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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

New Titles
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 10:52 pm on 12/9/2005

New episode titles posted above, Episode 167 still appears to deal with the Bird Country, so this seems to be a longer arc. I’ll update the titles with a better translation as the titles get closer to release. They always seem to make more sense once the episode roles around.

Once Pazuzu translates the titles and summaries and sends them to us I’ll post those.

21 kunai thrown »

21 Responses to “New Titles”

  1. Shikamaru Says:

    “White” Sagi seems to be a spoiler from the looks of it, possibly himself being the white ghost warrior. (eek)

  2. Mr. Emotional Says:

    well ya

  3. Mr. Emotional Says:

    which reminds me….shikamaru. shikamaru is a chuunin not a genin (im talking before the time skip)

  4. Rurouni Tyriel Says:

    “Naruto Dies”?? Interesting translation… that promises to be interesting, if nothing else.

    Thanks for the update. Good to know we’ve got a bit more stuff to watch before the Timeskip.

  5. Hinata! Says:

    “Naruto Dies” What the…?! he can’t die, i have got to know what happens, please! i love him so much and i really need to know if he dies or not! i guess he don’t, but it could happen…

  6. Hinata! Says:

    Yeah, but if the title is that way, what will happen? maby he gets hurt very bad and stuff like that…I know that he’ll live untill the end or something, but what a freaky title…

  7. uchiha naruto Says:

    Naruto will be the new dbz for the new generation coming up so this should be interesting.Bad thing is the fightings very close to real movements.Then dbz was so put a lock on your knives and tell your kids dont hop from roof to roof.*SIGH*i smell a lot of lawsuits…..

  8. Jaynin Says:

    They might get too caught up in this “Bird Contry” filler (it looks like just another filler.) However, thanks for the Heads Up.

    P.S. If I’m correct, this filler will (most likely) stop at Episode 167. Most fillers are never longer than six episodes…

  9. Kurai Says:

    Naruto dies? I wonder that one’s about…

  10. uchiha naruto Says:

    The time skips coming in 17 weeks.This seems like the most useful info of the year.

  11. Sakura Says:

    dahh!!! 17 weeks is so long!

  12. Hiro Says:

    NARUTO DIES? what happens in that ep i kno he doesnt die cause he still alive in time skip but whats with the name of the ep?

  13. Ricardo Says:

    OMG! 17 weeks! but does the season end or does it continue with the time skip!?

  14. Shikamaru (Admin) Says:

    The timeskip will happen around the end of this season. This current season will either end with the Kakashi Gaiden, or end with the filler, with the Gaiden starting at the beginning of the new season.

  15. Kurai Says:

    Finally! Back the storyline in 17 weeks! Though that’s a long way to go… Meh…

  16. uchiha naruto Says:

    Happy to excite you with the truth.It surprised me too.

  17. uchiha naruto Says:

    Season 7…Naruto…grows..closer to death by age. Time skip’s gonna be crazy.

  18. Jankyteef Says:

    i’m sure naruto dies envolves the “ghost” of naruto… use a “ghost” to catch a “ghost”

  19. Jaynin Says:

    Why get so caught up in this “Daruto Dies” thing?! He doesn’t die so…WHAT’S THE POINT!!!

  20. Mr. Emotional Says:

    maybe they mean like he turns into a ghoust or something?

  21. George from Alabama Says:

    Seems everyone is revolving around “Naruto Dies”. If he does he’ll come back (cause of the timeskip). Anyway seems like ep. 166 and 167 are combined in an one hour special or something. Obviously Sagi is gonna be the other Noroimusha user. It’s unobvious yet obvious, but we don’t know why Sagi is it… Well IMO of course.

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