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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 657 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 11:53 pm on 12/3/2013

Chapter 657 has been released!

Click For Chapter 657 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

26 kunai thrown »

26 Responses to “Chapter 657 Released”

  1. Korss Says:

    Was this sweet? Yeah I guess it was. Sort of. But anyway. Hashi is down for a while I guess, Some fodders died(Will they ever learn to stay out of fighting the Titans of their world?)

    Black Zetsu is sort of invincible and is or at least was fighting Kakashi and Minato(Didn’t quite catch that page)

    Sasuke’s Mangekyou have a coma? What does that mean?

  2. rj408 Says:

    so madara still has his edo healing powers? I was a little confused by that

  3. ryan_expert Says:

    So did Kishi forget about the 7 tails? For the last two chapters, they don’t include him, and the two chapters before that they barely show him. You’d think they’d put him in the last page of this chapter with the rest of the tailed beast, but they didn’t.

  4. narutoboy18 Says:

    Ok so when did the first get those rods in his back? Second madara thank you for being so badass. Third once madara gets his rinnegan back i wonder how strong he will be. Fourth he says he is going buuji hunting… I dont think that will be as easy as he thinks i mean just with the buujis its 9-1 not to mention the 5 kage and naruto along with the alliance. I mean madara is super strong right now even without his eyes. Once he gets his rinnegan back he will truly be OP. I wonder if like all the tailed beast will just fire a massive tailed beast bomb at him and hope it kills him

  5. Rinn85 Says:

    #Ryan_expert, Madara didn’t get his healing powers back. He step on a ninja to suck the nine tail chakra cloak to heal.

  6. Uchihadomo Says:

    If they can’t defeat or stop Madara right now, then how do they think they will do it once he has the tailed beasts?

    To be honest, I really hope Madara doesn’t get all the tailed beasts because that would mean that Naruto will have to become the new rikudou sennin. I am hoping Sasuke is the one who eventually knocks Madara out.

  7. foxking Says:

    @2 I think it has to do with the power he sucked up from the first. remember the first can heal without using hand signs.
    also something to think about the first had the power to control the beast i wonder if Madara now has that to.

  8. rj408 Says:

    @Foxking now that you mention it I.do recall that

  9. gohan's mom Says:

    @1 i believe he said comma the punctuation mark instead of coma like unconscious

    i read the manga on two different sites for the first time (manga panda and manga bee) and they were very different…

    if obito has one of his rinnegan eyes, who has the other one?

    i want more black zetsu explanation

    obito looked so sad lol

  10. gohan's mom Says:

    * if obito has one of madara’s eyes who has the other

  11. new uchiha Says:

    I think and I’m hoping that this fight will be sasuke chance to showcase more of his powers bc obito was naruto chance to shine..and it’d be better for the story

  12. narutoboy18 Says:

    i agree with 11 i would like to see sasuke show off his abilities

  13. Korss Says:

    @Gohan’s mom
    Yeah I read a new translation afterwards and there it was “swirl”, some theory is that it have to do with the design of the MS saying something about the forefathers of that individual and their MS powers.

    So it could be about him being a direct descendant from Madara and from him the Elder Son.

  14. foxking Says:

    hate to say it but for the first time I kinda what some fillers for this ARC to explain Madara after he left the village. I think there has to be levels to the MS before the rinnigan.

  15. tee-pain Says:

    All I think right now is naruto getting the power of SOSP. No one can stop madara now without that.

  16. senorJACO Says:

    I think Madaras reference to sasuke having a coma mangekyo is simply about his design. I never thought about the mangekyo designs being related though to some ancestors like @13 said and I think that’s an awesome theory and explaination.
    @4 I was wondering how hashirama got those black rods too, I don’t remember him having them before, maybe Madara used some rinnegan Justus to bind him and in turn he lost his eyes? I have no idea. Otherwise great chapter, but where is 7 tails? And I really like how Madara took hashirama as sage jutsu, now he doesn’t have to see to fight, he can just feel what is happening with the nature energy. Good chapter

  17. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    Hashirama had Madara’s rods at least one chapter ago.

  18. Kasper Says:

    If you read the previous chapter carefully you would realize the black rods were already stuck on Hashirama’s back when Madara was about to get sealed. Then the next scene Kishi forgot to draw the rods. The only thing I dont understand here is how did Madara absorb Hashirama’s chackra when he is wihtout the rennigan now?

  19. Jiraiya478 Says:

    Its good to be back!
    I thought that now that Madara was revived,the shinobi alliance will finally have a chance to exhaust him down but the way he mocked Hashirama’s sage mode(that virtually provides you with infinite amount of chakra),i think that wouldn’t be happening.Their only chance is if they try to summon the rikodou,yeah i know that is kinda absurd but i can’t think of anything else.
    Or maybe Naruto will finally borrow the long promised bijju’s powers and turn into rikodou sennin.If that happens i’ll be disappointed because Naruto will be in the spotlight once again,for once i wanna see someone else doing the job.
    Also i do hope Madara turns into the usual good guy before his death and uses rinne tensei.That way we’ll get Neji back.Yay!

  20. Uchiha Tajima Says:


    Maybe he was using his body like the Wood Release Dragon 😉

  21. Truth Says:

    My guess is that senjutsu chakra can be transfered or stolen by anyone with a similar enough body type. Remember when Oro was first revived he stole the chakra back from kabuto, who had oro’s cells? Madara must have done something similar. Anyway, pretty good chapter imo, I’m happy to see madara at least get a little active as of late. Before he seemed to be just sitting around letting obito and the juubi do everything.

  22. itachi33 Says:

    I for one want to see an all out uchiha vs uchija battle susano vs susano i want to see wat sasuke is realy made off i hope kishi gives him more action and it would also be nice if kakashi got obitos other eye. And where is the second and the third hokage im preety sure they can put up a fight well the second atleast he did say he was going to end madara

  23. narutoboy18 Says:

    @22 that would be awesome fight. However i highly doubt kakashi will get the other eye

  24. namikaze itachi Says:

    I wonder why madara was revived to his adulthood while third was old when revived

  25. foxking Says:

    @24 different process the third was revived from the death seal a kind of as is thing. while madara was built like the six million dollar man.

  26. Tyler Says:

    @18 absorbing chakra isn’t an ability granted by the rinnegan. The rinnegan allows u to absorb ninjutsu. Even orochimaru can absorb chakra

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