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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 631 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:17 am on 5/22/2013

Chapter 631 has been released!

Click For Chapter 631 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

62 kunai thrown »

62 Responses to “Chapter 631 Released”

  1. bigrigjutsu Says:

    I think my naruto vs sasuke fight for hokage thought is actually going to come true. Hopefully. If it does then Ha Ha to those naysayers.

  2. adam625 Says:

    Great chapter and can’t wait to see team 7 take on madara while the hokages deal with the juubi. I was suprised seeing minato in tail beast mode, so does this mean he can move even faster?

  3. allan Says:

    Wow! I’m really glad team 7 has reunited. I did laugh when sasuke said he wantd to become a hokage.. Haha. I’m so excited to what will happen next chapter. Whew!

  4. allan Says:

    Also, I’m looking forward to what sakura-chan’s real power. Maybe like tsunade’s? Whew.

  5. Uchihadomo Says:

    Sasuke is just too awesome

  6. kjames Says:

    So I guess we were all right about the other half of Kurama’s chakra being available…but it was soooo great seeing Minato use that form. Makes him even more bada**. And the look on everyone’s face when Sasuke said we would become Hokage was priceless. Well except for Naruto of course.

    I was one of those who said Naruto and Sasuke would probably fight for Hokage as well and I think it was either MisticVegeta or someone else who said that Naruto would win the fight but let Sasuke have the title of Hokage first in order to finally break the cycle of hatred in the Uchiha.

    Final note: I guess it wouldn’t be a Team 7 moment if Sakura didn’t get her little light to shine. She stored up her chakra and use her real strength but why did she never use it before? I know her powers aren’t quite like Tsunade’s but I hope they are something more interesting than the increased strength.

  7. OPR8R-kun Says:

    Can’t wait to see how Madara reacts to seeing Sasuke. Bummer Kakashi and Obito are away. Obito may never get a Minato reunion.

  8. Iñigo Says:

    Sakura is even stronger than Tsunade as mentioned by kakashi sensei. 😀

  9. danialex Says:

    I think sasuke will b hokage while naruto becomes the new rikodou senin

  10. adam625 Says:

    madara cant contain himself to seeing the 1st lmao

  11. Nasakashi Says:

    The chapter we been waiting for

    Well naruto can go home now xD because now that his dad has the same powers + more theres no reason for naruto to be there lol
    Minato will deff give naruto the other half of the chacra before he leaves & sad obito wont get to see this
    I didnt expect fo sasuke to just say he waned to be hokage just like that
    & did we all forget about the current hokage still chilling in a pool of her blood (minato coulda stopped by & scooped her on the way lol) #teamnewsannin

    Also wheres orochi??

  12. Nasakashi Says:

    The chapter we been waiting for

    Well naruto can go home now xD because now that his dad has the same powers + more theres no reason for naruto to be there lol

    Minato will deff give naruto the other half of the chakra before he leaves & sad obito wont get to see this
    I didnt expect fo sasuke to just say he waned to be hokage just like that

    & did we all forget about the current hokage still chilling in a pool of her blood (minato coulda stopped by & scooped her on the way lol) #teamnewsannin

    Also wheres orochi??

  13. JustACasualObserver Says:

    Remember I told you guys that Naruto & Sasuke will both lead the village as co hokages. It’s obvious now. Do you think after all this talk about hatred and all that,that they will settle hokage title by fighting for it? I highly doubt it.

  14. tee-pain Says:

    Naruto wuld become the new rikuudo sennin nd would rule the whole ninja world.. Sasuke wuld become hokage.. I said so because naruto’s upcomin power wuld be too great for just a ‘hokage’ level :)

  15. JustACasualObserver Says:

    We shall see

  16. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    Two fanboy moments because of two epic chapters in a row. And this one, in my opinion, even topped the previous chapter by far!

    – Minato crushing NaruHina
    – The Hokages entrance
    – Minato’s Bijuu mode
    – Madara’s face upon seeing his boyfriend
    – Sasuke’s entrance
    – Sasuke’s Hokage statement
    – Sakura’s second useful moment
    – Team 7 reunion


    Yea man, that was (and still is) my prediction. I really am looking forward to that moment (when and if it arrives).

    I really hope Sakura is going to back up her words. I bet it’s Tsunade’s chakra releasing technique that Sakura has been saving, but I hope Kishi makes her look even better using it than her sensei. And I really wonder how Team 7 is going to work together. It’s been 4 years since Sasuke left the Leaf, so bring the epic combinations! And of course: Hashirama vs Madara! I really enjoyed the part where Hashirama was like: I’ll knock you out later btch, first I need to take care of your schizophrenic Venusaur. And then Madara’s face being like: dafuq?! You’re making me wait (again)?! Priceless!

  17. Korss Says:

    My guess is Orochimaru will find the kages or something. And Naruto have larger and more variation to his rasengans.

