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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 620 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:21 am on 2/13/2013

Chapter 620 has been released!

Click For Chapter 620 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

53 kunai thrown »

53 Responses to “Chapter 620 Released”

  1. Hanzo Says:

    Guess Im First lol I thought it was a good chapter, i thought it was going to get to the point bt silly me for not knowing kishi anybetter xD At least we know all the Hokage going to the battlefield predictions may come to light ๐Ÿ˜€ Hopefully we get to see Mito seal the nine-tails inside of here n.n Bt as for the first hokages justsu!!! Flippin orgasmic!! Complete master of shape transformation!!! Please let this Zombie Squad go to WAR!!! I think they might find the 5 kage along the way o.O and maybe further heal them from what Tsunade has done, but i doubt it will happen.

  2. Hanzo Says:

    Plus this chapter has proved orochimaru to be completely boosted, Hashirama cells plus extensive research on him. Sound 5 DNA, plus Taka’s chakra so thats Uzumaki, Juggo, and hozuki clans cells smh he’s problem. All he needs is Sasuke’s cells and Boom, Rikkudo DNA

  3. narutoboy17 Says:

    the look on the first face when he yelled at the 2nd was epic. how he went from goofy and jolly to dead serious back to goofy and jolly was kind of scary actually. also the battle between madara and the first just looks that much more awesome. Also the look on minato face when he sensed narutos charka such a proud papa he must be right now. I really hope the hokage go to the battle field but u know what i would like to see. A rematch between edo tensi first and madara with madara winning. Idk why but i actually want madara to win but like he gets disrcted in victory allowing for someone to deliver his finishing blow.

  4. zed Says:

    i think d first will stop sasuke after his story or oroch will used them or undo d zomibies but personally, i wish after d story sasuke sat to think on is choice while d kages go to war and on d sidelines show want happened to d present kages

  5. zed Says:

    I think d first will stop sasuke after his story or oroch will used them or undo d zomibies but personally, i wish after d story sasuke sat to think on is choice while d kages go to war and on d sidelines show want happened to d present kages.

  6. zed Says:

    It looks like d first taught d 2nd everything d 2nd knows because d 2nd knows how to critise or cause trouble but not strong. Now because of is jutse that d first warned him about dey is war.

  7. Gundip Says:

    How come Sasukes sharingan aren’t his eternal mangekyou sharingan and went back to normal

  8. foxking Says:

    someone asked the same last week @7 it was chalked up as an artist issue but we might need to look into it two weeks in a row

  9. burning_leaf Says:

    I wonder if Madara felted Hashirama’s chakra.

  10. Hanzo Says:

    @7 maybe he doesnt want to unveil everything about himself, i mean these are the guys that took on Madara’s eternal in their day, plus hashirama said he would be the next madara. I think he’s holding back so he wouldnt put anyone on edge

  11. kjames Says:

    Yo. Hashirama really is great. The fact just flexing his chakra nearly caused the shrine to collapse is simply amazing. And the look on Orochimaru’s face when he realized that he could contain Tobirama but Hashirama broke the restraint is quite funny. Even though Orochimaru now has his cells even he is not up to go one on one with the First. I guess Tobirama can be more commanding until his brother gets dead serious. Overall this chapter wasnt bad. We will finally get to hear more of Hashirama/Madara fight. And I think most of us by now are starting to think that Sasuke will abandon his quest to crush the Leaf as the story would never end if he became another Madara.

  12. Huh Says:

    @6 – English, do you speak it?

  13. kinasekun Says:

    this was a good chapter but i think the shrine almost collapsing had something to do with the 2nd tapping his fingers because when he tapped the wall with his whole hand it cracked. plus he was known for being able to sense enemies by just touching the ground so maybe his powers have something to do with vibrations

  14. kinasekun Says:

    along with everything else he can do

  15. Uchihadomo Says:

    I couldn’t understand half the comments made :(
    Everyone talks about how strong the 1st is but we never got a real sense of how strong the 2nd is. I have a feeling that the 2nd never actually fought Madara.

