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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 619 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:41 am on 2/5/2013

Chapter 619 has been released!

Click For Chapter 619 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

87 kunai thrown »

87 Responses to “Chapter 619 Released”

  1. Uzumaki Shamayel Says:

    Good chpt. came to know quite a lot…. Wow that’s how sharingan is activated!!!

    And was surprised to see that first is like naruto, funny but sometimes becomes stupid..

    and the second looks arrogant.. quite serious

  2. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Wow, it’s like Sasuke’s story adds depth to naruto story.That just makes them even more intertwined.Its hard to tell where the story will go from here. It’s obvious that the questions he asks too the first & fourth hookage are going to be the biggest factor into what he decides to do going forward.But will they join the battle field??Seems like they should but I’m not sold that they will quite yet.

  3. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    Awesome chapter, we gained quite the knowledge from this one. I really like Shodaime and Nidaime’s personalities. It seems like Nidaime is the one keeping Shodaime in place. Shodaime seems to be somewhat of a goof, having his brother to keep him in line. I hope Sasuke gets the answers he needs. Whatever choice he makes, I’m starting to feel like anything he will do is justified after this.


    How are Sasuke’s and Naruto’s story more entwined after this chapter? This story was Uchiha-related only, nothing to do with Naruto or his past at all if you ask me?

  4. Naruto_Bleach Says:

    Now thats the way to explain things. bring back the most renowned ninja and have them tell how it is. to think the uchihas power comes out of their love and then hate. sooo awsome

  5. JustACasualObserver Says:

    @3 Sasuke Is Seeking Answers,& Naruto Is The Answer.

  6. ItachiFTW Says:

    Lol 2nd hokage is a racist.

  7. Gaara42 Says:

    I loved how hashirama is like naruto but i think sasuke is goimg to hear their answer and go to the battle feild with the hokages and hashirama and madara will fight and minato and kakashi vs obito i say this because orochimaru and sasuke wouldnt be able to complete their plans in madara and obito put the world under a genjutsu

  8. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    How is Naruto the answer to Sasuke’s questions? Not trying to mock you, it’s just that it’s kind of vague to me how you put it. So please explain it a bit more in detail?


    I think that Sasuke and Orochimaru’s plans differ eventually. I even dare to say that destroying Konoha isn’t going to be Sasuke’s goal anymore after this meeting with the Hokages.

    And is it just me, or did anyone else notice the sadness in Sasuke’s face when the Third confirmed Itachi’s story. As if somewhere deep down Sasuke wished it was not true after all, which is completely understandable. Ever since his reunion with Itachi, I’m starting to like Sasuke again.

  9. narutoboy17 Says:

    @ok first off i truely enjoyed this chapter and one of my big reason was the humaness of the first. I honestly love the fact that he is a goof i mean for this whole series we have looked to the first as a god among men and yet this chapter proves his humaness so much. @6 yes i agree the seconds seems a little racist. @8 i saw that saddness. But what i want to know is how many people is sasuke going to ask before he finally believes the story. Also did anyone else notice that at the end sasuke only had a ms activated like the little itachi design in the middle wasnt there. Finally i understand all the questions he has asked so far but what i want to know is what is he gonna ask the 4th. also i wonder if the 4th remembers any of the events that happened to naruto when he released him.

  10. narutoboy17 Says:

    during the invasion of pain he seemed to know everything that was going on up to that point. i wonder if this minato knows everything that charka imprint knew. One last thing the first face when he found out tsunade was hokage. Priceless. :O

  11. kjames Says:

    Wow. Even though the 2nd feels some type of way he understood how the Uchiha operates. Interesting to see that the 1st has such a carefree attitude. I don’t think the 1st us dumb though. Just silly whereas Madara is serious. Now that reminds me of the contrast between Sasuke and Naruto, whereas Sasuke is serious and Naruto is a goofball. I think the 4th is going to have the information that ultimately sways Sasuke into the direction he chooses.

