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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 661 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:05 am on 1/15/2014

Chapter 661 has been released!

Click For Chapter 661 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

70 kunai thrown »

70 Responses to “Chapter 661 Released”

  1. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    My prediction for Sasuke:

    1. Izanagi…doubt it
    2. Tsukuyomi…maybe, but he reacted in thought
    3. EMS + Hashi’s chakra + near death state = Rinnegan & healing from Hashi’s chakra…maybe

  2. Uchihadomo Says:

    First, I am so glad that Naruto did lose the nine-tails (we’re almost 90% sure).

    Second, did Madara get all the tailed-beasts? I couldn’t really tell and he did say something like “so this all I managed to do”

    and lastly, Sasuke… It might be a genjutsu but then again Madara wouldn’t easily get caught under his genjutsu. So if it’s not that then Sasuke might have got stab on purpose in order to use the new jutsu he just acquired or learned.

  3. senorJACO Says:

    @1 but can sasuke obtain rinnegan with just hashiramas chakra? I thought the user had to have uchiha and senju DNA. I dont know if it’ll work if hashirama just gave him his chakra.. I may be wrong though

  4. Korss Says:

    The particulars of it all is still a bit of a blur.

    But I doubt Sasuke went up close against Madara without a plan.

  5. new uchiha Says:

    Say it ain’t so .. sasuke .. I’m sure minato will give naruto the other half of kurama chakra

  6. sasukefan062 Says:

    Wood clone maybe

  7. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    I’m calling it now; Sasuke used Kage Bunshin in this LOL.

    No just kidding. I haven’t been enjoying a chapter like this in a long time. Great pace, great action sequences and of course a good dialogue. I do have the opinion that we are in need of more character development for a few personas.

    Madara is just awesome. He is living up to my expectations of being the prime antagonist of the series. Everything seems to be hopeless at this point, so I’m really curious as to how Naruto/Sasuke/Rookie11/blabla will get out of this. Because it seems that Madara has yet another trump card to play, as he was referring to “nurturing a new eye” and “the battle over there”.

    So many questions arose with this chapter. The hiatus seemed to have done Kishi well.

  8. kjames Says:

    All I have to say is Madara is the best antagonist of this series. It seems near hopeless at this point. But obviously it’s gonna be Naruto who saves the day but I wonder if this is a set up for him to become the next sage. Will he become the next jinchuriki of the Shinju? And yes what is the deal about this new eye? Could he be referring to Sasuke’s eyes? Hmmm

  9. fox Says:

    if i remember well theres an eye that looks like a rinnengan with comas in it that the ten tails had maybe thats the eye he is referring to?

  10. D $ Bags Says:

    Izanami or Izanagi. Or better yet, Sasuke’s custom jutsu that combines the two. Sasuke is infamous for learning extremely difficult jutsu in little to no time.

  11. K-Dash02 Says:

    Cool chapter it came with a lot of twists and turns, as for Sasuke gaining Hashirama’s DNA its kinda impossible since Hashirama doesn’t have a living body to pass his DNA from. And man I hope Bee doesn’t die!

  12. just a thought... Says:

    Mebbe madaras ‘nurturing’ is in reference to sauskes eyes… he did say he will take them, especially after noting the kind of sharing an he has…

  13. creshawn Says:

    He will probably take one of sasukes eyes and while trying to take the next one sasuke will escape. When sasuke steps back madara would insert sasukes eyes in his socket and he will see sasuke as izuna, madaras brother. Remember madara loved his brother so, if they can’t beat him physically they can mind trip him. But ultimately this would fail because madara would come to his senses and be like you not my real bro. Then out of the blue naruto comes to protect sasuke. Or maybe sasuke was given reanimation jutsu cause remember hashirama was the creator or co-creator of it. Excuse my tangent but where in the world is sakura when you need her.

  14. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    I suggest you drop the “kid” reference. Some of us are actually adults providing for their families. A big insult if you ask me.


