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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 668 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:49 am on 3/12/2014

Chapter 668 has been released!

Click For Chapter 668 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

19 kunai thrown »

19 Responses to “Chapter 668 Released”

  1. K-Dash02 Says:

    I gotta admit this was a huge let down chapter for me, it felt like I was reading a filler.

  2. Hanzo Says:

    Great Chapter!!!! Not exactly the all out battle royal tht we may have hoped for but i still love this one, we get a look at guys life and how he recalls his father’s( which explains so much)final moments to save him. Pretty B/A look at the 7 swordsmen, so Raiga was still official and whoever those other yahoo’s are( I wonder which members died in that fight o.O) Oh nd whoever predicted there would be another “time of day” technique, you were right tho i dont think the name is as cool as you predicted lol Cant wait for next week!!!

  3. zed Says:

    It’s a nice episode but not so much

  4. allan Says:

    Cant wait to see how this 8th gate make a show. But Gai will die?!

  5. Joebito Says:

    Don’t like fillers but I enjoyed this one. Mighty Dai is BA lol but rly excited/sad to see the final chapter to one of the greatest characters

  6. Creshawn Says:


  7. Darek Says:

    Ok how can you not like this chapter?! It was so touching! I nearly cried my ass off

  8. Doyen Says:

    this is becoming something else for how long have they been fighting this war, how long is it going to take before it ends. I’m tired of all this naruto war saga

  9. Sean Says:

    This is one thing about Manga and comics that kinda irks me. By all rights Gai should win this. He is now faster and stronger than Madara. He will pry damage him a good deal but because he isn’t Naruto he will get defeated and either killed or placed on the back burner.

  10. Eye of Truth Says:

    @2 yeah I think my sunset dragon would be cooler. I mean “night elephant?” Really? Elephants aren’t even Japanese -_-

    but that said, what do you guys think the new technique will be like? My only guess is something like the lotus but instead of just being slammed to the ground, you are engulfed in flames that… are shaped like an elephant? I really have no idea whatsoever.

  11. Sharingan86 Says:

    Great chapter but I don’t want gai to die

  12. Rip guy Says:

    Its going to be a one shot heavy type of attack , its morning peacock , like a blinding sunrise barrage of bright flames , afternoon tiger a one shot mid day or sunset attack , and night elephant a heavy one shot finish , hence night the end of the day end of his life

  13. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    So guy can’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu? Then why can he summon a turtle?

  14. Creshawn Says:

    @13 i think summoning is more along the lines of contracts. The animal finds the user through their blood or what ever means. Then animal then teleports its self to the user. All the user needs is chakra. On another note, Gai’s turtle wore a scarf like his father. They must be vampires trying to hide their bite marks- obviously just kidding.

  15. narutoboy18 Says:

    @13 well isnt it possible that he simply just has very little skill in these and they took a long time to be able to use. Considering guy’s ninja rank the summoning justu is very basic so it doesnt take a lot of skill to be able to use and its not even a big turtle its a pretty small turtle. So maybe at the time (he was 5) he couldnt use but through his intense training he is able to use very basic ninjustu and genjustu. Also a lot of people are upset over the name night/evening elephant because they thought instead of an elephant it would be a dragon (or my personal fav phoenix) but come on have u ever seen a pissed of elephant those things are pretty bad ass and fierce so come on the name isnt that bad. Also my guess for the technique is that it involves punching and kicking madara around so that the red steam makes an elephant and then guy charges himself (and the elephant) into madara with an all might kick or punch. It will cause madara a ok amount of damange enough to stun him or maybe even knock the wind out of him for a minute or two guy will say his last words and naruto will arrive on the scene just minutes after guy dies.

  16. narutoboy18 Says:

    Also guys dont forget earlier in the war guy used afternoon tiger on madara before he became the 10 tails host and it took him out of combat for a little while so the fact that now he didnt even flinch at the afternoon tiger should tell u how much more powerful this evening elephant must be in order to do any kind of damage

  17. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Salute to Gai-sensei. A man who brought most of the humor into these series.

    Something tells me Madara won’t know what’s about to hit him.

    Speaking of Naruto, when Kakashi sent Minato’s Senpou Rasengan into the other dimension with Kamui, would that have hit either Obito or Sakura?

  18. Hanzo Says:

    @10 Suneset Dragon, that’s what it was, yea definitely sounded cooler lol but idk really I hope it’s amazing tho, maybe it’ll be a kick, i mean all the other ones were punches soo why not right lol tho being engulfed in flames sounds more relevant, what ever he does tho I dont think itll have much of an effect on Judara

  19. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    this chapter was ok probably a 4/5 😀 I hope that guy at least does SOME damage because we all know that he won’t kill madara off since he isn’t the main character. As long as there aren’t too many needless flashbacks I’ll be fine. Hopefully Next week’s chapter is better.

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