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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 637 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 1:34 am on 7/3/2013

Chapter 637 has been released!

Click For Chapter 637 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

30 kunai thrown »

30 Responses to “Chapter 637 Released”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    Well that escalated quickly. So now Obito is the ten tails jinchuriki, thoughts?

  2. K-Dash02 Says:

    My guess is that Obito & Madara are both trying to become the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki & Rikuudo Sennin, now that Obito is the new Jinchuuriki he probably can easily revive Madara without having to worry about himself being killed in the process. I think that after Obito revives Madara they will go after the Bijuu’s power thats inside Naruto and try to put it in Madara to make him into the new Rikuudo Sennin.

  3. Zeno Says:

    I don’t see obito and Madara getting along very well after this.

  4. JustACasualObserver Says:

    I predict that Kakashi will end obito from the inside

  5. NewUchiha Says:

    Why didn’t this just happen from the get go? This has been pretty dragged out. Why isn’t sasuke using any ems techniques

  6. Naruto boy 18 Says:

    Well he has been using the ems he just shot a flaming arrow at obito. Also my thoughts is that madara wasn’t trying to make obito the host I think madara was trying just to revive himself then obito renegaded

  7. Danny Says:

    Just because Obito foiled Madara’s plan doesn’t mean they wont work together. They never got along to begin with. I’m glad Obito became the ten tail jinchuuriki because now the kages (all of them) can fight Madara, while Sasuke and Naruto fight Obito. You know something good will happen if Sasuke and Naruto fight Obitio.

  8. allan Says:

    Interesting chapter. I dont think obito will just easily give his body to madara. And hopefully kakashi will be back from that dimension. Kages, hurry up!

  9. K-Dash Says:

    Does anyone else notice that Madara isn’t upset that Obito became the Jinchuuriki, and that it was Madara’s plan the whole time?

  10. Naruto boy 18 Says:

    @10 honestly who knows at this point it seems to me madara has one central plan with a lot of different fail safes to fall back so that in the end no matter which path happens he ends up on top

  11. sasuke-kun Says:

    i didn’t quite get how obito “blocked” madara’s control on him. can someone explain?

  12. kjames Says:

    Wow. So Obito is the new Jinchuriki of the Juubi. First time I won’t say much since now I have no clue how this battle will end up now. But wow. At least Minato got to see and realize that Obito was behind it all

  13. namikaze itachi Says:

    Cant believe how easily minato and obito were able to control the bijjus after all the things naruto and bee had to go through… kind of like how others in dbz became supersaiyans after goku

  14. Naruto world Says:

    Does it make a difference that obito became a host without the 10 tails fully maturing to the third stage?

  15. narutoboy18 Says:

    hey ya i was thinking about that why is the ten tails so easily allowing itself to be captured you would think it would resist given how it reacted to seeing naruto looking like the SO6P. I wonder why it let it self so willingly because a host again. Maybe it also has a plan and is waiting for itself to fully mature inside the safety of obito and then it will bust out (killing obito in the process). Just a thought though.

  16. narutoboy18 Says:

    also @15 lets be honest expect for goten and current trunk everyone really sturgguled to become a super siayan espcially vegeta. so they didnt achieve it easily… i mean future trunk had to see gohan dead before he transformed and gohan was being consumed by goku ka-me-ha-me-ha so he would have died if he didnt transform.

  17. zero 0ne Says:

    Over 9000! Lol couldn’t resist

  18. fgtdsr Says:

    Where is Mistic vegeta?

  19. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    Right here. Had my finals this week and I just finished my last one today. I will post my thoughts on this chapter later tonight.

  20. Danny Says:

    Narutoboy, I think the ten tails is weaker and dumber since it is without a host. Remember what Deidara said about the three tails?

  21. burning_leaf Says:

    Just a thought….. what does Obito have planned to the room full of Sharigan?

  22. rj408 Says:

    @23 I believe he used most of them on the jinchuriki…sorry if I spelt it wrong…but I’m not sure if he used them all

  23. Korss Says:

    It was a wall 10-30 Meters wide if I am not entirely wrong. So I doubt he managed to use 20 000 Sharingans. Ok, maybe not that much. Still I think they were meant to be spares in case he needed to use Izanagi for one reason or another.

  24. yellow_flash51 Says:

    hey everyone! I’ve followed this site for years and finally decided to put my two cents in.

    @23 you bring up a good point on all the sharigans obito owns! i hope theyre not disregarded! thats a lot of power to just leave in a hide out.

    another mystery that i came across while rereading parts of the war is in chapter 601 page 5 or 6 madara comments to obito that the naruto in front of them is a clone and questions where the real one is at? I’d like to know that too! what do you guys think?

  25. yellow_flash51 Says:

    at the end of chapter 601 the clone is destroyed and it goes right into obitos flash back then in 607 naruto is back…

  26. Korss Says:


    My guess is that the real Naruto was somewhere in the back. I mean Naruto is the expert of screwing people over with his clones.

  27. doyen Says:

    Gr8 chapter i’m kind of wondering izanami should be d solution here

  28. Teepain Says:

    Ok am suggesting madara and obito wont be in good terms after obito’s transformation… Its out of madara’s plan. But i have a feelin obito wuld change for the better, i mean why all his thots about rin nd kakashi?

  29. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    This chapter was pretty straight forward. Obito becoming the Juubi jinchuuriki was both unexpected, yet to be expected. I felt like he became a drag to the storyline, so if Kishi uses this turn of events wisely it could turn out to be fun.


    Whatever he has planned for those Sharingan can be speculated on. Remember that Sasuke knows the location of the base and those Sharingan. I wonder if they are going to play a role in the future or end up in the “what if” zone of the story.


    Where would Izanami be a solution for? To put Obito in the same genjutsu as Kabuto? Sure, but you are forgetting that he’s hosting the Juubi. It will simply either break free since Obito can’t consciously control him or have his chakra snap Obito right out of it like the Bijuu can with their jinchuuriki.


    If Obito would turn good at his dying moment, it would be too corny if you ask me. He is the Akatsuki leader, the one who killed Minato, Kushina, who crushed Konoha by controlling (!) Kurama with his Sharingan alone, controlled six Bijuu at one and who has the Rinnegan. He should die a villainous death in my opinion. That way, it would keep the memory of the good and heroic young Obito intact and it would solidify Kakashi’s resolve.

  30. narutoboy18 Says:

    im with mistic on 30 tbh im hoping for a death like that lioness from lion king 2. (i was just watching with my baby cousin) like she had the chance to be saved but she would have rather died than be saved by simbas daughter. I want a death like that for obito he has a chance to change and survive but instead would rather die than submit to the help of his enemy’s. And madara i hope its something like this he is battling the first hokage and pins him down and in his moment of triumph lets his guard down and sasuke shoots him with a flaming arrow. Or something like that let sasuke clean the uchiha name by beating madara.

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