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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 622 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 12:34 am on 2/27/2013

Chapter 622 has been released!

Click For Chapter 622 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

49 kunai thrown »

49 Responses to “Chapter 622 Released”

  1. YamiKage Says:

    finally im first this time so wow i thought madara only had one brother izuna and hashirama has one too but they have more than one borhter… i kinda wonder who they are and what happen rest of senju lineage because i havent hear and one who have senju in their name and uchiha still exist i kinda wonder is that related what hashirma and madara was talking about eh..

  2. ThyTrueKing Says:

    guess madara wasn’t as evil in the beginning, but after losing 4 brothers I kinda see why.

  3. Lonewolf Says:


    To answer your question from last chapter, ogre a troll is an original, actually just though of on the spot. Figured ogre are more terrifying than troll. Ogre to me is like lotr ogre vs. Crazy hair troll. And the obvious winner trumps that tiny nake abomination, but all in all was a good chapter, happy to see a third brother, not happy to see him die; i am the youngest brother. Cool to see the father of hashi and tobi. Not cool that he is a one sided coin. And tobi is still an emotionless hazard.

  4. luna-des Says:

    Waited all week for this chapter… not impressed.

  5. Itachi_True_Shinobi Says:

    Interesting. Maybe Madara was he one who came with the truce, not Hashirama. Tobi could have lied about that.

  6. Korss Says:


    I think Both wanted an alliance. But it was about convincing the rest of their clans higher ups about it so there would be no internal strife.

  7. Hanzo Says:

    Great chapter, this is exactly what ive been waiting for. This gives you a big idea as to how and why Madara came to be. Times like that everybody’s dying, and he wants to make a changes. I even understand what hashirama ment when madara loved his brother more than Itachi did Sasuke, Madara had 4 brothers nd was second youngest, now those four are dead and hes the oldest having to protect him ( which actually gives me an idea as to how they got MS) He even wanted peace!! now imagine all of this love and aspiration for peace being Dashed in his face by those he tried to help, Dang right id be Pissed!!

  8. Hanzo Says:

    Correction that 4 includes Izuna, only 3 died my bad

  9. burning_leaf Says:

    Tobirama reminds me of Danzou.

  10. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Not so great chapter.First of all got to hand it over to you @mistic vegeta you predicted that madara and hashirama both wouldn’t tell their clan names to each other.Surprised! by the fact that both madara and hashirama had more than one brother.Also another surprise was the mention of hagorama clan,where did they go?i think they either got extincted due to the excessive war or when the uchiha and senju formed an alliance to form konoha,they resisted and were killed in war.Also now i understand some of madara’s story he wanted peace so he made himself more powerful,powerful enough to represent his clan and form an alliance with the senju but when the uchiha wer ignored he started to hate the senju,he knew hashirama was more stronger than him and wanted to bring himself to the same level.Izuna realised his dream and offered him his eyes considering the love they had for each other and when the uchiha refused to join him he ended up hating them also and thus the entire world.Finally he resorted to tsuki no me a solution to attaining peace and restoring the sacrifice of his brother which had lost its significance.
    @hanzo where is it stated that he was the second youngest?

  11. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    my previous comment line 16:uchiha refused to join him in fighting the senju for the restoral of their authority*.having done that there should be an edit option shikamaru-san!

  12. Naomi Says:

    I like the chapter and I’m sure we just saw the Valley of End before it got that name! 🙂

  13. Lonewolf Says:

    Great observation naomi, i think youre right, cause the valley of then end can mean the place where the uchiha and senju ended the war and started peace. Also is this the second ninja war? Or first ?

  14. Doyen Says:

    A wonderful chapter but that was not what i was expecting. So surprised the number of siblings madara and hashi had. I just hope this flashback will end soon so that we can continue the fight MADARA VS HASHIRAMA

  15. JustACasualObserver Says:

    This chapter was very important.It lets you into the characters & have a better understanding of them. Madara didn’t just wake up one day & decide to control the world.There should be a nice little twist in the next ch.

  16. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    Thanks man, appreciate the compliment.

