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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 605 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 10:48 pm on 10/9/2012

Chapter 605 has been released!

Click For Chapter 605 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

70 kunai thrown »

70 Responses to “Chapter 605 Released”

  1. wezzz Says:

    good chapter.. but wow very very sad for obito… i feel his painn

  2. Zeno Says:

    why were they trying so hard to recover Rin’s body? that’s pretty suspicious. i doubt obito is gonna stick around to hear kakashi’s side of the story tho. im sure he wouldn’t kill rin unless he absolutely had to.

  3. Kakashidoeswhathedo Says:

    Ugh. There was zero dialogue. Have to wait another week…potentially more for an explanation from Kakashi.

  4. Hoshika Says:

    Naruto Manga Chapter 605: HELL!!!
    -good chapter!..but why did Masashi revealed Kakashi’s Mangekyou Sharingan on Shippuden series and not in early Naruto?
    -its true that in order to gain Mangekyou you need to kill your closest friend, since Kakashi and Obito are link through sharingan…they both gain Mangekyou Sharingan at the same time when Kakashi killed Rin…(this explains well)
    -now, Why did Kakashi killed Rin? on what purpose?
    -and look at Obito’s eye when he broke one of those hunter-mask. i think they’re Konohagakure shinobi…

  5. TheSparringPanther Says:


    To points 1 and 2 – Well, much like Sasuke who activated his Sharingan at a very young age, it might have been possible that the trauma of killing Rin might have blocked out his MS, but he was aware of his new found power.

    Also, since both Obito and Kakashi witnessed Rin’s death, the eyes might not be interlinked as much as we think. Of course, since they are the same set of eyes, it goes without saying that they share the same tech’s, activating that tech is another story.

    – To be honest, I thought the following: One of the ninja said ‘Shit, he got us’, ‘After we worked so much’ and ‘We musn’t let the enemy get her body’. This might imply that she (Rin) was a spy for the Hidden Mist, and that she got killed because she was found out. Of course, this was a heavy burden for Kakashi, implied by th activation of his MS.

    And no, I don’t think they are Konohagakure Shinobi. After all, one of them screamed not to underestimate the mist. Also, it was raining, which is rather trademark for the mist.

  6. allan Says:

    so that explains how kakashi & obito got their Mangekyo Sharingan..

    .. I think rin is really a spy from the mist. look at the anbu masks. and why would they say not to let him get her body? so maybe Rin’s from mist. Just a thought.

  7. MisticVegeta Says:


    – I don’t think Rin is from the Hidden Mist. It’s obvious the Hidden Mist wanted Rin because she has something special. That’s why they wanted her body. It was the same with Kushina, because the Hidden Lightning wanted her for her special chakra. I will be dissapointed if Rin turns out to be an Uzumaki like Karin.

    – The possible reason for Kakashi not using the Mangekyou is because his body couldn’t handle it. Remember, after fighting Deidara, Kakashi’s body was so weakened because of the Mangekyou, he was out during the Arc where Yamato figured as leader of team 7 when finding Sasuke with Orochimaru.

    – Obito on the other hand using Mokuton without any training whatsoever does seem far feched, but knowing half his body is part of Hashirama, it’s possible. Hashirama’s DNA also explains why Obito could use his Mangekyou like this.

    Like I said last chapter, people should stop overthinking things. We all did it with Tobi’s identity, and we know how that turned out.

  8. Naruto Sagen Says:

    nice one Mystic Vegeta. i was thinking that too, tht obito could only sustain the mangenkyo thanks to his zetsu part of the body

  9. Korss Says:

    I’m inclined to agree with MisticVegeta, Rin is 90% certain to not be in league with Mist. And Kakashi most likely could not sustain MS before the timeskip.

  10. NewUchiha Says:

    Get on with this already enough get to the point of this flashback which i relly hope was this week.. I wanna see madara vs naruto

  11. 9tails Says:

    kakashi passed out after he killed Rin. This could mean he was already too exhausted to fight the countless ninja even before his MS activated, He may have killed Rin to save her from the horrors of the Mist. Madara set this up so Obito would see this moment just as it happened. Think about it he had the tools. The zetus could communicate with one another and Obito’s speed and body were reliant on the zetsu body.