  16. Korss Says:

    When was it stated that Madara and Tobirama fought?

  17. kjames Says:

    @15 Tobirama never fought Madara…at least not to our knowledge. @13 im not so sure. Remember to be a Mokuton user u have to also be a doton (earth) user and Hashirama uses both so im pretty sure the shaking of the earth was the First plus every one else was marvelling at the First’s powers.

  18. ryan_expert Says:

    @13 – The shrine almost getting destroyed was definitely Hashirama. If you look at page nine, the overhead view of the group, all off the floor cracks lead to the 1st.

  19. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    Aren’t the hokage’s just awesome? The First and Second are bosses, living up to their legends. We all said Hashirama seemed to have no say in the matter, so I’m glad this chapter proved otherwise. When Hashirama gives the serious look, sh*t gets real. Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei can’t even hold him, but it can hold Tobirama. That’s how they differ in power.

    Speaking of Oro, he now too has Senju DNA. It’s starting to become a bargain sale. Everybody can get it. But did anyone notice the little flashback about why Oro destroyed the Leaf? We didn’t get an answer. Same for Sasuke; he will either destroy it, or what? It wasn’t mentioned, sadly.

    And Minato had a feel good moment I suppose, about Naruto and Kurama. Cause that’s what you do. Cheer for the enemy that killed you and your wife who now works together with your son, to save the world.

  20. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    At first I thought the cracking in the room was just because of their dense chakra but then I thought maybe it’s tobiorama’s space time jutsu as if he was about to warp the entire room to the battlefield but oro stopped him. He started shaking like teleporters from that movie JUMPER so I thought he could be trying to use his space time jutsu. ANyways nice chapter 5/5 tobirama’s a boss but hashirama is the true leader ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. zed Says:

    Nobody is asking about izuna and d present kages, either died or alive and why naruto and madara has not sense d zombie kages. Apart from spacetime,rasenga(spelling)and some uzumaki jutse what can fouth do.if d first finds out what madara did to fifth hokaga madara is died meat and why is mistic v and d rest not predicting what will happen next

  22. bob Says:

    Can’t wait for full power kyuubi. Wonder how long it would take for the chakra 4th sealed in the reaper to reach naruto and kurama

  23. Aeneas7 Says:

    I can see where you’re coming from saying that Kurama killed Minato’s wife.. But to be honest, I rather view it as Obito killed Kushina. If Obito hadn’t interfered, nothing would’ve gone wrong, and there would’ve been no problem at all.
    (This entire comment assumes that your statement was not a joke, and I’m fairly certain it was)

  24. Narutoboy17 Says:

    So anyone else got the feeling its gonna take like 5 chapters for the first to explain everything to Sasuke. Like kishimoto is just gonna drag this out like he always does with back stories? Another thing @zed can I please start saying “the” instead of “D” listen I’m no grammar nazi I have horrible grammar it would just make it easier to read.

    Also I know we usually don’t talk about personal problems on this site but I’m torn and want the opinion of someone who has no background knowledge of the situation. Basically should I keep chasing after the girl of my dreams even though she has told me she only wants to be friends and nothing more or go after the girl I only kind of like but is willing to go out with me. I honestly have no idea what to do and just want to see what someone who just based of what I gave u would say.

  25. Kool aid Says:

    Well first I love reading Te comments and opinions on this site and I can’t wait to read the backstory if the first and madara. As for @narutoboy17 I say go with the other girl u may find more u like about her, also if not sometimes this “dream girl” may find something she may like she hasn’t in you before. Just remember most times these so called amazing girls are usually just exaggerations we make up in our heads and we will eventually see their flaws and they aren’t so great after all.

  26. VincePerilstone Says:

    I agree with @25… I have been there and done that. It is much better to draw back and accept her offer of friendship, it gives her respect for that matter. Go out with the girl you kind of like, and maybe you will fall for her too… Great chapter BTW… :)

  27. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    I have some theories but I’ll upload them later.