  12. JustACasualObserver Says:

    @8 Basically All The Shinobi Before Naruto Generation known the Shinobi world one way but certain Shinobi(jiraiya,the fourth,even pain) realized that the Shinobi world thrives off hatred & wanted some kind of way too stop it and the wars that ensued because of it.( I know I’m not making sense too the readers right now but bear with me)Sasuke embodies that hatred whereas naruto embodies the love.In order for Naruto to change Sasuke he would have to answer the question:Hoe do you stop hatred?

  13. allan Says:

    I too didnt expect the first to be like that! LOL. We did learn more in this chapter.

  14. Uchihadomo Says:

    Just an incredible chapter! We are learning so much information. I can’t wait for the conversation Minato and Sasuke will have.

  15. Chad Says:

    Lets not forget about Rin she has a role to play between Obito and Kakashi that hasn’t been revealed yet. Cant wait to find out what thats about…

    Awesome chapter though too… 1st and 2nd Hokage are like who are you to 4th lol…

  16. dmoney Says:

    I think this chapter was interesting .. im sure we all thought the 1st hokage would be serious and about business but this chapter proved otherwise.. it was kinda light hearted and humorous.. cant wait to see the different views of the hokages and how it affects sasake in the end..

    @12 I see where your going.. it does makes sense in away .. I like how you put that together

  17. ThyTrueKing Says:

    well this kind explains why Madara hated the 1st so much. Could you imagine getting your ass handed to you constantly and being on even terms with a complete goofball. Id love to see how he acted after a battle with Madara. Also once the hokages find out that there is a new war and that Madara, Obito, and the Ten Tails are leading it their gonna bolt off and I don’t think Oro is gonna try to stop them.

  18. ThyTrueKing Says:

    x.x I wish it was next Wednesday already… at least fairy tail comes out Friday to hold me over till then

  19. ThyTrueKing Says:

    also, what the 2nd said about the sharingan makes sense. Think about when obito activated his, when he thought rin was going to die; his MS when he saw rin die. Sasuke activated his when naruto was in danger; cant remember when sasuke got his but that makes perfect sense. Cause the second sasuke got his Sharingan he slowly drifted off into the power hungry, revenge intent, emo that we know…

  20. Lopez_Kage Says:

    Seems my prediction was partially correct. Cant wait to see the 1st hokage’s response.

  21. tendopain Says:

    Naruto 1st awakened his sharingan against haku wen naruto waz hurt. On the other hand naruto takes over d 1st by his goofness.. I can see hw d first nd madara waz .. Compared to hw naruto nd sasuke is… Alike isnt it?? Cnt stop laffin wen dey askd minato who he waz ^_^…

  22. tendopain Says:

    Sasuke* 1st awakened his sharingan against haku wen naruto waz hurt. Sorry for d mixup

  23. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    False. Sasuke awakened his sharingan after Itachi kille his clan. It was confirmed when Tobi told Sasuke the truth about Itachi, when surpressed memories of Sasuke resurfaced about that night.

  24. Haha Says:

    Chapter 403 page 11 sasuke first sharingan

  25. ThyTrueKing Says:


    False. Sasuke awakened his Sharingan 1 mo. into the story, on their first mission during the fight with Haku. remember Haku was kicking their asses till that point + Naruto going Kurama cloak. The massacre happened 4 years BSS.

  26. NarutoSagen Says:

    Makes sense what the second hokage said about love and hatred: Hashirama is portraited throughout the series as the god of shinobi. He, a descendent of senju and madara a descendent of uchiha. each of them were opposites as we can see the joyfullness of the 1st vs the hatred of madara.

  27. Mega Ninja Says:

    The Senju valued jutsu over everything. That would explain their name and why they were masters of all three branches of jutsu. And all this time we thought they were naturally skilled. Well they are of course but it was all really just a power trip for them.

  28. Korss Says:

    No, go check. Sasuke awakened the sharingan with one tome in each eye. He forgot about it because of the trauma he went trough the night of the massacre and only re activated them when fighting Haku.
    You see this when Obito talks to him after Sasuke vs Itachi.

