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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Shippuuden Episode 290 Airs
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 10:09 am on 11/22/2012

Team 7 are dispatched to deal with an attack on a village! What surprises from the past are awaiting them?… Episode 290 is titled Power – Episode 1.

Click For Episode 290 Spoiler Preview Image:

The subbed episode is viewable on Crunchyroll with a paid membership here. It will be free at that site one week from airing. You can view my comments and discuss this latest episode in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

20 kunai thrown »

20 Responses to “Shippuuden Episode 290 Airs”

  1. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Good episode.this is what we don’t get to see in the manga.the missing part,revealed in the anime.

  2. OPR8R-kun Says:

    @1 I agree. Good episode. It seems like they spent some time on this filler arc. I don’t think what we’re seeing here is meant to fill anything missing from the manga though, just TV weeks.

  3. ItachiFTW Says:

    That episode was really good.
    I can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Haha Says:

    Hidan shouldnt be able to come back right

  5. Hoshika Says:

    Hidan…my idoL!

    nice to see you again…
    btw guys, i was cosplaying Hidan during Halloween…hehehe

  6. Haha Says:

    Is he still sort of alive and i dont see what this explains. Elaborate please

  7. MisticVegeta Says:

    Great episode indeed, the best in a long while.

    @2 indeed, this is not to fill up plot holes in the manga. I do have to admit Kabuto looked a little off character.

    @4 that wasn’t the real Hidan. It was a new lifeform created from Hidan’s DNA. The scythe was robbed by Kabuto from the Nara grounds.

  8. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    I think we saw kabuto one time planting orochimaru’s tissue into him and then an op character who had mastered edo tensei surpassed orochi and becoming a dragon.I think these three episodes will show a bit of his development like now we are seeing how he developed mastery in edo tensei.that’s what I feel and anyway everybody has his/her own opinion.

  9. MisticVegeta Says:


    Don’t want to be a pain, but you’re spoiling manga things on the anime topic. *dragon and the tissue thing*

    Other than that, this has to be pre-tissue. When we saw Kabuto for the first time after Oro’s defeat was when Kabuto was giving Naruto the bingo-book about Akatsuki. At that time his face was already like Orochimaru. Chronologically, this means these episodes must have occurred between Oro’s defeat and Kabuto meeting Naruto.

  10. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    I can’t say anything because this stupid site won’t let me dfhhdhhjderirtuiui and I know it will post this time fdfdkenjbti.

  11. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    And walla

  12. narutoboy17 Says:

    @11 i have the same problem when ever i try to write some awesome post

  13. somerandomdude0 Says:

    @mistic vegeta imma have to disagree with you about timing because kauto did summon nagato who died durng the fight with naruto. So I would say this has to be somewhere between the konoha reconstruction and the five kage summit or between five kage summit and war starting. Also why did you stop uploading videos on youtube ?

  14. MisticVegeta Says:


    You’re right. The Nagato thing slipped my mind. But in that case Kabuto’s face should be at least halfway like Orochimaru’s, if not fully.

  15. MisticVegeta Says:

    I will try and upload my review of 609 and 610 in one video tomorrow, with an explanation for the delay 🙂

  16. Haha Says:

    So if that hidan is just a copy then why not make an army of them, i sure it make take chakra reserves unimaginable but it will get the job done. In that respect, why not make multiple mindless zombie copy of the stronger more difficult ninja, like a certain uchiha if he was able to get his hands on that dna and bam, cut out the minute man and there will be no need for a war, just one giant massacre. I understand ths scenarios will cause a short story but think about it from the villians view, you have a goal, bring out the big guns. ??????????

  17. MisticVegeta Says:


    The only reason why Kabuto could make a living copy is because of the water it was born in. All of that is just filler, thus has nothing to with the original storyline. That’s why.

  18. Kagemaru Says:

    This filler was sick!! So this is when edo tensi was first starting out eh? 🙂 pretty sweet! I love how they brought back hidan nd hayate xD the other shinobi frm all 5 countries we’re pretty cool as well my fav were the iwa ns suna ninja. I like how kabuto used orochimarus face stealing technique, I figure this is around the time he completes his training, Sai nd Yamato were badassas well, I loved his dragon art tech.

  19. Itachi33 Says:

    i think we are all forgeting how hindans jutsu work his religion requirs him to kill in order to be imortal if he dosent, the that means that he can die

  20. Kasper Says:

    @19 u r correct
    hidan gets his immortal power from killing and if he stops killing people his loses his immotality. Thats just how his jashin ritual works

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