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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 621 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:59 am on 2/20/2013

Chapter 621 has been released!

Click For Chapter 621 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

58 kunai thrown »

58 Responses to “Chapter 621 Released”

  1. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Typical Naruto Flashback.Wasn’t Bad.Just Hope It’s Only Two More Ch. Of This Then Back To Action.

  2. Itachi_True_Shinobi Says:

    Great Chapter! The way Madara didn’t even seem phased by Shodai’s Sage art was incredible. Just wish the older flashback was timed with the momoent the tbb reached the other shore.Now we’ll see what exactly made Madara who he is.

  3. Uchihadomo Says:

    This might take 3-4 chapters to finish the whole story. I always thought Madara and the 1st met in battle, guess I was wrong. Lol

    Also, there seems to be something wrong with the site. This black shaded rectangle appears in front of the title. Strange, anyone else has this?

  4. Sonoski Says:

    Great chapter. I fink sasuke is goin 2 change after d hole boring story..lol

  5. Apollo Says:

    madara looked much better than shodai when they were kids

  6. Lonewolf Says:

    Fun how they dusted off rashumon and brought it back as a means to divert a bijuu dama and somehow i see this nine tail susanoo armor wearing thing happening again

  7. foxking Says:

    question for group which is the best site to read? Accurate translation i usually use panda but ran into a site during a search and reread last week and some of the translation was different.

  8. Zeno Says:

    That was a lot of nice action. I can’t wait to see that in the anime because it will be so much more enjoyable.

  9. kiba Says:

    I dont think sasuke is going to change his mind there has to be an end battle between sasuake and naruto

  10. kjames Says:

    I think Sasuke will change his mind but only after he battles Naruto. I don’t think he will want vengeance on the Leaf anymore though. I think Sasuke is going to find a different path altogether. But anyways….great flashback. Surprising that Hashirama had Sage mode as well as that 10,000 hands technique. Pretty dope in my opinion. This ought to be an interesting story since apparently they were friends before all the fighting.

  11. Ending Spoiler Says:

    So Sasuke is going to end up helping ‘ruto when ‘ruto goes demon-form by providing susano’o armor on top. Friendship finally comes back as teamwork to defeat 2 bad guys who are bad to be bad.

  12. ItachiFTW Says:

    Lol its a flashback inside a flashback… Flashception.
    So can Hashirama use sage mode now? Is that what he used to summon the giant 1000 hand thing?
    Also what is the 1000 hands creature that he summoned?

  13. ItachiFTW Says:

    Is there anything that Hashirama can’t do?
    Lol. If he wanted, he could probably get the rinnegan.
    “Hey Madara, can I borrow your eyes for a sec, I want to try something.” 😛

  14. Doyen Says:

    Wow so suprised hashirama can enter sage mode

  15. Hanzo Says:

    @ 12 lol “Flashception” xD but i dont think he summoned it, its just a wood-style ninjutsu that’s super enhanced by sage mode, cuz thats what sage chakra does.

  16. kiba Says:

    Does anyone know a good site to look up the characters for the new game thats coming out?

  17. nwsasuke Says:

    @kiba i would suggest narutopedia or sayinisland

  18. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Nice chapter.I thought that hashirama and madara met in battle,i was wrong.Also we get to see hashirama in sennin mode that’s awesome.also that jutsu shinsuusenju was awesome that statue is like ten times the size of a bijuu.also the application of the susanoo on the kyuubi that was pretty unique.all in all this chapter was full of surprises for me.

  19. just a thought... Says:

    I think I can see where the idea for the rasenshuriken originated….

  20. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    Amazing chapter, to say the least.

    Madara using Susano’o as an armor to cover the Kyuubi was great thinking. But think about it: now Madara has been revived beyond what his powers were back then, so imagine what he could do to enhance the Juubi’s power.

    Hashirama using Senjutsu clearly indicates he has Sage Mode. His Thousand Hand Buddha makes the Kyuubi look like an ant. I hope we get to see more of these Jutsu if and when they meet again.

    I just hope that the Hashirama and Madara story is not a repeat of Naruto and Sasuke’s. The saying goes that history repeats itself, but in this case I just hope it isn’t.

  21. Lonewolf Says:

    @19 could you elaborate please, i do not get it

  22. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    #19 makes a valid point. The Bijuu bomb pierced with Madara’s Susano’o’s sword looked like a premature Rasenshuriken. BUT, I don’t think either Kakashi or Naruto had any knowledge of Madara’s move when they were working on the Rasenshuriken. But the resemblance is obviously clear.

  23. ARMS Says:

    What a fight! The Kyuubi wrapped in Susano’o and then the Senpou Shinsuusenju no jutsu! I just loved the art work! Thanks Kishimoto-san!

  24. senorJACO Says:

    I predicted Hashirama would have Sage mode because i noticed something when they first introduced sage mode.

