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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 627 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:34 am on 4/10/2013

Chapter 627 has been released!

Click For Chapter 627 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

80 kunai thrown »

80 Responses to “Chapter 627 Released”

  1. Hayling Says:

    wicked chapter

  2. narutoboy18 Says:

    ok honestly i’m really glad sasuke doesn’t want to destroy the village anymore although i am quite surpissed by oro change of heart. Also madara and obito and naruto are about to get a huge surprise.

  3. Xmoose Says:

    No discussion. Just awesome. There better not be some sick twist where Sasuke recalls all the Hokage (cancels the edo tensei), because for I second I thought he was going to, as it felt to good to be true.

  4. Korss Says:

    Suigetsu’s attempt at fleeing was not to shocking. Unless there is something for him in it I always counted him as a coward. But the Hokage’s standing on their mountain faces was just awesome. It was nice to hear why Orochumaru hanged his heart. Now I guess Minato’s present is what we have been bickering about since the Hokage’s was released. At least I hope it is.
    Just one question how did Orochumaru change tobi into himself so fast. I thought it was a more gradual process?

  5. kjames Says:

    So Sasuke has come full circle huh? Finally his brothers dream reached him. I kinda thought the fourth would tell him about Kurama’s attack but I suppose there was no need to go into that. And Karin….good grief she has issues. Now we get to see the 4 hokage enter the battle.

    @NB18 I wondering about that too. Like how will Madara react when he sees Hashirama and how will Obito and Minato react when they see each other. MOst importantly how will Obito react to Sasuke’s change of heart.

  6. NewUchiha Says:

    Minato present is the other half of the chakra that was sealed with him

  7. Korss Says:

    My thoughts as well, that was something we argued about when the hokage’s first was released. Most people over on MangaFox thinks that as well. But right now I want them to get back to Jubbi, Madara and Tobi vs Shinobi Alliance.

  8. K-Dash02 Says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth!!!

  9. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    I am still so overexcited about this chapter. I haven’t felt like this about the series in a long while!

    So is it safe to say Sasuke has finally joined the good guys? I guess it is. He wants to protect Konoha by all means, following Itachi’s will. I think that maybe(!) Sasuke will the new Hokage instead of Naruto. I want to discuss this matter later on.

    Now the final battle is going to be epic. And that isn’t just enough to express this moment. This is what everybody has been waiting for: All the previous Hokage, a good guy Sasuke and Orochimaru featuring team Taka. The only thing I am waiting for is Naruto’s, Madara’s and Obito’s faces when they join the Shinobi Alliance!

  10. narutoboy18 Says:

    @misitc if sasuke becomes hokage and naruto is still alive that will be pretty messed up. Also yes i cannot wait for this epic final battle. @newuchiha its def the other half of the 9 tails charka. Also i dont thinkb obito is gunna be happy about his change of heart. Finally if sasuke was going to unlock the rinnegan he better do it now to combat madara.

  11. narutoboy18 Says:

    One more thing im for sasuke unlocking his own rinnegan for the simple purpose that it can show him as a good version of madara. I honestly think it would be cool if he unlocked it showing he as the ulitmate uchiha. I mean he already has the EMS why not get the rinnegan if he is on the good side now.

  12. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    Actually, Sasuke becoming Hokage is very plausible. It would be Naruto and Sasuke completing what Hashirama and Madara couldn’t. The true bond between Senju and Uchiha would be definite and decided with that matter. Naruto wants to become Hokage to be acknowledged. But he already has been acknowledged by the entire shinobi world, so the position of Hokage is not nescessary for that matter anymore.

    Sasuke becoming Hokage would be his ultimate redemption:

    1. By becoming Hokage, Sasuke would continue to follow Itachi’s will by protecting Konoha by all means.

    2. By becoming Hokage, Sasuke would no longer be a rogue ninja and an accepted leader within the shinobi world who, together with Naruto, will protect not only Konoha but the entire shinobi world.

    3. Naruto appointing Sasuke to become Hokage would finally close the curtain on the long separation between Senju an Uchiha and would also clear all of the past Hokage’s mistakes between the two clans.