  12. Huang-jun Says:

    Great chapter, Obito’s fighting was pretty badass.

    I’ve read most comment here, just now and it looks like most don’t agree with rin being a spy, but wonder why they wanted to recover Rin.

    So, I have a theory,.. maybe it’s like some sort of a sleeper-agent genjutsu.
    Rin wasn’t aware she was a spy, untill the Mist reactivated the jutsu.

  13. kjames Says:

    Im inclined to agree with MisticVegeta. I think we are overthinking this and just wait to find out why rin is indeed so special. And im glad the mystery of jow obito and kakashi gained mangekyo sharingan was cleared, meaning my theory was correct last week. I guess it doesnt matter if u have the third tomoe already or not, once u realize and feel the death of a close friend then MS activates. Nice to see obito use mokuton as well. Now I muself am really starting to believe Madara had a hand in this. I just hope im not overthinking. And if Rin is an Uzumaki ill be beyond mad. It was bad enough that we found out Nagato and Karin were Uzumakis. But lets wait and see.

  14. 9tails Says:

    I still don’t understand how the 4th was fighting an adult Tobi. It had the same same mask and the same jutsu, my thoughts are maybe it was Obito’s dad since both Sasuke and Itachi as brothers shared the same MS jutsus. But that doesn’t explain why THAT Tobi had one right eye, it’s just too much of a coincidence.

  15. Jimbo Says:

    Obito used Frenzy Plant, it’s super effective!

    Sorry I had to. Anyway, I agree with Vegeta, we probably are overthinking things. I think Kakashi killed rin because there was something special about her body that the mist would want, but idk what yet. I doubt she’s an uzumaki since her hair is not really that red, but I guess we will wait and see.

  16. MisticVegeta Says:


    I’m sorry but are you truly this ignorant? There was no adult Obito that fought Minato. It was Obito inside Tobi’s body, like he is wrapped inside him as we speak. Hashirama’s DNA increased Obito by that much that he was able to equally fight Minato up to a certain point. It’s safe to say Obito’s abilities are equal to/above those of Kakashi.

  17. Foxking Says:

    i think Rin is a spy they taught obito was reinforcements (page 6). hence why the don’t let the ENEMY get her body comment(page 11)was it ibeka that said info can be pulled from the dead bodies.

  18. Uchihadomo Says:

    What’s wrong with Karin and Nagto being uzumaki’s? And also, if Rin had some special ability why would they keep sending her into crazy missions. She doesn’t seem to be strong enough to survive every mission so if she had some power and the leaf knew then shouldn’t they think about that before sending her out. And if we suppose they didn’t know, then how would the mist know? Unless of course, she was originally from the mist. Just a thought.

  19. Lingeringsentiment Says:

    its possible (i hope so please don’t berate me)that the “genjutsu” used on rin back a long time ago by the enemy was a jutsu of sorts (perhaps genjutsu related) to unlock her memory as a sleeper agent. It was a similar case with kabuto, why not rin?

  20. Huang-jun Says:

    @18 my point exactly! ^^

  21. Lingeringsentiment Says:

    @19 but as we saw, she didnt reveal anything. maybe her feelings for kakashi and her friends kept her from revealing anything out of guilt. then in the 605 chapter kakashi had to kill her to prevent the leak, even though he didnt want to.

  22. NB17 Says:

    So not gonna lie i was really confused when i first read this chapter (well mainly cause its hard to read a chapter in pre calc without ur teacher seeing XD ) but after re reading this i have one thing to say holy crap obito is bad@$$ i can’t believe how well he is able to handle the wood style. Also ya i have a feeling that either kakashi forgot he activated his ms due to the trama he suffered (similar to sasuke) or he did not have the charka resverses to use kamui. Also does anyone think that maybe rin was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finally i think that this was the last flash back chapter if not only 1 more anymore and kishi is milking it but i have a feeling this was the last one and will be getting back to the action either this chapter coming up (so 606) or 607 at the latest

  23. MisticVegeta Says:


    No there will be some more flashbacks: Obito returning to Madara, Obito taking action against Konoha and Minato, Obito taking down the Uchiha Clan with Itachi and him leading Akatsuki from behind the scenes.

