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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 609 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 12:18 am on 11/14/2012

Chapter 609 has been released!

Click For Chapter 609 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

56 kunai thrown »

56 Responses to “Chapter 609 Released”

  1. Haha Says:

    Mangapanda if you are eaget

  2. Haha Says:

    Eager, and by the way mindblown

  3. allan Says:

    Wow!Awesome chapter. great that kurama had that strategy.. I thought they had obliterated the juubi. 10/10.

  4. Korss Says:

    Who else finds Madara`s interest disturbing. As Obito say that it is “This is the end of this world” while Madara say “Oh well”
    And over on Mangafox you can read some theories that Naruto will have a third series and personally I think It might happen.

  5. MisticVegeta Says:


    I’ve heard those theories as well. There is one major problem I have with a new series. Naruto and Sasuke are so OP right now, that they would need to become like Gods for a third arc to progress. That would be double OP.

  6. Korss Says:

    Well I think Madara can be viewed as a god as he have infinite chakara. But Yeah how will things progress seeing as virtually no one but the three remaining Uchiha`s are even capable of fighting him. And Sasuke I don’t think we have seen him doing his best in a fight yet.

  7. kjames Says:

    The beast has awoken finally. But I agree I find it eerie that Madara just looked so interested to see what would happen. Im glad Kurama was able to get Kakashi going again. It makes things more interesting. Now what? The juubi has revived so now we have to wait and see how they will stop this thing. My theory is that Naruto will have to combine his chakra with the chakra given to him by the other tailed beasts. And with all this going on it doesnt seem like Sasuke is even that powerful anymore, but.maybe we havent seen the extent of his strength.

  8. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey you guys i know this is either going to sound stupid or brilitant but A why didn’t kakashi just use lighting cutter on obitos stomach when he was inside of other demension or just stay in there so that now obito will have to worry about that and probably use his intangiabilty less forcing him to worry more about naruto. I think kakashi would be better off inside their cause idk how kishi is going to spin this but he and guy are pretty much useless against the 10 tails. He would be better off in their keeping obito in this world.

  9. NewUchiha Says:

    Only way i see thiss ten tail gettin hurt if obito becomes good absorbs it sacrifices himself something like that.

  10. RP Says:

    i think orochimaru will absorb one of the uchiha. so he will get the sharingan, then hel be able to fight the other two uchihas, but with great difficulty!! naruto and bee will fight juubi while kakashi fights obito. my guess.. wat say??

  11. TheSparringPanther Says:


    I think it is a bit of a stretch to assume that Orochimaru is going to absorb an Uchiha (who is left to absorb?). Also, I do not see what reason Orochimaru has to want to fight the two Uchiha. He himself claimed that he has no interest whatsoever in this war.

    Nah, I think Orochimaru has peace with how things are now, and when Sasuke gets his stuff done, he’ll kill Orochimaru.


    He might not have had enough chakra to return to the real world had he used Raikiri. Just my thoughts on the matter.


    What would be the point of a continuation? I mean, like Vegeta said, becoming stronger is not really needed anymore, and they are both second to Madara only.

    It is quite possible that Naruto will somehow absorb the Juubi and Madara will see himself in Sasuke, who will absorb him (somehow), and the two of them will fight with these powers… That’s what seems most accurate to me. The ‘two sons of the sage’ story makes most sense that way.

    What I found most intesting in this chapter that for once they decided to go with the obvious move which would make them seem OP otherwise: Just create a giant Bijuu ball and destroy everything. Which begs the question why did not use that strategy on Obito…

    Also, shouldn’t it be possible for Kakashi to open a portal to the dimension? That way, even if Obito decides to become intangible he should be hit by a ball (if absorbed by Kakashi), right?

    Just my two cents on the chapter 😉

  12. Narutoboy17 Says:

    At 10 the biggest flaw I see is the fact u say oro wil absorb on the the uchiha (all 3 of which greatly surpass him in strength) but that obito wil also be fighting kakashi there are only 3 uchihas so ur math is wrong and tbh ur idea that oro could beat either madara or Sasuke at this point who is now much much stronger than he was when he beat oro the first time. Also I just thought of something else why not seal madara when he was weakend by the day time tiger so many chances to get rid of both obito and madara chances totally skipped over why kishimoto why oo ya because then the show would end to quickly that’s why

  13. MisticVegeta Says:


    We haven’t seen Sasuke use his full capacity yet. Even though he carries the EMS right now, we have only seen him use the techniques we’ve seen before his eyes were transplanted.