    Tobirama is the creator of Edo Tensei, not Hashirama. Second, Edo Tensei is not going to save anyone. Both Senju brothers are Edo Tensei and are supposed to be the some of the strongest in the Naruto history.

  15. K-Dash02 Says:

    @13 uchiha
    The “kid” reference was clearly unnecessary besides, just as Mistic_Vegeta put it some of us are adults that provides for our families, and I’m both.

    Thank you for the backup, I really do appreciate it.

    I don’t think Madara will be hesitated at all by Sasuke favoring Izuna, especially after everything Madara has done to people that were closest to him. What I’m trying to say is that Madara is the most brutal and selfish character in the Narutoverse, and for him to be softened up by memories of his kid brother wouldn’t fit his character that’s bent on destroying the world. And I think it’s time for us to have a bad character that words will not touch and death is the only solution.

  16. Korss Says:


    K-dash have been around for a while, that and calling someone a kid makes you sound like one.

    And most things in Naruto have rules to them, even if they seem like they are that. Take the Uchiha clan as an example. During the massacre we can say that they were capped at 100 adult-ish people, that means perhaps a total of 2-300 people with Uchiha blood and probably a max of 150 people with Sharingan. Out of those 150 with Sharingan a max of 10 would potentially have the capability of unlocking the Mangekyou.

    In the Warring Era and First Shinobi war all of those numbers were probably higher as they were a stronger clan and more numbers. Tough I doubt they fielded more than 500 men I think they would have had at least that many Sharingan users and 100 MS users.

    Now in the present we know of a whopping 7 Uchiha all of them with MS. Now that means? Its still rare.

  17. K-Dash02 Says:

    And I have a strong feeling that Hashirama gave Sasuke a wood mokuton clone that has a Senjutsu chakra sealing jutsu of some sort that activates once the clone is destroyed. And the real Sasuke’s gonna attack Madara once the jutsu activates.

  18. just a thought... Says:

    Why did it look like tobirama got fat face and spit just before sauske jumped in…

  19. Darwindfirst Says:

    Mayb sasuke wil die 4 real nd naruto will get killed too…nd dat will be the end of the naruto series bcos it is getting too long…

  20. senorJACO Says:

    @20 he was shooting senbon needles out of his mouth

  21. Uchihadomo Says:

    Everyone ignored my question =(

    Did madara take in all the tailed-beasts?

  22. Korss Says:

    I really couldn’t tell, I just saw 8 and Kuruma. Beyond that I don’t know But I’d guess he did.

    What is pathetic no matter age is being immature :/ Unless you’re beneath 10, then I can accept it. But Manga’s are more mature than a normal western comic. The same with Anime vs a cartoon.

  23. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    I favor being an adult watching cartoons over being a disrespectful, unmannered and undecent person who has nothing else to do than start an argument with people I don’t know anytime. You have a lot to learn in life.


    He did yes, except for the Kurama half inside Minato.

  24. Herbert Says:

    @ Mistic_Vegeta
    way to go man. You have been on here for ages.
    I have another theory now, that maybe they will play Naruto and Sasuke as the co-owners of all the sage’s powers

  25. Herbert Says:

    I have been on this site without commenting for about 5 years since I was 14.
    You guys conversation I would always watch.
    My theories though, (I’m from the U.S. I’ll be explaining myself from now on).
    1. Sasuke will get the sole victor here, as he will clone out of that attack. I believe that he will get the Rinnegan.
    2. Naruto will get the other half of kuramas charka. What will happen after then I’am not sure.
    3. Bee made a lighting clone tenacle…?
    4. Gaara will get Shakaku back!(:
    by the way I’m 19

  26. narutoboy18 Says:

    @24 so what im 18 years old I still love naruto and legend of korra both of which are can be considered cartoons but both really arent made for like very young people. Second just because something is animated means it is for kids. Third I gotta say im very curious about what sasuke and the first plan is. I mean you know kishi wont kill off sasuke… yet at least. also im wondering if naruto does get yin kurama which he probably will how will he be able to fight the 10 tails once it is done being revived. Finally I know this is just a theory but tell me what u guys think. The one who controls has the rinnegan controls the gedo maz statue right. If sasuke was to awaken the rinnegan could he take control of the statue before it turns. Like saying he does unlock it before the beasts revival could he like have some kind of weird mind battle with madara to establish dominance over it.

