang-jun Says:

    Wow,.. I didn’t see that coming, allthough I had a feeling kakashi was behind it, never thought he’d actually be the one to off her.

    And story-wise its a big win, Kakashi gets to be the bad guy, and obito’s motives will seem a bit more rightious.

  6. ajxw Says:

    * speach less*

  7. Korss Says:

    Maybe this is how he achieved MS. But would’t you need to have 3 tomes before gaining it?

  8. black uchiha Says:

    Come on guys u know this is a setup thats a zetsu

  9. mccartyiii Says:

    @black uchiha
    If that its the case, there where is she now

  10. Jimbo Says:

    Awesome chapter, but im somethings off. Obito said in chapter 600 that Kakashi “let rin die.” That says something completely different than “killed her”. Idk, just speculation.

  11. Nasakashi Says:

    @jimbo i noticed that too
    Maby she was in genjutsu like she was the first time

  12. NewUchiha Says:

    Isnt obito beeing a emo .. Like how.everyone says sasuke is ..but no obito is rightious? Really?

  13. Jimbo Says:

    @11 that did cross my mind as well, but then in chapter 601 kakashi asks obito “what happened to you”. If he really killed Rin, that should be fairly obvious. My guess is that this is some trick by zetzu or Madara, but again, speculation

  14. MisticVegeta Says:


    Let’s get some things straight:

    -If Rin and Kakashi are transformed Zetsus, shouldn’t they have their chakras absorbed first? Kakashi would have definitely known if Zetsu set him up.

    -Madara said to Obito: You WILL come back. Now this is suspicious. This means there is a good chance Madara has his hand in on this. The question is: to what extent?

    – The Sharingan is able to see through Genjutsu, as Obito noticed before when Rin was under a Genjutsu during Kakashi Gaiden. So if this was a Genjutsu, Obito would have noticed a different chakra flow.

    -Lastly, the absence of Minato. Aren’t shinobi always sent on missions in at least a three-man cell? So yes exactly, where the F is Minato? And how come it’s only Rin and Kakashi on this mission, if Minato is on another?

    I think we are overthinking this, and Kakashi did stab Rin right through the chest. The question is: why?

    Now I understand the meaning behind Obito’s words: Kakashi, you’ve always lived a life of regret. I believe Kakashi was forced to kill Rin for some reason. It also makes sense why Obito went up against Minato. He could’ve blamed him too for not being there.

  15. Kenpachi Says:

    Wow i didnt see that one coming and i agree with misticvegeta i think we r over thinking it maybe he was force to it could be a jutsu like the shadow mimic or mind body transfer other then that i cant see them having any leverage like kill her or we will kill (insert name of person) brcause besides rin and minato and if mInato is on a mission u cant really say kill her or we will kill her

  16. Kenpachi Says:

    Forgot to put in after rin and minato that those are the only important people in kakashi’s life that are alive

  17. ninja sx Says:

    @11 i was thinking the same thing to, so either kakashi was force to let rin die or rin betrayed the leaf and kakashi couldn’t stop her any other way.

    Also has anyone else thought about when obito saw rin dying through a “vision?”

  18. Narutoboy17 Says:

    So I was thinking maybe RIn was actually a spy and kakashi had to kill her. I mean u can see it in his eyes that he is crying not having wanted to do it. Also if Rin was a spy chances are obito probably wouldn’t have known about it so would have never known why kakashi would have killed her. One final thought madara is def behind this though mainly because of how sure he was that obito would come back to him.

  19. narutoby17 Says:

    oo also im predicting at least 1 or 2 more flash back chapter so either 605 or 606. After that will either go back to sasuke and oro or the rest of the allied shinobi forces will join up.

  20. ninja sx Says:

    if obito was able to see what kakashi could because they share a sharingan did this work for madara when he gave his sharingan to nagato? or when izuna gave his to madara? And can obito contol this ability to see through kakshi attacks

  21. Shotokan530 Says:

    I think the most important question left open with this chapter is ‘are we still getting another chapter tomorrow’? Cuz this chapter was too short, even though it was informative… *sigh*
    It said in the beginning that this was an accelerated chapter, or flashback. Do not quite remember exact verbiage.

