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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 662 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 1:09 pm on 1/22/2014

Chapter 662 has been released!

Click For Chapter 662 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

49 kunai thrown »

49 Responses to “Chapter 662 Released”

  1. narutoboy18 Says:

    First I want to say is swirl zetsu u wanna know what it is like to s*** yourself well I can tell u because I damn near after reading this chapter. OMG seriously usually you get like a little ray of hope at the end of a chapter not this one. One with a barely functioning heart the other with like 2 stab wounds in vital stops. Will oro save sasuke? will sakura (and or more likely tsunade) give up their lives to bring naruto back? When will minato give the other half of kurama to naruto? Where is minato kakashi and zetsu/obito? and finally my big question WHERE DA HELL DID SWIRL ZETSU COME FROM?!?!

  2. foxking Says:

    @1 i was wondering the same thing. But sasuke will heal himself with the first charka or it might awaken the rinnigan. Naruto on the other hand everyone will join together and give him back the fox cloak charka.

  3. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    The Gedo Mazo’s still not transforming…

    Although he’s still poop obsessed, Spiral seems more serious. I miss the goofy Tobi-like persona.

    Overall, the Spiral battle is so random and out of the blue.

  4. narutoboy18 Says:

    @3 it is transforming it just takes a while remember it took like 10 or more chapters for it to transform last time give it some time.

  5. narutoboy18 Says:

    actually it was 18

  6. SO6P Says:

    Sasuke is most defiantly getting the rinnigan now because he’s near death. He is obviously going to survive most likely by Karin/ orochimaru. And as for naruto he will get the other half from minato and survive

  7. Darek Says:

    I know this is crazy but… maybe edo Naruto? With unlimited chakra? Later, new rinnegan Sasuke could revive him. That would be kind of unexpected 🙂

  8. creshawn Says:

    Why can’t naruto just take back the chakra he disperse to the alliance. Remember that is his half of kurramas chakra. That is what seems logical right now since gaara took him there with everybody and minato is currrently busy with obitsu- obito and black zetsu.

  9. narutoboy18 Says:

    @8 because he is currently unconscious with a heart that is barely beating.

  10. I dont usually comment, but when I do ... Says:

    I dont usually comment, but when I do, we have no chapter next week. Hopefully with this break, Kishi can think of a crazy unexpected way for Naruto and Sasuke to be revived.
    @SO6P – Maybe when Madara said he obtained the Rinnegan near his time of death, he meant that his sharingan took time to evolve. Also, Sasuke doesnt have Senju DNA in him so it wouldn’t be possible for him to get the rinnegan.

    How was the spiral zetsu able to use Hashirama’s sennin jutsu? I dont think he has the sennin chakara like Madara.
    That fight was really random and unexpected though. Our lovable poo crazed zetsu showed his evil side when he talked about killing :(. Oh well.

  11. creshawn Says:

    That is true, but that doesn’t mean that someone else can pass it to him.

  12. tee_pain Says:

    Naruto will 1st be healed by tsunade and then gets kurama’s other half from minato. Sasuke gets healed by oro nd awakens rinnegan. I guess

  13. GreenEyed-Uchiha Says:

    Is anyone else pissed how this is going? Spiral zetsu showing up out of nowhere, using the first hokage’s justu. Did Obito know he was still around? Is there gonna be a flashback to explain all of this trickery?

  14. senorJACO Says:

    Are my comments showing up?? Because I’ve tried commenting like 3 times now and it won’t show up..

  15. Korss Says:

    No, I only see that one.

    @I don’t usually
    Madara was indeed at a near death state as he was surviving only on the Gedo MAzo statue.

    And as for Spiral, I think he was around all of the time, even possibly serving as Obito’s exo body up until the war. But that is just my theory.

  16. Korss Says:

    What is it with the amount of people calling others kid now?

    We don’t know that there haven’t exactly been many jinchuriki’s. Nor have there been many that have wanted to save a jincuriki’s life so we have no idea of knowing just what the limits were. For all we know Kushina could have survived the extraction if it weren’t for the resealing of Kuruma into Naruto and all she did around that.

    Humans are born with a head on their shoulders, but it seems more and more like a waste of space these days….

  17. Korss Says:

    What is it with the amount of people calling others kid now?