  29. itachi 33 Says:

    Yo its just like when kakashi activated ms when he was a kid but didnt know till latter that he can use it. Sasuke activated it when itachi killed the clan. And what did the 4 meen by he lost all his jutsus and then researched on the uzumaki clans sealin tech. Dose that explain why all of his tech are uzumaki based, besides the rasengan

  30. kjames Says:

    @28 the Senju valued jutsu but they valued love more so. Its just that they didn’t let hatred consume them once a loved one passed. Whereas with the Uchiha their strong love led to anger and hatred consuming them. Kinda like how when Naruto lost Neji he was able to keep his composure (with some help of course) and it only made his chakra that much stronger whereas Sasuke kept seeking vengeance after his family and Itachi passed.

    @31 the 4th didn’t lose any jutsu that was orochimaru who lost his arms during his fight with the 3rd. Oro then went to study the Uzumaki sealing techs until he got his proper arms back

  31. itachi 33 Says:

    I wasnt talking bout oro on page 4 when the fourth was talking he clearly said that after he lost his jutsu he went to the uzumaki ruins and studied its scrols. I know oro lost his arms due to the 3rd and now got them back

  32. Korss Says:

    @Itachi 33
    On mine it was page 5 but anyway. It went Minato asking Oro about removing the seal. And then Oro responding with those statements. Not Minato.

  33. itachi 33 Says:

    @34 ok ok i c now oro was the one saying that i thought it was the fourth thats y i was a bit thron off

  34. Dosu Says:

    @26: ThyTrueKing

    False. Mystic is correct. Here is the link:


    Chapter 403, page 13. BOOM.

  35. ThyTrueKing Says:

    @29 @30 ok ok I see what u mean, that would make them saying itachi was the youngest to do it false then considering sasuke was younger

  36. narutoboy17 Says:

    @thytrueking one does not simply prove mystic wrong. lol.

  37. itachi 33 Says:

    For some reason the first and the second remind me of goku and vageta

  38. narutoboy17 Says:

    @39 i agree

  39. dmoney Says:

    Damn its so crazy how people really praise this guy “mistic vegeta”.. like he was right and all but it was just a common mistake that “thy truking” made its really not that serious.. and its kinda weird how people really be on his d*** like he’s human like us.. just being honest

  40. Zeno Says:

    Does anyone else wonder how the 1st and 2nd died?! Because they appear to be young, we can tell that they must have died when they were young. I can safely say that because the 3rd is still old, which is the way he died.

    It just makes me wonder because if these fools were supposed to be crazy strong, how did they die?

  41. Narutofan831 Says:

    Itachi is amazing. The way the third hokage described his sence of being and the way he taught. That he had the mind set of a hokage, thinking about the village and wanting to do what was best. Besides having crazy talent at a young age, I would feel if things were different he could of been hokage.
    @itachi 33
    your right about the goku and vegeta thing.

  42. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    Thanks for the page reference, appreciate the back up!


    Hahahahaha, that made my day! Nice one!


    That really sounded like Narutoboy17 offended you? But it’s true, I’m only human. I’ve been wrong about the series several times as well. It just happens that I have a lot of knowledge about the Narutoverse, as does TheSparringPanther, Narutoboy17, Huang-Jun etc. who have been coming here for years and years.

  43. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    Just being honest too 😉

  44. Zeno Says:

    @Mistic just because someone has been coming to a particular site for a while doesn’t mean they know more about naruto than someone else. I actually have been here for a few years, I just choose not to post very often because I am content with just reading people’s thoughts. Because that’s just what they are…. Just thoughts. @everyone no one has ever been 100% correct

    Although Mistic and SparringPanther are pretty good

  45. Korss Says:

    Personally I have being coming to this site for at least 4 years and been reading for four to six years and watched the Anime for a year or two before that. Didn`t post much because yes I was content with reading others thoughts but every now and then I post something. Some might call it thoughts I would call it at least back when Panther was posting here that it was an almost zealousness debate, with some people backing Mistic or Panther.

  46. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    That wasn’t what I was trying to say. I ment that since we all have visited this website for years, you start to respect and recognise fellow speculators/fans and their ideology about the series. That being said, by judging the posts people do place, people can clearly indicate which person has a wider knowledge of the series than someone else. After all, people can only speculate about something based on the facts they know by heart.