    4. It would complete Jiraiya’s wish that “One day people will truly understand one another.”

    5. It would be Kishi’s ultimate plot twist.

  13. narutoboy18 Says:

    @misitic im not entriely convinced on ur point but i really dont have an adquate defense at the moment to counter ur points. Also kishi is one for plot twist although i feel the ultimate plot twist would be sakura becoming the next hokage. Idk about u but if that happens we riot.

  14. tee-pain Says:

    I guess its sasuke as hokage and naruto as a god of all shinobi later in the future

  15. Maxkage Says:

    Things are about to get very interesting on an epic scale.

  16. Mistic_Vegeta Says:



  17. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    Naruto is going to redefine the meaning of shinobi; whereas Hashirama defines it as one who endures to achieve ones’ goal even if it means killing those you love, Naruto will be the one to change that definition. Naruto will no longer be regarded as a hero, but rather as a legend on par with the Rikudou Sennin. Sasuke is more fit for the position of Hokage due to his seriousness in his character and the experiences he has had up until now. With all the hardships Sasuke had to endure regarding his clan, his brother, his village, Obito and Akatsuki he eventually chooses to protect what matters most. He has the same vision as Itachi has now, which Hiruzen claimed to be on par with a Hokage’s.

    Naruto’s personality would make him less fit for that position, because he lacks the seriousness to lead a village. Being Hokage is not just about being able to protect it; you need verbal skills, political insight and fair judgement to lead it. Naruto isn’t the person to sit down with some board members and talk. He will be the second coming of the Rikudou, travelling the world like his Sensei Jiraiya with a legendary status that surpasses Minato’s. The hero that will show himself once again when the world will need him the most.

  18. OPR8R-kun Says:

    Going to be some pretty special reunions. How will the other side counter, I wonder.

  19. Lopez_Kage Says:

    been awhile since i commented, but very nice chapter. The Ninja Alliance just got overpowered with 4 Hokages, 1 legendary sannin, and Taka (Mostly EMS Sasuke). No way Tobi and Madara can or ever will have the upperhand.

  20. Tyler Says:

    I would like to see the four hokage stumble upon tsunade and the other kage and save them, but that would make the shinobi alliance seem too op, so mayb just save tsunade lol or at least heal them to the point where they’re not on the verge of death

  21. itachi33 Says:

    @Mistic thats a great theory. But we are all forgeting that orochimaru is a snake and practicaly the main vilan of the series. and all that change of heart stuff is an act. Now his main gole has always bin to master and know every jutsu there is and how they work he was always after the sharingan dont b surrised if ur theory changes drasticaly because of him

  22. Naruto Six Paths Says:

    Saskue and Naruto will team up Saskue will sustain serious injury and he will give naruto his eyes and Naruto will unlock the rinnegan since he is kind of tech a senju and wip but

  23. Naruto Six Paths Says:

    Saskue will die because of a serious injury

  24. Demonninjahorse Says:

    If kagami is shisui dad that’s one mighty age gap in my opinion

  25. foxking Says:

    so i raise the question again about this new body that oro has what are the limits any ideas @itachi33. great chapter. dying to see how the modified body of madara and endo First fight given the flash back when they were alive.

  26. foxking Says:

    how so @24

  27. itachi33 Says:

    @Foxking id say a more stronger version than danzos, chakra wise. And with the probable use of wood tech. Lets not forget he has a time limit of 3 years with that body. Meaning he has to find another host most likely sasuke. I dont belive he turnd good just waiting for his chance to make his move and i think that taking zetus body gave him a huge boost. One so big to cause a. season 3

  28. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    A very valid point indeed. To be honest I’m careful with making predictions towards Orochimaru. Although it’s a bit naive to believe Oro is now on the side of the good guys, the way he responded to Hiruzen in this chapter did make me believe he wants to follow Sasuke and no longer follows the path of destruction towards Konoha. However, as you implied, Orochimaru’s goal was to unlock the secrets behind all jutsu. Kabuto revealed that the Rinnegan is the key to these secrets, which evolves from the Sharingan. Furthermore, when Sasuke revived Orochimaru the latter even stated that his goals is still to “take over Sasuke-kun’s body” but he lacked the power to do so. Maybe that’s why Oro took over a Zetsu body. We’ll know in due time I guess.

