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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 629 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:06 am on 5/8/2013

Chapter 629 has been released!

Click For Chapter 629 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

25 kunai thrown »

25 Responses to “Chapter 629 Released”

  1. JustACasualObserver Says:

    I Just Want It Too Get Too The Point.I Want The Big Twist Too Come.

  2. kjames Says:

    Ok I knew Rin was special but I don’t think any of us thought she was made the Three Tails jinchuriki. The fact that Obito knew that makes things more complicated in figuring him out. But I am glad most of us were correct when we said Rin asked Kakashi to take her out. Interesting chapter. Also Ten Tails looked like it went nuts when it saw Naruto and the resemblance to Rikudo Sennin

  3. Korss Says:

    Right, but am I the only one who have a feeling the Ten tails can do jutsu? And I guess the chakra Naruto got from the other beasts will come to show soon now.

    And I guess Obito figured out about Rin when he was the Kirigakures acting Mizukage. That or Zetsu told him, not sure if it was during travel or afterwards.

  4. Danny Says:

    I knew Madara had nothing to do with Rin’s death. I also had a feeling that Obito knew the whole truth. I think Obito realized that the world he lived in was just hell. I bet Naruto would feel the same if Sasuke or some important person to him actually died in front of him (when he was younger).

  5. narutoboy18 Says:

    Honestly i have a feeling like somehow the ridoku sennin is gonna come in like the form of a vision to naruto to tell him how to beat the 10 tails. However i wonder what is gonna happen once the 4 hokage join the fray.

  6. Korss Says:

    @naruto boy18
    I guess tem joining will give the alliance a morale boost their morale but I doubt it will change too much of the battle other than perhaps shielding people and deflecting attacks where they can.

  7. kjames Says:

    @Korss hmm is it possible that the Juubi is the source of all if not most jutsu? Because its said Rikudo Sennin was the one who was the creator of all jutsu so I figured in order to do so RS needed a powerful source. Anybody care to debate?

  8. Korss Says:

    For me there is no doubt SO6P was rather weak before he became the jinchuuriki but he must have had some skill and developed some jutsus before facing the ten tails. But I doubt the ten tails is that sentient. But then again all of the 9 tailed beast we have now have been seen as sentient now but earlier they were almost viewed as other animals.

    And on another note, please excuse me or tell me if I go too far with my knowledge OCD. I have been told this for the last two or three weeks in the anime section and so started rethinking myself a bit and therefore concluded that I have developed a need to know the answer to everything I don’t know but have seen a question about.

    Sorry for that info dump as well.

  9. Maxkage Says:

    That display of emotion Obito exhibited gives off the impression that he is slightly a tragic villain.

  10. kjames Says:

    Yea I would have assumed Rikudo was versed in some form of jutsu otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to seal (or separate) the Juubi. And I believe he had to be some kind of strong I mean he did have the Rinnegan.

  11. K-Dash02 Says:

    I honestly think Rikudo Sennin was infact powerful before he fought Juubi, like you said he did seal the Juubi within himself. So that no doubt means he had to be on par with the Juubi. But I honestly think that the Rinnegan actually came from Rikudo, and the Sharingan from the Juubi. Rikudo must have got the Sharingan from the Juubi as a physical trait, like Gaara’s black rings around his eyes, Bee’s mark on his face, and Naruto’s wiskers and etc.
    But I can’t wait until the Hokage’s, Sasuke & Orochimaru hit the battle field!

  12. narutoboy19 Says:

    honestly this was a bigger twist than the iron man 3 mandrian twist (if u havent seen the movie thats were my spoiler stops so dont worry) i never expect rin to be the 3 tails host and i guess i just never put 2 and 2 together on the fact obito doesnt have organs i mean he doesnt have to eat or use the bathroom why should he have any other organs. Another thing is the 10 tails ever gonna stop mutating like can this third one be the last 1. i mean how many more times can he devople before he hits his final form.

  13. Korss Says:

    My guess is 8, 9 or 10 times. 10 would be it if the jar had all 9 tailed beasts, 9 will most likely be it as the jar ha a part of both 8 tails and 9 tails. But as the amount of chakra is so small it could also be just 8 mutations.

  14. doyen Says:

    nice chapter just wondering when d 4 hokage will show face and how complicated things were for rin’s story and how the similarity of the SO6P and naruto are increasing. Possibly SO6P might show up.jez kishi u’re…

  15. Korss Says:

    I hope that it will take some time for them to cross the fire country plus some more. The fight is at least around the lightning country.

  16. sasuke-kun Says:

    wow obito is hard to take down even without his kamui technique. so madara is leaving the battlefield again out of boredom huh? lol

  17. Narutoboy18 Says:

    Ur right obito is pretty much an immortal right now no clue how they will beat him. Also ya madara doesn’t have much of an attention span

  18. Majkel Says:

    Ok, just a thought…
    Kushina had a bloodline limit right? So that means Naruto does too, but just didn’t activate it till now. What if the arrival of the hokages, and a talk with Minato will help him to activate it and help to take down the juubi or at least to hold him, like Kushina did with Kurama?
    Also with Obito, I just think it’s a genjutsu cast on Kakashi, after all, there was a panel with the sharingan earlier, and he did turn into Rin.

  19. Korss Says:

    Those chains were just her jutsu, possibly a type of Uzumaki jutsu’s but so far there have been no talk about anything else the Uzumaki have as far as KKG’s goes. The Uzumaki already have, more chakra, longer lifespan and other such things that letting them have an actual KKG would almost be overkill.

  20. kjames Says:

    This is kind of late but I think most of us agree that the Sharingan was the Juubi while the Rinnegan was Rikudo. My only question was could the Juubi be the source for the creation of most jutsu? But I do agree with you.

    @majkel yeah I think giving the Uzumakis (especially Naruto) a KKG would be a tad bit overboard. Naruto is possibly already the strongest living ninja right now (this does not include Edo Tensei revived ninja)

  21. Narutoboy18 Says:

    @21 I agree/disagree with ur second point. With the kuramas Charka I agree but without it I think there are other ninja that are stronger than him… Honestly without kuramas Charka naruto would probably only be an above average ninja at best. With it he is near omnipotent

  22. kjames Says:

    Agreed but also without Kurama’s chakra (or without Obito releasing it from Kushina) then we have no storyline or the manga might be called something else LOL. But I see your point as an Uzumaki his chakra is already above average but Kurama’s chakra makes him near omnipotent.

  23. foxking Says:

    cant wait to see how they are going to lead us into the Sage coming back given that naruto does not have the 1 tail or the 8 tails and half of the nine

  24. Korss Says:

    Naruto does only have a bit of the other six beasts as well so he have even less, and I think 8 tails was part of that meet and greet. I am not too sure.

  25. narutoboy18 Says:

    @24&25 my guess is that somehow sasuke is gonna play a role in bringing back the SO6P. I’m not sure how much like the combo of naruto and sasuke will do it. (any DBZ fan fu-sion-ha)

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