  47. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    Haha speaking of Panther, I kinda miss the guy (no homo).

  48. Narutoboy17 Says:

    @41 like mystic said its just that he has been here so long and has a good track record so I have a respect for him and because I also knew he was right to begin with. Also if mystic wrong I will tell him or if anyone is wrong ill tell him and get into a debate. And sometimes I am wrong as well but I usually try and make sure that I fact check myself before I post something but I have known to be wrong.

  49. foxking Says:

    @42 I belive the 2nd died in an ambush. I think it was talked about in the Danzo arc

  50. Darth_SamAde Says:

    The 2nd is a dick . I want to hear what the 1st has to say. It would be great for him to go over the back story between him and Madra.

  51. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Nice chapter.I like the first’s attitude,lively and naruto-like.the second sure is racist and it shows that the uchiha weren’t the only ones at fault.I guess after listening to the hokages explanation.sasuke goes to war and sides with the shinobi alliance…just a thought.also speaking of panther,come back man has the world tour not ended.though I hope you had or are having fun(again no homo just respect)

  52. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    5/5 insight into hokage’s personalities even though tobirama is a badass he’s a d*** to his bro Hashi who is like a grown up naruto
    why is sasuke’s eyes in ms form (maybe he can downgrade like he does to 3-tomoe as well XD) 😀 hopefully hashi learns of madara’s existence and tries to fight him

  53. Gin Says:

    I wouldn’t say the 2nd is a full blown racist! Just a little weary of the uchihas since he’s had plenty.of experience with them in his era. I’m sure the uchihas were just as ruthless if not even more against the senju

  54. burning_leaf Says:

    I wonder since they’re back in Konoha if they’ll meet up with Karin.

  55. senorJACO Says:

    So here are two completely irrelevant (but still important!) questions i thought of the other day..

    1. We have seen what became of the other jinchuriki, but i would like to find out what happened to Shukaku?

    2. Is there a Namikaze clan? If so then do they have a kekke genkai or anything else that makes them important?

    Something i would like to see in the next few chapters is maybe something about Minato’s parents and/or clan. Let’s go Kishi

  56. OPR8R-kun Says:

    @ 57. I would love to learn about Minato’s parents.

  57. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    @57 + 58

    What if Minato is a far descendant of Tobirama? If he had a daughter or granddaughter who married a Namikaze it’s biologically possible. Plus there’s a 5 generation gap between them, which would explain they wouldn’t know. They share that they both are known to have excelled at teleportation jutsu. This would make Naruto a Senju descendant from both Kushina’s and Minato’s side (since Uzumakis were also distant bloodrelatives of the Senju). It’s just speculation though.

  58. narutoboy17 Says:

    @59 i highly doubt the 2nd and the 4th are related. First off that would make the 4th a kushina cousin. (alibet like 8th or 9th cousin) but still. Second i think it would be more interesting if the 4th was some how related to the uchihas this way naruto really could have both of the sage bloodline. (now yes i know that idea is even crazier than the 2nd and the 4th being related but still nothing more than random speuclation.)

  59. kjames Says:

    To everyone who was commenting on longevity and popularity of certain bloggers, why do you care? Just post about Naruto nobody is going to be right 100% ofthe time but somebody here will always be able to help someone else who might not have the extensive knowledge as others. Lol but anyway

    @narutoboy17 if naruto was somehow related to the uchiha I would think the sharingan would have activated by now considering all the hatred he and kurama had lol. But that is an interesting theory.

    But see now I wonder, if the Uchiha activate the Sharingan based on their emotional turmoil of a loved one/loved ones then how exactly did Itachi activate his? I mean I know his mangekyou was activated after losing Shisui but what original pain caused his eyes to activate his original sharingan?

  60. Tobito Uchiha Says:

    hmm… i think this why there are pics of hashirama helping naruto against madara…i think minato will tell obito the reason y kakashi killed rin

  61. ZipZap Says:

    @61 itacho didn’t activate his ms after losing shisui … It was after killing his clan !!

  62. ZipZap Says:

    @61 itachi didn’t activate his ms after losing shisui … It was after killing his clan !!

