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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 642 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:18 am on 8/7/2013

Chapter 642 has been released!

Click For Chapter 642 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

63 kunai thrown »

63 Responses to “Chapter 642 Released”

  1. Hoshika Says:

    so meaning, Orochimaru may also able to wond Obito by using Senjutsu? coz as we know that Orochimaru absorbed Senjutsu from Kabuto. btw, how do you think Kabuto’s doing? hehehe

  2. Itachi Namikaze Says:

    Was this the reason Madara held up the first…? assuming him to be the only one who could perform senjutsu..

  3. narutoboy18 Says:


  4. Korss Says:

    If it is a long enough post then it may not be posted. Try to part your text up into several pieces and post separately.

  5. narutoboy18 Says:

    its only one sentence of me responding to 52 making a joke saying kabuto is sleeping and dreaming about getting his butt whooped by itachi but for some reason no matter how i write it wont post.

  6. supersage Says:

    The only other time he’s used ONE HAND RASENGAN was when he fought sasuke in the valley of the end with kuramas help

  7. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    It’s because this forum is installed with a spelling check for faul language. My bet is you used the more common known synonym for butt, that’s why it didn’t post. Had that problem in the past a couple of times.

  8. narutoboy18 Says:

    i think it might be because i wrote Z like over and over again. and it didnt like it idk they dont even show up under the “your comment is awaiting moderation” anymore so ya. also @57 he has used it other times while under the nine tails cloak.

  9. just a thought... Says:

    Mebbe his mastery of sage mode/nature energy, combined with his determination… that’s what allowed th one handed rasengan… also if you noticed, it was floating higher in his hand than the usual one. that last part is just more of an observation.. teehee

  10. OPR8R-kun Says:

    I’ve been wondering if that was even a normal rasengan.

  11. Korss Says:

    I think it was halfway to an Oddoma Rasengan.

  12. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    This was great because even a sage has a weakness XD hopefully minato ends up giving naruto yin kurama so that he can go juubi jinchuuriki like obito he may actually need shukakau’s as well

  13. narutoboy18 Says:

    well it doesnt look like there is going to be a new chapter this week.

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Chapter 684 (Spoilers)

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