    In my opinion this was a very important chapter. Both Hashirama and Madara have experienced the pain of loss up close, in term of their brothers. This reminds me of what Naruto said during his reunion with Sasuke after he killed Danzou. He said: ” We could have easily switched places, standing in each other’s shoes.” The same goes for Hashirama, as they both could have gone bad.

    Not only was I surprised about the number of siblings each had, but Madara reminded me more of Naruto in this chapter than Hashirama. And this brings me back to when Naruto fought Itachi when the latter stated that ” If Naruto tries to do everything alone, he would become just like Madara.”

    The Hagoromo Clan also waked my interest. I hope we get to learn more about them. They worked together with the Uchiha, so maybe they’re related the same way as the Uzumaki are to the Senju.

    And Hashirama’s dad was a prick.

  17. Ben Says:

    That kids hair looks like zetsu

  18. foxking Says:

    No disrespect but who updates this site been a minute.

  19. Korss Says:

    It was updated rather early today. About the same time I found it posted on my scan site of choice.

  20. kjames Says:

    First I must say this was an interesting chapter. We got to see that Madara and Hashirama had more than one brother and they probably had more in common than we previously thought. However @mistic vegeta im willing to go as far and say that u saw a bit of Naruto in both characters. Naruto’s silliness in Madara’s reaction to his first run in with Hashirama, Naruto’s anger when hashirama confronted his father, and a bit of Naruto in both once they met at the lake again. But I was surprised Madara was as composed back then as he is now (sort of) but I suppose war changes people and it made Madara more serious after that first run in. But I also want to know more and how Madara got to where he is now. Seems strange how the most composed person can still be considered insane.

  21. zed Says:

    I think all of u are missing it either tobi is not saying the truth about the sage of the six path and his sons or we are missing the real story about his sons or may be he did not give birth to sons instead gave birth to daughters or not giving birth at all. My reason for saying these is because kish have not giving us the loaddown of history of the sage and how clans split, they regard him as a god and he must have united all the clans through marriage or power and i think i will learn more about the histroy after these story before deciding on which is which about the scarted pierces of the story

  22. JustACasualObserver Says:

    I hate when it won’t show my posts!

  23. narutoboy17 Says:

    so am i the only one who realizes how awkward it will be when madara and the first finally meet eachother on the battle field… Also @16 personally i think this new clan was just like to put a new clan in i dont think they will serve much. Another thing i bet the first dad wouldnt dare hit him like that once he became an adult. he would whoop his ass. Also mistic dont forget throughout history during times of constant both govt and people are encouagred to have many kids for A future soliders but also because the chances of you losing your life if battle you would want a son or mulitple sons to fill your void or if your a mother if you loose one you still have other childern to help you. Also the killing of childern is very common in warfare like this mostly guerrila warfare want a modern day example of this serria leone during the 90s. that is the first thing to came to my mind when reading this chapter. How using childern to fight your war. The death of childern. “war is nothing but young men dying and old men talking. And bascailly that is what is going on right now in this flashback.

  24. Uzumaki Shamayel Says:

    dnt u guys think when hashirama started thinking about his childhood days with madara, from that onwards naruto somewhat became like inception movie… like how the go dreams into dreams, hashirama goes memories into memories. first, when hashirama is telling sasuke about his fight with madara and then in those memories again went to his childhood days

  25. itachi 33 Says:

    I wonder if its a senju thing to end their names with ama example hashirama tobirama kawarama itama this chapter is filling things up nicely and explaining what a shinobi is and i have a feeling that its going to surprise everyone at the end kind of like obitos story this looks like its gonna b a long flash back

  26. ThyTrueKing Says:

    is it just a weird coincidence that zetsu’s color pattern of his body is the same as the 1st’s brother hair are the exact same. And that they both basically have somewhat of the same dna

  27. ThyTrueKing Says:

    @19 he doesn’t mean who updates the spoiler part he means the clan area, the biographies and stuff

  28. tsunami Says:

    Hashirama does have a point, if the
    adults are gonna fight a war, they
    should at least fight it themselves and
    not make innocent 7 year olds who
    could’ve had a future do their dirty
    work for them. I hope we get to least see flashbacks
    of Madara’s other brothers, since we
    saw Hashirama’s.
    And if Izuna was dead when Madara
    was little how did Madara get his eyes
    and acquire the eternal mangekyo Sharingan later when he was older?