    Senju = Senjutsu

  25. New guy Says:

    Plzzz pipz…wer can I download d naruto videos cos realitylapse lost dia licence..ah nid sites plzz.

  26. Korss Says:

    @NEw Guy
    Almost no site have license for people tow download animes or anything. Usually a quick google search will turn up something. if not then try tailedfox. They at least used to have it before.

  27. Korss Says:

    Oh and I forgot about my grammar nazi for cellphone texts.

  28. zed Says:

    I taught during the time of the 1st and madara was young when some clans like senju,madara’s clan etc where at war fighting to increase there lands and subject other clans under there’s. I taught u guys will be surprise about the 1st meeting madara openly without killing each other or hiding because of other clans

  29. zed Says:

    I taught during the time of the 1st and madara was young when some clans like senju,madara’s clan etc where at war fighting to increase there lands and subject other clans under there’s. I taught u guys will be surprise about the 1st meeting madara openly without killing each other or hiding because of other clans.

  30. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    I think it will go down like this:

    At their young age in this flashback we didn’t see them give each other their names, which imply they don’t know which clan they belong to. When they find out they realise they are supposed to fight each other. Due to the rivalry that has been set with this scene, they will share an equal relationship to Naruto and Sasuke, meaning two rivals walking two different paths with different goals which are opposites. This series is also about bonds between people, in this case Hashirama and Madara. Friends chosen by destiny to fight for what they believe in, whether this is in the light or darkness ( Will of Fire and Love/Hatred).

  31. kiba Says:

    Remember this goes way back with the sage of six paths sons it happens over and over again, you see it with a bunch of peoples bonds such as madara and hashirama, obito and kakashi, sasuke and naruto, I kinda think like orchimaru and jiraya can be put into this

  32. Young-wayne Says:

    Diz iz getin more and more kul.buh destiny can b change In d case of sasuke and naruto,

  33. Darth_SamAde Says:

    I think they will become friends and everything will be cool. A problem will arise with the little brothers that causes a rift between the 1st and madara.

  34. kjames Says:

    Anybody else notice that Hashirama’s Sage mode didn’t take after any animal like Naruto and Kabuto? Is it because he originated Sage Mode? Or is his style just unknown? I wonder….that 10 thousand hand technique is still cool

  35. kiba Says:

    Hes in perfect form so you see no defects on him or it can also be that he has a different animal cause theres the snake and toads

  36. lingeringsentiment11 Says:

    anybody else slightly tired of flashbacks. Im hoping something actually happens within the next couple of chapters.

  37. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    @34 I don’t think he originated sage mode.I think rikodou sennin did.also I think that he could have a mokuton sage mode.just a thought cause he didn’t resemble any of the animals.
    @33 although I like that thought but I don’t think that will happen.hashirama while adressing madara said:I thought we were friends.so I think madara’s like gone mad that hashirama’s better than him.
    @30 I am gonna disagree.I think they knew eachother and eachothers clans as well.

  38. kjames Says:

    @37 that makes sense. I guess I only asked because someone pointed out that Senju derived from Senjutsu or vice versa. But it makes sense for Rikudo Sennin to be the creator.

  39. Tobito Uchiha Says:

    wat if the two clans are actually direct decendants of rikoudo

  40. tsunami Says:

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  41. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    @39 they are.don’t you know?each of the two clans originated from the two sons of rikodou.
    @40 I am not being disrespectful but this site is being spammed shikamaru-san.

  42. Narutoboy17 Says:

    Hey everyone sorry for not posting at all this chapter I’ve been preoccupied this past week. So first off I just wanna say this chapter was amazing. The idea of putting Susano armor on the nine tails pure genius. Second that giant wooden thing the first made holy crab that thing was big. I loved it! Third I’m hoping that this flash back doesn’t go past like 2 or 3 more chapters while this battle looks amazing I want to story to progress. Fourth who else see that first and madara relationship as opposites of naruto and Sasuke opposite in that its the non uchiha who is the genius. Fifth @40 normally I try to be to disrespectful to people however I am a big political junkie and a Obama supporter so I would advise u don’t comment that bull crap unless u want a huge political beating. Which for the record id much rather not. And if u want to keep writing on here that is ur right. Just please stay and the topic of naruto and if ur gonna right stuff like that expect a rebuttle from the other side.