  24. 9tails Says:

    @15 chapter 503 page 9. Look what class isn’t tall yet. Whoever fought 4th was full grown unlike yourself.

  25. MisticVegeta Says:


    So you are ignorant. Obito is INSIDE Spiral Guy a.k.a Tobi.
    Tobi IS TALLER than Obito. Tobi’s height MATCHES that of Minato.
    It was Obito INSIDE Tobi’s TALLER BODY fighting Minato. That is how he looked like an adult.

    If you still don’t understand this, go let a doctor check you for retardedness.

  26. MisticVegeta Says:

    ^ That should have been @23

  27. foxking Says:

    @23 read 604 page 13 what we know as tobi explains what MV is saying.

  28. Luna-des Says:

    Yea ^ @ 23 you Baka haha

  29. kjames Says:

    Look it was Obito who fought Minato. Period. Not Obito’s dad, not Madara himself, not the Ghost of Christmas past. Some ppl are overthinkin the concept way too much. As for Rin we really need to find out why the Mist wanted her/her corpse.

  30. Zeno Says:

    @28 haha “ghost of christmas past” good one. here’s one thing to consider, the way the mist ninja worded his sentence makes me lean towards the fact the Rin may have been a sleeper agent of some sort. he said “we can’t let the enemy get their hands on that corpse” which implies that Rin was indeed on their side. if Rin had some special powers or something as people claim the mist ninja would’ve said something along the lines of “WE have to get our hands on that corpse”… it matters, pay attention to detail.

  31. mccartyiii Says:

    Now it is getting terrible, really if there is one thing I don’t like more then fillers, it is back stories that we really don’t care for

  32. UnleashKakashi Says:

    i am just glad we haven’t seen one trick pony Naruto in awhile. Keep up the flashbacks

  33. Shino Senpai Says:

    Before this was said “we can’t let the enemy get their hands on that corpse”. The hidden mist ninja stated ” S**t! he took her out!”, “Just when we finally managed to get our hands on it”. It could mean that Rin, may have been in the same situation as Kushina Uzumaki was in. But instead Kakashi killed her in order to protect. However we won’t know until the next chapters come out.

  34. shmegege Says:

    I think Rin let Kakashi kill her cause it would activate the power he needed to protect the village. It seems crazy in theory but the uchiha let Itachi do it so maybe. I hope next chapter Orochimaru becomes good and teams up with Sasuke to defeat madara or obito.

  35. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    Both statements are impossible. Rin couldn’t have known about the Mangekyou Sharingan. And Kakashi protecting the Village at that time? No. I agree with the theory that Kakashi was forced to kill Rin in order to protect something she possesses that made her special.

    And Orochimaru + Sasuke becoming good guys just like that? Yeah man, the Easter Bunny exists as well as Santa Clause.

  36. shmegege Says:

    first you invalidated your top argument, you said Kakashi trying to protect the village in the form of a question as if that wasn’t possible, yet in the next sentence you said he had to kill Rin to protect her (the villages) secrets.

    And also

    Sasuke becoming good is the entire point of the series, Naruto has set out to save him! At this point Sasuke has not murdered any characters and has no blood on his hands, sure he’s sided with bad guys but that can be forgiven. Plus Naruto is willing to take all Sasukes crimes onto himself so that should help.

  37. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    Wrong. You were the one who was implying Rin let Kakashi kill her so he would unlock the Mangekyou to protect the Village. And I stated that 1. Rin couldn’t have known about the Mangekyou and 2. Kakashi wouldn’t be able to protect the Village using the Mangekyou at that time.