  29. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    @tsunami when he’s saying that he had* four brothers he doesn’t mean that all of them died.He means some of them died and the number has decreased maybe all three of them died annd all he has is Izuna.

  30. tsunami Says:

    but at the moment madara is 3 times,what hashirama is.(sharingan,ms,ems,rinnegan with all the paths and senju blood with high level mokuton.to me it will take three edo kages to bring madara to his knees.well to me,i think madara will absorb tobi and finally become the ten tails. Because orochimaru,naruto,sasuke,5kages,SA and 4edo kages.is just too much even though madara is in god tier mode at the moment.or guys what do u think?

  31. Gin Says:

    You mean 4 kages…I don’t think tsunade is coming back from that one. You could say she’s…..split the scene hahaha

  32. foxking Says:

    @19 thanks for the response.

  33. foxking Says:

    Lmao@ 31 nice pun. thanks 27 that was what was speaking about.

  34. Korss Says:

    The bios and such are in my experience a bit slow most of the time. You should use Naruto wikia for that if it is not here.

  35. narutoboy17 Says:

    @31 now i have a pretty dark sense of humor and i gotta say i was impressed by that one XD keep up puns like that they’re good.

  36. Tyler Says:

    I was wondering, and this doesnt actually pertain to this chapter, but since orochimaru used zetsu bodies for the edo tensei, does that mean that tobirama, hiruzen, and minato can mokuton? I know its irrelevant, but still food for thought

  37. narutoboy17 Says:

    @36 to answer ur question my guess would be no. My reason is that none of the other edo tensi have been showing using any unqiue abilities of there sacrifices.

  38. Tyler Says:

    @37 well its already been confirmed that edos can be modified, and havr extra abilities they didnt have in life (madara) but he only question is whether kabuto modified the sacrafice before or after making it and edo, if he modified it before, than theres no reason y thr hokages cant use mukoton. And as for the other edos, I would thank that since he had so many edos that he could pick and choose who to use as a sacraficd, so he just snatched up any average joe, but this is all speculation, and neither of us or right nor wrong

  39. Lonewolf Says:

    I sort of have an off topic question? In the recent anime episodes, 301, 302, 303, sasuke was to appear with his new mangekyou but did not. I checked the chapters but in the anime no dice.

  40. Korss Says:

    It might be shown in 304(Underworld turnover jutsu) or 305(Avengers)

  41. narutoboy17 Says:

    @39&40 my guess would be 305 because well sasuke is an avenger and it is titled avengers.

  42. Lonewolf Says:

    Sorry for posting here but i did not want to spoil it for anime people

  43. kjames Says:

    @38 that can be argued. But since the souls of the 4 kage were sealed and just recently released I doubt they could have been modified. At least not yet anyway. It’s still a chance orochimaru can modify 3 of them since Hashirama broke the restraint and obviously doesn’t need it lol

  44. Tyler Says:

    @43 well if kabuto modified madaras sacrafice before using it as an edo the the hokages should be able to use mukoton since theyre made of zutsu bodies, guess we’ll jusr have to wait and see if they use mukoton, but u doubt kishi will spam it

  45. narutoboy17 Says:

    not gonna lie ill be upset if they can use wood released i mean come on they are strong enough as it is. no need to OP these guys even more.

  46. narutoboy17 Says:

    Also ive been thinking if u think about it oro is an enemy to both the aliance and akauski. So it would make since we would want to weaken both as much as possible to increase his own strength. I wonder if something like this will happen. The first fights madara, sasuke fights naruto, the second vs obito, and the third and fourth vs the ASF. what do u guys think?

  47. Gaara42 Says:

    @ 46 i think it will be 1st vs madara naruto 4th and kakashi vs obito 2nd 3rd bee and asf vs jubii i dont know what sasuke will do quite yet but i dont think him and naruto will fight till after madara obito and the jubii are defeated

  48. foxking Says:

    Was just rereading some of the bios i was wondering if during this flashback the first one not the one we are in now will we get to see when kurama was first sealed by mito.

  49. Narutoboy17 Says:

    Guys just wanna say I got storm 3 today’s it’s awesome

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