  63. Gaara42 Says:

    @63 no it was from shisui because remember when the uchiha police interigated him itachi looked at sasuke and sasuke saw a weird formation itachis sharingan because it was his ms

  64. Korss Says:

    @Zip Zap, he had MS before killing his clan, go look at the valley of the end flash backs, when the police officers comes and wants Itachi to use ANBU to investigate Shisuis murder.

  65. kjames Says:

    @63 lol even if that were the case I don’t think losing his clan would have activated his MS even though he showed sadness when killing them he wasn’t as close to them as he was to Shisui and Sasuke. Lol but look it up. When the Anbu was interrogating him Sasuke notice his Sharingan was different.

    Yet I still wish to know what anguish caused Itachi to activate his Sharingan in the first place. Any ideas?

  66. kjames Says:

    Not anbu. Uchiha police force. My bad

  67. Haha Says:

    Maybe during nine tails attack on village. Remember how he was really worried about baby sasuke. Maybe something happened then. Just speculation

  68. Lonewolf Says:

    What age did he get his sharingan

  69. Korss Says:

    He got his sharingan at age 7 or 8 I think one was Chunin and the other Sharingan.

  70. narutoboy17 Says:

    i think itachi was to young during the nine tails attack to have activated his shargian. another thing is anyone else curious to how the battle with madara is going. I mean i know that we were all curious about sasuke during that but now im curious about naruto again.

    ps i might not be able to comment much kind of buried under 30+ inches of snow and we lost power. ya living in new england first sandy now this blizzard gotta love it.

  71. ZipZap Says:

    Lol remember when the second told that madara really loved izuna ? Maybe orochi would reanimate izuna as well as rin for obito … rin and the fourth would both explain him the things and obito would have a change in heart.
    This would leave only madara with the ten tails as he is bent on completing the project and wouldn’t listen to his brother also !!
    This could change the complete tide of the war though I’m still worried about sasuke !!

  72. dmoney Says:

    Like Zeno I’ve been on here for years and every now and then i post but yea I have been a fan and followed the naruto series since it was known to America and as a result i have alot of knowledge on as well. nothing against you guys (narutoboy17 and mystic vegeta) if i offended you two i apologize but as a man i speak my mind lol

  73. dmoney Says:

    And oh yea
    @67 Is right sasake noticed the change in itachi’s sharingan back when the uchiha police tried to interrogate him on the death of shisui

  74. ZipZap Says:

    But i just don’t understand … Itachi did not kill shisui .. Shisui simply committed suicide infront of his eyes … Then how the hell did itachi get his mangekyou ?? Damn !!

  75. Korss Says:

    Did Sasuke really kill Itachi? No. It was the pain of loss that finally activated his MS. It could surely have been the same for Itachi.

  76. Korss Says:

    Did Sasuke really kill Itachi? No. It was the pain of loss that finally activated his MS. It could surely have been the same for Itachi.

  77. Naruto boy17 Says:

    Yay I have power back first thing first @dmoney its fine say what ever u want I have thick skin I can take a insult or two just don’t cry like a bitch when I insult u :p. second 77 &78 that’s true I mean in the end itachi really did kill himself by over exerting him but Sasuke also felt responsible for the death so maybe that could have unlocked it but chances are u are right I’m just playing devils advocate

  78. kjames Says:

    @76 its implied u have to feel the death of a loved one. Another is example is when Obito watched Kakashi kill Rin. Because of that Obito activated his version of MS. U don’t necessarily have to be the one to kill the close friend but the pain of the loss activates it.

  79. ZipZap Says:

    @80 Kakashi and Obito both had the same sharingan … So maybe its ok to assume that any change in one’s eyes would have caused the same change in the other’s !!
    @79 I agree … I pretty much had the same idea. Sasuke thought he had killed itachi himself and so he was able to awaken his own ms but the same does not go for itachi.