    We don’t know that there haven’t exactly been many jinchuriki’s. Nor have there been many that have wanted to save a jincuriki’s life so we have no idea of knowing just what the limits were. For all we know Kushina could have survived the extraction if it weren’t for the resealing of Kuruma into Naruto and all she did around that.

    Humans are born with a head on their shoulders, but it seems more and more like a waste of space these days….

  18. Mistic_Vegeta Says:

    I wish Shikamaru would check these people’s IP/ mail address and ban them. In that I agree with Korss, no respect towards others whatsoever. It’s a shame, that this is the future of mankind.


    It did suprise me that Spiral suddenly showed up using Hashirama’s technique. Kishi has to explain that. And what are we worrying about? Naruto and Sasuke have plot armor. They will survive, since we still need a clash between the two them. I just wonder how..

    Credits for Kishi though, for bringing back the tension!

    Lastly, Naruto will resume in issue 11. Does anyone know when issue 11 will come out?

  19. Korss Says:

    Two weeks if I read my scan right. So we will have a week off.

  20. yandez Says:

    guys i thought its obvious whats going to happen – but apparently its not. obito is going to mimi regret it all and rez naruto and sasuke with rinnegan.

  21. Mistic_Vegeta Says:


    In order for Obito to perform any jutsu he needs to be separated from Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu said he will not be going anywhere since Kakashi and Minato will kill him the moment he does so. So nice theory, but it’s not that solid yet.

  22. Eddy564 Says:

    Zetsu is a derivative of the Gedo statue and Hashirama’s cells so it’s not far fetched that it’d be able to conjure up the Jutsu. Especially since it was no where near the size and strength of the original, given it’s reduced stature.

  23. just a thought... Says:

    What about spiral basically using yamato…?

  24. K-Dash02 Says:

    @Mistic_Vegeta & Korss
    The disrespectful name calling that this dude is doing really is sad & ridiculous, It just frustrates me when I mistakenly read his uneducated & poor grammar comments. A ban petition should be started against who ever this guy is thats constantly calling people kids.
    But on a different note this chapter was crazy good, and I can’t wait until the next chapter is released

  25. narutoboy18 Says:

    Hey K-Dash02 don’t you just love it when people prove your points. And the very next comment to. Thanks spiral zetsu for showing us all how to be an internet troll. Any way @24 we do not know for 100% sure he is using yamato at this moment in time it is mere spectuclation

  26. kjames Says:

    My personal opinion, I think maybe this is a setup for Naruto to be the next jinchuriki for the Shinju (as I stated in earlier posts) but I could be wrong. It just made sense to me now that he has most of the jinchuriki on his side. I had a theory that they would distract Madara somehow long enough for them to seal the Gedo inside Naruto. But if that doesn’t happen…sheesh idk what. This has been one of the only series where I’m looking for a ray of hope and can’t find one. LOL Kishi really amped up the intensity on this one

  27. K-Dash02 Says:

    @spiral zetsu
    I’m a United States Army War Veteran thats retired at the age of 25, if thats considered as being a loser I can just imagine what your considered as lol….

    IKR lol.

    Thats a good theory but I personally think that Naruto will become a human host for the SO6P, and Madara will become the Jinchuuriki of Shinju to finally end what was started in the beginning. Plus from the way things are going Naruto’s actions are showing that he doesn’t want to be a Jinchuuriki anymore, and would rather let the Bijuu roam free like the SO6P intended them to do.

  28. Korss Says:

    Spiral start being nice or GTFOOH. I’m sure you know the original one, but can you manage to figure out this one?

    A man that needs to say that another is a loser, is no man. He is a kid, worse than that. A kid with no manners.

  29. Naruto world Says:

    @Everyone do not let spiral zetsu get to you, the guy is clearly a cancer. I’m positive more than half his comments are getting through the post, and I’m positive nothing will bother him more than to ignore him. Ban in the form of ignoring, leafninjas? On to what were here for, Naruto!!! It is so hard to come up with a solid theory at this point, this series could literally go in any direction. Although I’m certain the ninja alliance will need Obitos help.

  30. Naruto world Says:


  31. Talk No Jutsu Says:

    Just a thought.. the one who has the rinnigan can control Gedo and if sasuke gets the rinnigan.. will he be able to control Gedo? hmmm?