  27. K-Dash02 Says:

    Did you know that about 90 percent of the cartoons & anime that exsist in the world are actually created by adults?

  28. Naruto world Says:

    I can’t believe know one has suggested that madara is going to use the leaf edo kages as pain paths! It would be a perfect next generation take over! If someone suggested this please don’t bash me ha ha ha ha.

  29. Naruto world Says:

    P.s let’s just keep it naruto eventually that “kid” guy will leave or get banned.

  30. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    I did suggest that about 2 chapters ago. But I’m glad we’re on the same level for that matter!

  31. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    Now for reacting on my fellow commenters:


    No problem man, like it’s been stated before: I respect each and everyone of you and all your opinions. Therefor I won’t stand for it if someone who has never even made an effort to actually start a reasonable conversation on this forum tries to dishonor another person by any means. In this case, the person called him/herself Uchiha.


    Glad you decided to join the conversation. You make some valid points, could you build a “story” around your theories to provide some context? I would gladly discuss them with you, as would anybody else here.

  32. Herbert Says:

    Alright, it says in manga chapter 606 that you cannot awaken the rinnegan without the power of the senju and the Uchiha. With that fact and because Sasuke is known for taking jutsu in fast; looking at how he learned raikari and made into the chidori chain. Needles, spear, etc… This is why I think Sasuke will get the rinnegan

  33. Herbert Says:

    Secondly, we have clear evidence from all the other hosts, that when their beast is removed they die. No exception, except for Gaara, who had Chiyo’s life force in return for him. This will be a werd situation, because he will have to have the bijju half put into him to save naruto’s life. Then again we didn’t think that Gaara would make it did we?

  34. Nawaki senju Says:

    (Pardon my english if any mistake is encountered) do u guys realise that when son goku was given naruto “something” the water-like surface beneath him was like a rinnegan eye? IDK but i think the aggregate chakra of all the bijuus give birth to rinnegan.and were the f&ck is gaara taking naruto to? I really don’t want naruto to get the other half of kurama,i prefer seeing naruto using sagemode. And i have a question please,is there any shinobi that can use sage mode infinitely? If no,then i wish naruto will be the first

  35. Herbert Says:

    Killer Bee is a incredible Ninja, who probably is one of the more powerful ninja hosts of the group, along with Naruto, Gaara, Yagura who like Gaara was at Kage level, and Roushi, who was very powerful, but had a bad matchup for his life. With that and his tactics against Sasuke whose occular doujutsu saved him and hebi, bee might do it again, though it seems daunting more so against Madara,

  36. Herbert Says:

    whose 4 eyed abilities by him in the reaminate state was unpredictable. He could change eyes at will and was pretty immpresive. With ione rinnegan eye im not sure what he will do, but its his orginial so I believe he could still use the mangekeyo eternal abilities, and find that bee escaped. Plus the firsts sensing abilities are with Madara….

  37. kjames Says:

    @Herbert I appreciate the respect. Hopefully you will bring some more interesting topics to the forum. Out of Mistic, K-Dash, Korss, and NB18 Im probably the one who hasn’t been on here as long as I came around the time Naruto fought Pain (Nagato) but I value the conversations on here when we stick to the topic.

    @uchiha plenty of adults watch cartoons and anime what’s your point? If you can’t make a point without insulting someone then don’t comment.

    @Mistic_Vegeta I watched a YouTube blog of someone saying this might be a set up for Naruto to become the Jinchuriki of the Shinju. But seeing as how Naruto doesn’t have Uchiha DNA he won’t have Rinnegan thus trying to control it would be near impossible unless all tailed beasts got on one accord and over powered the mind of the Shinju. My second thought is that Sasuke becomes the new Jinchuriki but it doesn’t seem likely since he originally wanted to destroy them. I need help trying to decipher the next best possible move because if Madara becomes the Jinchuriki I don’t see a victory here unless all the Tailed Beasts fight back.