  22. MisticVegeta Says:

    @21 No this was this weeks chapter. We never get 2 chapters a week. This chapter was not rushed, just the regular 17 pages. And Kishi is just the master of cliffhangers.

  23. Ragingliger09 Says:

    @ all remember in kakashi gaiden he could not control the chidori that could be how rin died as an accident

  24. MisticVegeta Says:


    False. Because of Obito’s Sharingan Kakashi’s Chidori was perfected. Yes this could have been an accident, but not because he couldn’t control it.

  25. kjames Says:


    I agree with u that it could have been an accident but not because of control. Maybe that water technique that Obito felt had something to do with it. It could be that Kakashi’s eye was obstructed by it and he saw a person and decided to strike without checking to see if it was an enemy or friend through chakra signatures. Or maybe the water technique was a genjutsu on kakashi and he hit Rin thinking it was the enemy. Either way my theory was this was purely accidental.

  26. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    @25 kjames

    What you are saying is very plausible. I can very much relate to that thought. There is one thing that’s bothering me. Zetsu did say they were dealing with hidden Mist shinobi of Jounin/Anbu level. So where are they? If you take a close look at the panels, it’s only Kakashi and Rin.

    My speculations are coming to fruition (for once lol). Who was controlling Fourth Mizukage Yagura at this point? Madara.

    Who is able to dispatch a group of Hidden Mist shinobi at this point without anyone asking questions? Madara through Yagura.

    Who said Obito WILL return to him and thank him properly? Madara.

    So who is the most suspicious person behind this assault? Madara.

    I feel really sorry for Obito.

  27. Kakashidoeswhathedo Says:

    I think Rin was a mist spy and set Kalashi and Minato up

  28. Huang-jun Says:

    @27 that’s sorta what I think. Its plausible thats she’s maybe similiar to someone like Haku.

  29. Huang-jun Says:

    I kind of thoughtof something, hopefully someone else did too.

    According to the main Zetsu it were Mist guineapigs. Could it be that they got involved with the ninja training programs by the Mist, where commrads have to fight eachother to the death? Maybe to accomplish a mission?

  30. MisticVegeta Says:


    Yea it is possible. but then the question remains: How did a Konoha Jounin and a Konoha Chuunin end up in a Hidden Mist training program? Not only that, but their Sensei is a Hokage. Shouldn’t that all combined be a prestige like no other? Like the Sannin or Hiruzen/Danzou’s team which became the Konoha Superiors?

  31. Kakashidoeswhathedo Says:

    Best Kakashi scene other than his rampage face.

  32. Korss Says:

    @ 29
    I doubt that as at least Rin was wearing her Konohha forehead protector.

  33. Huang-jun Says:

    Yeah, true. Like all of you Im just speculating^^ I just thought about it, since killing your friends is a Mist village thing.
    Maybe they were forced to,..who knows.
    But the spy-theory does sound more plausible to me.

  34. MisticVegeta Says:


    Kabuto was a spy for all villages and has been seen wearing all headbands. Your argument is invalid.

  35. Huang-jun Says:

    @34 not really, Kabuto was wearing different headbands, depending on who he spied on. He only started wearing his sound headband in public after he was found out.

  36. foxking Says:

    I would not be surprised if Rin was related to Suikazan Fuguki of the Seven Swordmen just based on the face marking. Just a taught.

  37. Uchihadomo Says:

    I really dont think Madara had any thing to do with Rin dying. or at least I hope he had nothing to do with it. If Madara had anything to do with it, I’m pretty sure Obito would have realized at some point. He talks about how you can control people by manipulating the darkness within that person. So I highly doubt Obito didn’t stop to think about that within those years.

