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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 611 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:47 am on 11/28/2012

Chapter 611 has been released!

Click For Chapter 611 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

33 kunai thrown »

33 Responses to “Chapter 611 Released”

  1. kjames Says:

    Finally the Shinobi Alliance arrives. Now we shall see how this battle goes. Maybe Obito will see that this threat has unified the Shinobi World. But to think the Juubi just flicked the Bijuu Dama right back at Gyuki makes me wonder still how the Shinobi Alliance will fair against the beast. Also what jutsu was Naruto talking about at the end? I was a little confused on that part.

  2. K-Dash02 Says:

    This chapter was a bit of a let-down with all the hype regarding the ressurection of the Juubi and the Hachibi’s attack last chapter. But this chapter left me with a question, early in the Shippuuden chapters Jaraiya told Kakashi about the Kyuubi and that out of all the tailed beasts Kyuubi has unlimited chakra, but in his chapter Kyuubi needs rest to replenish his chakra O_o? @kjames Im pretty sure the jutsu Naruto is talking about is “THAT JUTSU” the one jutsu that he and Jaraiya has been working on since Shippuuden started, the one jutsu that only Naruto is capable of since he has the stamina/chakra of Kurama.

  3. HastetheDavid444 Says:

    I enjoyed this chapter, awesome seeing everyone arrive, but they’re all there because the technique is the spirit bomb and they’re all gunna lift their hands like Goku it’s coming, just wait

  4. narutoboy17 Says:

    @2 i think that what jiraya meant was by human standards kurama has unlimited charka like it has a limit but when compared to a human it is unlimited. Also ya i have a feeling its that justu that they were talking about and i have a feeling due to narutos and kurama current exhaustion i think he is going to rely on the charka given to him by the other 6 tailed beast in order to use it

  5. narutoboy17 Says:

    @3 oo god i hope it isnt like that that would ruin the show if kishi has naruto make a spirt bomb

  6. kjames Says:

    @2 that makes sense but I always thought that jutsu was a variation of the rasengan, but I guess that was wrong. Also im not so sure its kurama running out but more so that he and naruto just merged their chakras not too long ago so its still a working progress to maintain that form since they had no practice. Then again maybe the.tailed beasts even have limits to some degree.

  7. foxking Says:

    @2 i think it has to do with the yang charka that is sealed in the fouth. remember the training kurama stopped feeding on narutos so i would expect him to run out. plus the fact that he is giving it out like candy lol

  8. Caligula Says:

    Obito is cracking. He is seemingly hesitant due to Naruto and his reflection about the similarities between the two, and if the Juubi doesn’t handle matters, he can’t take them all. He sees a ruining of the plan Madara lied out, and without the Juubi he’s dead. Madara … Maybe (beating a dead horse) Sasuke ends up to help take out Madara (grossly outmatched, but maybe he cuts a deal with Oro, finds a real weakness), so he can fight Naruto. Madara and Tobiprobably really probably irked him a bit as he resurrected his brother with the intention of using him as a tool, probably seems a bit disrespectful to the Uchiha name, and Naruto is perhaps the sole reason that war turned the tide as Itachi and the shisui eye

  9. Korss Says:

    @2,4, 7
    That jutsu is if I remember correctly the Odoma Rasengan or something like that.
    Overall I think this fight might become more interesting now.

  10. narutoboy17 Says:

    @kross no the one im thinking of was the one him minato and his jiraya were working on remember how just before he went to the giant turtle he went to the sage mountain and was like and now im ready to complete that justu.

  11. Korss Says:

    @Narutoboy17 Ah that one. I believe that one was the Rasen Shuriken but yet again I could be wrong there as well.

  12. tsunami Says:

    i think he is talking about the yang chakra of kyuubi.but guys in dis life i mean reality,nobody can beat madara not even the allied shinobi forces

  13. tsunami Says:

    Oh, Madara, master of the obvious.
    Best part of the chapter was Ino
    appearing and doing something
    meaningful. Not exactly sure why the
    Allied Forces is acting so confident
    when Madara along had previously nearly wiped them out with a freakin’
    meteor. Seems like they done nothing
    but make themselves a huge target, so
    it will be interesting to see how them
    all not being completely wiped out
    next chapter is justified. Good chapter solely due to Ino.

  14. tsunami Says:

    a naruto vs juubi and sasuke vs madara and also orochimaru vs tobi fight will be great

  15. Narutoboy17 Says:

    @kross by the the point in time in talking about pain was already defeated because the reason he was in mt myoboku (spelling?) and he was talking about controlling kurama Charka and using it to aid him

  16. Narutoboy17 Says:

    Also @13 umm actually probably no one knows about madara killing half the fourth division because there was no one left to tell the rest of the people about what had happened

  17. allan Says:

    how strong is that jutsu?

  18. Young-wayne Says:

    Dis chepter is awsome but wat i want to know is hw did rin die.

  19. K-Dash02 Says:

    @Allen, No one actually knows exactly how strong is “THAT JUTSU” except Naruto. Minato, & Jaraiya didn’t even know exactly how strong the jutsu is, especially since the jutsu was in its incomplete form when Minato was trying to perfect it. I think the jutsu itself is some form of the Rasengan, the Tailed Beast Bomb, and the Wind Element all combined into one single jutsu. I think its kinda evident especially since the Rasengan itself is a incomplete jutsu all in its own. But that’s just my little 2 cents.