  38. kjames Says:

    Also is there any possibility that Kabuto made a weakness in Madara’s body? Chances are the weakness went out the window since Madara is alive now but could it still be possible? It would be odd for Kabuto to do all those things to upgrade Madara knowing full well Madara was beyond his control to not install some kind of fail-safe. Just a thought

  39. Herbert Says:

    Finally, but not lastly, Gaara will final get Shukaku back, and maybe be the first ninja- beast combo to actually do it without forceful sealing. We will have to see how, (and if it does happen) with Naruto and the other half.

  40. Herbert Says:

    @nawakiSenju I have an answer. Alright, here’s the deal. 1. you are actually quite right about the rinnegan eye. this is one of the reasons why I thought that Naruto would be the 2nd true “Sage”. 2. He is taking him to find a way to save his life. A highly skilled kunochi by the name of sakara. I believe that she will assist in a life saving sealing.

  41. Herbert Says:

    3. I don’t mind in my opinion if he could truly go full beast! hat would to awesome! I like to think that he would then be able to choose the chakras used, an could then decide everything like Yagura, Roushi, Gaara, Bee, Yugito, even Fuu, I think if Naruto is to truly be top dog of the Hosts, he would have to be able to fully use Kurama’s power. The one shown since the inception of Naruto

  42. Herbert Says:

    @kjames Sorry I took so long man, but that is something very interesting that you have brought up. The way that Kabuto is, with his time thought intel, past and present, I would not be surprised to see some something go wrong with Madara. But after he not only canceled his( kabuto’s) control of him, seprated himself from edo tensei in whole. and then even came back to life at full power in what appears to be a 25 year old body. Honestly, nothing can say its not possible!

  43. Herbert Says:

    @nawaki Senju Oh, I almost fargot, the only Ninja that could use sage techiques indefinely was the First , I believe

  44. Herbert Says:

    @kjames next move maybe that Sasuke gains some powers?

  45. Herbert Says:

    read this one everyone

  46. Nawaki senju Says:

    @herbert thanks,more grease to the elbow.

  47. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    Anyone think it’s strange that the Gedo Mazo opened its eyes but didn’t start transforming?

    Before someone responds, keep in mind that it has more Biju chakra than last time (i.e. half of Kurama over just some stomach meat chakra & Gyuki’s main body over just a tail).

    Also, Gyuki cut off a tail, possibly leaving B with some of his chakra.

  48. narutoboy18 Says:

    @kross i mean i came around just after the fight between sasuke and deidera (wow that was 2007 i feel old XD) second I’m liking this herbert guy he is A someone new who can throw in ideas and B seems to know what he is talking about. Third @Kjames if kabuto had made any weakness in madara wouldnt they have become nullified once he was brought back into a living body. Maybe when he was an edo tensi that could fly but idk how kishi can spin that now that he is alive. @herbert i dont think the first could use senjustu all the time because even in this fight with madara it shows him in and out of it periodically. I know for a fact kabuto was able to use it indefinitely. finally @47 *yawn* i’ve seen so many trolls like you coming onto this website over the years i just dont bother any more u troll for a chapter or 2 saying stupid things like calling others kids or one guy even claimed to be kishi twin brother (anyone else remember that mistic might) so honestly bro keep on trolling and for the most part ya we might acknowledge u at first but eventually were just gonna ignore you.

  49. narutoboy18 Says:

    Also i just thought of something ok remember how madara unlocked the rinnegan he had senju DNA the EMS and was about to die. right now the first just gave sasuke some senju power, he has the EMS and was just stabbed (possibly on the verge of death) so idk it might just be me but according to madara that is all he needed to unlock the rinnegan maybe that will be how sasuke unlocks his.

  50. Naruto world Says:

    I think there are definanently going to be two characters with sage power. My reasoning is that yin and yang seem to be a necessity in the series. Now whether that be Sasuke or Madara and the even more obvious pick Naruto I do not know. But then again maybe Naruto and Sasuke will represent the sages sons(have there powers)and Madara will represent the sage.