  18. tee-pain Says:

    @16.. U got all ur predictions right bro… Naruhina is @ stake 😛

  19. Narutoboy18 Says:

    I loved everything expect for one thing bad naruto u are dating Hinata now not Sakura. Other than that amazing! More on my thoughts later

  20. Lonewolf Says:

    sakuras fore head is big because just like tsunade that is where she stores her chakra. facepalm. and i was right sasuke wants to be hokage.

  21. getsome Says:


  22. narutoboy18 Says:

    Alright so here was my take on the chapter aside from the above mentioned this chapter was easily one of the best in a long time. First off i’m not gonna lie i didnt even realize it was minato in the kyubbi form my friend had me realize that fact later on. Second i love how the first hokage is just umm ya ya old on madara let me focus on this first ur not important enough… talk about a slap to the face. Thirdly i’m glad for once sakura isnt just going to be a “weak women” and actually do something useful for the first time really since her battle was sasori. fourth 4th enterance and bodly claiming he would become hokage after everything he does. A took some serious balls and B unless he proves himself majorily will probably not get approved. 5th i’m really hoping we can see sasuke goo all out right now i wanna see the limits of his EMS.

  23. narutoboy18 Says:

    ya i made some grammar errors didnt read it before posting i think most r self explainitory major one i wrote fourth 4th i meant to write sasuke not the 4th. others just minor spelling errors

  24. Tyler Says:

    Idk I would have liked to see minato solo madara for a chapter or two, that way we can see more of what he can do with kyuubi mode. But either way I’m extremely pleased with the chapter 10/10, I hope kishimoto does more fast paced chapters like this, and I think orochimaru and Karin went to heal the kages but that doesn’t explain where suigetsu is.

  25. narutoboy18 Says:

    @25 suiguestu probably booked the second he got the chance

  26. rj408 Says:

    so are we suppose to forget yamato existed? Cuz there hasn’t been a reference of him for a while….just curious awesome chapter btw!

  27. kjames Says:

    now that you mention it….Tenzo (Yamato) hasn’t been seen since he was captured and used with the Hashirama clone to strengthen the Zetsu. Might still be in the Akatsuki hideout

  28. danialex Says:

    @ 29 wat do u mean by naruto is powerless without d 9 tails av u 4gotn evn sasuke was helpd with the itachi eye ? Well I think sasuke will b hokage but naruto will surprise u all by becoming d next rikodou senin

  29. Tyler Says:

    @31 narutos sage mode isn’t compatible with kurama so all the jutsu he used against pain were used with his own chakra and his sage chakra. Naruto definitely isn’t the weakest of team 7. He single handedly defeated pain without kurama, and the chapter where he went nine tails berserk he didn’t really get anywhere. There’s a reason Sakura didn’t solo pain. It’s because naruto is stronger. And u can’t really say naruto is nothing without relying on kurama cuz without relying on itachi sasuke would still be blind

  30. K-Dash Says:

    What you are saying about Naruto is irrelevant, Naruto is the strongest regardless of the Kyuubi or not what more evidence do you need. The show is called Naruto, not Sasuke so end of story!

  31. Tyler Says:

    I think without kurama naruto and sasuke are equal but with kyuubi mode sasuke doesn’t stand a chance

  32. kjames Says:

    No kyuubi, no series. At least t wouldn’t be focused on Naruto anyway.

  33. itachi33 Says:

    @ uchiha One thing sasuke didnt earn his mangekio itachi gave it to him withough him even knowing it

  34. Gaara42 Says:

    @29 Okay if were taking kurma from naruto we might as well take the entire sharingan from sasuke because thats what makes him super strong without it he might not even have chidori because kakashi had sasuke use the sharingan to mick the speed for it

  35. itachi33 Says:

    I have a feeling that oro is going to either kill the kages or absorb yamato

  36. Naruto Six Paths Says:

    Saskue will probably die during battle but maybe before he dies he will give his eyes to naruto and loosing his friend will cause him to activate the rinnegan. (possible)

  37. itachi33 Says:

    @ 43 if sasuke activated his own mangekio y is it the same as itachis and not unique like all the others the only difference is in his susanoo and itachi practicaly gave his mangekio to itachi

  38. itachi33 Says:

    To sasuke

  39. narutoboy18 Says:

    hey guys can we all just agree naruto and sasuke r insanely powerfull ninja. a lot of people say sasuke didnt earn his power… lets not forget A he was born with really good genes aka the shargian and ms forms and dont forget its not like power was given to him he trained a lot as well. And about his ms and ems well not his emsbut his ms was his own power he unlocked it his eyes his power. now the ems is a boost but its not like he stole them itachi wanted him to have his eyes. Also now to naruto and i said this either last chapter or the chapter before naruto even without the kyubbi is an extremely powerufll ninja comapred to most. However it is the kyubbi that makes him pretty much omnipotent. and ya he has sage mode something only jiriya was able to use and we all agree jiriya was an exremely powerful ninja.