  20. luna-des Says:

    The juubi is incomplete and i bet if it starts to fight off the whole alliance it will use up what little 8/9 tails chakra it has and either disapear or turn into a super gedo statue. maybe…
    The fifth also said to Shikaku that she was going to save “that jutsu” (whatever it was) for Naruto when the fighting first started… anyone remember that or what she might have been refering to?

  21. kjames Says:

    Ok after re-reading the chapter it says naruto is referring to a ninja alliance jutsu which means either they have a spirit bomb esque jutsu or he was just referring to the combined resolve of the shinobi forces.

  22. MisticVegeta Says:

    @kjames and narutoboy17

    It’s not that hard to figure out. What was Jiraiya’s belief? That the time would come that people would truly understand one another. Now look at the panel. Jiraiya’s prophecy has come true. That is the ultimate jutsu he was talking about. The power of understanding, friendship and unification of the shinobi world is what will bring about the greatest power. And that is the jutsu that will beat the sh*t out of the infinite tsukiyomi.

    As for the chapter. It was EPIC. Finally everyone is there except for the kages and those at HQ. But still, Naruto in front everybody makes him look like the leader of that huge army. Aside of that, they are dealing with Obito and Madara and the Juubi. Let’s see how this will work out. And of course, what about Sasuke?

  23. Huang-jun Says:

    @21 I’ve been checking a few other websites, and it seems it’s a translation error.
    The jutsu is actually a refferal to the spirit or teamwork of the allied forces,..

    At least, that’s what I understand from reading serveral different scanlations and forums.

  24. Huang-jun Says:

    Appearantly Mangareader has the right translation.

  25. Jutsu-Kan Says:

    its obvious that he was not referring to an ACTUAL jutsu at the end. Naruto was just maiking a reference that there unity could withstand anything being thrown at them.

  26. MisticVegeta Says:


    That already has come to pass. The jutsu they were referring to was the Fuuton: Rasenshuriken. Minato couldn’t complete the jutsu because he was unable to shape the chakra and add his element at the same time. Naruto is the first to have done that. Aside of that; Bee said that the rasengan already is a miniature form of the tailed beast bomb, which means it’s the same jutsu created from different chakras.


    If you could give me the chapter and pages when the fifth told Shikaku about that jutsu, I could try and answer that question for you. Although I have no idea what jutsu Tsunade has left which would benefit Naruto at this point, since his ninjutsu skills way surpasses Tsunade’s. In addition Tsunade is a top-class medical ninja, the best for that matter, but is unable to use any jutsu which is from the Senju lineage. So I’m wondering what jutsu she could possibly possess that is to be saved for Naruto, aside from the fact Madara cut her body in half and she’s dying as we speak.

  27. K-Dash02 Says:

    @MysticVegeta, it couldn’t have been the Rasenshuriken because it was never mentioned that Minato’s nature affinity was the wind element. Besides even after Naruto learned the Rasenshuriken he still mentioned from time to time that he has to finish “THAT JUTSU”. So if “THAT JUTSU” is the Rasenshuriken, why would Naruto still say that has to complete “THAT JUTSU” after he already learned it?

  28. Jutsu-Kan Says:

    its kinda obvious that he was not referring to an ACTUAL jutsu at the end. Naruto was just maiking a reference that there unity could withstand anything being thrown at them.

  29. twin pain Says:

    The jutsu the fifth was talking about was the flying thunder god

  30. Zeno Says:

    @27 MysticVegeta is right about the rasengan being the jutsu that Minato couldn’t complete. That is the whole reason Naruto went thru the whole training was to create the Rasenshriken. it was a “brand new” ninjutsu.

    @29 how would the flying thunder god help naruto at this point? he can already move that fast without having to telport. Naruto does pretty much need the spirt bomb to win right about now.

  31. Zeno Says:

    In the translation that i read it says that the jutsu is some sort of new wind style. which would be cool considering that Naruto only knows one wind style move. It doesn’t just make sense because when the heck did he have time to train this jutsu?

  32. kjames Says:

    @31 actually it was a mistranslation. That wind technique was actually being used by madara/the juubi. Thats y I was confused too until I read a clearer translation.

  33. MisticVegeta Says:


    It’s as 30 says. It’s not about what element affinity Minato had, it’s about the fact Minato was unable to add whatever element he had to his rasengan, leaving it incomplete. Jiraiya was unable to do this either, so that’s why he taught Naruto how to make the Rasengan his own (in the form of Oodama Rasengan). Afterwards, “that jutsu” was referring to completing the rasengan to the point Minato wanted it to be. Even Kakashi stated that “Only Naruto is able to surpass The Fourth”, which are the words that pushed Naruto beyond his limits an create the Rasenshuriken. It was only completed after his training on Mt. Myouboku, when Naruto was able to throw the jutsu in Sage Mode, which cleared the side-effect of Naruto’s body getting caught in de the blast.

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