  51. Korss Says:

    Did I say something about Herbert? I like his ideas but I’ve had trouble trying to see how any theory can pan out with the pace the manga have at the moment.

    And yeah I remember the guy that supposedly was Kishi’s brother. And somewhere else there was a guy that claimed his father was in Tokyo for a business trip and said he met Kishi and got a run down of the manga from where it was at the time. So far none of those have panned out.

  52. narutoboy18 Says:

    @kross my bad i meant to write kjames thats my mistake sorry

  53. Korss Says:

    No problem, I was just wondering :p

  54. K-Dash02 Says:

    I wonder has anyone noticed that the Ten Tails & The god tree seems to be two completely different and separate characters?

  55. narutoboy18 Says:

    @k-dash02 shhh your not suppose to mention the plot hole it only feeds the trolls and haters. Lol my guess it that the statue might be the physical manifestation of the trees charka since naruto removed it from so thats why they are currently two different things. that is the closest thing to an educated guess i can come up with on that.

  56. Korss Says:

    I just hope that it either have A) a new transformation process. Or B) skip it all completely.

  57. Korss Says:

    I just hope that it either have A) a new transformation process. Or B) skip it all completely.

  58. Korss Says:

    Sorry for making it a triple post. Must’ve hit twice.
    But how long have it been since we had this long a discussion here? Obito reveal time-ish?

  59. narutoboy18 Says:

    @63 ya it has been a long time since we have had more than 50 comments. Well i guess that is what a long hiatus and a good chapter will do.

  60. narutoboy18 Says:

    @63 ya it has been a long time since we have had more than 50 comments. Well i guess that is what a long hiatus and a good chapter will do just get us talking.

  61. K-Dash02 Says:

    @Narutoboy 18
    Oh my bad lol, I didn’t mean to put that out there as a spoiler or anything. I’m just starting to notice that the God Three was still trying to gather energy and also was still moving after Obito had the Bijuu extracted from him after a short while. And the fact that the Gedo Mazo & The God Tree are now both on the battlefield at the same exact time, and also that even though Obito was a Jinchuuriki he released The God Tree from himself.

  62. mejjis Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t it that Madara was the only one able to detect 1st’S wood clones?

  63. narutoboy18 Says:

    @66 yes only madara was able to detect them while using his sharigan maybe he cant as easily with the rinnegan. Also at k-dash02 ya i really have no idea i’m sure there is a reason i just dont know it XD maybe we will get an answer maybe it is just a plot hole. We’ll find out sooner or later.

  64. Aki Says:

    Naruto kissed Sasuke in the anime (don’t remember if that happened in the manga).. meaning that he has Uchiha DNA (you know they got freaky). He can now use all jutsu meant only for the Uchiha. The end.

  65. Aki Says:

    Couldn’t help but claim post #69 (giggety)

  66. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    Anyone think it’s strange that the Gedo Mazo opened its eyes but didn’t start transforming?

    Before someone responds, keep in mind that it has more Biju chakra than last time (i.e. half of Kurama over just some stomach meat chakra & Gyuki’s main body over just a tail). Could it be that it now needs the tree part as well?

    Also, Gyuki cut off a tail, possibly leaving B with some of his chakra.

  67. K-Dash02 Says:

    Did anyone notice that Sasuke’s summoning Bird has the Rinnegan?

  68. just a thought... Says:

    You know… dash is right.. it does appear the hawk has the rinnegan… hmm..

  69. Nawaki senju Says:

    I believe Sasuke will get the rinnegan and naruto will get something far more better than the rinnegan (may a rinnegan with 9 sharigan tomoe on it)

  70. K-Dash02 Says:

    @74 Rinnegan
    The “kid” statement really shows who’s the actual kid here, if you don’t have anything nice or neutral to comment about do everyone and also yourself a favor and don’t bother commenting. The space you take up could be used by someone who’s statement actually matters. Oh yeah I forgot, have a nice day…..

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