  40. ItachiFTW Says:

    Do you guys think that Naruto will eventually gain the other half of Kurama’s chakra? Also, what do you think would happen if naruto got the chakra?

  41. sasuke-kun Says:

    i don’t get how minato got the 9-tail chakra mode. he’s not even a jinchuriki.

  42. danialex Says:

    I think if he gets it, with dat amount of chakra naruto can do anything u can imagine u knw he is like d rikodou senin he make things no one has done b4 so with dat kind of chakra no one can stop him not even sasuke

  43. danialex Says:

    @47 I think if he gets it, with dat amount of chakra naruto can do anything u can imagine u knw he is like d rikodou senin he make things no one has done b4 so with dat kind of chakra no one can stop him not even sasuke

  44. NewUchiha Says:

    Sasuke is gonna steal hinata and make baby’s ..making an upgraded version of both clans

  45. narutoboy18 Says:

    @52 O.o i feel like that would be a little strange. seeing a baby with a combo of both the sharigan and (how ever u spell the hyuga clan i know what it is no clue how to spell it and to lazy to look it up)

  46. NewUchiha Says:

    I wonder how will madara stand a chance against the first and everyone else? Or is kishi just gonna end everything pretty soon.

  47. OPR8R-kun Says:

    It would be cool if Orochimaru/Karin were tending to the fallen Kage, but I hope he’s up to something more.

  48. allan Says:

    Hashirama is i think already enough to defeat madara. And with everyone else, will it end soon? I hope the kages can recover and go back to the battle field. Hopefully Yamato can come back..

  49. kjames Says:

    If Sasuke and Hinata make a baby with that kind of ocular power that would be really strange and awkward considering Hinata never had interest in Sasuke.

    The word u were looking for was Byakugan. Lol

  50. narutoboy18 Says:

    @kjames ya that thingamabob. lol i knew what it was just i was on my phone and im like ehh dont really wanna look up proper spelling XD. Also ya she was like the only girl to never have a crush on sasuke.

  51. Gaara42 Says:

    Hey just a thought but what if oro is healing tsunade and ge figured out a way to get to jirayas (spelling is prabably wrong) body dna from the ocean and when he shows up team 7 get to fight with their mentors

  52. sasuke-kun Says:

    so one needs only a portion of a tailed beast chakra to use its power somehow is that correct?

  53. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    First of all I would like to react on the Naruto and Sasuke – who is stronger? debate.

    I think they are incomparible. That’s the whole point of them being complete opposites, like you can’t compare water with fire. Fact is that they do balance each other out like positive and negative, representing the balance of the shinobi world. In terms of power, both were traines in different ways, by different mentors with different backgrounds. Yet I do think we can agree that their lineages are from legendary people and pasts.

    Now the Sasuke – Hinata pairing isn’t something I personally would be cheering on, but it is known that the Byakugan is a mutation of the Sharingan. Either this is completely irrelevant now, or it might lead up to something. I’m thinking of the first option.

    And the Sannin vs. Team 7? What purpose would it have? Team 7 should be considered now as the new generation of Sannin who surpassed the former by miles. One generation surpassing another is also a (secondary) theme within the series, so it’s obvious Team 7 would do them in.

  54. Gaara42 Says:

    @ 61 i dont mean versus i mean aiding in fight madara

  55. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    Then I have misread your reaction, my apologies. In that case it would be cool. But to bring back Jiraiya, who would be the sacrifice? And Tsunade is in half.

  56. getsome Says:

    minato technically became a a jinchuriki when naruto became one then dies soon after. My question is when could he have awakened kyuubi mode since he’s been dead

  57. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    It’s not a matter of “awakening”, it’s a matter of “mastering”. Minato has not only been known to be the fastest shinobi ever, but he was also very skilled at manipulating Chakra (he did invent the Rasengan). So mastering an manipulating an external chakra reserve should be easy for him, hence the result.

  58. gaara42 Says:

    @ mistic it could be another zetsu for sacrafice and shes in half shes probably dead so another zetsu clone for her or maybe he sewed her back together lol

  59. getsome Says:

    Random Thought: It is probably safe to assume minato is familiar with sage mode, why has he never used it?

  60. Korss Says:

    During the Kyubi incident he did not have much time so he could not summon grandpa and grandma toad, now he have KM so why us it instead. OR he never learned it.

  61. adam625 Says:

    I dont think he learned i because jiraiya and naruto were the only ones to become sages or semi sages, the rest failed and became tod statues. I dont thnk minato had any need to learn it since he moves so fast he never truly has a chance to just stop, its not his style

  62. narutoboy18 Says:

    @67 my guess is the same as 68 i mean come on kyubbi mode is so much more powerufll than sage mode… maybe if he gives the 9 tails power to naruto then he will use sage mode but that is pure speculation.

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