  32. Korss Says:

    @Talk No Jutsu
    I think there will be a hierarchy or something if there is more than one pair of Rinnegan eyes out there, so Madara’s eyes will trump Sasuke’s. But get Madara out of the way and sure. At least that would have been the natural way to do it. Older trumps younger, but this is Naruto and Kishi so normal thinking is often thrown out the window…

  33. adam625 Says:

    what if sasuke used izanagi and this was part of his plan to use the 1st chakra to stop madara

    naruto will probably use kurama other half to heal himself since the nine tails chakra heals fast l

  34. just a thought... Says:

    I wonder if the death god might end up being used again, I mean, why not? We’ve seen other crazy stuff

  35. Shikamaru Says:

    Going forward we’ll be using comment moderation. Due to that, your comment might not appear for 12-24 hours, so keep that in mind. Thanks everyone.

  36. just a thought... Says:

    I’m cool with that.

  37. Korss Says:

    @Just a thought
    About that.
    What would happen if an edo tensei used it? Would he disappear as well then? I guess, as he would only want the soul of the user and the one attacked.

  38. narutoboy18 Says:

    What would the death god do?

  39. just a thought... Says:

    Hey, it was just a random call. I’ve only been right about the fusion of the sage/jinn eyes for naruto. My grasp on theories is slipping at this point. Lol

  40. K-Dash02 Says:

    @just a thought
    I think the rest is up to Obito at this point to choose to redeem himself in saving Naruto & Sasuke, as we seen with Nagato it’s possible to save multiple people with Rinne Tensei. And the fact that Obito resisted Zetsu earlier before becoming the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki but this is just a theory, we all know that Kishi has some super huge twists thats gonna be coming up.

  41. creshawn Says:

    You know we still have not seen sasukes eternal mangekyou powers yet

  42. Uchiha Tajima Says:


    full body Susano’o seems to be EMS exclusive 😉

  43. foxking Says:

    I hope obito’s decision is based on what really happened to RIN!!

  44. Korss Says:

    I think he is saving those for when Naruto and Sasuke fights again. If they fight at VotE again I have a feeling that place will be reshaped again. This time to a point where it is unrecognizable from what Hashirama and Madara did.

  45. narutoboy18 Says:

    @44 why would sasuke and naruto fight now? they are on the same side. I mean they could fight for hokage but like why bother plus unless it is a fight to the death they are gonna hold back and not use their full potential.

  46. Herbert Says:

    This is quite a situation. Okay, so sasuke really does end up getting stabbed so he is near death. Also Naruto, like mistic said is really dead. Its going to be interesting. Everyone be ready, because next manga, we are all going bazookas

  47. Korss Says:

    But their full potential is a hell lot more than most of their generation. A battle on that scale can only be compared to Madara vs Hashirama and Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru’s three way battle.

    Yes, I know we have yet to actually see them fight a three way battle. But it was implied when they just made their summons back in Part one. I think, I may have rearranged the wordings to make it that… So take that part with a pinch of salt. Forget a pinch, take the bottle.

    But as for why, yes Hokage-ship is among what they would fight for. Probably a handful of other things as well. Nothing that I can recall. But I just feel like there are more for them to fight about.

  48. just a thought... Says:

    I think the reason I brought up the death god, would be due to the fact the uzumaki clan seemed to be associated with it, you know the temple, masks, etc… kind of like the uchiha hidden temple with its tablet. dunno..

  49. narutoboy18 Says:

    Well ya im sure it would be nice to see sasuke and naruto have a sparring match but if u ask me unless it is a fight to the death both sides arent going to want to go all out. I mean if you remember their first fight sasuke probably would have killed naruto if the thought of his older brother didnt pop into his head and naruto was ready to not kill sasuke but break his arms and legs and drag him back if he had to. So both were dedicated to at the very least cause significant harm to one another leading to them pulling out all the stop (i.e one tail cloak and second level curse mark) same with madara and the first they were both trying really hard to kill one another and the first at least thought he did when he stabbed madara. Now why would naruto want to do that to sasuke and vice versa the motivation for an epic battle is gone. also @48 i mean lets be honest anything can and sometimes does happen in naruto. Im still waiting for Goku and monkey D luffy to show up in the war but i think that whole death god mask thing was just to show how advanced the uzumakis were with their seals to the point they seal people within the death god. Idk u maybe right who knows. Only kishi knows.

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