    Kakashi didn’t use raikiri on Obito’s stomach, probably out of sentimental feelings. No matter how evil he has become, Kakashi sees Obito as one of his heroes and friends.


    For that to happen Oro needs to absorb either Sasuke, Madara or Obito. Oro claimed Sasuke is too strong for him to take over his body, Madara is the strongest Uchiha known to the shinobi world and Obito isn’t one to underestimate either. At this point, I think it’s safe to say Orochimaru might be one of the weaker top shinobi at the moment.

  14. RP Says:

    there is some secret in that scroll that might be advantageous to oro.. its his after all.. so the probability of him regaining hise power is pretty high.. im not a fan of oro or something.. but he was a main character earlier and will definitely have some importance.. otherwise there is no point in reviving him.. isnt it??

  15. Narutoboy17 Says:

    Rp I agree I mean kishimoto wouldn’t bring back oro after killing him off twice without a good reason

  16. Narutoboy17 Says:

    I just have no idea how he will be of serious importance this late in the show

  17. RP Says:

    hmm.. yea.. the way in which he made naruto create clones while fighting pain.. and why kushinas chakra was also sealed inside naruto.. i’m pretty sure that there are going to be a lot more twists!!

  18. Luna-des Says:

    Finally some good comments…

  19. MisticVegeta Says:


    The importance of Orochimaru is simple. When Sasuke got the scroll from Suigetsu, he immediately wanted to revive Orochimaru. Whatever is in that scroll is something Sasuke doesn’t want to dirty his hands on. Suigetsu even stated that Sasuke could do whatever the scroll says if he took the time to master it. Sasuke replied that ” There are certain things only Orochimaru can do.” That’s Orochimaru’s role, Sasuke wants him to do whatever is in that scroll and will probably kill him as easily as he revived him.

  20. narutoboy17 Says:

    so mistic u think that sasuke is merely using oro in order to further his goals without actually being able to get blamed for it. i mean it is possible but im not sure if sasuke would be willing to take the risk of oro i mean yes he cant probably easily dispose of him when ready but i dont think oro will allow himself to get killed a third time so easily.

  21. K-Dash02 Says:

    Finally the true battle is about to begin! The Juubi as we all know is gonna go berserk and turn on Madara & Obito with no one to control it. The only way I see Madara or Obito controlling Juubi is if Kishi O.P. one of them. The only way the Juubi can be controlled is if Rikuudo Sennin, or atleast the First Hokage has something to do with it. Rikuudo Sennin is about to make his appearance very soon!

  22. K-Dash02 Says:

    @Narutoboy 17
    MisticVegeta does have a point, at this point and time Orochimaru’s only purpose is what’s in the scroll and nothing more. Orochimaru is even content and doesn’t want anything to do with he war. Orochimaru is completely out of his league regardless if he does have something up his sleeve Orochimaru vs Naruto/Kyuubi, Bee/Hachibi, Kakashi, Guy, Juubi, Madara, & Obito yeah right. What’s ever in the scroll Sasuke doesn’t have the time to master it during this war

  23. Gaara42 Says:

    So i got a feelin like 21 said the the rikuudo sennin is going to appear kinda like minato or kushina did i have a feeling hes gona resemble naruto alot and i agree that oro will have no part in the war other then to help sasuke snd if sasuke doesnt kill him hes gona slither off and do orochimaru things

  24. kjames Says:

    @23 Slither off and do orochimaru things….LMAO good one. But i agree that as of now Orochimaru cant even stand up to the 3 Uchiha in a fight much less absorb them. He might find another way around and get stronger or somebody will kill him (more than likely Sasuke)

  25. sasuke>gohan Says:

    @8 completely agree

    @23 Hilarious

    I think Obito will eventually turn good and him and Kakashi will send either the ten tails or madara or both into the other dimension and lock them there forever. Similar to Darth Vader Obito became evil apprentice because of a girl but will eventually help bring peace to the world. As for Oro, he has always been obsessed with the Uchiha so the scroll probably has something to do with them but no idea what. Great Chapter, so nice when you don’t have to wait 2 freaking weeks for a new one.