    Girl issues huh my friend? Go with the ones that value your worth, those that acknowledge your feelings. Then you can never be wrong.

  28. Hanzo Says:

    @ Narutoboy Idk im kinda wanting some back story, I think it would be awesome how savage the times were back then, plus AMAZING CLANS and justsu that just equals the Ultimate in artwork n.n we might even see some of the Uzumaki clan ๐Ÿ˜€ im kinda betting on that!

    But as for your situation id agree with Kool-aid and go with the other girl, Rolling Stones made a song “You cant always get what you want” but sometimes you get what you need lol go for it bro.

  29. Narutoboy17 Says:

    @everyone who answered thanks for giving me legit answers and not being asses and making fun of me for my girl problems. And ya what u guys are telling me is what a lot of people are telling me its that I should just forget about the other girl

  30. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Nice chapter.I really like how orochi is helping sasuke acting more like a sensei.I think orochimaru feels he lacked the guidance to follow the right path and doesn’t want the same to happen to sasuke.not to mention he sees a little bit of himself in sasuke.
    @21 are you saying something about meat or chocolates?
    @naruto boy I totally agree with kool-aid when he says that these so called “dreams girls” are exaggerations we have made in our heads.that’s very true.go for the girl who values your company.

  31. narutoboy17 Says:

    ok also its not i dont know the dream girl i have been friends with her for 3 yrs now. so its not like i dont know her i know her inside and out she just doesnt want to be in a relationship with me. meanwhile the other girl i only met at the start of this yr.

  32. Kool aid Says:

    @natutoboy17 yea we have all been there man. There’s a saying where it says if you fall in love with two girls go with the second because if u did love the first you would not have loved the second. Although its not to this extent I still stick with it if you like a girl and like everyone says she values you more. Btw I don’t think orochimaru is being a sensei role necessarily. He has control of the hokages besides the first from what we see and he has always been known to be a sneaky beaver.

  33. Kool aid Says:

    Btw the second part isn’t for you it’s just a general statement I was making.

  34. zed Says:

    u are in the same situation as naruto, i think u should wait for naruto choice but i will go for the second. I have some prediction but i am not confident to post it

  35. narutoboy17 Says:

    @zed this is a place where u can comment any rational prediction so long as u dont say something like i think naruto is going to end up with ten ten or like ino or temari chances are we will respect ur prediction

  36. Uzumaki Shamayel Says:

    in the previous chpt. the first said that sharingan is activated when an uchiha loses his love and that turns into hatred, and the brain starts emitting chakra which awakens the sharingan. Also we know that madara’s world was his brother that he loved him so much, so how come madara had sharingan when izuna was alive?? Because in the earlier chapters, we saw madara and izuna used to train together their sharingan!!!

    Any ideas about it??

  37. narutoboy17 Says:

    @36 no it wasn’t the sharigan it was the ms that requires the pain of lossing a love one. But regradless it is true madara and izuna both had ms before madara took izuna so it does beg the question how did they unlock their respective ms. My guess is watching a friend die in battle thats my only guess.

  38. Kool aid Says:

    Maybe they Izuna and Madara had a love interest maybe. I know they were in a time of war but maybe it was a secret or something. Also did they have parents mentioned in any part of the series?

  39. narutoboy17 Says:

    @38 well im pretty sure most people have parents :p and who knows about the love interest itachi had a girl friend. so its possible.

  40. Kool aid Says:

    I mean like maybe something happened to them because they could have been stronger hence why madara was leader so perhaps something happened to them

  41. UchihaDomo Says:

    Im surprised no one mentioned that the 1st wooden soul creation used the tailed beast bomb like the rasengan Lol.

  42. Aeneas7 Says:

    @36 and bunch of comments after

    Yes, Sharingan is supposedly awakened when an Uchiha experiences a great loss – the loss of the strong feelings known as love as Tobirama put it. Then it becomes an unconquerable hatred. This doesn’t actually apply to MS, this is the natural Sharingan we’re talking about. MS is unlocked ONLY through killing your best friend.