    About Sasuke; Are you truly that naïve to believe Naruto will be able to change Sasuke just like that? They’ve had 2 encouters since Sasuke left the Leaf, and both encounters Sasuke did not change his mind about his goals. He was only shocked tot he fact Naruto still called him his friend, that’s all.

    Lastly, you were implying Orochimaru would become good. Are you that oblivious? Orochimaru will never become the good guy in this series. If he will, that would be a big fat f*ck you to Jiraiya, who died trying to change Orochimaru’s mind half his life.

  38. shmegege Says:

    First paragraph I won’t argue, we’re getting into hypothetical and your first and second points are worse.

    Second, you obviously have not read the series that well because a lot of villains worse than Sasuke have been redeemed. Sasuke will be good again by the end of the manga, if you cannot see that well…. sorry but you’ve out done me in my “idiocy” I guess.

    Third: So Orochimaru can’t ever be good because that would invalidate Jiraiya’s entire life? WTH? Plus if Jiraiya was watching and Orochimaru wanted to go good like Gaara, Gaara’s Dad, Itachi, and probably Kabito soon then why not? You have a weird way of looking at things my friend.

  39. shmegege Says:

    @Misdick Vegeta
    You should stop calling people oblivious or ignorant of the source material. How can you assert ANYTHING when the Author doesn’t even seem to know WTF he’s doing himself. Naruto is not well written, and just because someone didn’t notice PLOT TWIST #3345 in the final arc that doesn’t make you smarter than them. Also have you been lurking this forum all day? I can’t stay, I only needed to kill a few hours, thanks for being here for me!

    PS – Google my name 😀 , or don’t 😉

  40. Hiruto Uzumaki Says:

    All of this over one girl (even though Kakashi killed her). How do we know that she wasn’t just another Sakura expy.

  41. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    I don’t give a damn if you’re a Yiddish stupid person or whatever. You are telling me to stop calling people ignorant or oblivious, when you call me Misdick. Who’s the hypocritical son of a b*tch in this one? Not me.

    Second, you even outdo this Uchiha Izuna guy in idiocy. I never said Sasuke will never be good again, I said: “Are you truly that naïve to believe Naruto will be able to change Sasuke just like that?” It mean that even if Sasuke turns good again, it doesn’t happen like a fingersnap. Read what’s been written instead of interpreting stuff wrong.

    And yes, if Orochimaru turns good that would not only invalidate Jiraiya’s life, but Sarutobi Hiruzen’s as well. Both gave their lives trying to save their student/friend, and all he did was practically laugh at them for it. So if Orochimaru turns good, that would be a big fat f*ck you to the both of them.

    And Kishi does not know what he’s doing? It’s the opposite, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He has millions of people reading his stuff, discuss about it and some even go at each other because of it, as you are provoking me right now. If that doesn’t make someone a great author, than you nor I don’t know what a great author is.

    Lastly, if you really think Naruto is not well written, why even bother reading and discussing it? If you don’t have anything meaningful to add to this forum, I’d suggest you keep your mouth shut and your fingers away from the keyboard. People like you are the reason I come back checking these pages. You disgust me.

  42. shmegege Says:

    @Mistic Vegeta
    Sorry for going back on my word and posting but you’re right. I’m sorry for Trolling your forum and insulting you, I do feel sad and disgusting, hopefully I will remember this when I decide to troll again.

    – Also just so you know the stuff I posted before the last two was all basically gibberish because you know “I’m an idiot”. And the stuff I did mean at the end is like my own opinion.

    – I did get false justification from goading you because you appeared to be mean. But then again I don’t know you so that really wasn’t fair.

    – I was tired, bored and stupid and now I seem to be suffering from some bazaar case of Troll Regret, probably because I’m tired and stupid. So goodbye and goodnight, I promise I won’t bother you again.

  43. rj408 Says:

    Everybody is over thinking everything the reason y the mist wants the corpse is to discover information about the other country. It kind of gets explained when team 7 thought they killed zabuza the first time and haku pretendEd to be a anbu of the mist and recover the body same thing here people….and also when obito fought minato he was just wearing the mask not the whole body suit you see here

  44. Luna-des Says:

    Not trying to jump on MV’s you know what, but he’s kinda got tenure here on this site. I know that sounds geeky as hell but it’s true. He knows a lot about Naruto manga. Just saying.