  43. tsunami Says:

    Naruto 621 brings even more history
    to the table as Hashirama Senju vs
    Madara Uchiha goes even further into
    the past. This time, it’s the first time
    they met, even then Hashirama
    seemed to have better than Madara with skills. The battle continues on to
    Hashirama bringing out a humongous
    buddha statue which over thousands
    of hands behind it. It may just crush
    Kurama’s little body! Naruto 621 begins as the Bijuu Dama
    captured by Hashirama tries to crush
    the statue built by Madara. There is a
    large explosion after the Bijuu Dama
    destroys a lot of its area!
    Unfortunately, it seems like Madara had covered Kurama within the
    Susanoo’s to help it cover against most
    jutsu’s such as the Bijuu Dama itself! Unfortunately for Hashirama, the
    wood based creature he had splits in
    half, Hashirama realizes what Madara
    had done, he smiles and calls Madara
    smart, at this point, it seems like
    Madara’s Susanoo is going for the attack. Hashirama quickly holds the
    sword using his wooden hands telling
    him that he can predict how he’s
    going to use his sword! Another
    sword comes from the left of Kurama,
    which takes off the top of the surrounding mountains! Hashirama realizes that the grounds
    will be destroyed if they don’t move to
    the sea, he runs when Madara tells him
    that he’s not going to let him run, he
    creates another Bijuu Dama, this time
    he thrusts a sword in the Bijuu Dama to which he then throws both! Madara
    quickly tells him that he can’t do
    anything now, Hashirama quickly
    summons the Gojuu Rashoumon
    which seems to be a jutsu which
    Orochimaru can also use. With this, he used the Bijuu Dama to
    change its trajectory. it’s sent towards
    the water and to the next shore.
    Madara mentions that it’s been a long
    time since their last fight, he believes
    that Hashirama’s realizes that he’s changed! Hashirama mentions, does
    he want to destroy all that they’ve
    done so far? All the effort, their fight
    will bring nothing, it will just hurt the
    village and people. He mentions that it’s an insult to their
    brothers and comrades, Madara
    quickly reacts asking how he dares to
    mention brothers! Hashirama then
    goes on to mention that he doesn’t
    want to kill him, Madara then goes on to ask if he’s confident that he can kill
    Madara. Hashirama says no, then
    mentions that they were both friends!
    Madara quickly screams that he’s
    already at the top, Kurama screams a
    loud! Hashirama prepares and quickly some
    paintings on his face appears, similar
    to what Tsunade can do. He mentions
    the words Senpou, Mokuton,
    Shinsuusenju! Which brings out a
    large statue with a few thousand hands on it’s back. Compared to
    Kurama in size, this would be a
    hundred times bigger! They both go
    for their attacks screaming out loud. We go to the past when we notice a
    very young Madara tries to throw
    rocks against a river bed towards the
    other shore. Unfortunately it doesn’t
    reach it, he mentions that he wants to
    get it to the other side as soon as possible! A rock from behind him
    appears, this rock quickly reaches the
    other side with no ease. A young Hashirama appears, he
    mentions that Madara should aim a
    little higher when he throws, Madara
    mentions that he knows this, he’s just
    trying to get the hang of it. He asks
    who he is, Hashirama mentions that currently they’re rival at playing this
    game. He mentions that his got to the
    other side therefore he won. It’s then
    mentions that it’s the first time he met
    Madara Uchiha! Naruto 621 ends here. What a great chapter, the amazing
    jutsu’s just keep rolling in, plus Madara
    and Hashirama’s fight keeps on
    getting more and more better! It’s just
    unbelievable that such a thing has
    happened! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 622, when were likely to see a
    lot more action from both Madara and

  44. narutoboy17 Says:

    @43 u sir/ma’am are a troll. At least this post is naruto related.

  45. kjames Says:

    @tsunami bruh I need for u to get your life together

  46. Gaara42 Says:

    Tsunami did you smoke crack or something my god

  47. dmoney Says:

    @42 obama supporter.. O maybe we are gonna be friends after all lol!!

  48. dmoney Says:

    This was a good chapter but im not gonna lie im so impatient lol i wanna see what everything is gonna lead up to and the outcome of the war..

  49. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    Thank you for this unnescessary rehearse of the complete chapter. /sarcasm mode off/

    Like we can’t read the chapter for ourselves. It’s like ypu copied and pasted the chapter summary posted on this site. Like Narutoboy17 said, you’re a troll so stop trolling Tsunami. Or should I say Uchiha Izuna, whom we still have unfinished business with…

  50. narutoboy17 Says:

    @49 lol i was thinking of him as well not gonna lie there is a guy in this weeks anime one posting spoilers i would believe him to be izuna over this guy. For all we know all 3 are one in the same.

  51. narutoboy17 Says:

    oo ya @dmoney hell ya about being an obama fan 😀

  52. kjames Says:

    I just hate politics in general. But I do support Obama so…posting radical political theories on here is only going to make things worse. Let’s all just get back to talking about naruto to save this troll embarrassment

  53. Lonewolf Says:

    You know what would suck, if kakashi is an uzamaki decent too. There changed subject

  54. Lonewolf Says:


  55. Narutoboy17 Says:

    But we know what his last name is though

  56. Lonewolf Says:

    I know just trying to ogre the troll

  57. narutoboy17 Says:

    @56 i dont think i have ever heard that term before ogre a troll is that an original or did u hear it from somewhere?

  58. Lonewolf Says:


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