  29. itachi33 Says:

    I think thats y he took zetsus body as well he probably had that all planed out. I think he did mean wat he told hiruzen about following sasuke but to a certain extent. He probably wants to c his progress so hes tagin along for the ride . I think it would b cool if madara and tobi kind of got the upper hand in the war toby tries to kill naruto and the forth stops him like kakashu did pain when pain was about to kill iruka sensei

  30. itachi33 Says:

    Kakashi i ment to say kakashi

  31. bigrigjutsu Says:

    I wonder if orochimaru was jealous he didn’t get chosen as hokage. Manga stream version made me wonder. Probably one of the factors he turned dark. What y’all think?

  32. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    The Fourth saving Naruto like that would be kind of cliché, but we’ve seen Kishi doing crazier things with his manga. Like Oro, I’m tagging along for the ride and see how things will progress.


    Well during the Sound Invasion in Part 1, it was stated by Hiruzen and Enma that it was the other way around: because Oro didn’t get chosen as Hokage (for he used his fellow kinsmen as guinea pigs), he went rogue and wanted to start his own Village.

  33. narutoboy18 Says:

    @33 i was thinking that too sasuke is really gonna have to prove himself literally in front of everyone that he is on their side. I mean like nothing short of killing obito or sealing madara.

  34. narutoboy18 Says:

    I actually wouldn’t mind sasuke killing obito

  35. narutoboy18 Says:

    @37 if obito went to the good side i might actually fly to japan and kick kishi in the balls. I’m not exactly thrilled about sasuke joining the good side but ill accept it. If madara or obito join the good side then that will truely be naruto jumping shark.

  36. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Naruto & Sasuke Will Both Lead The Village As Hokages.

  37. JustACasualObserver Says:

    If You Think About It Makes Sense.The Title Of Hokage Has Caused Alot of problems in the series.hashirama & tobirama chosen over Madara,Madara leaves the village.Hirizen chosen over Danzou led to the creation of root. Minato chosen over Orchimaru led to him leaving and constantly attacking the village ultimately killing the fourth.

  38. JustACasualObserver Says:

    *third I meant.

    Imagine If Hashirama & Madara & Tobirama Decided To Lead Together.If Hiruzen & Danzou decided to cooperate & lead the village together.Even Orchimaru & Minato.You Need A Blend Of Both To Be Successful,Not Just One Being Dominant.

  39. Korss Says:

    I think that they chose those that had a softer hand. (exception being Tobirama) So dominating or not it really did not matter.

  40. just a thought... Says:

    I agree with mystic. Basically reversing the directions each path gets traveled… The senju now wander and uchiha lead. But without all of that bitchy/whiny/emo/vengeance thing….

  41. yoyoyo Says:

    What’s going to happen is that the Kages’ arrival on the battlefield will at least make it an equal fight (Senju blood might even be able to stop the 10 tails or something) but Madara and Obito will take on the Kage, while Sasuke and Naruto (x the Allied Shinobi Forces) will deal with the 10 tails. Obito will be convinced by kakashi that his killing rin was a good thing or something like that and he’ll betray Madara (like a secret weakness) but he’ll somehow die as well. Orochimaru will then somehow show his true colors and betray everyone, somehow turning Sasuke evil again (because there has to be the eventual Naruto x Sasuke battle (because that Great Toad Sage predicted that Naruto would fight “A man with powerful eyes” (i.e. Sasuke)

  42. JustACasualObserver Says:

    @Kross yes but if the hokage is soft then his rule will fllow suit.if the hokage is like tobi rams then it’ll be more strict.too much of each then it won’t work but if they work together then it will sort of like politics I guess.

  43. Korss Says:

    Yeah I see that. Don’t mention real world politics- Kill it with Wildfire.
    Is there really anyone with more powerful eyes than Madara and or Obito? But yes I wanna see another Naruto vs Sasuke- no restraints edition. That could be an awesome fight.

  44. bigrigjutsu Says:

    Naruto and sasuke should fight for the role of hokage. If sasuke truly repents ofc. I know not likely but that would be cool.

  45. Zeno Says:

    Does anyone remember in DBZ during the Buu saga when Vegeta finally realized he would never be on par with Goku? But he still wanted to fight him again. I feel sasuke is gonna have the same feelings about naruto and they are gonna have the ultimate sparring match for the title of hokage. Naruto of course will win but I think he’d give it to sasuke anyway.