  26. RP Says:

    nice theories!! rikudo = uchiha(ocular powers) + senju(chakra). but even the uzumaki are said to have large amounts of chakra. so naruto can probably get the eye of kakashi(after hes been weakened), so that he can awaken the rinnegan. is this probable?

  27. MisticVegeta Says:


    ” The Sharingan can only unlock its true potential when both eyes are together.” Madara’s exact words. This brings me to answer your question with no, with only Kakashi’s eye it is impossible for Naruto to awaken the Rinnegan. He would need Kakashi’s and Obito’s Sharingan for that.

    On a side note, Naruto is said to be the embodiment of the SO6P body, as he has descended from the Senju lineage. Sasuke is the embodiment of his eyes, as he descended from the Uchiha lineage. Sasuke obtaining the Rinnegan would be a lot more probable than Naruto obtaining it for that matter.

  28. dmoney Says:

    I wonder is it possible for naruto to just obtain the rinnegan period.. like He seems to be almost the reincarnation of the SO6P so why not?? I really dont believe he HAS to be an Uchiha to obtain the eyes.. (im aware that WE have only seen Uchiha’s activate it but still) plus anything is possible in Naruto World lol

  29. MisticVegeta Says:


    Danzou was not an Uchiha, yet he had both Senju (his right arm was completely composed of Hashirama’s DNA) and Uchiha DNA (around 8 sharingan eyes) and he never awakened the Rinnegan. It’s not about being the SO6P’s reincarnation.

  30. Narutoboy17 Says:

    To Misitic I agree I think naruto getting the rinnegan is very unlikely if anyone is gonna get it is Sasuke so like does anyone think maybe this is possible that naruto defeats the ten tails by like engaging it in a Charka tug of war like he did against the kurama or in a tailed beast ball style energy beam struggle like gohab vs cell and like gyuki will hell out but he will start to lose suddenly the Charka the other tailed beasts gave him kicks in and suddenly and he starts pushing back the the ten tails gives it its all and almost beating naruto but then like all the ninja in the allied shinobi forces will channel their Charka into naruto finally defeating the 10 tails and like knocking it out or killing it. Ftr this isn’t my thoughts but this is what a friend of mine thinks but I would like to see what u guys think of it

  31. sasuke>gohan Says:

    If rinnegan is so great why hasnt obito used it once…

  32. minto Says:

    I think the next level of naruto power is to combine the sage chakra with the kumara chakra like when he was when he talk with nagato but in full power of kyubi mode

  33. YamiKage Says:

    32. i agree with you because remember naruto have to stay still to absorb nature chakara right, but same time he and kurama can switch inner and outer. so if naruto stay still at inner while kurama active on outer. he would got lot more powerful like these eye you saw. also there possiblity kurama will get his other half chakara, that 4th hokage sealed. ya know kurama normally very massive, but you notice he did shrinked when 4th hokage sealed his other half chakara?? what you think ?

  34. minto Says:

    i think that only time will tell us what is going to happen.
    but it is nice thinking,however,the other helf of kumara chakta is sealed inside minto body,i will stay with the idia that sage mode will take a part in this battle

  35. foxking Says:

    @34 i think so to i think the sage power will make up the other half. Remember when naruto was training to obtain the sage power he could not connect with the frogs because of Kurama now that they are a team i think that kurama will benifit from this greatly being the fact that he was able to master it without the help of the frogs.

    @29 i agree with everything you said but Danzo was a bad example like you said in 27 you need both eyes danzo’s arm was a mix match of eyes with only the level of 3 tomo.

  36. ajxw Says:

    @ 33 dued in the beginging he didnt know how everything was going to come out. so when he made the pages of the selling he wasnt thinhking ahead. so i say it was just drawing mess up

  37. Korss Says:

    Could you please rephrase that?