  45. narutoboy17 Says:

    Not gonna lie im surpised anyone on this site actually stood up to mystic like that (im not agreeing with u personally im on mystics side) but still idk about u guys but i kind of see mystic as like top dog of this site. also personally i have a feeling IF!!!! sasuke becomes good again it will only be done after a titanic fight between him and naruto. personally i dont see it happening. That or he will pull a vegeta and become good do to needing to defeat a common enemy with naruto (aka madara) although dont really see that happening either.

  46. NarutoBoy17 Says:

    hey also i just realize were is thesparringpanther he usally has some very good idea

  47. MisticVegeta Says:


    I think he was wearing the “Tobi suit”. He lost his left arm in that fight, which happens to be Obito’s own original arm. But when losing it, it was all gooey and Zetsu-like, so I believe it was Obito inside Tobi Shell and Tobi losing his left arm, which he is able to regenerate.
    That explains why he has his left arm right now and why he had it back when being introduced into the series. He also lost it against Konan if I’m right, but I need to double check that.


    I’m honored by what you both said, but I’m not the one running this website, nor am I after a monopoly on this forum. I’m just a big fan of the series and because of that I am trying to understand the storyline completely. I have to admit, sometimes people experience me as bold and verbally rough, but I’m like that in real life as well. I say what I think and if people say things which, in my opinion, is complete BS, I let them know in my own way.

    And about Sasuke: there are two options. 1. He becomes a good guy again and goes back to Konoha in the end or 2. Sasuke will forever be a rogue ninja wandering the world in search for the answers to his life. At least, to me, those are the most logical explanations.

  48. Korss Says:

    @MisticVegeta About Sasuke I also believe that is the two biggest possibilities but the only third option I can think of is the one Naruto said when they meat in Iron Country. IF they fight they will both die.

  49. Shino Senpai Says:

    If they both die it will probably happen after Naruto becomes homage

  50. backlash Says:

    You gotta wonder why not everyone in the hidden leaf injects themselves with Senju or Uchiha DNA.

  51. narutoboy17 Says:

    @50 if u think about it all the people who have been injected with senju or uchiha DNA have wither been like super elites in konoha (such as madara or danzo) or it was implanted without their permission (such as yamato or obito.) i mean then there is kakashi but obito gave him that eye. @47 ya i know u dont have a monopoly the thing i like about this website is that there is not one like naruto nerd that knows everything that dominates this site. there are many people such as sparringpanther myself jiriya470 kjames Huang-jun are just a few names that come to mind when i think about this site.

  52. narutoboy17 Says:

    i mean jiryia478

  53. Hoshika Says:

    maybe Rin one of the Senju!

    remember how she transplant Obito’s eye on Kakashi?…it was quite easy for her.
    -and as we know, Senju clan possessed the body of Rikodou!hahaha

  54. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey guys im not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not but has anyone wondered why obito who spams his ms all the time why isnt he affected like itachi or sasuke were back when they used there ms. My theory is cause of the senju implanted in him but still how much god dang charka does this guy have. i mean 4 kamui later kakashi collapses to the ground obito has been using his ms near non stop controlling alot of tailed beast and gedo mazo i mean seriosuly he has got to be running out of charka sooner or later

  55. Korss Says:

    I have been wondering about the not going blind part as well, most likely something to do with Senju DNA. Never really tough about the chakra until you mentioned it but what if he embedded some of the tailed beast chakra into himself, as he planed to go foreward with Tsuki no me with only a bit from the 8th and 9th I don’t see the harm in taking some from them. Other than that Maybe Madara did something to make them larger.