  46. narutoboy18 Says:

    @49 ya but there is a difference between vegeta and sauske vegeta started out bad and progressivly became good earning the trust of the z-fighters. Sasuke started out good and slowly but surely became more and more evil and eventually lost the trust of the konoha 11. and now he is suddenly good im not exactly sure how they will react to it. espcially after everything he has done.

  47. foxking Says:

    does anyone remember that little finger lock thing that was to mean friendship that looked really suspect. i think naruto and sasake will fight again not to the death but insead sasake will finally give naruto what he has been looking for acknowledgement.

  48. bigrigjutsu Says:

    Sasuke has one thing that can get him acknowledged and thats naruto loyalty. I mean naruto can vouch for sasuke the same way the first did for madara. Plus the way naruto can read chakra can tell if sasuke intentions are evil or not.

  49. zeroOne Says:

    can’t wait for Naruto’s reactions to the Hokages/Sasuke/Oro/Taka! should be amusing.

  50. Korss Says:

    Am I the only one that right now want to sleep until next wednesday just to skip the crazy wait/ expectation of the next chapter?

  51. ppfumodilondra Says:

    @54 theres no manga next week buddy

  52. Korss Says:

    What? The horror. That actually managed to get my crying. The horror. Why is there no manga? I want to see what happens next.

  53. Korss Says:

    Ok, managed to not cry all that much, still sad. And here is his evidence. http://mangafoxDOTme/manga/naruto/v63/c627/19DOThtml
    Here is the page where it is stated. Change DOT with the actual one .

  54. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Amazing chapter.I somehow knew this would happen,sasuke following itachi’s will and all of them heading to the battlefield.What surprised me was oro’s attitude.Imagine the reactions when the hokages reach the battlefield,its going to be epic.
    And its true,theres no chapter next week.I heard that the week after that will have a double issue.

  55. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    @ Everybody stating that Sasuke is evil

    Kishi’s characters are more complicated than just being good or evil. Like Itachi told Naruto before the first one mentioned fought Sasuke: “Sasuke is still a blank canvas, he can be dyed any color.” Taking this into account, in combination with the memories of Itachi when he was brought back and the First Hokage’s story, I wouldn’t say Sasuke is either good or evil. I think it’s safer to say Sasuke found peace with his desire for revenge, which gave him the chance to join the good guys once again. He has Itachi’s will and carries his shinobi way, which is protecting Konoha and Itachi’s ideals by all means.

  56. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    And Naruto vs Sasuke for the title of Hokage? No, I don’t think so. I think it wil be the other way around. Sasuke will become Hokage because Naruto will realise that, although it was his life long dream, he isn’t suited for the position (like Jiraiya told the elders when they wanted to inaugurate him). He will convince the others that Sasuke is the ideal candidate for the Hokage and after his inauguration, then they will fight: the first Uchiha Hokage vs Konoha’s Legendary Hero; the child of prophecy.

  57. narutoboy18 Says:

    @mistic that would be an interesting devoplment in the story. but do not forget the jonin need to approve of sasuke becoming hokage first. They all love naruto right now but despise sasuke. So sasuke is not only going to have to do something so amazingly incredible that everyone forgets him killing danzo and trying to capture killer bee. I mean he did help defeat kabuto but that was mostly itachi and nobody knows about that yet. also even if he does there are bound to be some prejudices left within the ranks.

  58. ppfumodilondra Says:

    @57 because i like to be informed child .lol

  59. minato sennin Says:

    first i’ll’d say the good silude is over powered even if hashirama,and minato were not in edo tensei i’ll still say so.we should keep in mind that after rs the 1st is the best when it comes to tail beast jutsu because he single handedly kept them till he shared it amongst the other villages.
    his chakra that gave madara the rinnengan was not stolen but it was a gift and an offering of peace.so madara would now carry on his plans using one who can has gone thru stuffz that was why he gave out his eyes.presently sasuke might be playing good to earn the trust of hashi because he needs his chakra to unlock his rinnengan. oro is still after the rinnengan and would take madara’s when he is down or sasuke or tobi or the other of nagato’s that is still with tobi.
    naruto at this level is still not comparable with minato..
    though he is going to be the next complete ten tails jinchuriqi. something that superceeds being hokage without measure then the dream to be hokage will die a natural death. when its all over hiruzen will be commended for choosing minato as the fourth.
    i thougth jiraiya was to be revived using dna from nagato’s fighting tools, the way kishi took him out is not deserving at all for a shinobi of his status and the strongest of the sannins.he was not even featured in a fight that would show his true capability.

