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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Episode 157 Airs
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 4:28 pm on 10/26/2005

Episode 157 has aired in Japan. The filler arc concludes, will Ranmaru help the group defeat Raiga?… Episode 156 is titled Run!!! Curry of Life.

Click For Episode 157 Spoiler Preview Image:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest episode in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

39 kunai thrown »

39 Responses to “Episode 157 Airs”

  1. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    going 2 skool is troublesome…

  2. narutorules20 Says:

    not very good episode

  3. Alucard Says:

    Thank god this arc is over,(and the Konoha Corps. begins *sigh*) its to bad that there is nothing to really look forward to until spring.

  4. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    yea… thats y i started to get n 2 Bleach, well til tha good narutos start up again.

  5. kurosaki Says:

    haha ur just now into bleach?!

  6. Alucard Says:

    WOW, thats really funny that a guy is now just starting an anime…..your so cool Kurosaki, why don’t you try to be less of a ***, and keep your coments to yourself…..grow up

  7. Momoshiro Says:

    I don’t plan on even starting it.

  8. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Well, yea! I am just now getting into anime. And I’m freakin addicted!!! Is there any other anime shows you could recommend!?

  9. Jankyteef Says:


    but once you get caught up, it’s the devil… comes out twice a month…

  10. Momoshiro Says:

    Ninja Scroll, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Chobits, Akira, Steamboy, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, InuYasha, and there’s loads more but that should start you off, Majin.

  11. kurosaki Says:

    a tad sensitive arent u alucard… the comment wasnt meant to be insulting, many ppl who watch naruto also have been watching bleach a long time… next time dont jump to conclusions

  12. kurosaki Says:

    if you havent seen it Majin, Full Metal Alchemist is pretty good

  13. ino Says:

    majin shikamaru u should try wolfs rain, pretear, yotsuba,deathnote,1piece,tsubasa chronicle,ah my goddess,shaman king,hikaru no go,yuyu hakusho,+ mew mew power! u should write these down ok i hope this starts u off and theres inuyasha! ok and u thank me for it 2!!!**** c u later!!***^-^

  14. Momoshiro Says:

    I said InuYasha! *runs away* >_

  15. That guy, who whooped ya ass's!!!!! Says:

    Meh, I probaly won’t even bother with Bleach. I have no idea why, but Naruto has quickly become my faviorite anime/Manga. No clue why, it just has. Over Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo,Paranoia Agent,…even FLCL, and Serial Experiments Lane…O____O

  16. Aznhobo Says:

    This one had better animation than the others

  17. nantuko ninja Says:


  18. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Yea, alright- I’ll try watching those. I’ve already seen Yu Yu Hakasho and Full Metal Alchemist and their pretty tight!

  19. Alucard Says:

    Only to ppl who come off sounding like jerks, Kurosaki…..

  20. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Do u guys got some type of rivalry goin’?

  21. kurosaki Says:

    i dont think we do majin but he/she seems to enjoy name calling haha o_0

  22. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Man… The Bleach theme changes around the mid 20’s eps. I loved the old theme…

  23. Koma-Koma-Do the hokey poke!!!!! Says:

    Who argues over, a discussion on a episode. I loved! ..>

  24. xNinjaOfChaosx Says:

    Same with Naruto, except its maybe 25-30 episodes. I liked the 2nd one (Haruka Kanata) and the 4th one (GO!!!).
    Why do I know the name of the songs? (Cause I’m a loser

  25. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Hey! Have u heard of that new DragonQuest7 or 8 game?! It looks really tight!!!

  26. shino Says:

    its not a good episode!!bleach rules!hehhe i like orihime-san and ishida-kun there so great!!bleach is the one of the coolest anime in the whole world

  27. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    For now, I think Bleach probably is the best anime out right now… But when these sorry Naruto fillers end Naruto will bacc on top! My favorite character right now in Bleach is Tsubaki(orihime’s mean flower dude). There’s a few others who I think r tight but I forget their names.

  28. Alucard Says:

    I don’t have a rivalry or anything, it just sounded like you were being a a$$ with your smart remark….i don’t want to fight just choose your words more wisely TY.

  29. Majin Shikamaru Says:


  30. kurosaki Says:

    haha he’s talking to me majin, anyways yea tsubaki is pretty bad but my fav. is hitsugaya with those water/ice attacks

  31. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Oh, I haven’t seen Hitsugaya yet… Only on ep 33. And if I have seen him- they didn’t tell me his name yet.

  32. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    After watching/listening 2 all these eps of Naruto, has any1 picced up any words or phrases? I only learned a couple

  33. Momoshiro Says:

    I’ve learned some, but mostly from Prince of Tennis, too as I’ve watched almost the entire series, already in one month. Insomnia kicks ass sometimes.

  34. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Is Insomnia a show or u just can’t sleep sumtimes? And tho the ques I’m about 2 ask might not need 2 b answered: What’s Prince of Tennis about?

  35. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Damn dude, u jus ruined it 4 me…T_T

  36. Momoshiro Says:

    Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, I guess you could say. It’s where you have trouble falling asleep, most likely from a stressed mind, or whatever….Prince of Tennis is about Tennis really, look it up, as it would be pointless for me to type up something in here.

  37. Majin Shikamaru Says:

    Oh, I’ll look it up. And I already knew what Insomnia was(medical-wise), I just didn’t know if there was a cartoon had the the same name.

  38. Momoshiro Says:

    Well, there’s a comedy show about it. Not too sure if there’s a cartoon for anything like that, though. =\

    BTW, Prince of Tennis Domain is a great place to look for info about Prince of Tennis.

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