  56. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    Nice chapter 5/5 and the reason why kakashi hasn’t used ms since is because his chakra reserves were too low and so it was too risky or because he forgot he activated it sort of like sasuke who acivated it during the massacre but itachi mindf***** him so bad that he forgot XD obito went HAM 😀 I love it and also the person controlling yagura couldn’t have obito if the village was already called the bloody mist so there is either another tobi or madara made himself a younger clone to do so with zetsu maybe

  57. narutoboy17 Says:

    @kross never though about the possibity of him putting some tailed beast charka in him also @kekkai genkai i agree with u on the last part i think this proves that obito wasnt the bloody mist

  58. kjames Says:

    Im starting to think that it is because of the senju chakra that Obito can spam his MS. another theory is that maybe the fact that he does not (or rather cannot) use tsukuyomi or amaterasu so it doesnt put as much strain on his body. not to say using kamui wont harm u I mean look at kakashi. But that senju dna really has given him a boost it seems like his chakra reserves are just as vast as naruto’s.

  59. kjames Says:

    Also @narutoboy17 I appreciate the comments. I guess all of us here are just really into the story lol

  60. Huang-jun Says:

    @Narutoboy I was wondering that too, why he wasn’t affected by blindness from using the MS.
    I used to think it could’ve been because he wasn’t able to use to full potential of his MS, because he only has one eye.
    I believe it was also why Kakashi never had a problem with eyesight.

    Sasuke, madara and itachi all were able to use their full power, and using it too much demanded more of their eyesight, instead of their chakra like kakashi and obito.

  61. narutoboy17 Says:

    Personally i feel like kakashi isnt losing any sight (or at least we have not been told) is because its a implanted eye.

  62. MisticVegeta Says:


    That’s not true. When fighting Itachi during the Rescue Gaara Arc, Kakashi asked him how it feels like to lose your eyesight. Itachi answered: Kakashi, you couldn’t have…? This implies Kakashi has lost some of his eyesight. Maybe not much but at least some of it.

  63. NarutoBoy17 Says:

    @62 i said personally thats how i felt i never said it was true or not. Also lets think about it itachi used his ms that we saw a total of bascailly 7 or 8 times before he went blind once against kakashi 3 of the genjustu one that i cant spell amaterasu twice once to espace jiriya and the other against sasuke and susano once and maybe 1 more time i cant remember and he was a true heir to the ms. kakashi who isnt has used kamui 12 times and only after spamming it 4 times did we see it have any effect like his bleeding eye. so personally i feel like kakashi should be blind by now if he was gonna become blind

  64. Uchihadomo Says:

    Danzo once commented on Sasuke’s MS genjtsu tech (which I cannot spell either). So I’m assuming Itachi used it on Danzo and he probably used it on other ninja. So it isn’t safe to assume he used the 6-8 times that we saw him use it.

  65. NarutoBoy17 Says:

    @uchihadomo ya but do u get what what im saying that kakashi has used his ms more times than itachi and has had it for longer amount of time and yet has not gone blind yet. That is what leads me personally to believe that kakashi will not go blind from his ms use. I mean it could be that his vision deterioates at a slower pace than itachis did im not ruling that out at all.

  66. Gaara42 Says:

    He has used it more then itachi but thats only what we’ve seen i think itachi has used it a lot more then what we’ve seen becasue when itachi and kisame went after naruto after itachi used his ms kisame made a comment on how using those eyes wears him so hes had to use it more

  67. Foxking Says:

    @48 the end I would like to see is Naruto learning the demon seal and sealing sasuke that would be classic. what you think might be impossible but can you imagin.

  68. Foxking Says:

    Question i really can’t remember. Once the Eternal is gained can the user still use the 3 tomo or their regular eye? started thinking about this when i was rewatching old episodes of when tobi came into the picture.

  69. narutoboy17 Says:

    @foxking ya why wouldnt they be able? we see madara use it in the very beginning of his battle with the 4th division.

  70. Anon65 Says:

    Totally unrelated but just a thought. Could obito still have rin’s body? He also wanted to know the secrets of edo tensei from kabuto. There might be a possibility he could bring her back, or already has but Just hasn’t shown up yet. Wouldn’t really know why he would but she was important to him and possibly for some other reason since the mist wanted her body.

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