    Madara and Izuna both killed their best friends in the flashback of their story. In the manga, it’s a bit harder to follow (though it does happen), but the anime makes it very clear what took place.

    Regarding your other question, just because Madara loved Izuna doesn’t mean that Izuna is the only thing Madara loved. Madara can still obtain Sharingan through some other friendship or love that he’s lost even if his brother is not harmed.

  43. Kool aid Says:

    @42 but sasuke unlocked it after learning about the truth if his brother so I think it is just from extreme sadness like sasuke or something like that. Cuz itachi to didn’t kill shisui so I think killing ur best friend was just assumed because u would have extreme sadness like itachi, sasuke, Kakashi and obito

  44. Korss Says:

    And Madara did not kill his brother before gaining the MS either. This means that no one actually killed their best friend to gain the MS as far as we know at this point.

  45. kjames Says:

    @42 @43 @44 if u go to the comments made about chapter 619 u will see that myself and a few others discussed how the Sharingan and MS work. Sharingan is activated when love lost becomes hatred (doesnt have to be a death). MS is activated through feeling the death and loss of a best friend/loved one and in turn increasing the hatred released in the Sharingan eye.

  46. Korss Says:

    Yeah I know and I think I was part of that discussion.

  47. VincePerilstone Says:

    @narutoboy17 Just remember Naruto’s case. He focused too much on Sakura and didn’t notice Hinata who longed for him all throughout the series. The next thing we know, they’re holding each other’s hands while Sakura stares at them… :)

  48. narutoboy17 Says:

    @47 u know i never noticed that my situtation was similar to narutos. Well only difference is that the first girl would honestly be really happy for me if i started dating the other girl. Just incase u guys want to know im not dating the other girl (offically) but were kind of like friends with benefits but we are probably gonna start dating. and just so this post isnt totally about me a quick preditcion personally ive been thinking i have a feeling after the first tell sasuke his story he is gonna decide to not destory konoha then and there but see madara as the real threat and agree once again to a temp alliance with the ASF in order to help defeat him. Also does anyone else see any chance for a return of kabuto? Or do u guys think he is just pointless to the series now that oro is back.

  49. ZipZap Says:

    Baby tsunade is a cutie … Lady Tsunade is a Booty !! Hahaha lol … ๐Ÿ˜›

  50. Aeneas7 Says:

    Sasuke received his MS through very unorthodox means… His older brother transferred it to him. And yes, he did unlock his own version later, but as to how is only up to speculation. I think we can say that Sasuke is an exception altogether.
    Also, as far as we know, Itachi may have killed Shisui. I actually think that Shisui made a sacrifice very similar to Izuna – but in Shisui’s case, it was kill me rather than take my eyes. Shisui knew that his eyes alone would start a war, and he had already lost one eye. It’s completely possible. All other forms of MS we’ve seen (Kakashi/Obito, Madara, Izuna) have come from killing their best friends.

    I already know this. All the points you just made were the exact same points I made in my comment except with a few more specifics.

  51. kjames Says:

    @50 I’m aware. It was just depressing that we had to explain it over again how the Sharingan and MS work lol. But I agree that Sasuke achieving MS was very unorthodox (though Itachi’s transfer was just a temporary fill in with the sole purpose of killing Obito) but I think it’s clear that feeling Itachi’s death after Obito told him the “truth” is what activated his own MS.

    @46 yea I knew you were I was just addressing everybody in this case lol

  52. Doyen Says:

    I think this is my first time commenting. The episode was nice at least hashirama is given some respect. Kishimoto is not predictable at all. Naruto knows that the four hokage zombie are alive because of kurama’s ability to sense negative intent. So maybe he just waiting for there resolution before he takes action. Just having problems with how minato was able to sense naruto and kurama’s chakra and i don’t know tobirama’s abilities can anyone help me out.

  53. Korss Says:

    @ Doyen
    As far as I can remember Tobirama was a sensor and Space/Time ninjutsu master as well as a expert in water jutsu.

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