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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 633 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:49 am on 6/5/2013

Chapter 633 has been released!

Click For Chapter 633 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

30 Kunai Thrown (Leave a Comment)

30 Responses to “Chapter 633 Released”

  1. doyen Says:

    Great chapter it was epic its being long i’ve seen such teamwork, nice solution to sai’s suggestions. Wow ino has developed nice work just wondering whether that was gamakichi jez kishi nice work

  2. Gaara42 Says:

    Pretty good chapter but if sakura has been sble to do this much why did she wait till now to use it i understand the seal on her forehead but whyd she wait to use the summon

  3. Gaara42 Says:

    But it still looked awsome having them on their summons

  4. Narutoboy18 Says:

    I really liked this chapter I really hope he continues to pump out great chapters like this.

  5. Uchihadomo Says:

    Seeing the rookie nine work like this brings back memories of the good old days. Meaning, Naruto might really end soon.

  6. Zeno Says:

    Sasuke coming back does mean that the series probably will be ending after this final arc. This chapter did a really nice job of showing how far they all have come. Even the hokages are impressed.

  7. foxking Says:

    So question sasake has two blood contracts? Hawk and Snake.

  8. kjames Says:

    well i’ll be a monkey’s uncle…I think Shino Senpai in the last forum predicted this…so Sakura can summon slugs after all (it took her long enough)

    I guess so seeing as how Sasuke can summon both. It still poses the question of when he made the contract with the hawks.

    And is that Gamakichi? Cuz Gamabunta smokes pipes not cigarettes and the scar over the left eye is not present. If that is then Gamakichi got huge really fast since Naruto fought Nagato/Pain.

  9. foxking Says:

    I think it is judging by the vest.

  10. allan Says:

    Indeed a great chapter.. The next generation of sannins and the other teams got even stronger. Looking forward to the next chapter..

  11. NewUchiha Says:

    I would like too have seen a rock lee and ten ten improvement as well..I think I was most impressed with kiba bc it looked cool.. but ino shika cho was probably the best.. I understand that its all rookie nine but id like some closure on the kakashi obito fight u just can’t forget bout them

  12. Shino Senpai Says:

    Great Chapter!! And even better that my prediction was right
    @8 I agree Gamakichi got big really quick

  13. NewUchiha Says:

    Although sasuke is my favorite character since day one I want him to be kid I just can’t shake the feeling something is up.. that’s two chapter’s in a row they showed something diff between naruto and sasuke..I hope I’m wrong

  14. Gaara42 Says:

    @13 what do you mean?

  15. NewUchiha Says:

    Idk like he isn’t sure he wants to be good guy

  16. Korss Says:

    I think he means Sasuke have mixed feelings about being there with Naruto and the rest.
    Not that I blame him, he was a rouge nin for 2 and a half year, an for the last 8-10 months he have been an S rank missing nin.

  17. Narutoboy18 Says:

    Oo gama grew up so fast. Also ok honestly Sasuke and naruto both seem a little weary of eachothers abilities or at the very least cautious based on the looks on their faces and they have barely begone to see each of their full potential

  18. sasuke-kun Says:

    @11 yeah, we know tenten and lee are a batch higher than them but they’re still part of the leaf young guns…

    too bad kishimoto didn’t even allow neji to show off his full power, i mean he was the only one who achieved jonin rank among them right? who knows how strong he have gotten. he should’ve been given a robb stark-ish death at least lol

  19. sasuke-kun Says:

    sai moment fail

  20. Zeno Says:

    Naruto and Sasuke have ALWAYS been like this towards each other. They are just impressed with each other. nothing more. They always motivate and push each other further. At one point if you remember Sasuke was actually jealous of how far Naruto had come

  21. narutoboy18 Says:

    @20 umm ya that was kind of one of the reasons he left because he saw that naruto was not only devopling faster than him but excedding him. Also i just thought of this why didnt the rookie 9 use these tech against the white zetsus. I mean that yo yo trick probably could have taken out a lot of them.

  22. Aeneas7 Says:

    Actually, I’m not so sure about that… I don’t think Naruto’s sudden success was a factor in Sasuke’s leaving.

    Sasuke wanted to kill Itachi, and he realized that Leaf village not only was too soft (Everyone there told him to “forget about revenge”), but also Orochimaru could provide him with far better training and equip him with far greater skills giving him a much, much better chance of equaling Itachi.

    Sasuke simply figured that he could reach his goal (killing Itachi) more easily if he left the village. When he saw that Naruto was developing quickly, he was just jealous because that is his nature. He (like most people) want to be the strongest, and it infuriated him that this drop-out was suddenly catching up to him.

  23. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    I agree.

    It’s like #20 stated, they are as much rivals as that they are friends. Naruto even admitted to Sasuke when they fought in the final valley that he considered him a brother. Sasuke will never admit he feels the same, but it might be safe to say he does.

    But one thing does bug me. If Sakura could indeed do all this, why hold back for 3 years? Sure, storing chakra for this technique she’s been saving is nescessary, yet she could have gotten a bigger role as she is a lead character in the series.

    And what this chapter illustrated for me was that the next generation is ready to somewhat be entrusted with the village, as they have exceeded in their skills and teamwork this much. Although I do think the Village and shinobi systems will be changed after this war.

  24. Korss Says:

    No Sasuke stated after their little fight on the hospital roof that Naruto were playing catch up too fast.


    You are kidding right? Robb stark did not have the most heroic death. Tough 3 bolts is pretty impressive. But I would have preferred him to at least get mad and fight one of them. Plus I wanted to see the final insult. If you have not read the books then check out the red wedding in AWOIAF. It may contain spoilers for upcoming events for season 3 and or 4.

  25. Korss Says:

    I think everyone agrees that the shinobi system will be changed after the war. The fact that Sakura did not even attempt to summon a slug during the invasion of Pein suggest this is for lack of better terms an ‘asspull’

  26. Uchiha Izuna Says:

    great great great

  27. narutoboy18 Says:

    @22 my reasoning is due to the fact that ya sasuke was feeling infeior to naruto because of his rapid growth. And he knew the oro could give him more immiedate results than staying in the village.

  28. Aeneas7 Says:

    I understand that. That doesn’t mean that’s the reason he left. Like I said, it just means he was jealous because that is his nature especially with Naruto, his rival.

    Yeah. But, he didn’t go to Orochimaru in order to surpass Naruto by any means. He went to surpass Itachi, and that’s why Naruto’s success isn’t what led to his leaving the village.

    On a different note, I’m happy to see the growth of the next generation… But, can someone tell me who the hell Sasuke summoned? Random weird looking snake… Made me laugh a bit.

  29. kjames Says:

    Who knows? Cuz it certainly wasn’t Manda or Manda II…could be one of Manda’s children or it was just a random snake…I also want to know who the slug is cuz currently Katsuyu is with a bisected Tsunade.

  30. bigrigjutsu Says:

    Good thing sakura didn’t summon slugs during pein invasion because I assume she would have to start over saving chakra. Now I think bout it she probably didn’t have enough at that time.

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