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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 652 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:58 am on 10/23/2013

Chapter 652 has been released!

Click For Chapter 652 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

20 kunai thrown »

20 Responses to “Chapter 652 Released”

  1. itachi33 Says:

    So is naruto taking all 6 biju in him or is he releaseing them. Cause gara is taking shukaku back and so is killer bee. Just need help confirming

  2. allan Says:

    Kishi surprised us again. (maybe only me) i thought obito was cut in half. Maybe naruto can absorb all of the chakra since some of them are already in him.

    Everyone, PULL!

    Talk no jutsu next week?

  3. allan Says:

    I feel a little exhausted after reading the chapter this week. Maybe because i was also like helping naruto pull the chakras in my mind and my fist clenched as if pulling. Ha ha ha!

  4. naruto six paths Says:

    Yes he will become thw host for the other six tailee beast. And ye doesn’t really have them tthat’s the point of the extraction. If he turns obito good wtf… then I think madara is going to use his full power. I mean come on we haven’t really seen him use any of the rinnegan techniques, besides the absorbing one.


    Talk no jutsu….just revive neji man:(

  6. K-Dash02 Says:

    Naruto is taking all 8 of the Bijuu inside of him, Gaara &Bee are pulling the other chakra’s because they are compatible with the 1st & 8 tails. So it was exactly as everyone predicted Madara is the true threat behind all of this, but what could he actually be planning. Well the only thing I can see is that Madara hasn’t been taking anything about this war serious, he hasn’t even been fighting seriously. But it was hands down a good chapter I just can’t wait until next week, I feel a Rikuudo/Naruto appearance happening soon!!!

  7. senorJACO Says:

    Oh sweet Mary mother of god I want gaara to be a jinchuriki again. It doesn’t exactly say naruto is going to be taking all the bijuus chakra in him but it also doesn’t say he isn’t. I personally hope he just takes it and kind of stores it away in his mind just so he can give it back to the bijuus later on. I really want gaara to be a jinchuriki again and I want him to become friends with the Shukaku. All in all it was a great chapter, it appears this is the end of obito. Madara is about to take over though

  8. itachi33 Says:

    @6 there is no point in naruto keeping the hachibis chakra when b is still alive and gaara is better suited for the ichibis chakra and even if naruto does take in the other six in it will be to take on madara but he will eventually releas them since they are all friends

  9. just a thought... Says:

    I know he bumped fists with B, but didn’t he also bump with gyuuki?

  10. K-Dash02 Says:

    If you look at the direction that Bee & Gaara are pulling in the chakra it’s in the exact direction Naruto is. Bee & Gaara are pulling the chakra towards Naruto just the same as all the other ninja that are there.
    Gaara obtaining Shikaku during a war doesn’t make sence. Especially when everyone there are all racing against time, I just can’t see someone sealing Shikaku into Gaara during all of this commotion. It would make more sence if Gaara became a Jinchuriki again after the war, not during it. And besides its a given that Naruto is gonna get all the Bijuu’s chakra, when the Bijuu see Naruto as the person Rikuudo told them about. And Naruto is the child of prophecy that will save the world.

  11. senorJACO Says:

    @ 10 they’re not pulling in the same directions they’re pulling it to themselves. And why on earth would naruto be the jinchuriki of all the bijuu? Bee still has the Hachibi inside him , it doesn’t make sense why naruto would do that’. Plus kurama hust said naruto isn’t compatable with the ichibi or Hachibi, and right now gaara and bee are, so it only make sense that they should take back their bijuus chakra.

  12. allan Says:

    @11 kurama did not say naruto is not compatible with ichibi and hachibi. He just cant pull it out since he does not have their chakra.

  13. senorJACO Says:

    Meaning he is not compatable right now, which is why gaara is right there to take the Shukaku in

  14. K-Dash02 Says:

    Naruto already has some of Shikaku’s chakra, that’s already been confirmed about 5 chapters ago. The Juubi looked at Naruto & got pissed because the Juubi saw all Bijuu’s inside of Naruto except Hachibi, Madara even explained it. Once Shikaku & Hachibi willingly give their chakra to Naruto then he will be able to bond with them, Kurama even said that himself. And remember you do not have to have all the Bijuu’s physically, only a piece of their chakra is enough, Obito also said the exact same thing when he resurrected Juubi. And it only makes perfect sense that Naruto gain part of the power of Rikuudo, Naruto has too many similarities to Rikuudo. And the story wouldn’t even be complete if Rikuudo doesn’t make an appearance in the story, Naruto is the closest thing in this story line to make Rikuudo make his appearance

  15. itachi33 Says:

    @K-dash02 actually u have a point that is the most likely way for sage of six paths to appear but in page 13 and 14 the hachibi is actually pulling the chakra torwards him. Taking his chakra back. Besides that i like how naruto completly understands obito and even shed a tear for his pain.

  16. senorJACO Says:

    @15 gaara isn’t pulling the Shukaku towards naruto, he’s pulling it back into himself. And I don’t think naruto has ichibis chakra because I can’t remember when ichibi have it to him.. But if he did have ichibis chakra then he should have been able to grab it with his tails, but he didn’t because he doesn’t have any of ichibis chakra. Like I said it doesn’t make sense for naruto to drag in hachibis and ichibis chakra into himself. That’s why bee and gaara are there to take it into themselves

  17. senorJACO Says:

    ^@14 I meant

  18. kjames Says:

    let me begin by saying I don’t know if Gaara is pulling Shukaku back into him or Naruto is trying to absorb him. What I do know is that Shukaku and Gyuki are not present in Naruto but Shukaku shares Naruto’s feelings so that’s probably why he was seen by the 10 tails. Im not sure why but let’s move on. Great chapter and I think my question is how exactly is Naruto going to break Obito’s mask?

  19. Hanzo Says:

    @Kjames with his kekkei genkai of course, talk no jutsu!!! Lol Bt thts what I predict, obito is gonna find his way again Bt before he comes fully to the circle of light Madara is gonna switch with him using senjutsu!classic anime turn around, at least I think so

  20. kjames Says:

    @Hanzo that Talk no jutsu…man I just hope Naruto just smashes him. I hope that if Obito does come around he just dies cuz how can anyone survive 9 bijuu being extracted would be beyond my comprehension (assuming Madara doesn’t do a switch)

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Chapter 684 (Spoilers)

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