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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Naruto on DVD in North America
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 2:51 pm on 11/28/2005

I’ve seen some questions this past week concerning when Naruto will be released on DVD. Well the first volume is now up for pre-order on Rightstuf’s website and Amazon.com. This is for the edited tv version of the first four episodes.

Volume 1

18 kunai thrown »

18 Responses to “Naruto on DVD in North America”

  1. Momoshiro Says:

    Question: Will the editted and uncut versions really have any difference between them? Not that I will buy either one, either way, as I buy mine subtitled, but I’m just curious.

  2. silverwings Says:

    well, edited is what you see on tv. Therefore, I would assume no subs.

    the unedited should come with both an english and japanese track and should be (animation wise) exactly as it was aired in Japan.

  3. Shikamaru (Admin) Says:

    A further bit, the uncut will more than likely be the DVD version released in Japan, rather than the original broadcast version available on most fansubs. The Japanese DVD’s had animation corrections and updates to improve imperfections in the first airings.

    A note, the U.S. edited tv versions are using these Japanese DVD masters as well, but are doing the needed edits to fit broadcast standards. That is why you may notice differences from the Toonami Naruto and the fansub Naruto, but which is not the work of the Viz/Toonami editors.

  4. bob Says:

    the unedited will have more eps. per DVD, right?

  5. Subaku No Kameko Says:

    No it’s still four per disk because there are going to be 12-13 episode per boxset which has 3 DVDs for the unedited too… the japanese DVDs have 8-9 episodes per DVD so it’s like a whole season in one box set.like someone said before not that I will buy them either (I have the downloads and the original japanese Boxsets btw). but the English uncut will probably have the same sound but without the horrible cuts that we’ve all noticed… so it will be like Shadow clone Jutsu with Naruto smoochin Sasuke(not at the same time of course…)

  6. ushg Says:

    i cant wit!i will but them all!

  7. Dubbed? Says:

    Dubbed right?

  8. Ryan Says:

    Yeah, dubbed. If it’s edited…

    I’m wondering what ppl have against the dubs. I mean, subs have bad quality some times, can have “colorful” translations (Anime Labs for DBZ comes to mind), and you don’t even understand what they’re saying because it’s not even in English!!

  9. Momoshiro Says:

    I meant is there any difference is dialogue, cut-out scenes, etc. between the dubbed uncut and edited.

    I buy subtitles from AnimeArigato, but I’m just curious if these uncuts in dubbed may have extra features, or whatever.

  10. Jaynin Says:

    If the Naruto DVD has the REAL way a pissed-off 12 yr. old will talk, I’m good…

  11. Alucard Says:

    F this, I rather spend a little more on shipping and get the unedited Japanese version then spending a dime on this crap….I seriously dislike the Toonami Naruto (with the hatred of a thousand pissed off yard nomes….)

  12. ushg Says:

    u need a modfied version if ur american tho

  13. Ryan Says:

    Um, yeah. The uncut version will have all the scenes restored. Blood, ass, gay kissing… all the good stuff.

    And for those who said they want a real 12 year old to do the dub, too bad. Cut the woman some slack, would you rather some 70 man play Naruto?

  14. Shikamaru (Admin) Says:

    Also real twelve year olds will face voice changes at puberty. Women can alter their voice and maintain the same sound with no problem. Bart Simpson’s voice actress is a good example.

  15. Momoshiro Says:

    I’m sorry but Bart’s voice-actress is actually good, though.

    I don’t mind some of the other voice actors, even though I’ve only watched it like twice, but Naruto’s needed something better than what he got.

  16. Bubbles Says:

    That’s a cute cover.

  17. Tiffany Says:

    arghh i dont really like the english voices haha! but still there making all the anime americanized and stuff and making manga for cartoons =S so gay

  18. Ryan Says:

    There haven’t Americanized Naruto. They have all the BGM and japanese letters and words and stuff…

    And Naruto’s voice is the only good one, IMO (besides Sakura, Haku, and Zabuza). Everyone else sounds kind of… odd.

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