  60. Korss Says:

    @ Minato senin
    The DNA on Pein’s tools were insufficent for EDO Tensei. Thus he can still not be revived. Unfitting for a shinobi of his stature? He found out how to defeat pein, he was battered after defeating 3 bodies and surprised when he saw that there were six.

  61. Dosu Says:

    @64 and 65: do not forget about his arm that was ripped off.

  62. Tyler Says:

    A lot of people are arguing whether or not hashirama was put in genjutsu because of the unexplained panel showings madaras mangekyo, and the fact that he is “killed” what appears to be hours later, but has it occurred to anybody that if madara has mastery of the tsukuyomi like itachi, then that last portion of the fight could have taken place in a matter of seconds. Until we find out exactly how madara survived the fight there are endless possibilities, and this is one of them

  63. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Naruto & Sasuke Will Be The Leaders Of The New Shinobi World!Just Watch!

  64. narutoboy18 Says:

    @68 lets hope not i’m not sure two 16-17 yr olds could rule the entire world

  65. OPR8R-kun Says:

    For some reason I feel like Kakashi would be the 6th, or is it 7th (I don’t think Danzo counted)? Anyway, unless he gets killed I would think he would probably be next.

  66. Korss Says:

    Combat wise Sasuke is the best of all three (Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi) he did fight Gaara, Temari, Kankourou, A, Darui and Shee to a standstill. Well much longer and I must admit he would end up tiring himself out. But I think he lasted longer than many people on a mere Jonin level would.
    Naruto have done some crazy things in this war up until now and I doubt it will start to slow down.
    Kakashi have not really performed to far outside of what one should expect from him, he is a jonin, ex ANBU and overall a very knowledgeable guy with a subpar Chakra and Stamina ranking.
    I guess it boils down to: Trust, combat skills and management capabilities. Naruto and Kakashi have the trust of the other Kage’s, Naruto and Sasuke is higher up when it comes to combat skills, All three is good to Combat Strategy (in their own ways), and Sasuke and Kakashi is better at Management.
    This is at least how I see it.

  67. OPR8R-kun Says:

    I don’t disagree. Kakashi has low Charka reserves. It makes him vulnerable. Both Naruto and Sasuke are probably stronger. But I think of the Kage-level shinobi from Konoha, Kakashi is next in line, and probably best suited.

  68. Jiraiya 478 Says:

    Since sasuke’s on the good side what do you think about the battle between naruto and sasuke.i am betting on the chunnin exams…if not i just hope it takes place somewhere in the story…i am longing to see that fight…

  69. OPR8R-kun Says:

    I like that idea Jiraiya 478. Now that Sasuke is back on the good side, the chunin exam is the next logical time for another rematch, unless Orochimara takes Sasuke during the war, setting him up as the next uber bad guy.

  70. Korss Says:

    Chunin exam? you are joking now right? Both of them are jounin level already. No way they don’t make it through the exam, they could possibly enter as separate teams and still make it to round 3 without trouble.
    And I doubt Oro will take Sasuke’s body already he took a zetsu before the flashback and after that there is the three year cool down. UNless Senju DNA shortens it down to three hours or something. Anyone else seeing another time skip after the war? I mean Konoha need to be rebuilt among other things, other plots to come out into day and etcetera.

  71. Korss Says:

    Hate to do this but punctuation is key to a sentence. His use of Kamui is not exactly saying much. Obito have used it a hundred times in the battle vs Naruto and Bee alone. Raikiri does not need uchiha blood, it is just easier to hit your target with sharingan. Kakashi himself have said even without the Sharingan he would have lower chakra reserves than Naruto and Sasuke.

  72. OPR8R-kun Says:

    They’re obviously jonin level, but can they skip the chunin exam? If so, it will be a long time before we see the rematch.