  38. Hurricane Says:

    Obito blamed Kakashi for LETTING Rin die, not for killig her. The betrayal is also unlikely, because when Kakashi was dying after battle with Pain, he looked forward to meeting Obito, Minato and Rin. I don’t think he will put the traitor to the list of his friends, Kakashi is not that sentimenal. The possibility is genjitsu, zombying or something like this.

  39. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    i doubt that madara has a hand in this.i stil think its pretty much conincidence.also i dont think that rin betrayed kakashi that is just a stupid thought(kakashi when died in the battle against pain said he would go back to those three including rin who betrayed him? also if kakashi was betrayed he would have a word with rin after as to why she betrayed him and then obito would know) also thirdly kakashi always regrets the death of rin(i cant mention the episode but i have seen him saying that “i couldnt save rin”) i think kakashi was fooled by the mist or controlled by genjutsu.but its just my opinion.

  40. Narutoboy17 Says:

    @39 I disagree I have a feeling madara had a very big hand in this he seemed to confident that obito would come back. My feeling is that madara who was controlling the most at the time I think anyways ordered the 4th mizukage while under the genjustu to attack kakashi and rin and at one point rin was being controlled some how and the only way to stop her from becoming a threat kakashi was forced to kill her. But it is also possible for someone to be controlling kakashi I just see it as improbable because he has the sharigan at this point and does not fall for genjustu very easily

  41. Aeneas7 Says:

    I think the whole ‘letting Rin die’ was more of Kishi just trying to hide what actually happened. I don’t think Kishi would rather have had Obito say “Because you killed Rin.”

  42. MisticVegeta Says:


    I agree. Like I said, we should stop overthinking things. Kishi is an awesome author, great with suspense and plot holes. That sentence is one of them, which is about to unfold.

  43. Foxking Says:


    nah not so Kakashi can fall for genjustu like when itachi hit him with tsukuyomi and he was older when that happened.

  44. narutoboy17 Says:

    @foxking i didnt say that he couldnt but it took mother fudging itachi using a ms genjustu in order to trap him in one.

  45. Foxking Says:

    true i will give you that.@44

  46. MisticVegeta Says:


    Not only that, Itachi himself even admitted he was forced to use it because of Kakashi’s Sharingan. This because even though he’s not an Uchiha, seeing the extent of his understanding of his eye’s power makes him to go even to some extent with a regular sharingan user.

  47. NB17 Says:

    @46 ya he also said in that same convo that kakashi use of the sharigan surpasses some natural users so of course he would have to use the ms. Ftr im changing my name from narutoboy17 to NB17.

  48. WuffTodd Says:

    It was said that the Hidden Mist Style: Slent Killing Jutsu makes eyesight useless.. Therefore I think maybe that’s how they caught Kakashi in a genjutsu, IF that happened. I mean it seems more plausible than Rin being caught, or else she wouldn’t look as shocked.

  49. dmoney Says:

    I feel like like i said several chapters ago this is a Madara scheme to get Obito… Kakashi and Rin was the only thing stoping him from keeping Obito with him so why not change that.. plus Mandara was Tooooo damn confident Obito was gonna come back -___-

  50. MisticVegeta Says:

    I just reread the chapter and I only noticed this now. But if you pay close attention to the details, you’ll see Kakashi is missing his forehead protector. Now, I don’t know is this is a crucial detail, but if so I believe the artificial bodies Zetsu was talkin about might be the Kakashi we are seeing. It would explain Obito saying: You let Rin die, instead of: Because you killed her. In this case Kakashi indeed failed to protect her and it would fit together.

    As to the artificial bodies, the are from the Hidden Mist. If this is indeed the period where Madara controls the Fourth Mizukage, these artificial bodies could be Zetsu-like figures also able to completely copy somebody to their chakra. It would fit.

  51. NaSaKashi Says:

    I think that is the real Kakashi and not a clone because i doubt a Zetsu could copy the lightning blade in order to use it against Rin & also Zetsu cant copy a sharingan just like he couldnt copy Hinatas byakugan maby but just a thought

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