  38. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    That’s true, but Madara stated that with just Uchiha and Senju DNA a shinobi is able to summon the Gedou Mazou. In theory this would mean that Danzou should have been able to do the same since he had both as well.

  39. narutoboy17 Says:

    hey guys ok so listen to this the ten tails is made up of the other well tech 7 put together right? and 6 out of those 7 now really like naruto so what if maybe the other tailed beast like start up some internal turmoil for the 10 ten tails and forces it to spilt back into the other tailed beast. That or what if naruto could make his own tailed beast out of kurama gyuki and the charka the other tailed beast game him and for the one tails idk maybe garra has residual charka or something like that.

  40. K-Dash02 Says:

    Im pretty sure that since the Tailed Beast’s are actually part of the Juubi they will not be able to do anything while they are sealed inside of the Juubi. I think that since the Juubi can be revived without actually having all of Kyuubi, and Hachibi’s chakra, the same can be done to Naruto since the Tailed Beast also gave Naruto chakra. But just like Rikuudo Sennin said one day they will all become one again, I think that Rikuudo Sennin sealed a part of himself in all of the Bijuu and once they all become one Rikuudo Sennin will be revived inside of Naruto. But that is just my theory.

  41. foxking Says:

    has anyone taught about the fact that the person sasake is taking about might be either izuna or the sage himself. might be the location of there bodies just an idea.

  42. MisticVegeta Says:


    That is very unlikely. The place Sasuke is heading to is a place he knows well according to Orochimaru. Furthermore, the way Sasuke phrased ” I don’t know much… I want to hear everything from them ” makes it look like Sasuke knows these people personally.

    I think the scroll contains a plan involving the entire Uchiha Clan. Just my guess, but I believe Oro’s original plan with that scroll was to revive the entire Uchiha Clan. Considering the unique abilities every Uchiha and their eyes have, that could be the factor which ” could decide the outcome of this war “. In this case “them” is very likely to refer to Sasuke’s parents, as Fugaku (Sasuke’s dad for those who didn’t know) was the Clan’s leader at the time.

  43. narutoboy17 Says:

    @40 do u mean like how minato sealed himself within naruto in\case 8ails appear

  44. K-Dash02 Says:

    Yes exactly like Minato did, but thats just my theory. If Naruto is really gonna stand a chance against the Juubi that would be to me the most possibility, besides Kyuubi himself said that he stands no chance against the Juubi. The outcome to me is like how the series began Rikuudo Sennin vs Juubi, and in the present Naruto/Rikuudo Sennin vs Juubi. Tell me what do you think?

  45. JustACasualObserver Says:

    How is the ten-tails revived if two of the bjuu are still roaming around.

  46. narutoboy17 Says:

    @45 because it still has some of the charka from both the 8tails and 9tails i guess thats all its needs is just some charka from each. also @44 idk how i feel about it i mean i dont see it as impossible for the sage to come back but i feel like unless kishi has a really good explaintion for it then naruto will kind of jump the shark. like oo some how someone will always come in to save the day just as people expected good wins bad loses ect ect. u know what i mean. im not saying its a bad idea i’m just not a fan of the sage coming back.

  47. K-Dash02 Says:

    I completely understand what you mean, but since the series is coming to an end this is the perfect time for Rikuudo Sennin to make an appearance and besides once he returns we will finally get an complete explanation of what happened between him and the Juubi in the beginning. And also the fact that Kishi seems to love bringing characters back after they had died. If Rikuudo Sennin is the God of the Narutoverse there is no doubt that he is still alive.

  48. kjames Says:

    Ok so let me answer a few questions that were asked previously but were ignored.

    @31 obito did use the rinnegan. Remember the deceased jinchuriki were used as the six paths. Now if u are asking why obito hasnt used the actual techniques, well for one trying to control the jinchuriki and their tailed beast drained alot of chakra as is. Using the 6 path techniques would mean more chakra being drained and less control. And right now trying to use those techniques would probably drain him and not be wise considering he used alot containing the tailed beasts.

    @33 we tried a theory like that but the odds of unsealing kurama’s yin chakra is slim to none considering that there is no known way to counter the reaper death seal. If there was, the souls trapped in the shinigami would be freed and would have probably given kabuto the freedom to revive all four hokage.