  80. dmoney Says:

    @79 Lmao!!! No tears over here!!!
    @80 I agree! I dont think you have to personally kill the individual to awaken the eyes but instead to feel the sorrow for the love one that is lost.. plus the 2nd hokage pretty much said their eyes get stronger by the amount of sadness and hatred they feel

  81. narutoboy17 Says:

    I’m wondering is the ms is activated by spimply the the emotion of loss of watching ur loved one die how come more uchiha havent acivated the ms in the past. I mean im sure madara wasnt the first person to see his closet friend die before his eyes epsically if he lived in a time of constant war. I wonder if maybe more uchiha have acitvated the ms but were unable to control its power or something.

  82. Hanzo Says:

    @Narutoboy – Maybe because they lived during constant war that they didnt care as deeply. Remember Tobirama said that the Uchiha valued love so much that they sealed it off, so it makes sense that during a time the time of war they wont have time to endulge in the loss of loved ones, but as for awakening basic sharigan, i think its safe to say that all ou Uchihas that we’ve seen so far have gotten it at a relatively young age, well i guess thats because they are still impressionable to their feelings but after experiencing that loss it turns o hate so in a way they kind of stop themselves from going further. With that being said one would have to go to drastice measures to awaken the next step. Just a suggestion as you may kno.

  83. kjames Says:

    @81 that’s true in Kakashi and Obito’s case but might not be for another. It just so happens that they shared a Sharingan as well as deep emotion for Rin. Im not so sure if the MS would have activated in both if Kakashi cared for someone other than Rin. But that’s just speculation.

    @84 u make a good point as the Uchiha were often in constant war so those emotions would have been sealed off. Meaning that Izuna and Madara must have had some really strong feelings to activate their MS. But here is the real question. Did Izuna really give Madara his eyes? If that’s the case then that could really be a major factor into driving him to create the Tsuki no Me plan in order to see his brother again. Also I think most Uchiha before the massacre also didn’t have it because they were not interested in killing off their closest friend/family member. Again I think they believed the rumor that u had to kill your best friend rather than the now accepted ideal that u only have to feel the pain of their loss.

    This conversation has become quite interesting seeing as how I didn’t realize how complex the Uchiha really are.

  84. narutoboy17 Says:

    @84 i agree with u on that point. Also i wonder who this friend was that caused madara to unlock his ms. I wonder if maybe he and izuna will play any role in this war. Also @85 Ya if i was a big bad tough uchiha i would rather say oo ya i got this power by killing my best friend im a remoreless killer rather than i cried because my best friend died.

  85. swaggg123 Says:

    How did shisui activate his ms

  86. Hanzo Says:

    Thats true, they mustve been some heavy hearted individuals lol but i dont think the question is Did Izuna give him his eyes, i think the true question is what MADE Izuna give up his eyes. Hashirama said it himself, Madara reaaally loved his brother, even more so than itachi and we all know what Itachi did for sasuke so i can imagine Madara being 10x more devoted to his especially since he’s come up with his goal. I mean think of it Stronger the eyes the bigger the burden mustve been which means stronger the hate, Madara made it to Rinnegan, the Death of Izuna or whatever happened to him drove him this far.

    And i think the Mangekyo didnt interest them because the uchiha all loved one another and their village, to kill their best friend mustve been something unthinkable in their case, at least thats how i see it lol plus The third said that the Uchiha didnt really care for their roots, except for itachi of course. But then my Question is, what gave shisui his MS, was it his love for the village, or something during the 3rd war O.o

  87. Hanzo Says:

    Thats true, they mustve been some heavy hearted individuals lol but i dont think the question is Did Izuna give him his eyes, i think the true question is what MADE Izuna give up his eyes. Hashirama said it himself, Madara reaaally loved his brother, even more so than itachi and we all know what Itachi did for sasuke so i can imagine Madara being 10x more devoted to his especially since he’s come up with his goal. I mean think of it Stronger the eyes the bigger the burden mustve been which means stronger the hate, Madara made it to Rinnegan, the Death of Izuna or whatever happened to him drove him this far.

    And i think the Mangekyo didnt interest them because the uchiha all loved one another and their village, to kill their best friend mustve been something unthinkable in their case, at least thats how i see it lol plus The third said that the Uchiha didnt really care for their roots, except for itachi of course.

    @87 Damn good question, maybe something during the 3rd world war, we may never know O.o

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