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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 643 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 12:07 am on 8/18/2013

Chapter 643 has been released!

Click For Chapter 643 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

38 kunai thrown »

38 Responses to “Chapter 643 Released”

  1. Korss Says:

    All I have to say is but,but,but, but what? Obito you sadistic bastard planning to kill Kushina on the day Rin died and then planning to end the war on the same day.
    But next chapter will be awesome it seems.

  2. narutoboy18 Says:

    It seems to me that the yin half of kurama is game for beating obito i wonder if while in the death gods stomach minato was able to tame him. also HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!!!! in other news so why do i get the feeling naruto is about to learn flying thunder god tech i just got a feeling.

  3. narutoboy18 Says:

    also if this came out today doesnt that mean no chapter this up coming wednesday

  4. Majkel Says:

    Why, why end the chapter at a moment like this?! I don’t know how I’ll make to it to next Wednesday. Another 10 days.

  5. narutoboy18 Says:

    @4 the mark of a good story teller is always leaving the reader wanting more.

  6. kjames Says:

    Obito is officially a jerk. I would have used a stronger word But that would be inappropriate on this site. I can’t wait for this joint kyuubi attack from minato and naruto. But dang it shonen jump is gonna make us wait another 10 days for this next chapter? Ugh

  7. creshawn Says:

    i was right about the senjutsu. one point for me.

  8. creshawn Says:

    comment last chapter discussion

  9. YamiKage Says:

    So is that mean Naruto turn 17 now correct??

  10. GoatSystem Says:

    Is anyone else seeing the Madara vs. Hashirama fight during all of this chaos and drawing comparisons to (Majin) Vegeta vs. Goku? What I mean by this is how although the biggest threat is out there (Juubi Obito/Manin Buu), the 2 strongest and easily best chance at defeating the enemy (Madara/Hashirama and Vegeta/Goku) are too busy fighting for basically just pride and bragging rights. The hero’s rival (Madara/Vegeta) is too obsessed with proving themselves as superior to their nemesis, and does not even care about anything that’s going on outside of their own fight.

  11. AIC Says:

    @10 well Naruto was based on DBZ so it makes sense that the two would parallel each other. Plus, Madara is probably fighting to keep Hashirama busy since he can use sage techs as well, which is Obito’s weakness.

  12. allan Says:

    Good chapter.. But gonna wait long for the next chapter. Haizt.

  13. OPR8R-kun Says:

    Naruto’s new mode looks fresh.

    I wonder if Kakashi will make his appearance and save the day by doing Kamui on one of the bombs.

  14. Korss Says:

    If Kakashi does that then he should die of exertion. I mean he is already on his last huh few chakra points or what I should call it.

  15. narutoboy18 Says:

    @14 kurama refilled his character not to long ago remember.

  16. Korss Says:

    Didn’t he use most of that right afterwards? But he looked tired enough the last time we saw him.

  17. gaara42 Says:

    @13 thats not a new mode i think its just the same as when he gained full control over kurma and kurma started to work with him
    and ya i kakashi comes back theres no doubt hes gona die who knows maybe hes already i doubt he is yet but its a possibility

  18. narutoboy18 Says:

    well if i remember correctly (and i could be wrong) but kaakshi said he had 3x his normal charka level after getting a refill. so poss he can still use some kamui’s why he hasnt come back yet idk. maybe he passed out from exhaustion and is out of charka. its all just sepculation

  19. gaara42 Says:

    already dead*

  20. korss Says:

    I dont remember much myself of when he gained kyuubi boost but he still looked tired when Obito left. Gonna read it again tomorrow.

  21. narutoboy18 Says:

    hey i just thought of this what if oro and the 5 kage get rid of the barrier and then thats how they are able to save the alliance. It is totally within the possibly.

  22. Korss Says:

    Then I’ll say f@ck this universe and its physics. Really people travel across countries 100 times faster what they could before.

  23. narutoboy18 Says:

    well it is the 5 kage there is A who well known for his extremely fast speed gaara who can use the sand to move faster and the oonki who can freaken fly and make tsuande and mei fly. naruto physics at its best.

  24. narutoboy18 Says:

    Also who else thinks it would really funny if and when the SO6P shows his face it looks like an anime version kishi.

  25. Korss Says:

    Yeah. Nothing we can do about anime physics, but I guess the 5 kages are doable in the kind of speed we have seen lately.
    But haven’t we seen him a bit, tough shaded a lot. But no, I’d not like that.

  26. creshawn Says:

    are you guys sure we dont get a chapter this week

  27. allan Says:

    Yeah.. I think no new chap this week..

  28. getsome Says:

    how would the kages even break the barrier once they get there. Naruto is going to perform FTG

  29. Naruto08 Says:

    love love love this manga…

  30. narutoboy18 Says:

    @28 by destorying the stakes also @kross honestly i think DBZ is a perfect example of how animes tend to f*** logic and physics so ur gonna try to understand anime physic ur gonna have a bad time. And also why not? stan lee did it with marvel thats where i got the idea from XD.

  31. OPR8R-kun Says:

    I’d just like to point out that week after week this manga/anime features people who can summon (and themselves turn into) giant beasts, fly, and do horrifically magical things by weaving zodiac hand signs, all while wearing open toe shoes.

  32. Korss Says:

    All I want is some order to the craziness. But it seems like there is none.
    Don’t get me wrong guys, I still like Naruto it just seems like Kishi let the few things that made sense go once the war started.

  33. narutoboy18 Says:

    @31 the all while wearing open toe shoes made me laugh and at kross seriously like this is suppose to be “the big war” its suppose to like bring naruto up to a whole new level of like scifi ness think about it DBZ was pretty grounded up to… im even gonna up to frieza was somewhat believable (up until the saiyans is more realistic but hey im being nice) as the good guys get stronger he needs stronger and stronger opponents and thus eventually bringing them out of the relem of human possibiities.

  34. Korss Says:

    Never watch Dragon Ball so the comparisons give me next to nothing 😛

  35. allan Says:

    Open toe shoes is i think part of their culture/costume so dont laugh at it.

  36. narutoboy18 Says:

    @35 im not laughing because of the cultural thing i was laughing at the context OPR8R-kun put it in.

  37. Señor JACO Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks naruto will learn the Flying thunder god technique. He’s already proven that he’s incredibly fast and doesn’t need it so what would be the point.

    I actually have a question that’s been on my mind recently, is anyone else at all curious of tsunades parents? I’m not sure if they ever were mentioned.

  38. narutoboy18 Says:

    @37 i feel like if they were important they would have been mentioned by now in the series.

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