    But I do agree that maybe rikudo sennin left his imprint in the tailed beasts somehow. Either way my main concern is how are they gonna get rid of madara much less the juubi. I still dont see how madara or obito are even strong enough to seal it. But I guess kishi will surprise us.

  49. narutoboy17 Says:

    @47 i get with what u are saying and i could totally see kishi bringing back the sage but i’m pretty sure he is def dead. instead of the sage coming back i’m hoping for more of what happened once minato returned to naruto like the sage will appear inside of naruto sub concious because naruto is somehow related to the sage and he will tell naruto some kind of weakness that the 10 tails has. Also how much people want to bet if the sage does come back in the flesh he is the one who defeats madara.

  50. MisticVegeta Says:


    You’re theories about the sage are really interesting, for real. But it has one big flaw. If the sage left his chakra/imprint scattered between the tailed beasts, then Naruto is still missing the chakra’s of Gyuki and Shukaku. I can see Gyuki giving him chakra but what about Shukaku? We haven’t seen the one-tailed at all this war, nor do I see him appear from within the Ten-tails. Therefor, if the Sage left his imprint on all the bijuu, without those chakras the sage won’t appear.

  51. Caligula Says:

    Is Orochimaru at absolute full strength? I mean, does he have any particular limitations, is a shell of what he once was etc.? Orochimaru was leagues beyond just about every shinobi before he lost use of his arms, and this is at the same time where Jiraiya was at a level in which Kisame freely admitted to not being in the same class as Jiraiys and Itachi affirmed that the very best the two could do together is fight to a standstill, the probable result being being killed or seriously injured with nothing to show for it

    Now, just speculating, Oro could not enter his sage mode before, maybe that limitation has been removed? If so, who knows? I don’t know if being sealed away by Susanoo would somehow manipulate matters to where he’d be in his original body or what but it really is a moot point because of everything that hs already been said about how there’s simply nothing that would motivate him to pull some ridiculous unexpected stuff that would put him in a position to suddenly be a main villain at the end of the series …

  52. dmoney Says:

    Why does Danzoa name keep comin up… like i know he had both senju DNA and uchiha DNA but that doesnt mean s*** technically !!… he had senju and uchiha dna thru oro experiments !! he was neither a uchiha nor was he senju blood of Course he couldnt summon the statue nor could he obtain rinnegan.. he was like 0 relation of the 6 path lol. Danzoa is pure irrelevant in Any argument…

  53. dmoney Says:


    Thats one thing about Orochimaru’s character , he comes with a set of loop holes lol!!

  54. MisticVegeta Says:


    It does mean sh*t. Orochimaru isn’t Senju nor Uchiha, yet Kabuto revealed (when Madara was summoned through Edo Tensei) that Oro’s goal to obtain the Rinnegan. To do so, he needed Sasuke body and sharingan, combined with Senju DNA, which he believed would grant him the eyes.

    Danzou was Orochimaru’s Guinea Pig for this, as he is also non-Senju/ non-Uchiha. The only thing indeed is that Danzou didn’t have a pair of eyes that matched. Therefor, for example, if Danzou had both of Shisui’s eyes, he eventually would have gained the Rinnegan.

  55. Senjuninja Says:

    They don’t need to defeat the juubi just get Obito to recall it or pehaps when they beat/turn Obito the juubi will release.

    Also, Orochimaru never operated by strength he always used his ninja craftiness I.e. getting other people/dead people to fight for him, he doesn’t need to fight to sneak his way into an uchiha body and then continue his experiments to insert Senju blood, then get Rinnegan.

    Naruto is setting up to get with Hinata, so their child is the one that will have strong eyes and a strong body (Kishi admits to borrowing from Dragonball and Gokus kids were the source of new strength in new series’)

  56. dmoney Says:


    Hmm… I guess I see where your going with this but i still doubt Danzoa woulda got the eyes only cuz it took Mandara forever to get them himself and the manga has not yet informed us with detail on the process of how ems changes into rinnagan…
    but well put argument.. gotta give credit where credit is due

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Chapter 681 (Spoilers)

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