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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 644 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:13 am on 8/28/2013

Chapter 644 has been released!

Click For Chapter 644 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

30 kunai thrown »

30 Responses to “Chapter 644 Released”

  1. Reaper Says:

    Great chapter! Im proud Naruto. That was a smart move he made, even shikumaru (sorry for the misspelling lol) didnt know what to do about Obito’s attack. Cant wait for the next chapter i hope its less talk and more action. And i really am tryna figure out wtf madara’s trump card is. Thats the question that has been bothering me the most

  2. burning_leaf Says:

    Still wondering what Kakashi is and where Yamato, and the Kage are.

  3. Korss Says:

    Kakashi is more than likely in the Kumoi dimension, and Yamato is still in the Senju double statue wall thing.
    Why is this asked so often?

  4. Zeno Says:

    that was actually very impressive. and it made sense. Ha there goes Naruto logic for ya!

  5. Narutoboy18 Says:

    Not gonna lie if I was the second I would have hit naruto by now for not realizing the second made all these techs. Also plot twist those tailed beast balls were made out of yin yang Charka and now the madara and the harisama are now gone. XD lol imagine if kishimoto actually killed them off that easily. Also I wonder what obito plan is now? And does since only senjustu works against him will naruto just make a clone to keep the buuji mode while he fights obito in sage mode. Finally when are the two halfs of kurama gonna merge already.

  6. sasuke-kun Says:

    guess naruto lived up to him being unpredictable lol i think the fourth will find peace after tearing up and end his edo tensei now that he’s seen his son grow in front of him and give naruto the other 9 tails..

  7. Gaara42 Says:

    Olay why did it keep showing a half closed eye and through the view a rinnigan sorry for spelling

  8. Gaara42 Says:


  9. AIC Says:

    definitely ag ood chapter! little too much talking for my taste but still entertaining. Obito’s own barrier backfired.

    one thing I thought of as a possibility, though it seems unlikely, what if naruto can transfer natural energy in the same way he transfered the kyubii’s chakra? That would power up the alliance as well as allow them to hit obito. I know it’s a stretch but what if?

  10. AIC Says:

    * a good

  11. narutoboy18 Says:

    @9 that is impossible (at least according to our current understand of natural energy. not anyone can control it only those with large amounts of charka and it has to be perfect match other wise u start turning into a frog and to much u will be turned into a rock. unless naruto can someone give every single person a perfect amount of natural energy not likely but not impossible.

  12. AIC Says:

    oh yeah forgot about the frog thing. oh well, i guess we’ll just wait and see

  13. Hanzo Says:

    Im glad someone else thought of Madara nd the

  14. Hanzo Says:

    Glad someone else thought of Madara and the 1st, are they gone too? How would they even survive tht tho I doubt they couldnt lol bt Im curious as to see what Madara has up his sleeve as well, Maybe Rinne rebirth is still an option o.O what if he comes back for good after Obito is gone and he takes Sasuke in under his wing, tht would be pretty cool. Bt i feel like Sasuke nd Naruto will be like the 2nd nd first hokage, theyre peraonalities are similar to theirs nd Sauke is quick on the up keep himself. had Naruto not done what he did Sasuke would have reversed summoned himself Juugo and naruto out of there, nd left everyone to their fate. The reason for Juugo is because he is a beacon on Natural energy. Id like to see him help take on the Obito as well, we only seen his “Kid Buu” transformation lol

  15. kjames Says:

    What a chapter. Was I the only who notice Sasuke looked a little disappointed that Naruto was able to think like that? And it seems Minato is at peace with Naruto’s growth.

    @NB18 in your earlier comment u said the bijuu bombs were made from yin and yang and madara and hashirama were destroyed cuz of Obito’s ability to cancel out jutsu. However I thought Hashirama and Madara were outside the barrier. Least that is what I thought.

    Side note: Tobirama must realize by now Naruto is very perceptive but not bright when it comes to explaining how Jutsu works lol

  16. creshawn Says:

    numero 7 it is because he was hiding from his own chakra bombs. just like naruto thought before about the third or second raikage. turn your own jutsu against you. juubito would have died if he had no defended. remember when he transformed. he could not touch the black balls of doom. holes would open in his hands. same concept. remember what itachi said. every jutsu has a weakness, no everything has a weakness, it is just about exploiting it.

  17. Narutoboy18 Says:

    Anyone else notice this is the first time (atleast since I have been using this site) that there is no pic to go with the chapter? Come on shikimaru ur getting lazy 😉 lol Jk

  18. jonas Says:

    Madara is all like “who cares if we get blown up Hashirama !? We’re Edo Tensei so were gonna fight forever !” Tsktsk Has no idea Obito can destroy even him. It’s cliche if Hashirama defeats him. I want Juubito to be the one to do it which he should’ve done when he mastered controlling the Ten Tails. *thinking I can destroy Edo Tensei, Madara is Edo Tensei, I can finally eleminate him permanently and I will right now*

    Also I thought Kurama was gonna become whole again, and that tear from Edo Minato though.

  19. Gaara42 Says:

    Okay thank you 16 and also if naruto gave everybody he touched earlier more kurma chakra doesnt that mean kakashi just got more chakra in kamui dimension or because hes in another dimension hes just sol

  20. newuchiha Says:

    Sasuke can kill obito with his kirin why hSnt he used it yet

  21. Korss Says:

    No he can’t, Obito can neutralize any and all jutsus with it. And I doubt one hit with it ca kill him. So when he figures out it is done he just neutralizes his fireballs.

  22. newuchiha Says:

    The fire isn’t for obito. And kirin is actual lighting im sure he’d get hurt with real lighting

  23. narutoboy18 Says:

    @22 hmm thats not a bad idea those black orbs only stop ninjustu charka as far as we know kirin being natural lighting might actually may be crazy enough to work.

  24. Korss Says:

    The fire is used to start a lightning storm, which I mean that Sasuke said augmented Kirin to to its full potential.

    The fire is thus needed to start a kirin that could possibly kill Obito. So if Obito removes them then I’d wager that it is no more than a pest for him.

  25. OPR8R-kun Says:

    Was Juugo suggesting Sasuke sacrifice another giant snake?

  26. Tyler Says:

    @24 obito has no idea about Kirin or its preparations. Sasuke jus need to shoot the fireballs randomly into the sky. Unless sasuke is aiming for obito he’s not gunna have a reason to neutralize them. Obito will jus see it as poor aim on sasuke a part and by the time he realizes what they were for it’ll b too late and I doubt obito can dodge pure lightning

  27. bigrigjutsu Says:

    @26 Obito could know because zetsu watched that fight I think. madara could know and from that obito could know to see it coming.

  28. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    About Kirin:

    The Juubi’s Tenpenchii attack draws down more lightning then Kirin uses. If Obito has the Juubi’s power concentrated, then I doubt Kirin will do much damage.

  29. Korss Says:

    I meant a second round as I doubt one alone can kill him.
    And yes Zetsu watched the match and more than likely reported to Obito about it.

  30. Tyler Says:

    A lot of ppl are saying that obitos method of becoming the ten tails jinchuriki was simply by absorbing him into the kamui dimension but if that’s the case wouldn’t that also make kakashi the ten tails jinchuriki as well? I really doubt that is how it was done but a lot of ppl are convinced because of the manga illustrations. Jus sum food for thought

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Chapter 684 (Spoilers)

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