    RE: Orochimaru, maybe he just wants to help Sasuke, but I doubt it. Has he given up on his goals? I dunno, but for now, I’m still assuming his goals have something to do with Sasuke.

    Kakashi has relatively low reserves, compared to other Kage level ninjas. He has better control of his Sharingan than before but he doesn’t seem to have the massive amounts of chakra the others do that he’d be compared to.

  73. senorJACO Says:

    @Kakashi. ok you need to chill out. Korss wasnt being mean or “jerk wadish” at all, he was just stating that he and everybody else on this site cant understand what youre saying when you type like 5 year old with Parkinsons. Second, i dont think Obito being an uchiha has anything to do with him being able to use kamui a hundred times, i think its because they’re HIS own eyes. Thirdly, yes lightning blade is an S rank jutsu but just because its S rank doesnt exactly mean it uses a lot of chakra, it could just mean that it requires a lot of control of using the change in chakra nature or requires a lot of control of chakra itself.

  74. Jedilee777 Says:

    Been a while since I posted, I believe the present Minato is going to pass on to his son is the thunder god technique. The seal that Minato uses that makes hi the yellow flash. The chakra I believe Minato took from Kurama, if you think of it this way is like stamina, it can always be replaced. I believe Kurama can replenish his chakra over a period of time, so I don’t think that will be given back to him.

    I still have my doubts about Oro, Sasuke on the other hand, he didn’t have the change of heart for any other reason but to make sure the Uchihas of the past who sacrificed so much for the village they held dear would not have been in vain.

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when the hokages arrive with Sasuke and the rest of taka on the battlefield.

    For fan service, Kishimoto sama, will probably have one final fight with Naruto and Sasuke, with Sasuke putting on the forehead protector to fight as equals, acknowledging Naruto. I don’t think there will be any malice behind the fight, but it will finally prove that Naruto is by far the better shinobi of the two. Sasuke will concede defeat and a new Hokage will be named.

    I like the theory of Sasuke becoming Hokage, that would be an ultimate redemption story for him, but don’t forget, Kishimoto sama did say that Naruto will become the Hokage, that was Naruto’s dream. I know things change, maybe just maybe, Naruto will not only change his village, which he has already, but he will change the shinobi world as we once knew it, keeping in line with what Hashirama always envisioned for the shinobi world. Everything started with the village hidden among the leaves, I can’t see why it needs to end any other way.

  75. narutoboy18 Says:

    What if sasuke became hokage and naruto became leader of the whole world? U know there is one united govt the kages get turned more into governorships or something like that

  76. Tyler Says:

    @83 rasengan is on the same level if not stronger and it uses way less chakra than chidori. A jutsu isn’t given a rank based solely off of the amount of chakra it consumes, but chakra control, and other things are taken into consideration. Rasengan uses less chakra but requires a lot more chakra control and that’s why it’s the same rank as chidori, which we know requires a lot more chakra

  77. narutoboy18 Says:

    so am i the only one else who is pissed that there isn’t a new chapter this week

  78. Naruto world Says:

    @ kakashi- Please stop being a doucher, this is the one site I come to, that actually stays relevant to the manga. Don’t be “that guy” man.

  79. Naruto world Says:

    @jedille777- I’m not sure kurama can replenish the other half of his chakra over time because naruto and kurama can’t go into the full nine tails mode or was it lack of training on both of there parts? It just seemed like it was very significant/important that the ” other half” would be sealed into narutos father.

  80. senorJACO Says:

    @Kakashi im sorry that your panties are in bunch but i’ll come over and change your diaper as soon as i can. But right now i have more important matters than dealing with a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Do me a favor and research what youre talking about before you start spewing your garbarge and making yourself look like an unintelligent douche. As 86 stated above, i love this website. Please dont ruin it for me.

    @85 obviously youre not. Im sure everyone else here is too. But theres no use whining about it. We just need to be patient because it’ll make it that much better when it comes out.

    Now onto my opinion, personally i like Vegetas theory. It seems likely in my mind and it does sound pretty Kishi like. But i also would not be suprised if Sasuke were to go to the battlefield and help out and stuff and make up with Naruto and his classmates but then Obito kills him which only strengthens Narutos resolve to defeat him and become Hokage to stop the cycle of hatred or whatever. I only say this because Kishi did say Naruto would become Hokage

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